Webinar: How to Audition for Commercial Voiceover

Voiceover webinar

This webinar on auditioning for commercial voiceovers is presented by award winning voiceover and audiobook recording artist Johnny Heller. It will teach you the process of auditioning for, booking, and completing commercial voiceover work and what roles the actor, agent, CD, and ad agency all play in the process



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    Tadimurner 10/06/2015  10:51am


    Mr10191n 10/06/2015  11:11am


    brooklynbnyc 10/06/2015  11:27am


    Mr10191n 10/06/2015  11:40am

    bummmmmmp I feel like the boys never respond to these requests for information in the morning lol. Did they see non-eq?

    alwaysabridesmaid 10/06/2015  11:57am

    bump? help us out! :)

    ihopeigetit 10/06/2015  12:00pm


    Tadimurner 10/06/2015  12:12pm

    It appears that they did see the non eq boys (this is based on the fact that the list of boys was maybe 30 ppl and they all had check marks next to their names.) Girls are around 46.

    alwaysabridesmaid 10/06/2015  12:42pm

    Are they seeing non Eq ladies?!?!

    ddreamer14 10/06/2015  2:03pm


    prisoneroflove 10/06/2015  2:30pm

    what's the point of having this website if we don't help each other out? So many people were asking if they were seeing non-eq and no one responded

    decisions 10/06/2015  9:49pm

    did they end up seeing non eq ladies? trying to gauge the EPA later this week.

    jaylady 10/06/2015  10:08pm

    Yes, they ended up seeing noneq (both men & ladies)

    La Di Da 10/06/2015  10:28pm

    Sometimes people are busy stretching and/or catching up with friends- people don't spend every moment of the day checking AU to answer everyone's questions.

    PineapplePrincess 10/06/2015  10:37pm

    i totally get it. It can be extremely frustrating when you're at work trying to figure out if it's worth hauling a$$ to get to the audition if they're not even seeing non-equity and you don't know about it. Or if they don't take the unofficial in the morning and have to rush back, etc etc. Unfortunately not everyone knows about AU. It definitely is stressful and you are validated in feeling that way :)

    jaylady 10/06/2015  11:37pm

    Okay PineapplePrincess, why the rude bitch Regina George post?
    We all know that Audition Update is a genius tool that helps everyone in the audition lines, and gives to yourself/the people consistently. Why be snarky when someone asks a question? Too busy "stretching, and catching up with your friends." Well, you should get your head out of your pineapplely princess ass, because those friends your stretching with probably couldn't give more than 3 turds about your existence. The art we're all pursuing is all about collaboration, and clearly your team playing isn't up to par.

    Hithere 10/07/2015  12:33am

    ^ wow! Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is!

    Little_Oak 10/07/2015  1:20am

    If I had seen the question, I would have answered the question. When I'm on AuditionUpdate, I give updates, but as human beings, we don't have to check our phones all the time. I didn't check my phone for 3 hours because I was busy living my life and my head wasn't buried in my phone. Not sorry!

    PineapplePrincess 10/07/2015  1:44am

    The beauty of this site only works if people are actively posting. That's all.

    AudraLupone 10/07/2015  2:12am

    Lee Wilkins- Associate Choreographer
    Rachel Stoeckly- Casting Associate
    Dan Green- Accompanist

    PineapplePrincess 10/07/2015  2:12am
  • Buried Child @ other 10/06/2015  1:17am

    anyone know if Buried Child with The New Group will be seeing non-equity peeps?


    Bump, and does anyone know if/when the non-eq list has/will start?

    danamaco 10/06/2015  7:45am


    Mega(n)star 10/06/2015  8:33am

    20 on non eq list at 9am.

    texicalyorker 10/06/2015  9:15am

    lots of people there?

    whoowhoo 10/06/2015  9:17am

    A handful of Equity waiting for the building to open along with the 25ish on the non eq list.

    texicalyorker 10/06/2015  9:27am

    The building opens at 9:30, yes?

    EMCLost 10/06/2015  9:36am

    Am I just being dumb? The doors are locked at theatre row studios. 410 w 41st st, right? Is there another door we should be using?

