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  • Bump! I have not heard anything :/

    Lacroixlover 10/23/2018  5:07pm
  • bump, also what time does this actual call begin? I cant seem to find info online..

    161068 10/23/2018  6:21am

    When they had the calls on Playbill, it said 9:30 start time!

    beccatecha95 10/23/2018  6:57am

    Bump for update

    shananigans 10/23/2018  7:28am


    Burpblurp 10/23/2018  7:59am

    Bump for update

    Icancooktoo 10/23/2018  8:00am

    17 on the EMC, 39 on the non-eq

    beccatecha95 10/23/2018  8:25am

    Just took EMC upstairs

    Icancooktoo 10/23/2018  9:37am

    All the emc?

    Burpblurp 10/23/2018  9:44am

    Call thru 6 emc out of about 27iah (didn’t see number)

    EMCLost 10/23/2018  9:49am

    Any updates on whether they're releasing non eq till lunch?

    yas1234 10/23/2018  10:22am

    Bump on nonequity news?

    Burpblurp 10/23/2018  10:42am

    Called through 24 out of 40

    EPAsamirite 10/23/2018  10:57am

    Non-eq or EMC???

    lunabelle 10/23/2018  10:59am

    Ahh bump- nonequity or EMC

    Burpblurp 10/23/2018  11:03am

    bump on this PLEASE

    adobedoggo 10/23/2018  11:11am

    Hey guys- it looks like they have just seen EMC so far, not non-eq. They will be seeing non-eq time permitting but they have not released non-eq yet. I’ll keep you posted!

    TaylorJ 10/23/2018  11:20am

    They've seen 36 of 45 EMC

    yas1234 10/23/2018  11:47am

    Can someone post when they see the first of the noneqs?

    Burpblurp 10/23/2018  12:00pm

    Just released non-eqs for lunch. Monitor said to get back at 1:50pm.

    TaylorJ 10/23/2018  12:32pm

    Just released non-eqs for lunch. Monitor said to get back at 1:50pm.

    TaylorJ 10/23/2018  12:34pm

    Is this crowded for AEA? What's the alternate list like?

    sneakypete 10/23/2018  12:41pm

    Who is in the room today? What link do we click on exactly to get to the backstage site for this thread?

    Actr17 10/23/2018  1:06pm

    Bump on non eq!

    Bway_Owl 10/23/2018  1:57pm

    Called first ten non eq, a couple people left so they’ve called through #15

    Bway_Owl 10/23/2018  2:19pm

    Any more after the 15?

    adobedoggo 10/23/2018  2:38pm

    Adobedoggo- not yet

    Bway_Owl 10/23/2018  2:46pm

    Called through #31 non eq

    Bway_Owl 10/23/2018  2:58pm

    What's the latest they see people at these things?

    yas1234 10/23/2018  3:28pm

    What’s going on upstairs guys? Any non eq been seen?

    Bway_Owl 10/23/2018  3:30pm

    Any updates on who’s ITR?

    OffBook 10/23/2018  3:43pm

    They just called through number 50 on the non eq list.

    Artsgirl 10/23/2018  4:16pm

    in which floor was the unofficial list first started? asking for tomorrow to know

    mozzarellasticks 10/23/2018  5:02pm
  • Bump

    Jp5 10/23/2018  12:25pm


    NycdancerRo 10/23/2018  2:43pm
  • Jesus Christ Superstar (National Tour) @ Actor's Equity Center 10/19/2018  11:21pm

    The casting call says to 'please note any guitar / instrument skills'... does this mean we can/should bring/play our instrument/s in the audition as part of our piece? Or bring a piece with sheet music and our instrument separately? Or not bring an instrument at all?



    Arealniceclambake 10/20/2018  10:54am

    unless they specifically say they only want sheet music why not bring your instrument if it can accompany you? if it's to cumbersome just make sure you've highlighted your ability on your resume.

    Tecoloteseesall 10/20/2018  4:25pm

    Are there appointments out for this yet

    Jdance 10/20/2018  10:17pm

    ^ I have not noticed this show come out in the agent breakdowns yet, so I assume there are no appointments out.

    Snarky 10/21/2018  11:23am

    ^ now breakdowns are out. good luck!

