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Dear friends and users of Audition Update,

It is time for me to say goodbye. Please go to this post on the Bitching Post for a very important announcement.



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    socksarefun 10/24/2016  2:12pm

    bump again

    socksarefun 10/27/2016  2:44pm
  • The Oregon Trail @ Actor's Equity Center 10/26/2016  9:14pm

    I had previously found a breakdown on playbill that stated they had already cast a couple of the characters. I just spent a lot of time googling trying to find it again - you'll get some interesting stuff about earthquakes if you google Fault line Oregon trail EPA, but not that Playbill post! I can't seem to find anywhere that states which roles are(n't) available. Anyone know or have very good sleuthing skills? TIA!

    I Don't Dance

    I can't seem to find the posting/breakdown anywhere but the equity audition google calendar. Is the EPA still happening?

    tellthemstories 10/27/2016  2:59am

    It's happening. I know they held appts as they posted on Actors Access, can't remember when (i gotta start writing this stuff down) so it's unclear what roles are or aren't available.

    I Don't Dance 10/27/2016  6:08am


    flyingtoast 10/27/2016  9:47am


    an angsty, young woman, prone to sadness

    her slightly OCD sister, a violinist (also plays Then Mary Anne in 1848)

    the hottest guy in school

    a young girl traversing the country with her family, via the Oregon Trail in 1848

    father of Then Jane and Then Mary Anne

    #LetsBegin 10/27/2016  10:31am

    Can anyone post who's ITR?

    DaltonTrumbo 10/27/2016  1:00pm

    I think "Then Jane" and "Mary" are the ones already cast

    butwhy 10/27/2016  1:50pm
  • PRIVATE LIVES or CHICAGO @ Riverside @ 10/27/2016  12:41pm

    Anyone receive appointments for either Private Lives or Chicago at Riverside? Thanks!

  • The Producers Maltz Jupiter @ Pearl Studios 10/20/2016  2:17pm

    Has ANYONE heard about ensemble offers yet? Or have we given up and some locals got them all?


    1st - Callback corner

    2nd - I know of at least one ensemble / feature that has gone out from a NYC based actor.

    brightgray85 10/26/2016  10:45am

    Just for your knowledge- a friend of mine got an ensemble offer about a week ago. She is a NYer, not a FL local.

    SweetP 10/26/2016  11:34pm
  • Disney Tokyo Vocalists @ Pearl Studios 10/26/2016  7:00am

    Unofficial list started @ 7am. List on 12th floor coffee table on right of elevators! (Had to put it in a diff spot than usual so I'm a lil nervous.. Let me know if it disappears)
    Good luck princesses xxx


    Just a heads up, Disney never accepts unofficial lists

    znt92 10/26/2016  7:07am

    Omg thanks I didn't know- how long before should you get to the call then?

    SashaSings 10/26/2016  7:17am

    It depends since it starts in the afternoon. But maybe around 12 & 1.

    znt92 10/26/2016  7:21am

    They won't honor the unofficial. The audition begins at 2, so sign-in will be at 1. Occasionally they begin a little bit before 1.

    purse_first 10/26/2016  10:24am

    Are any singers in line yet?

    zucchini 10/26/2016  11:00am

    What's the situation crowd wise?

    heygirhey90 10/26/2016  12:06pm

    About 30 hanging out

    Tompc011 10/26/2016  12:27pm

    They're closing the list at 2:30

    jeaniebean 10/26/2016  2:06pm

    Hey friends! Anybody have the names of the ladies ITR today? Thanks!

    peachykeen_jellybean 10/26/2016  2:34pm

    Darla Hayward and risa watabe

    Tompc011 10/26/2016  3:04pm

    Anybody have links to the callback sides?? Can't find them on the website as per their instructions

    whataboutsecondbreakfast 10/26/2016  4:25pm

    Call backs at the same place again tomorrow right??