    Justgottasay 10/06/2015  9:39am

    Yep I'm dumb.

    Justgottasay 10/06/2015  9:41am

    Anyone have an EMC count?

    catsrevival 10/06/2015  10:07am

    Non eq at about 32. Unofficial list was transferred over

    MTC 10/06/2015  10:22am

    How are appts looking. Can't come till afternoon

    itsallinthestruggle 10/06/2015  10:37am

    How fast are they going through the list?

    Film_ANTHologist 10/06/2015  10:50am

    Are there still AEA appointments?

    aprince4whatever 10/06/2015  11:04am

    Bump for updates!!

    Mh 10/06/2015  11:15am

    How's it looking for EMC?

    Wackawacka 10/06/2015  11:15am

    How's appt availability for the afternoon?

    bwaybound 10/06/2015  12:02pm

    Hows it looking for equity?

    Aw man 10/06/2015  12:12pm

    As of about 20 mins ago there were still appmnt spots for the afternoon

    whoowhoo 10/06/2015  12:13pm

    How many EMC's are signed up? Have any been seen?

    jules1 10/06/2015  12:17pm

    Monitor says he is unlikely to call any non Union before lunch. No EMCs called yet

    MTC 10/06/2015  12:23pm

    How far into EMC did they get? Lunch is at 2:30 right? So non eq should check back at 3:30?

    eroseb 10/06/2015  1:46pm

    EMC sent to lunch, none called.

    Justgottasay 10/06/2015  2:32pm

    Any idea how many people are left on the alternate list before EMC?

    EMCLost 10/06/2015  2:55pm

    theres about 50 left on the equity alternate list and about 53 EMC I believe. at least 60 non eq as well. monitor told an EMC to come back at 5

    ksbergslien 10/06/2015  3:04pm

    I'm number 3 on the non eq list and was told to come back at 5-5:30

    wrlowe 10/06/2015  3:50pm

    any update on how far they're getting? not sure if I should come back if they're moving slow....

    texicalyorker 10/06/2015  4:25pm

    theres a sign outside that says appts are filled?

    itsallinthestruggle 10/06/2015  4:38pm

    I also saw the sign on the door. Can anyone be an angel and update us? (Equity appts/ how fast the alt list is moving?)

    littlered 10/06/2015  5:22pm

    Appts full, but moving through alts quickly. Last I heard 52 out of 61 had been called, maybe more by now.

    bwaybound 10/06/2015  5:25pm

    Hey guys just checked in. Again. Im number 3 on the non eq list. I was told that they probably won't get to me. So take that as you will

    wrlowe 10/06/2015  5:37pm

    did they call any EMC?

    Sm101 10/06/2015  5:41pm

    He said he had like 50 emc to go through

    wrlowe 10/06/2015  5:42pm

    How did this end up? Also, can anyone tell me who was ITR?

    Wackawacka 10/07/2015  1:16am
  • Oregon Cabaret @ Pearl Studios 10/06/2015  5:59pm

    Has anyone heard about an unofficial list starting for people who didn't get an appointment?
    Never have auditioned for this theatre company and wondering if anyone else has experienced it with them!


    wondering the same thing. I didn't hear back for a slot...

    writteninthestars 10/06/2015  8:55pm

    i have not auditioned for them and have not received a slot. wondering if any on has appts

    haldaigle 10/06/2015  9:13pm

    They did give out some appointments via email!

    theatergal 10/06/2015  9:19pm

    I didn't get an appointment time because they said they were all full, I was emailed and told they'd be accepting drop ins throughout the day

    decisions 10/06/2015  9:48pm

    thanks for the info! no list though, just show up anytime and hope to be seen?

    writteninthestars 10/06/2015  10:41pm

    So no list tmrw? I don't want to show up at 6 am if I don't have to.... Lol

    APsing 10/06/2015  11:26pm
  • Encores ECC 10/7 @ Actor's Equity Center 10/06/2015  8:03pm

    Does anyone know if you can attend this ECC if you were already seen at the EPA? I'd also like to be considered for ensemble, but wasn't sure if it would be strange to attend twice... Has anyone ever done something like this before?


