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  • What's the nonEq list up to?

    RaconteurDuJour 06/28/2016  9:22am

    And the EMC list too please! thank you

    becks 06/28/2016  9:39am

    I saw 16 at 8:30 am for non eq

    MuddyMudd 06/28/2016  9:40am

    How are appointments?

    flyingtoast 06/28/2016  9:55am

    Have non Eqs Been called up yet?

    Bardacious 06/28/2016  10:15am

    Slots wide open, they've called 17 of 19 emc

    Ilovepizza 06/28/2016  10:20am

    Any word on non-eq?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 06/28/2016  11:00am

    First 10 non eq called up but not sure how many they've gone through yet

    Bardacious 06/28/2016  11:04am

    What do they mean by "language driven monologue"? Also, what does the emc list look like now?

    Burppp 06/28/2016  12:00pm

    non-eq being seen yet?

    redbarron 06/28/2016  12:45pm


    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 06/28/2016  1:15pm

    Any likelihood that non-eq that show up around 3 will be seen? I saw they started calling non-eq at 11 so holding out hope that it might be worth it to stop by!

    I Don't Dance 06/28/2016  1:20pm

    Anyone know how many non-eqs they had called up to before lunch?

    ElemenoPea 06/28/2016  1:46pm

    They only saw 3 non-eq before lunch.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 06/28/2016  2:18pm

    Very few spots left. Chances of any more non eq being seen is slim

    acting4life 06/28/2016  2:27pm
  • Not crowded at all. they got through a lot of the non-eq before lunch.

    I Don't Dance 06/28/2016  2:04pm
  • Dead Poet's Society @ Pearl Studios 06/27/2016  6:26pm

    Any word on this call? Does anyone know how it will run tomorrow?


    How do we think it will look for Non-Eq?

    CaptainAmerica 06/27/2016  7:33pm

    It's gonna be a bloodbath, the non-eq list is already at 430 and it's 9:30 the night before.

    TheYoungMan 06/27/2016  9:26pm

    I can't imagine anything about what you just said is true

    CaptainAmerica 06/27/2016  9:52pm

    As far as I know pearl doesn't take a list the night before rofl.

    nrm45 06/27/2016  11:02pm

    Does anyone know if there is a waiting area on the same floor as the penthouse?

    CaptainAmerica 06/28/2016  6:28am

    Pearl isn't open yet and there's a nice sized line outside already. They open at 8. Should be a waiting area inside.

    LucasBF 06/28/2016  6:53am

    It's turned into kind of a mess, the line has pretty much disintegrated towards the end. There is an unofficial no-eq list, as well as an unofficial EMC list, but j hope all the EMCs on that list know that they will still have to sign up and show their card to the Monitor.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  8:13am

    EMC up to 21
    Non-Eq at 51

    nrm45 06/28/2016  8:19am

    Unofficial non-eq being transferred.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  8:42am

    Any update on where the non-eq list is at?

    Lebron James 06/28/2016  9:07am

    Do you think they're getting through 50 non eq's? Last I checked the non equity list was in the 60's.

    Planetofself 06/28/2016  9:09am

    eq appointments?? whatre we looking at post 3pm?

    lordflannel1990 06/28/2016  9:11am

    Non eq come back after lunch

    LucasBF 06/28/2016  10:15am

    Any clue how many non-eq they have open spots for?

    cah 06/28/2016  10:29am

    There are some appointments available in the late afternoon, have called the first few alternates. As far as no -we, they won't be seen before lunch, still have a few alternates and a pretty long EMC line to get through.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  10:36am

    Would it be fair to wager that <30 non-eq will be seen?

    cah 06/28/2016  10:43am

    We're sides handed out to non eq?

    Bardacious 06/28/2016  11:09am

    I don't think any non-eq who sign up now will be seen, but don't take my word for that. And non-eq and EMCs won't get sides in their hands until they are lined up to go on. They are posted on a bulletin board in the holding room to be seen/photographed until then.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  11:15am

    Non Eq list up to 112- so many people!

    ThePineapplePrincess 06/28/2016  11:16am

    How's the eq alt list looking?

    Accountname 06/28/2016  11:24am

    5:30 earliest appointment. Have now called from alt list B but two more just signed up on A as I'm typing this.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  11:34am

    So, chances for non-eq seem low, huh?

    cah 06/28/2016  11:38am

    Are they accepting drop-offs?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 06/28/2016  11:42am

    Who is in the room?

    YES 06/28/2016  11:44am

    They are accepting drop offs.

