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  • Potomac Theatre Project (PTP/ NYC) - NYC EPAs @ Actor's Equity Center 05/26/2016  12:59pm

    Did anyone go to this EPA @AEA today? Just curious. They wanted a brief monologue from a contemporary non-naturalistic play, and I'm wondering from which contemporary, non-naturalistic plays people have great monologues that they regularly perform.


    I went! It was eeeempty. I just did my go-to contemporary monologue. I interpreted the instructions as meaning a play that would not be put in the same category as Chekhov, Strindberg, etc.

    bwaylvsong 05/26/2016  11:03pm
  • Kinky Boots Bway @ other 05/26/2016  6:24pm

    Has anyone that went in for principals this week heard anything further..callbacks/feedback/etc?


    Sorry ..meant to post on Callback corner.

    singerbee 05/26/2016  6:24pm
  • Hong Kong Disney @ 05/26/2016  6:22pm

    Has anyone heard anything from the Hong Kong Disney callbacks?

  • The bodyguard ecc @ Pearl Studios 05/24/2016  4:11pm

    What time would be good for non eq sign up tommorow...I know women aren't until 2 so that's good but idk how early to get there??


    This is Thursday, and usually sign up two hours before for non-eq, get there around 30 mins prior to call time.

    psl29 05/24/2016  4:35pm

    Thanks that is the dance call on Thursday right? There is also a singer ecc tomorrow right?

    jfizzle4245 05/24/2016  5:42pm

    I believe there is a singer ECC tomorrow. Women at 2pm.

    JessicaJones 05/24/2016  6:36pm

    Isn't there a dance call on May 31st?

    contempfool 05/24/2016  10:59pm

    I auditioned for if a few weeks ago, when they were doing an EPA, and as a an EMC, I was the first person seen. The turnout was not major.

    CDM0713 05/25/2016  6:47am

    Had anyone posted a non eq sign up sheet for the men yet?

    nicnac44 05/25/2016  7:19am

    Yup. I just started it. I'm the only one on the male list right now and only one name is on the female list.

    CDM0713 05/25/2016  7:47am

    Any update on non eq women's list?

    jfizzle4245 05/25/2016  9:28am

    How many men are present?

    DontSpeak 05/25/2016  9:42am

    Were any non eq men seen?

    LegallyBrooonet 05/25/2016  10:39am

    Did someone get who was ITR? THE!:)

    Singandreasing 05/25/2016  4:31pm

    Not even every non-eq who was brought into the lounge and HAD THEIR HEADSHOTS COLLECTED got seen because a bunch of alternates poured in.

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  5:01pm

    Sorry- was pissed as fuck and posted on the wrong thread

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  5:16pm

    Any update on female dancer non-equ list? How many on the list? Were non-equ men seen this morning?

    HighkickHoney 05/26/2016  10:56am

    Is there an open dance call on the 31st?

    backtobed678 05/26/2016  2:18pm
  • Baby Boom EPA @ other 05/24/2016  8:27am

    Got there and the elevator wouldn't go to 2, and stair door locked. What time do they open?



    Ellie 05/24/2016  8:37am


    @amradf 05/24/2016  9:27am

    Wide open!

    Justgottasay 05/24/2016  9:41am

    Non eq list update?

    WhinerTree 05/24/2016  9:59am

    Just called everyone left on non eq list. Very open.

    MTC 05/24/2016  10:22am

    Take the elevator, the stairs door is locked

    Screenname9876 05/24/2016  10:30am

    Still wide open! Cmon down

    inspiredactor 05/24/2016  1:12pm

    Amazing thank you all for the updates I'm stuck at work until 4, but these posts give me hope to be seen !

    WhinerTree 05/24/2016  1:19pm

    How are appointments looking for near the end of the day?
    I can only pop in for the last hour--is it still wide open?

    lacomedienne 05/24/2016  3:52pm

    Still wide wide open

    @amradf 05/24/2016  3:59pm

    Day 2 wide open, the monitor just took all EMC and noneq headshots

    forfoxsake 05/26/2016  9:37am

    Any update on this? Still super open?

    🍸 05/26/2016  12:20pm


    heartandsmarts 05/26/2016  12:26pm
  • Jimmy Buffet @ other 05/26/2016  6:21am

    Came to Start a list at Telsey and was told they stopped accepting them. Is this accurate? Do I go back to bed?



    LegallyDone 05/26/2016  6:25am

    wait whaaaat?

    theatre559 05/26/2016  6:48am

    They're doing construction on the side lobby where we would normally leave a list, so right now there's two of us waiting outside the main lobby just holding on to a list in case they do accept it.

    GoldenGirl 05/26/2016  7:10am

    How many names? I literally got there at 6am I'm gonna scream lol

    LegallyDone 05/26/2016  8:12am


    jjsinger 05/26/2016  8:14am

    8 women on list

    chosenmelody 05/26/2016  9:33am

    Could someone post if they are closing the call or not? Thanks! Happy Auditioning!