    Tompc011 10/26/2016  6:07pm

    Sides at and click on the Tokyo Disneyland Resort link. CBs at same place.

    purse_first 10/26/2016  6:57pm
  • Other World EPA @ Pearl Studios 10/25/2016  10:24pm

    Does anyone know what time Pearl actually opens their doors?



    JessicaJones 10/25/2016  11:35pm

    Hi! Is there an unofficial non eq list yet?

    Singingandstuff 10/26/2016  5:37am

    There's a list up-- when will it change to the official list?

    coh 10/26/2016  6:45am

    How many are on the list? And it's usually transferred when the monitor arrives.

    Singingandstuff 10/26/2016  6:48am

    List is at 16

    Wannasleeplonger 10/26/2016  7:31am

    EMC/non eq updates please!

    foryourglory 10/26/2016  9:25am

    Non eq list around #35

    znt92 10/26/2016  9:48am

    EMC list???

    Smeedle 10/26/2016  9:48am

    EMC list at 15 as of 9:15

    theRedBedwinek 10/26/2016  10:00am

    Who is in the room?

    latinrivera 10/26/2016  10:02am

    Did the take the unofficial non union list?

    Anie 10/26/2016  10:05am

    This unofficial non eq list was transferred about an hour ago

    znt92 10/26/2016  10:14am

    Anyone know how the equity list is looking? Are there spots avail for the morning?

    Ilovecats 10/26/2016  10:16am

    First four EMCs have been seen!

    Silvia124 10/26/2016  10:27am

    Have they called any non union yet?

    Anie 10/26/2016  10:27am

    Are sign-ups still open for non-Eq?

    cokediete 10/26/2016  10:57am

    They've seen 8 EMC. List is at 40. No non-eq yet.

    Wannasleeplonger 10/26/2016  11:34am

    Update on equity appts?

    Txbway 10/26/2016  11:34am

    Just to clarify, the emc list is at 40 or the non eq or alternate?

    SomethingsComing 10/26/2016  12:27pm

    Were they giving callbacks itr?

    IHateMornings 10/26/2016  12:27pm

    Who's ITR? Thanks!

    Krystalklear 10/26/2016  12:29pm

    Will someone post how many EMC were called before lunch? Thanks!

    JessicaJones 10/26/2016  1:06pm

    What number EMC did they get to before lunch?

    NeverWantedToPost 10/26/2016  1:38pm

    Any news on EMCs and Nons?

    JasonBSchmidt 10/26/2016  2:06pm

    Alt list has slowed down & a few appointments are available after 4pm...

    JustTheFax 10/26/2016  2:44pm

    There are 2 emc left on the emc list

    SomethingsComing 10/26/2016  2:52pm

    Bump for non equity updates, thanks!

    06091891 10/26/2016  4:09pm

    What number on the emc are they at? Only 2 left from the list of 39? Thanks!

    ProbablyTheGuySittingNextToYou 10/26/2016  4:11pm

    No movement on Nons so far. 0 taken in.

    JasonBSchmidt 10/26/2016  4:31pm

    Not seeing non eqs

    znt92 10/26/2016  5:09pm
  • ASC @ Actor's Equity Center 10/26/2016  8:12am

    How many people are lined up so far this morning? Does it look to be a busy one?


    Does look busy from where i stand. Got here twenty minutes ago, and just before they started valling the line, we had filled all of the seating slash benches on the 16th floor.

    alittlelight87 10/26/2016  8:35am

    31 EMC signed up as of a few mins ago

    alittlelight87 10/26/2016  8:46am

    Hey y'all, can we maybe stick to this thread? (Since it already has numbers/info posted here...)

    At 9:30 when they start, would someone be so kind as to update us as to when the first available equity appointment is, and if/when they start seeing any EMCs? Thanks in advance!

    loverlee 10/26/2016  9:12am

    The trains are a nightmare. Been waiting 30 minutes for a A, about to call a car please god let them see EMC today 😫

    BlackJacket44 10/26/2016  9:14am

    39 EMC signed up.

    Firat available slot for Eq is 12:10, one slot avail. After that one slot, nothing til after lunch, 2:30 ish? But tons of avail slots in afternoon.

