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  • WAITRESS ECC @ Pearl Studios 09/25/2016  3:12pm

    Hi guys!

    So although I've been going to EPA/ECCs for years now I somehow have never been to an ECC where the women's call is scheduled for 2pm. Does anyone have thoughts on how early to arrive/when a list usually starts? Any thoughts would be appreciated!



    pursefirst 09/25/2016  5:25pm

    Do we know if they're seeing noneq for this?

    Nyc_living 09/25/2016  10:03pm

    Is this a required call, or are they actually looking for new people?

    MaryWarren 09/25/2016  10:32pm

    Bump on both questions!

    newyorkchic 09/25/2016  10:41pm

    Is this a required call, or are they actually looking for new people?

    MaryWarren 09/26/2016  12:49am

    There will be no information on whether or not the call will be seeing non eq until the beginning of the call at 2pm tomorrow. However, if they don't see any or possibly type non eq boys, that will be a good indicator on whether or not they'll see any non eq girls

    JessicaJones 09/26/2016  1:38am

    Do we know where I can start a non-eq list for this? Official or unofficial; either works.

    passeggiataboy 09/26/2016  5:46am

    You can usually start one at the front desk. I'm on my way ..... do we not have to line up to sign in at 8am? That would be GREAT.

    Lb331 09/26/2016  6:10am


    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  6:41am

    There were 5 women and 1 man on the Waitress non eq list at the front desk when I signed it at 6 AM.

    Leese56 09/26/2016  6:58am


    Leese56 09/26/2016  6:59am


    neguy 09/26/2016  7:00am

    41 girls on the non union list just before 730

    winkandwiggle 09/26/2016  7:25am

    35 women and 3-5 (?) men as of 7:15

    newyorkchic 09/26/2016  7:26am

    Any updates?

    akq92 09/26/2016  8:01am

    let us know if unofficial lists will be accepted when monitor arrives

    greenbean 09/26/2016  8:08am

    List is upstairs. Women are up to 65

    MotheMezzo 09/26/2016  8:10am


    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  8:44am

    Women at 74. Men at 23. No word on unnoficial being accepted.

    Bklimowski 09/26/2016  8:49am

    Monitor show up yet?

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  9:01am


    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  9:15am

    if anyone finds out if unofficial list is being accepted let us know

    Jessica Skwara 09/26/2016  9:25am

    No monitor yet. Make call doesn't start til 10:30 so the moniter probably won't be here til 10.

    trsapp 09/26/2016  9:29am

    Or if non eq will be seen!!!

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  9:29am

    Thanks trsapp!!!!!

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  9:31am

    are there a lot of people there?

    Jessica Skwara 09/26/2016  9:37am

    Jesus shit.....y'all weren't kidding about the early arrival thing...I had no idea.

    Since I feel like my chances of being seen are slim with 80 lovely non eq ladies ahead of me...

    Since Im a singer who it wise to just show up bright and early for the dance call tomorrow? Do you think the dance call will be super intense? Better shot?


    newface 09/26/2016  9:56am

    Any info on the acceptance of the unofficial non-eq lists?

    passeggiataboy 09/26/2016  10:00am

    I was told that they will be seeing non union as long as time permits .... so I think they'll be taking the unofficial list!

    Lb331 09/26/2016  10:04am

    Unofficial lists honored and just transferred for men and women

    kikidlvry 09/26/2016  10:09am

    Who's ITR this morning? Thanks!

    scg302 09/26/2016  10:11am

    Ok so the woman's non eq list is obviously way more than the men's non eq..... if they start seeing non eq men and get through that list do you think they'd start up on non eq women??

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  10:11am

    Unofficial lists accepted and transferred

    bwaylvsong 09/26/2016  10:11am

    Or do we think they'll bottom line just wait for all women at 2:00

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  10:12am

    can non eq women still sign up on the unofficial list or is it full?

    Kayb7 09/26/2016  10:17am

    i have a feeling this is a required call anyhow.

    i wouldn't stress

    DontSpeak 09/26/2016  10:17am

    @jmax, they do occasionally see women at male calls, but it's more of a "whoever's here" kind of thing and is very very rare, especially at crowded calls. They're not allowed to call from the women's list until the female call.

    bwaylvsong 09/26/2016  10:18am

    Yea the only reason I think it might be required is because both men and women on one day. 3 hours for each isn't really much time.