    Pavementpounder3000 05/26/2016  10:25am

    List is not closed yet and they are lining up first 10 eq. They are also seeing opposite gender, if needed

    chosenmelody 05/26/2016  10:31am

    Who's ITR?

    Detroit2375 05/26/2016  10:43am

    Rachel Hoffman ITR. Just called the first group of non-eq. 16 bars for equity, 8 for non-eq.

    GoldenGirl 05/26/2016  11:32am
  • Theatreworks @ other 05/23/2016  5:35pm

    Is there usually a theatreworks non-eq/EMC open call?


    Yeah, I think it happened already earlier this year.

    Not-a-theatre-pun 05/23/2016  5:42pm

    They will normally have an open call in the summer.

    startingthehat 05/23/2016  11:56pm
    LBS16 05/25/2016  8:29pm

    ^^ That's the EPA. EMC/non Eq may get seen, but it's not an open call.

    stagelover3 05/25/2016  10:16pm

    FYI- The theatreworks epa is usually DEAD

    Fatniss_Neverlean 05/26/2016  10:35am
  • Bodyguard @ 05/26/2016  8:32am

    I am creating a new Thread because the other one is mixed up with singers information.
    This is for the dancer's ECC. What does the list look like for non-equity members?



    mixingisthehealthieroption 05/26/2016  10:13am
  • Any updates?

    Mmmsoup 05/25/2016  9:17am

    Are there AEA appts left? And who is in the room?

    sprkynyc 05/25/2016  9:18am

    We never know if they're going to see non-eq until the day of. If they're not going to, they make an announcement.

    GeneralKnowledge 05/25/2016  9:22am

    No info on being seen yet, but non eq list is up to 15 names

    MeganMcNesby 05/25/2016  9:23am

    Bump on appointments

    flyingtoast 05/25/2016  9:27am

    They are seeing non-eq time permitting

    MeganMcNesby 05/25/2016  9:35am

    How many EMCs are on the list?

    Ihearbwaycalling 05/25/2016  9:44am

    AEA appts left? Preferably late afternoon?

    sprkynyc 05/25/2016  10:07am

    25 on non-eq list, will see time permitting, accepting drop-offs.

    Jazzy3939 05/25/2016  10:31am

    any aea / alt updates? Thanks!

    sing_happy 05/25/2016  10:58am

    4 out of 18 EMCs seen

    inspiredactor 05/25/2016  11:02am

    Non eq released until 2

    SheWhosWinsome 05/25/2016  11:24am

    Bump on AEA appts availble?

    sprkynyc 05/25/2016  11:43am

    Quite open for equity still

    sing_happy 05/25/2016  1:11pm

    Hi. Does anyone know what number they have gotten to on the EMC list ?

    gowiththeflow 05/25/2016  1:56pm

    Just called through non-eq #15

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  2:51pm

    Anyone know who is in the room?

    sprkynyc 05/25/2016  3:06pm

    Called through the high 20s on the non-eq list
    I will post ITR info as soon as I know

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  4:05pm

    ITR is Harriet Bass and the accompanist (I know I should know his name but I didn’t sing so I forgot -- apologies!)

    Eweb0427 05/25/2016  4:16pm

    The accompanist is Todd Olson!

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  4:21pm

    Not even every non-eq who was brought into the equity lounge and HAD THEIR HEADSHOTS COLLECTED got seen because a bunch of alternates poured in.

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  5:16pm

    People with numbers in hands and ready to go in were dismissed because of alternates. Btw what exactly are alternates? What makes them take precedence if people are already about to go in?

    Jazzy3939 05/25/2016  5:28pm

    Alternates are Equity members without appointments, and they do get priority and have every right to it, but not after my headshot was already fucking collected...

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  5:40pm

    Alternates are Equity members who do not have appointments, and they do get priority and have every right to it, but not after my headshot was already fucking collected and I was about to get lined up...

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  5:43pm

    So wait were people who were right outside the room audition room (taken out of the non-eq lounge) and had their headshots collected by the monitor also told to leave?

    Jazzy3939 05/25/2016  5:44pm

    Yes! There were four of us inside (numbers 13-16). 13 and 14 were put in line. I was 15 and was supposed to get put in the next group along with 16. After a number of alternates came in, the monitor apologized and dismissed the two of us.

    bwaylvsong 05/25/2016  5:52pm

    Aw shit. Sorry man. I was a bit later, so I guess I feel less like i was at just the wrong time. I thought the people taken to be lined up went in. So sorry :((

    Jazzy3939 05/25/2016  5:53pm

    Were there any callbacks in the room?

    Zei Gezent 05/25/2016  9:32pm