An Important Message to You All



Dear friends and users of Audition Update,

It is time for me to say goodbye. Please go to this post on the Bitching Post for a very important announcement.



  • Oops wrong place for this 😰

    Pillowpet2 07/23/2016  3:50pm
  • LaDuca annual sale @ other 07/22/2016  9:14pm

    Okay ladies what time are we starting the unofficial list?


    LaDuca just posted on Instagram that the First Lady has already arrived...

    taybay 07/22/2016  11:23pm

    Does anyone know how much of a discount there is on stock shoes? Like a pair of their regular tap shoes?

    audition15 07/23/2016  10:16am

    15% off regular stock. You'll get a better deal finding hard soles in the back and tapping them! That's what most people do and get some really awesome custom shoes out of it.

    lululemming 07/23/2016  1:15pm
  • Hamilton ECC @ Ripley Grier 520 07/22/2016  2:12am

    Hi, all! Any other non-eq ladies or gents going to attempt the ECC today?


    I will be going for it. See what happens. You never know how many Eq Members will show.

    joncado 07/22/2016  5:02am

    17 men and 17 women on the unofficial list as of 8:20. Would recommend someone bringing more paper because the sheet now is almost full with men in one column and women in the other

    JessicaJones 07/22/2016  8:18am

    Can someone post who is ITR? Thanks!

    LegallyBrooonet 07/22/2016  8:59am

    What does the list look like now?

    nik813 07/22/2016  9:54am

    Hey, Actors! Here's who's ITR:
    Alex Lacamoire, Music Supervisor
    Rebecca Schell, Casting Associate

    Elyssa from AUDITION HERO at your service! You can ask me anything about the status of the ECC via text, and we are also offering $10 for 10 minute vocal warm-up sessions with one of our sight-reading SuperPro accompanists in Ripley on the 16th Floor.

    Get at me for free answers and to find out where to warm-up:
    201–800–HERO (4376)

    AUDITION HERO 07/22/2016  9:58am

    Morning! Any announcements about non equity? Boys on the list, was it transferred, will they be seeing you? Thank you!

    TheRedShoes 07/22/2016  10:15am


    chosenmelody 07/22/2016  10:45am

    Any updates on whether or not they're seeing non-eq?

    Olive2693 07/22/2016  10:58am

    Hey everyone from AUDITION HERO!

    They just typed out the men by headshot, and should be done early before lunch.

    For updates about the Female ECC, you can text us at 201-800-HERO (4376). We're hanging out at Ripley!

    Also - will continue the $10 for 10 min to run through your material with our sight-reading SuperPro accompanist for women as well!

    Break a leg, everybody!

    AUDITION HERO 07/22/2016  11:19am

    Non eq boys were typed by headshot and those who passed typin were seen. The list for non eq girls is at 43 right now.

    hinesk13 07/22/2016  12:33pm

    Looks like the future female members are being Type Cast as well.

    joncado 07/22/2016  1:58pm

    Hey everyone! We so enjoyed working with some of you today in the $10 for 10 minute sessions. If this is something you'd like to see happen at more ECCs / EPAs, or any other ideas you'd like to share, feel free to e-mail me at!

    Additionally, if you were typed out today, unhappy with your audition, or have not been able to get seen for Hamilton, AUDITION HERO is offering a fantastic package to help you do your best work on tape and self submit for the show. These clips will also be perfect for any casting profile or website. Check out the offer - we're doing this MONDAY & TUESDAY ONLY and have limited slots left:

    (We're also throwing in some very cool freebies for anyone who books a slot - including a ticket to The Actor's Fast Track Summer Games, $47 value!)

    AUDITION HERO 07/22/2016  7:39pm
  • HOUSTON (B-Side Productions) @ other 07/15/2016  9:10am

    Has anyone received an audition appointment yet? Please post, thanks!


    Bump, have appointments gone out?

    HoundDog 07/15/2016  1:27pm


    RM 07/15/2016  9:50pm

    bump! also wondering.

    BusbyBerkeley 07/16/2016  9:31am

    Bump again! The auditions are supposed to be next Saturday 7/23, perhaps appointments will go out soon. Anyone hear?

    HoundDog 07/16/2016  11:59am

    anything yet?

    BusbyBerkeley 07/18/2016  10:22am

    Good question, I haven't heard anything yet.

    RM 07/18/2016  10:44am

    Bump! Have appointments gone out?

    HoundDog 07/19/2016  10:51am

    appointments have been sent out

    actor22 07/22/2016  5:30pm
  • Just left, theyre not seeing non-eq or emc. Equity still had slots.

    Thunderbird2293 07/22/2016  10:49am

    If they're seeking an actor to cover both Burton and Larry do you think that means they'll allow us to read for both?

    Richard86 07/22/2016  11:33am

    You choose either the Larry or burton side!

    PeasandcarrotsPeasandcarrots 07/22/2016  1:50pm
  • Swing! NCL @ Ripley Grier 520 07/22/2016  10:46am

    Does anybody have any updates on how many people they're taking into the room/how far they've called through?

  • Actor net

    Yes ! As of 6:15 AM it was started and between men and women, there were about 8 people on it.

    Leese56 07/22/2016  6:23am

    How's the list lookin

    CDM0713 07/22/2016  7:20am

    17 men, 17 women

    chosenmelody 07/22/2016  8:15am

    How's the list?

    nik813 07/22/2016  9:54am
  • Hamilton @ other 07/21/2016  4:14pm

    I hear there is an ECC dance call coming up and I was wondering if anyone knows if they are intending to see non-equity? Would it be inappropriate to email and ask?


    There is a dance ECC on Thursday the 28th. As for seeing non-eq, no clue. Best of luck.

    Excusememaam 07/21/2016  4:30pm

    They will never know if non-eq are seen until when the audition begins. It all depends on how many equity members show up.

    HoneyBooBoo 07/21/2016  9:16pm

    Actually @honeybooboo they sent away non-equity at the beginning of the day for the principal call a couple of weeks ago

    nik813 07/22/2016  12:24am

    But you are right they could have just noticed how many eqs showed up

    nik813 07/22/2016  12:25am