    There's no rule against it, but I would only do it if you are presenting something different-otherwise it's just a waste of time-you can still be considered for ensemble at an EPA, and vice-versa.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/06/2015  8:27pm

    Ok! Thank you so much :)

    thatgirlsings 10/06/2015  8:50pm

    This is going to be my first time attending an ECC at this building. Can anyone give insight on if they take an unofficial list? I've heard they don't at the actors equity building. Trying to figure out how early one should get there to sign up. Thanks!

    Dancer7 10/06/2015  9:41pm
  • Women without Men @ Actor's Equity Center 10/05/2015  5:16pm

    So it's just reading sides for the auditions tomorrow? No monologues?


    I believe so.

    jaylady 10/05/2015  5:23pm

    Does anyone know if they're looking for real children or adults to play children?

    flyingtoast 10/05/2015  7:26pm

    On the Actors Access breakdown for this, it said, "Also seeking 3 teenage actresses for the following roles...", so seems like they want real kids.

    actorsmom 10/06/2015  6:52am

    What time are people trying to get over there this morning?

    EMCLost 10/06/2015  7:12am

    15 on non eq list just after 9

    MTC 10/06/2015  9:40am

    any update about appointments?

    jenna 10/06/2015  9:53am

    How are signups going?

    Dobie 10/06/2015  10:06am

    Seeing EMC?

    Wackawacka 10/06/2015  10:23am

    Update please! At another EPA and want to know if it's worth it to drop by after/if they're seek be EMC

    Wackawacka 10/06/2015  10:39am

    Any info on EMC? How long is the list, has he started calling from it?

    irishrogue 10/06/2015  10:41am

    I was just there, 2nd EMC called, then they called up through 5 when I left.

    Canadianactor 10/06/2015  10:56am

    EMC's have all been seen through 25 but I imagine people are making later appts since the sides are cold.

    aka 10/06/2015  11:11am

    just called through 8 on non eq

    MTC 10/06/2015  11:24am

    Are they asking for accents?

    Mh 10/06/2015  11:33am

    Are they asking for accents??

    A23 10/06/2015  11:35am

    can someone please post how many are on the EMC list?

    sunshinegirl7 10/06/2015  11:45am

    Any updates on non eq? Should I risk going up there before they go for lunch?

    ganymede 10/06/2015  12:23pm

    Also, any idea who's itr?

    ganymede 10/06/2015  12:50pm

    When I left an hour ago they had called all non eq on the list. ITR Jesse Marchese, associate director, and Jen Mcvey, reader.

    MTC 10/06/2015  12:59pm

    Do we know if they said yes or no to accents that are in the breakdown?

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 10/06/2015  1:06pm

    Yes they wanted accents.

    eroseb 10/06/2015  1:36pm

    They are flying through the list, get it non eq ladies! Asking for accents

    Mh 10/06/2015  3:03pm

    Just FYI-- I got seen, but there's only one person in the room and he didn't pay attention to my read and didn't even look at my resume. I'm not sure they're actually considering non-eqs.

    actenn 10/06/2015  5:04pm

    If my eyes deceived me, it looked as though Jonathan Bank was ITR after lunch. Can anyone confirm that?

    ganymede 10/06/2015  9:23pm
  • F.U.N.finallyunderstandingnothing

    I didn't get a callback but I received an offer today!

    Snowflake13 10/06/2015  7:50pm
  • As open as yesterday?

    flyingtoast 10/02/2015  10:44am

    SO open.

    Brakes 10/02/2015  11:19am

    Who is ITR? Including accompanist?

    Rain On my Parade 10/02/2015  11:53am

    Same as yesterday!

    Bento Tinderbox 10/02/2015  1:52pm

    Still wide open Yall!

    Rain On my Parade 10/02/2015  5:20pm

    Anybody note down who was in the room??