    Snarky 10/22/2018  3:52pm

    This listings are confusing for this. Is there an EPA tomorrow? Or was it completely moved to the 29th?

    Kitty94 10/22/2018  7:24pm

    *these listings.

    Kitty94 10/22/2018  7:24pm

    Bump on the confusion of dates. Anyone have any clarity?

    TheGhostOfChristmasPast 10/22/2018  9:18pm

    I mean it looks to me like there are 3 days. One tomorrow, one the 29th, one the 31st. Right?

    Dr. Steve Brule 10/22/2018  9:31pm

    ^I assume so. Just poppin in to make sure I'm not crazy.

    Kitty94 10/22/2018  10:35pm

    Is tomorrow’s (10/23) EPA at equity or Pearl? I know some days were at Equity and some were at Pearl and now that the posts are down from playbill I can’t recall

    Tranyc56 10/22/2018  10:41pm

    Tomorrow is at Pearl!

    daniellemarie1218 10/22/2018  10:52pm

    From the Wojcik and Seay website:

    Jesus Christ Superstar (AEA Tour) – Accepting submissions at

    Please note. ** We will NOT be seeing NON AEA actors for any required AEA auditions in 2018 – Look out for ads in the future***

    MixedActor 10/22/2018  11:10pm we think that means they won’t see non-eq tomorrow at all? I didn’t think this was a required call?

    cleverusername 10/22/2018  11:38pm

    They're not seeing Non-Equity at all and these are the required calls.

    MixedActor 10/22/2018  11:50pm

    Does this mean no EMC as well?

    goelle24601 10/23/2018  12:11am

    I would assume so, but if anyone has insight, please let me know

    CDM0713 10/23/2018  5:10am

    Non-eq list is up to #5 and there are 3 EMCs waiting in line

    AJAYS24 10/23/2018  6:29am

    Even if they decide to not see non union if you’re EMC and get on the list before lunch they have to see you as per Equity rules. They may only have equtiy contracts available and so they truly might not be considering anyone non equity (emc included) but they do have to see you as an EMC, so show up and get seen!

    bluebird137 10/23/2018  9:15am

    Are you sure? If that's the case then why do they release EMC at EPA's when there are a lot of alternates? Can anyone confirm if they are seeing EMC?

    MixedActor 10/23/2018  9:27am

    Umm yea that’s BS they DO NOT have to see any EMC’s that sign up before lunch...

    They don’t even have to see all equity alternates that sign up.

    ireallyreallywantajob 10/23/2018  9:44am

    Non eqs released. Accepting drop offs. WILL see EMC.

    JessicaJones 10/23/2018  9:49am

    How’s this lookin for emc? Trains suck right now

    CDM0713 10/23/2018  11:15am

    Can someone please post who is in the room after lunch? Thanks!

    usn1120 10/23/2018  2:16pm
  • W Talent NYC Open Call @ other 10/23/2018  2:12pm

    Does anyone know anything about this agency? Backstage lists an open casting call for tomorrow. Thanks all!

  • BariToned @ Ripley Grier 520 10/23/2018  11:33am

    TODAY 12-2, movement callback 2-3.... Studio 17F

    Looking for tall baritones for a concert series and tour. Paid.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar Tour @ Pearl Studios 10/23/2018  10:09am

    Hey guys! I started a thread about this audition in the backstage forums! You can find that information here:

  • Bump

    ehcook 10/23/2018  7:23am

    From the Wojcik and Seay website:

    Jesus Christ Superstar (AEA Tour) – Accepting submissions at

    Please note. ** We will NOT be seeing NON AEA actors for any required AEA auditions in 2018 – Look out for ads in the future***

    Tranyc56 10/23/2018  7:44am
  • Arizona Broadway Theatre @ 10/22/2018  1:11am

    I have an appointment for today October 22nd, but they forgot to include the location. LOL

    Does anyone know?


    Pearl 500 4th floor!

    rainbowhigh94 10/22/2018  7:10am

    Callback situation??

    YasNonEq 10/22/2018  10:33am

    Does anyone know who was ITR this morning? Was it Kurtis Overby?

    OneTwoChaChaCha 10/22/2018  4:14pm

    which show was this appointment for?

    jazzdiva595 10/23/2018  12:24am