• AEA Chicgao @ Actor's Equity Center 08/19/2017  5:31pm

    Does anyone know if the Equity Building in Chicago takes unofficial lists? If not, how early are non eq allowed to wait? Is it more of a show up when the building opens situation?


    It depends on the theatre company, really. Some will honor the lists, some won't. There isn't much consistency in Chicago-- even when it comes to the Equity building. If it's a really popular show/ company, non equity people will be waiting outside as early as 7 am (the horror). When I was non-eq I had all kinds of weird experiences. I've been kicked out as soon as I've walked in, told to come back after 2, kept until 7 to be seen, etc. But anyway, 99% of the time the other actors will *attempt* to honor whatever unofficial list was made...unless the theatre company is strictly against it. Unless it's for one of the really big companies in Chicago, you don't need to be waiting outside at 4 am, either. Hope that helps!

    Ilovedogs12 08/20/2017  12:07am

    It does, thanks!

    auditions13 08/20/2017  1:28pm
  • Jenny Wiley - Addams Family @ Nola Studios 08/16/2017  5:40pm

    Hey all! I haven't been to a non-eq call in a while, so I'm forgetting some bits of how the day is run.
    If the women are at 2, when do women normally sign up? Or is it a wait in line kind of deal?
    Any insight would be lovely! Thank you!


    Bumping this because I'm curious as well

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 08/16/2017  7:37pm

    No need to show up super early, ladies. They're gonna type.

    JessicaJones 08/16/2017  8:06pm

    Is the call at 1 or 2 pm? Backstage says 1pm....

    EeeZee 08/16/2017  8:51pm

    Ladies at 1pm and they will probably type before!

    5678kickyourface 08/16/2017  10:09pm

    So when should ladies get there? I feel like they will type but I also dont wanna stand outside and wait. Haha.

    pizzapartypants 08/16/2017  10:53pm

    How's it looking?

    WHATISHAPPENING 08/17/2017  7:34am

    Only a few names on list for guys. 7 names for girls

    Josh 08/17/2017  7:50am

    Update for girls list?

    MissMelody 08/17/2017  8:38am

    List is up to 15 for females! Also holding room is 5th floor. To save time for any ladies going to sign up.

    Batcha24601 08/17/2017  8:56am

    Thank you!

    MissMelody 08/17/2017  9:20am

    Does anyone know if they're typing at 1 or before 1?

    asots 08/17/2017  9:45am

    They're aren't typing. Everybody should get seen. Be ready to tell a joke!

    Josh 08/17/2017  10:31am

    Are girls signing up on an official list, or do we wait for 1:00 to sign up, or?

    FierceConversations 08/17/2017  10:34am

    Any idea if they would honor an unofficial ladies list? Or should we just show up at 1?

    what 08/17/2017  10:57am

    The monitor said they will be honoring the list!

    workwurkwerk 08/17/2017  11:09am

    Nice! Any update on what number the ladie's list is up to?

    what 08/17/2017  11:26am

    Ladies list up to 60!

    ab123 08/17/2017  12:00pm

    Typing for ladies?

    FierceConversations 08/17/2017  12:38pm

    Did they type for women?

    GingerLMG 08/17/2017  1:37pm

    Did they type for women?

    GingerLMG 08/17/2017  1:43pm

    Did they type for women?

    GingerLMG 08/17/2017  1:48pm

    No typing! What # have they called through?

    what 08/17/2017  2:11pm

    Up to 38 at 2:45, it's crawling

    FierceConversations 08/17/2017  2:35pm

    Updates on how this is looking? Is the list still open? Wondering if I should stop by post-work.

    crabbycakes814 08/17/2017  4:09pm

    any offers out yet?

    enwhyseeactor 08/20/2017  12:37pm
  • Following Up with Calls @ other 08/20/2017  10:18am

    Hey everyone - question: if a casting office calls for your contact info for an audition...but you don't receive said email that day...do you call them back and ask? Or just like sit tight and hope it comes through Monday? I would hate to miss an audition just because I didn't want to look clingy.


    Not sure if it's for the same show, but I am currently in the same boat after getting a call late afternoon on Friday!

    OtterSW31 08/20/2017  10:29am

    Oh okay then maybe it's just a belated something?

    LadyNugget20 08/20/2017  12:04pm
  • Question -- Agents/Representation @ other 08/18/2017  12:13pm

    Hi all,

    I've been submitting my stuff to agencies for a while now, but I'm having some trouble. I am guessing that this is because I look non-traditional -- (I am 5'1" and thick/heavier, a few tattoos, etc)

    Does anyone know of any agencies that are good with representing non-traditional musical theatre/straight theatre performers? Kind of at a loss here. Thanks!


    Meg Pantera

    star2bwanab 08/18/2017  5:18pm

    Thank you! Just submitted to her! Anyone else?

    beltingbadass 08/18/2017  9:06pm

    I've dealt with Meg Pantera. Everyone's experience will be different. But many of her clients will agree, she has no pull. Many get almost no auditions a year - and that includes people who are experienced with all their materials in order. Even though you may feel like you don't have a ton of options, still try to be selective.

    JackSkellington 08/19/2017  2:33pm

    Thanks jack. Any suggestions?

    beltingbadass 08/19/2017  10:59pm
  • Norwegian appts @ Ripley Grier 520 08/19/2017  3:05pm

    FYI They are currently running a half hour behind. Break legs my friends!