    Monitor mentioned trying to fit 2 EMC in with each group (alternate list is only 6) unless the room was moving slowly, which it is. I haven't been to a ton of these but all of this considered, I don't expect many EMCs to be seen before lunch if any. More hopeful for after lunch, but tough for those of us with work this afternoon.

    Best of luck, all! It's sunny outside!

    alittlelight87 10/26/2016  9:35am

    Super helpful, thank you!

    loverlee 10/26/2016  9:57am

    EMC's called yet? If so, how many? Thank you!

    JDull 10/26/2016  10:42am

    Moving very slowly. Only 2 Equity alternates called. Haven't heard any EMC called.

    olive 10/26/2016  10:54am

    It's 11am and no EMC's have been seen, I think there are like 10 people on the Equity Alternate list to get through.

    Happygolucky 10/26/2016  10:56am

    Can someone post who's itr? Call says Jay McClure : 1)is he there? 2)is he alone? Thx!

    Bardboy18 10/26/2016  11:16am

    Update on how many alternates there are and how many have been seen?

    13dex13park 10/26/2016  11:35am

    What about Non-Eq Ya'll? Any updates? the #...Have a nice day!

    havelock 10/26/2016  11:48am

    Not seeing any EMC until after lunch (they haven't seen any yet)

    Happygolucky 10/26/2016  11:51am

    Regarding non-eq list was up to 15 earlier when I signed up, and said to check back at 2pm. They're accepting drop-offs

    strongmover2275 10/26/2016  12:07pm

    Are there any appointments left for the afternoon?

    Julia 10/26/2016  12:30pm

    TY Strongmover:)

    havelock 10/26/2016  12:42pm

    No appointments left Alt list at 28. Called through 7.

    teafortwo 10/26/2016  1:09pm

    Any EMC called? If not, where at on the Alternate List? Thanks!

    JDull 10/26/2016  2:13pm

    any update on the alternate list/emc list?

    farthing 10/26/2016  2:41pm

    Bumping for EMC/alternate updates?

    loverlee 10/26/2016  3:22pm

    Bump on any EMCs called?

    shmalyyy 10/26/2016  3:36pm

    Just got back, still working through alternates as far as I can tell

    Aladdin 10/26/2016  3:41pm

    EMC dismissed, taking drop offs

    Aladdin 10/26/2016  4:15pm

    Anyone know what number they're up to on the alternate list?

    anotherdayanotherslay 10/26/2016  4:25pm

    Womp womp... And the bleak fall audition season continues... In any case, thanks to those who posted updates!

    loverlee 10/26/2016  4:26pm
  • The Royal Family - Appointments @ other 10/26/2016  3:33pm

    Has anyone gotten an appointment for The Royal Family? Thanks!

  • Groundhog Day @ other 10/26/2016  12:03pm

    Anyone hear if appointments have gone out for the Rita Hansen cover? It was in the breakdowns last week...


    Apts are today

    thirstygirls 10/26/2016  12:27pm

    Can anyone tell me who was in the room? I didn't recognize everyone.

    Kdubb 10/26/2016  2:17pm
  • The list is up and has one person on it. :)

    JennieMarie 10/26/2016  7:09am


    canigobacktobefore 10/26/2016  7:32am

    14 at 7:40

    Anie 10/26/2016  7:48am

    list is at 17 right now. I brought it up to the room because last time it got left downstairs!

    glitter&coffee 10/26/2016  7:48am

    23 @8:06am

    DaniD 10/26/2016  8:02am

    Hi guys! Just a heads up... NO UNOFFICAL LIST WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS CALL!!!! The sign in will be at 9:00am.... Please be present at sign in!! THANK YOU!

    Flyingfree 10/26/2016  8:23am

    Can someone say if and when the list is closed... Thanks

    KayJay20 10/26/2016  9:18am

    Is the list closed / are they seeing anyone else?

    shells&scales 10/26/2016  10:16am


    peachykeen_jellybean 10/26/2016  12:05pm