• AGMA Online EPA signup's @ Actor's Equity Center 01/17/2017  11:52pm

    Whats the deal with AGMA people using online sign ups? How does it work? Can it work? Has anything changed between the unions?

  • Pennsylvania Shakespeare EPA in Philly @ other 01/17/2017  5:43am

    The Backstage post says not to arrive until 10 am, but do you think that's only for equity? I was going to head down early to sign up as non eq but now I'm second guessing myself... thoughts? Also if anyone can keep us posted on how the lists go that'd be awesome :)


    Bump on this?

    rainbowhigh$$$ 01/17/2017  9:45am


    kdevine10 01/17/2017  10:02am

    All non eq have been brought upstairs... seems like there's a good chance of being seen!

    yaytheatre 01/17/2017  10:57am

    Bump! I won't be able to get there until 1 or so - how does the EMC list look?

    coffeenow 01/17/2017  11:22am

    What was the name of the person in the room?

    bears 01/17/2017  4:02pm

    I believe patrick- I think he's the AD

    rainbowhigh$$$ 01/17/2017  10:39pm
  • The Great Comet of 1812 @ Pearl Studios 01/12/2017  9:33pm

    Hey! Does anyone know what the movement/dancing for this show is like at all and what to expect at a general audition? Thanks!


    "General Audition" simply means that they are calling in non-union as well. It will be run like a normal dance call, and then they will keep some to sing and/or play their instruments.

    That being said, if anyone has any information about the technical difficulty of the dance involved, it would be much appreciated. I am called in for Tuesday at 3pm, and it says literally everyone and their mother's will be ITR...just don't want to be embarrassed when what I've been told is a "movement" call turns out to be really hard.

    Evrydayimhustlin 01/13/2017  8:47am


    hjj7 01/13/2017  10:49pm

    So appointments are out for this? Submitted because I play clarinet well...

    Catbug826 01/14/2017  10:34pm

    Dance is not difficult technique-wise.

    But it is VERY physically demanding (drunken gypsy-punk).

    So come mentally prepared for that, and should go alright.

    Pookyduke 01/17/2017  10:44am

    Would love to know if all appointments are out for this?

    peachiequeen 01/17/2017  8:38pm
  • Hudson Valley Shakespeare Conservatory Company @ other 01/14/2017  12:04pm

    Has anyone received an appointment yet for the auditions happening this month?



    bizatron09 01/16/2017  10:19am

    Not yet :(

    Laura33 01/16/2017  11:44am


    Ellie 01/16/2017  12:16pm


    13dex13park 01/16/2017  4:37pm

    Bump pls

    heartandmusic588 01/17/2017  12:08pm


    Billy_shakes 01/17/2017  1:24pm


    peachiequeen 01/17/2017  8:34pm
  • Phantom of the opera @ Pearl Studios 01/17/2017  4:41pm

    For the female singers call tomorrow- any idea when to show up/ if they will accept an unofficial list? I'm thinking like 6am?


    They do accept the unofficial list. No need to get there at 6 am, the female call isn't until 2pm. Definitely show up sometime in the morning though, last time they accepted and closed the unofficial female list at 11:30am, an hour and a half before official sign in for women was even scheduled to start.

    andreaa 01/17/2017  8:23pm
  • Phantom ECC @ Pearl Studios 01/17/2017  12:07am

    Does anybody know until what time the ECC will end? In the Playbill casting notice it only says 10am.


    Men call is at 10 and female is at 2.. does anyone have any clue whether they will be seeing non eq? Has any non eq who has gone before have any advice? Have you been seen?

    LynzMary 01/17/2017  1:04am

    They will see non eq if time permits. Be prepared to do an 8 bar cut instead of 16 bars.

    trsapp 01/17/2017  5:06am

    Does anybody know if they accept drop offs?

    thespianavenue 01/17/2017  10:17am

    For non-eq are we thinking this will be an early AF unofficial list situation? Specifically gals? Or come sign up at 9..?

    dryshampoo 01/17/2017  7:12pm

    Last time they closed the unofficial list for women at 11:30am (kind of bs because the official sign in time for women wasn't until 1....), but I'd say yeah, no need to show up at the crack of dawn. Should be able to get on the list as long as you show up some time in the morning. And yes, they accept drop offs. :)

    andreaa 01/17/2017  8:21pm
  • Westchester - Non Union Dance Call @ Nola Studios 01/16/2017  6:48pm

    Did anyone take a photo of the details of the non-union call they posted in the room today at the EPA? I could've sworn it said Wednesday, but on their website it says the Non-Union dance call is Thursday.... Any clarifications?


    They have an open call on wednesday for dancers for Mamma Mia

    booboobedoo 01/16/2017  8:59pm

    What is the date and time and location for the non union female call?