  • Mommager

    for dancers? finals for singers were 8/17

    singinggamer 08/19/2017  11:40am
  • CENDRILLON @ other 08/19/2017  1:13am

    Do you guys think they will see NON EQUITY dancers at this call? How early should one get there? They don't do unofficial lists and you would have to stand in line for hours, correct?

  • John W Engeman Theater @ 08/14/2017  11:52am

    Does anyone know if they offer housing for out of town actors?


    no you commute on the train

    dopplegang 08/14/2017  12:01pm

    Do they pay for that?

    StringPlaya 08/14/2017  12:03pm

    yes of course

    dopplegang 08/14/2017  12:16pm

    I don't live in the city so I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons with what they pay and see if it's worth it.

    StringPlaya 08/14/2017  12:31pm

    Were you offered something for ONCE, StringPlaya?

    DontTalkToMe 08/14/2017  3:33pm

    FYI they haven't had their EPA yet

    littleeagle 08/14/2017  9:43pm

    Do they usually only take equity actors/ do EMC'a get seen at their EPA? Trying to decide if it's worth it to go in tomorrow.

    starbythesea 08/17/2017  11:30am

    bump - do they usually see non eq at their EPAs?

    pursefirst 08/17/2017  11:57am

    Considering they're casting for three very different shows at this call, I would say it's slim for non union. But you never know. Don't they typically have an open call?

    littleeagle 08/17/2017  4:02pm

    how many are on the noneq list?

    Devrichelle 08/18/2017  6:16am

    16 non eq as of 6:55

    ingenue.shmingenue 08/18/2017  6:44am

    Got here at 6:45. #5 on EMC, #16 non eq. Break legs everyone!

    thedip 08/18/2017  6:45am

    What is the EMC list looking like??

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 08/18/2017  7:02am

    How is the non eq list looking?

    TaylorAnn 08/18/2017  7:10am

    How is the non eq list looking?

    TaylorAnn 08/18/2017  7:11am

    How's the equity/emc line looking?

    DaniD 08/18/2017  7:21am

    It's pretty dead

    littleeagle 08/18/2017  7:59am

    Currently around 35 for EMC, 20 min ago it was around 40 for non eq

    glitterqueen 08/18/2017  8:37am

    What's happening top of day for alternates and EMC?

    onthatgrind 08/18/2017  9:20am

    Do they have an open call? Also don't they have separate auditions per show?

    justme 08/18/2017  9:44am

    ^^Yeah they usually have a set of calls for each individual show, and one of them is open but it's always typed. But usually to avoid typing, I feel like people will swarm these calls plus usually by the time the individual show calls happen, leads are usually at least in heavy consideration. The individual calls are to fill empty spots. At least a friend who's worked there tells me that's the case most of the time.

    And where are we on the EMC list? Any called?

    Showbizdreamer 08/18/2017  9:59am

    A couple EMCs called, I think 3 of the 3 alts were called

    carrieunderwire 08/18/2017  10:08am

    Do we know who's in the room?

    Slyemc 08/18/2017  10:08am

    Where exactly are we on the EMC list? Trying to gauge my timing.

    Showbizdreamer 08/18/2017  10:30am

    BUMP on who's ITR please and thank you!

    bluebird137 08/18/2017  10:35am

    Non eq come back after lunch (2)

    lululemming 08/18/2017  10:53am

    Thanks for updating! Any thoughts on how quickly this call is moving and the chance of noneq being seen at all/being seen before lunch?

    Devrichelle 08/18/2017  10:54am

    Oops ^ haha posted 1 second too early. Great thank you!

    Devrichelle 08/18/2017  10:54am

    Any info on where they are on EMC? Pleaaasseee and thankkkyouuuuuu

    chocolateboywonder 08/18/2017  11:43am

    Chocolateboy - they are somewhere in the 30s

    EthnicallyAmbiguous9 08/18/2017  11:47am

    Of how many?

    Justgotherethismorning 08/18/2017  12:01pm

    Well! That escalated quickly. The really in the 30s? What number exactly?

    Do you think they'll get up through 50 before lunch?

    Soprano12 08/18/2017  12:18pm

    How many EMC called/how many left on the list?

    JessicaJones 08/18/2017  12:23pm

    I heard it's just the artistic director & producing director of the theatre and the director of Once in the room. Is that correct? Nobody from casting..?

    lululemming 08/18/2017  12:32pm

    Could someone please update current EMC number ASAP? Lunch is in 15 mins. Thanks!

    Soprano12 08/18/2017  12:33pm

    Got through 44 or 45 on the EMC list

    Showbizdreamer 08/18/2017  12:39pm

    Any idea if they'll get to non eq after lunch?

    missesfox 08/18/2017  1:22pm

    Bump on non eq status!

    dreamlover 08/18/2017  2:26pm

    can non-eq still sign up? just got off and i'm on my way down now

    streetlightchillinintheheat 08/18/2017  2:44pm

    Just called thru and brought up first 20 on noneq list

    Devrichelle 08/18/2017  2:49pm

    Non eq list still open? How many people on it?

    statue handkerchief dance 08/18/2017  3:21pm

    About how many non-eq did they see today?

    FierceConversations 08/18/2017  8:38pm
  • Aladdin EPA- September 6th @ Pearl Studios 08/18/2017  4:33pm

    Is the Aladdin EPA a required call, or will they actually be casting that day? Any info would be helpful! Thanks!


    It's required.

    yu suf 08/18/2017  5:49pm