The Actor Networking Event is Next Week!

We are keeping you on your toes and moving to a new location at Taj Lounge.

Special guests will be CD Lori Malkin &Talent Agent Dave Secor

Drink specials, raffle prizes and the best industry party in town.

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  • Aladdin @ 05/22/2015  9:02am

    Any updates if they are going to see non-eq today?


    What's the non Eq list up to?

    CantaloupeOak 05/22/2015  9:03am

    List was in the 20s a little after 9am. Can someone keep this updated as to what's going on over there? Thank you, lovelies :)

    dancechic 05/22/2015  9:43am
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    aschneps 05/21/2015  8:11am

    non-eq list is at 14.

    dej118 05/21/2015  8:26am


    aschneps 05/21/2015  9:09am

    How are appointments looking?

    cba321 05/21/2015  9:57am

    Appointments are still available. EMC list is at 5, none seen yet. Non-eq list is at 25.

    dej118 05/21/2015  10:03am

    How are appointments looking?

    cba321 05/21/2015  10:13am


    HuggybruhNYC 05/21/2015  10:37am

    Could someone please post who is ITR? Thanks!

    insomniac 05/21/2015  10:37am

    Appointments left?

    7s 05/21/2015  11:09am


    insomniac 05/21/2015  11:34am

    Can someone update on what the afternoon is looking like? Any appointments left? How high is the Equity alt list and where are they on it? Thanks!

    CheetahRivera 05/21/2015  12:20pm

    Elizabeth Colwell ITR
    appts available and short alternative list

    lobsteronline 05/21/2015  12:20pm

    Elizabeth Colwell the actress? Thanks so much for updating!!

    insomniac 05/21/2015  12:38pm

    Wait a second - earlier I heard CD Paul Davis was in the room. He's left? What is her title?

    Actingismylife 05/21/2015  12:38pm

    Any updates? Especially about non eqs?

    ganymede 05/21/2015  1:49pm


    conjohn18 05/21/2015  3:31pm

    Any EMC? Non-eq?

    HuggybruhNYC 05/21/2015  3:36pm

    No updates y'all?

    ganymede 05/21/2015  5:14pm
  • Broadwaymini

    Are all equity appts out?

    kbrose 05/21/2015  9:38am

    Totally empty. No one. Every time slot open and only like 4 emc

    tylerdurden 05/21/2015  9:40am

    Thank you!

    Broadwaymini 05/21/2015  9:53am

    Who is ITR?

    CHP 05/21/2015  10:26am

    Are non-eq being seen?

    Daisym 05/21/2015  11:25am

    Bump on ITR?

    random8 05/21/2015  11:58am

    What's the non eq update?

    ebm2014 05/21/2015  12:02pm

    Have they mentioned any intentions of closing the audition early? Plz lemme know!

    ElemenoPea 05/21/2015  1:52pm

    Still empty! Dale Brown (CD) in the room. So sweet and his mom is there too (but has no casting authority!) Go get seen!

    bwaybound 05/21/2015  3:04pm

    Still open?

    LadyNugget20 05/21/2015  4:13pm
  • actorrealness
  • How are appointments looking?

    vahnme 05/21/2015  12:32pm
  • American Conservatory Theatre EPA @ Pearl Studios 05/21/2015  11:48am

    Please post if you hear anything about callbacks from the EPA. Thanks!

  • Bump

    LilMermaid66 05/21/2015  8:14am

    Number 9 @ 8:15

    LilMermaid66 05/21/2015  8:36am

    Double Checking: no signups for guys yet, right?

    crwnhghtsactr 05/21/2015  9:58am


    BwayAbuTrainer 05/21/2015  10:23am

    Called the first 5 ladies. Maybe 30 girls here total.
    Like 2 guys on an unofficial list.

    e_doolittle 05/21/2015  10:25am

    Would anyone mind posting who's in the room?

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 05/21/2015  11:32am
  • Aladdin @ Pearl Studios 05/21/2015  9:04am

    Hey guys! Just wondering if you knew if they would be seeing non eq at the Aladdin ECC tomorrow?

  • Anyone wanna say what the line looks like?

    tylerdurden 05/20/2015  8:19am


    aschneps 05/20/2015  8:25am

    Any EMC called yet?

    aschneps 05/20/2015  10:05am

    Any appointments left? Alternate list?

    @amradf 05/20/2015  10:20am


    @amradf 05/20/2015  10:46am

    Non eq updates?

    ebm2014 05/20/2015  10:59am

    No nons have been seen. Appointments full for morning and 1/2 full for afternoon.

    vahnme 05/20/2015  11:16am

    They were falling behind earlier this morning, so now they only want 1 song or 1 monologue. There were still time slots available after lunch (when I was there around 11:30 AM).

    whyaskforthemoon 05/20/2015  2:16pm

    Itr? Anyone get the info. I forgot :/

    tylerdurden 05/20/2015  10:01pm