    Mrs.Beaver 06/28/2016  11:51am

    Madison Sylvester and an Intern and the reader are in the room. It is No more appointments, alternate list only. They have been getting them in pretty steadily, but they keep trickling in. No EMCs called yet.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  12:03pm

    EMCs released till after lunch

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  12:15pm

    she's not an intern, she works there #checkyourfacts

    thanks for posting that they're accepting drop offs!

    user1234 06/28/2016  1:13pm

    For the record, I didn't say that Madison was an Intern, I said she AND and Intern (as well as the reader) were in the room, that's what the paper said. Don't mean to be snarky, but it's been a hell of a morning.

    BonnieJean 06/28/2016  1:21pm

    I think you guys are all doing great, if that means anything.

    Thanks for drop-offs update.

    cah 06/28/2016  1:29pm

    Happy lunch everyone. Bump!

    blondandbored 06/28/2016  1:58pm
  • Create your Musical Theatre Video reel @ Pearl Studios 06/28/2016  1:52pm

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  • In Transit @ Chelsea Studios 06/28/2016  8:21am

    Anybody have a noneq count for In Transit this morning?


    Was non-eq list transferred? How are appointments and such looking today?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 06/28/2016  8:54am

    Very low turn out at this point, worth showing up!

    Glokeroo 06/28/2016  9:08am

    The non-eq list is up to 23 as of 9:20!

    st1763 06/28/2016  9:19am

    Who is in the room?

    DontSpeak 06/28/2016  9:41am

    Where is the non-eq list at now? Is it still worth it to try to come this late?

    Saraalison12 06/28/2016  9:46am

    Just called the last EMC for the 10:30 group. Non-Eq probably next.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 06/28/2016  10:25am

    Called up to 6 on the non eq list. They are auditioning right now.

    nycgrl4ever 06/28/2016  10:41am

    Who is ITR please?

    Luvs2Belt 06/28/2016  10:58am

    Jay Binder, Casting
    John MnMahon, piano

    lm212 06/28/2016  11:04am

    Jay Binder behind the table.

    streetsinger 06/28/2016  11:05am

    Does anyone know if they might close the call early? I'm not gonna be able to make it there before 3

    camose 06/28/2016  11:21am

    This call is moving along quickly. And no, It won't close early. Go sing for Jay! :)

    Mrs.Beaver 06/28/2016  11:53am

    Thanks Mrs. Beaver!

    camose 06/28/2016  12:50pm

    Does anyone know what they're hearing? 16, 32 bars?

    aim 06/28/2016  1:14pm

    Any idea if it'll be running this quickly the next 2 days? And any idea how early the non-eq list started this morning? Thanks!

    pursefirst 06/28/2016  1:15pm

    Can someone please post who is ITR for the afternoon? Thx

    kstars2779 06/28/2016  1:46pm
  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN Appointments @ other 06/21/2016  5:24pm

    Any word on appointments? Breakdown went out last week - interested in the understudy positions that seem open. cheers!


    I'm going to the EPA on the 30th....interested in the U/S 1 Mom roles...good luck! ;0)

    beltress101 06/21/2016  8:13pm


    Selaban 06/25/2016  12:15am


    hamiltonsbae 06/27/2016  6:47pm


    mbdp 06/28/2016  12:21am

    Must have missed this breakdown! Could someone please let me know which roles they are looking for? Much appreciated! :)

    sunshinegirl7 06/28/2016  12:32am

    This just in from my agent... They gave out a bunch of appointments but apparently are looking for non-Caucasians for the understudy roles. Which is awesome for some but sucks for me haha.

    guitargirl 06/28/2016  10:02am
  • In Transit @ 06/28/2016  8:00am

    Hey y'all!

    How many people are at this In Transit EPA today? Didn't know how crowded it'd be because we have three days of auditions.

    Anyone there yet?

    Ета странно
  • Asking age at auditions @ 06/26/2016  1:55am

    Not a "bitch post", just a question:

    What if you're asked your age at an audition? It's not the strangest thing in the world, but how would you feel/react/respond?

    I've had a friend tell me that it's illegal to ask at a "regular" job interview. Does that kinda apply here?


    That would never be asked in a professional audition situation. If it is, "I'd rather not say" is a more than appropriate answer. Actors have nothing to gain by revealing their real age; it just gives anyone behind the table a bias about castability they wouldn't otherwise have. There's a huge push by SAG to get ages removed from IMDB Pro, so it's certainly not accepted to ask in an audition room.

    Lazersareexpensive 06/26/2016  4:01am

    Legally they can only ask you if you're over 18 (or 21 for some cruise ships, or 25 for alcohol commercials). If they ask anything more specific, you don't have to answer.

    timeuponaonce 06/26/2016  7:39am

    You can say:

    "My age range is ______" (love this one)

    "However old you view me." (Nothing but truth)

    "I am not comfortable answering this, thank you."

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 06/27/2016  9:04am

    I had an awesome teacher who would say, "How old is the character?" And after they responded she'd say, "Yep, that sounds about right."

    RebeccaMarquardt 06/28/2016  7:22am