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  10:19am

    @bwaylv thank you! I see what you're saying... I'm assuming it's massively crowded over there. An update on how many men are there and so on fourth would be appreciated if anyone can let us know!

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  10:23am

    They lined up the first 20 men and there's still quite a few in the holding room. I don't think women will be seen till 2

    Jessica Skwara 09/26/2016  10:30am

    Men's non-eq at 44 and closed.
    Women's non-eq at 108 and open.

    (At 10.40am).

    BroadwayKiwi 09/26/2016  10:36am

    Update: someone asked the monitor if women should come back at 2 and she said yes

    Jessica Skwara 09/26/2016  10:36am

    Thanks everyone!

    Jpmaxpop 09/26/2016  10:37am

    Who is in the room? Thanks!

    MB25 09/26/2016  10:45am

    Cesar and the associate MD in the room!
    Plus accomp.

    BroadwayKiwi 09/26/2016  10:47am

    do we think the list for non eq women will be open until 2?

    remi77 09/26/2016  11:14am
  • Thanks! Overslept so this is great to know.

    Dobie 09/26/2016  8:50am

    How is this looking? When does the call end today?

    Wannakeepsleeping 09/26/2016  9:09am

    Still pretty quite here?

    nvpappas 09/26/2016  9:32am

    How's it look for non-union?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 09/26/2016  9:38am

    Bump for appts after lunch?

    Glokeroo 09/26/2016  10:37am

    4 EMC called so far.

    Julia 09/26/2016  11:08am
  • Mamma Mia/Beauty & the Beast @ Nola Studios 09/25/2016  10:49pm

    I know they are having Non-Eq auditions (praise) as well as Equity... but does this mean they absolutely won't be seeing any non-eq on the Equity days? Any thoughts on this?


    Wait, when and where are the non eq auditions? I can't find it online anywhere

    Baldur 09/26/2016  6:53am

    Found it.

    But I have the same question then.

    Baldur 09/26/2016  7:04am

    Yes, please post the non eq audition link of you don't mind

    HEBie 09/26/2016  7:32am


    littleeagle 09/26/2016  8:20am

    But they've seen non eq at the union calls in the past when there's been time

    littleeagle 09/26/2016  8:21am

    Cool, thanks @littleeagle! That's what I was wondering.

    newyorkchic 09/26/2016  8:28am

    List moved upstairs to studio B on the bulletin board!

    DancesWithLasers 09/26/2016  8:41am

    How many noneq are signed up?

    delaneye123 09/26/2016  9:45am

    What floor is studio b on?

    Ladynapsalot 09/26/2016  10:12am

    Female non eq is at 24

    Ladynapsalot 09/26/2016  10:18am
  • Book of Mormon @ 09/24/2016  8:38pm

    Have appts gone out for McKinley from the breakdown that came out on actors access?



    RockNRoll 09/25/2016  1:33am

    Received mine last Thursday.

    S&J 09/26/2016  9:26am
  • Bump

    CT_bway 09/26/2016  8:27am


    mixingisthehealthieroption 09/26/2016  8:51am

    It's REALLY empty. Call hasn't officially begun, but only 18 women on the non-eq list.

    EthnicallyAmbiguous9 09/26/2016  9:06am
  • Jessica Skwara
  • Jessica Skwara
  • Beef and Boards Dinner Theater 2017 Season @ other 09/24/2016  3:08pm

    Has anyone heard about appointments going out for their auditions in October?


    Not yet, but I didn't hear from them until just under a week before their auditions last year. They seem to take their time, so it might be a bit if you do.

    Showbizdreamer 09/25/2016  2:49pm
  • Amateur Night at the Apollo @ other 09/24/2016  2:41am

    Just wanted to start a thread for the open call later this morning. Starts at 10


    Did any body get a call yet

    Ineedthisjob123 09/24/2016  7:37pm

    Did any body get a call yet

    Ineedthisjob123 09/24/2016  7:37pm