    GKH 10/06/2015  6:08pm
  • Encores Day 2 @ Actor's Equity Center 10/06/2015  9:51am

    Figured I'd start a thread for day 2. How's it looking on the equity side? Good chance for non-eqs?


    Non Eq was at 24 at 9:10, not sure what it is now, I had to run to a fitting.

    edwin_belle 10/06/2015  10:11am

    How's the EMC list looking?

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  10:36am

    Does anyone know how many EMC's are on the list/how many have been called? Thanks! :)

    Girlin14G 10/06/2015  10:37am


    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  11:12am

    Bump on how many more emc's there are left?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/06/2015  11:13am

    updates on non eq please

    Gotmycloudyglasseson 10/06/2015  11:24am

    Please update on appointments/alternate list. Also, who's ITR. Thanks.

    Harlequin 10/06/2015  11:35am


    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/06/2015  12:02pm

    2 on the Alternate A list
    1 on the Alternate B list
    Called through 16 of the 31 on the EMC list

    Jay Binder: CD
    John Frank: Accomp

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  12:13pm

    Next available appointment is 2:50

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  12:24pm

    Thank you bwydreamer. You are the best.

    jaylady 10/06/2015  12:25pm

    Thank you bway dreamer!!
    Could you tell which emc on now?

    jazzyingenuebestfriend 10/06/2015  12:37pm

    It's the mid day rush :/
    2 on the Alternate A list
    2 on the Alternate B list
    Still haven't touched EMC
    They just released EMC for lunch
    17 will be next on the EMC list out of the 35 signed up

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  12:58pm

    Haven't seen any Non-Eq - released until after lunch.

    edwin_belle 10/06/2015  1:10pm

    After-Lunch update? I'm on my way back...

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  2:38pm

    I am writing from the non-equity dunce corner. I am wearing a dunce hat in the corner of the room and wondering if there are any updates from inside? Have they called any more alternates or EMC?

    jaylady 10/06/2015  2:39pm

    2:25 Okay I'm back
    3 on the Alternate A list
    6 on the Alternate B list
    EMC list is up to 40 and they have called through 16

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  2:48pm

    Thanks boo <3

    jaylady 10/06/2015  2:51pm

    Jay Binder left after lunch.

    Jack Bowdan, CD ITR now

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  2:55pm

    Still haven't touched the EMC list.
    All appointments are full

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  3:43pm

    I assume no non eqs seen or will be seen given the above updates?

    GKH 10/06/2015  4:08pm

    I highly doubt they will even get through the EMC list. Sorry :/

    bwydreamer 10/06/2015  4:37pm

    Noneq dismissed

    sing_happy 10/06/2015  5:05pm
  • Are there Equity spots open?

    Carolyn J 10/06/2015  10:11am

    Are they seeing EMC?

    inspiredactor 10/06/2015  10:26am

    what are appt slots like. Can't come till afternoon

    itsallinthestruggle 10/06/2015  10:36am

    Seeing EMC- called a couple already...

    Canadianactor 10/06/2015  10:58am

    Any updates for non-eqs?

    28 10/06/2015  12:10pm

    No non eq seen yet. I believe next available appointment is 2pm.

    MTC 10/06/2015  12:11pm

    Bump on non eq

    outofwittyscreenames 10/06/2015  2:31pm

    Perhaps 30 or so on non-eq, were sent away until 2, none called yet.

    flomasito_80 10/06/2015  2:35pm

    Still no non equity seen, appts looking much fuller than before lunch

    Mh 10/06/2015  3:02pm

    Any chance of non eq being seen before 430? Have to head to work and wondering if it's even worth it. Thank you

    outofwittyscreenames 10/06/2015  3:10pm

    It's not looking good for non eq

    Mh 10/06/2015  3:18pm

    Called through 5 on non eq list

    MTC 10/06/2015  3:58pm


    Astoriaboy 10/06/2015  4:29pm

    Through 19 on non-eq.

    flomasito_80 10/06/2015  5:00pm
  • noosavillegirl

    Deborah Brown until 2:30 and Illana Stein all day !

    MaryFoam 10/06/2015  4:47pm