    Luluqueen19 01/16/2017  9:33pm

    Wait that is confusing. Not only does their website say Thursday is the open call but they have all their ECCs scheduled for Wednesday. Unless they're holding them simultaneously?

    ladyinwaiting 01/16/2017  9:40pm

    It's very confusing. I got the paper from the holding room today, and it does say that Wednesday is an ECC (Singers in AM, Dancers in afternoon) and that the Non-Union open dance call is on Thursday. No lists will be accepted for Non-Union day. Everyone gets a card beginning 30 min before the call starts.

    meowmeow21 01/17/2017  10:34am

    Yes their open call for Dancers is Thursday. Their ECCs are all Wednesday. They will not be accepting unofficial lists as stated both on their backstage listing and on the notice taped to the table at the EPA so lets not be crazy ladies, and arrive at a sensible time :)

    TinyDancer 01/17/2017  6:10pm

    What are the chances of them seeing non-eq tomorrow?

    Carinauditioning5 01/17/2017  6:50pm
  • Musicals Tonight! First Three 2017 Shows @ Actor's Equity Center 01/16/2017  11:23pm

    Anyone know if they accept an unofficial list, or how busy there calls usually are?



    Newbie65 01/17/2017  5:10am

    At the equity building the noneq official list is put out first thing (aka super early) by the monitor on the 4th floor so there's no need for or worry about an unofficial

    Jessika 01/17/2017  5:25am

    5 people on the list at 6:05

    Newbie65 01/17/2017  6:00am

    8 people as of 6:15am

    Nan12345 01/17/2017  6:10am

    Any Equity members lined up?

    lilly55 01/17/2017  7:01am

    Bump for noneq

    dadadadadum 01/17/2017  7:08am

    Bump for non eq

    BroooaaadwayBaaabyXOXO 01/17/2017  7:32am

    Noneq is at 55 at 7:45

    funnyhoney 01/17/2017  7:39am

    Showed up at 8 and they're taking people up from the 4th floor lounge, in groups. Is this usual, timing-wise (perhaps the 16th floor doesn't open until 8?), or are we especially well-attended this morning (slash, always)?

    maltese 01/17/2017  8:04am

    75 people as of 8:50!

    NameonEveryonesLips 01/17/2017  8:45am

    How many emc and how many equity alternates so far?

    findingneverbook 01/17/2017  8:56am

    Non-equity released until after lunch

    trsapp 01/17/2017  9:32am

    Updates on appointments/ alternate list? Thanks so much!

    Brady's Mom 01/17/2017  9:32am

    Bump on emc/ alt list

    dadadadadum 01/17/2017  9:48am

    Emc at 73

    charactergirl151 01/17/2017  9:55am

    Bump on alternate list/appts?

    PrettyPelican 01/17/2017  9:58am

    ITR? Any open walk in equity spots avail?

    GlitterandRhinestones 01/17/2017  10:20am

    How many on the alt list? Thanks!

    PingyZ 01/17/2017  10:30am

    Bump on ITR.

    StayInspired 01/17/2017  10:35am

    Have they seen any EMC yet?

    youotterknow 01/17/2017  10:39am

    No EMC yet.

    foryourglory 01/17/2017  10:40am

    Bump on updates for equity appointments or alternate list. Thanks!

    Brady's Mom 01/17/2017  11:00am

    Bump! Are we thinking there's no chance for noneq? Have they made any official announcement?

    Jessika 01/17/2017  11:22am

    Have any EMC been seen?

    Newbie65 01/17/2017  12:08pm

    Bump for EMC

    youotterknow 01/17/2017  12:21pm

    Bump for emc update plz!

    hellooooo 01/17/2017  12:25pm

    Around 30 of the 60 alternates have been seen!

    PingyZ 01/17/2017  12:48pm

    Do you mean equity alternates or emc's?

    4everEMC 01/17/2017  1:15pm

    Bump! Are they calling EMC yet?

    Bumpnrisengrindn 01/17/2017  1:28pm

    Bump for updates!

    lilsally8 01/17/2017  1:50pm

    Not seeing non-eq today. Drop-offs ok

    Nan12345 01/17/2017  1:53pm

    Have they started seeing EMC? If so, how many have they seen?

    glitterandbegay212 01/17/2017  1:58pm

    Bump on EMC!

    jazzercise123 01/17/2017  2:08pm

    Post lunch update?

    hellooooo 01/17/2017  2:11pm

    still no EMCs seen!

    Elphabetch 01/17/2017  2:16pm


    Bumpnrisengrindn 01/17/2017  2:17pm

    Whoops sorry posted that before I saw yours go through--Thank you Elphabetch!!!

    Bumpnrisengrindn 01/17/2017  2:19pm

    Bump on EMC

    Charles V. Baran 01/17/2017  2:38pm

    Update on alt #/emc?

    hellooooo 01/17/2017  3:03pm

    When I was there about a half hour ago, alt list was up to 79 with through 58 seen and no EMCs seen yet, I think. ITR Mel Miller, Holly Buczek, one of the MDs (forget name at the moment) and I think another producer.

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 01/17/2017  3:24pm

    bump on EMC

    foryourglory 01/17/2017  3:25pm

    They are through at least 67/93alt

    sing_happy 01/17/2017  3:46pm

    Thanks all for the updates!

    hellooooo 01/17/2017  3:55pm

    Any emc getting seen?

    hellooooo 01/17/2017  4:42pm
  • Oops! Wrong page :)

    MoverNotAShaker 01/16/2017  1:08pm

    anybody have dancer callback info? Thanks!

    TravelingTuTu 01/17/2017  3:10pm