successful audition

  • CRT season @ Pearl Studios 07/31/2015  6:28am

    How is this looking? Is there a line/are they seeing non eq?


    2 on non eq list

    bound4bway 07/31/2015  9:42am

    Bump for Equity updates!

    sosayethi 07/31/2015  10:21am

    Bump for equity appoint

    Noname 07/31/2015  10:54am

    After lunch time slots were fairly open, as were some of the time slots after 11AM or so. This was around 10 AM though, so things might have changed now.

    whyaskforthemoon 07/31/2015  11:34am

    Anyone write down who was ITR?

    Ihearbwaycalling 07/31/2015  2:38pm

    Appointments still available

    GrindingPavement 07/31/2015  2:40pm
  • Misery @ other 07/31/2015  1:22pm

    Empty! EMC and Non Eq were being seen right away this morning.

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    bwayboi73 07/27/2015  11:16pm


    bwayboi73 07/27/2015  11:21pm

    Do you accept checks?

    TacoTenor 07/28/2015  12:11pm

    @tacotenor yep! I accept cash, checks, or through paypal.

    saraedwardsphoto 07/28/2015  8:31pm

    This is not the place for your advertisement. You should post this information on the "Resources" page. This page is for audition information only.

    Harlequin 07/29/2015  9:57am

    Aside from it being the wrong place for an advertisement - this "deal" is not exactly a "mitzvah."

    I pay under $200 for the same services and my headshots get appointments regularly.

    If you going to abuse this forum at least make it worth our attention.

    nevertoolate 07/29/2015  11:41am

    Be cool guys. No one is actually MAKING you read this haha

    bwayboi73 07/31/2015  11:56am
  • BestofLuck

    How is the line looking for non-equity?

    Hesings 07/31/2015  8:47am

    Elder Update Reporting---

    18 on the combined list so far. We'll divide our members and futures when monitor gets here, and I will update.

    BestofLuck 07/31/2015  9:10am

    Brian Usifer -- associate MD
    Rebecca Scholl-- casting associate
    Forte on the ivories

    BestofLuck 07/31/2015  10:23am

    They are typing future members by headshot right now.

    BestofLuck 07/31/2015  10:24am

    Non-equity that weren't here for typing can still do drop offs.

    Hesings 07/31/2015  10:47am
  • Wicked ECC/EPA @ other 07/30/2015  8:57pm

    Do they usually have time to see non-eqs at ECC/EPA calls? They saw me the last time I went to an EPA but that was over a year ago and Wicked has so much popularity that I know it's hit and miss.
    Also, if I go to the ECC, should I still go to the EPA? They saw me at the EPA a year ago and I want to go back for that but I thought I might have more luck with the ECC, though I was called back for Elphaba a few times


    It's a hit or miss, and no one can really say if you will get seen or not - but it is summer time (most folks are away on contract) and they just had that open call. They also had an EPA a few months back if I remember correctly - so I'm sure your chance of getting seen is much higher.
    As for the ECC vs EPA, it doesn't matter which one you go to in regards to being considered for Elphaba. If you were called back previously, they will remember you. I would recommend going to the ECC so someone on the team can see you - but there's nothing wrong with going to the EPA instead. Up to you :)

    jaylady 07/30/2015  9:03pm

    Yeah with Telsey it's a hit or miss. A few times they've had time to see EMC and non-eq but still chose not too, which though dissapointing, it's totally within their rights.
    I lucked out my first Wicked audition 2 and half years ago, it was an EPA in March...yep, MARCH. As said above, Since it is summer and the open call just happened, it might be less crowded than usual, but with a show like Wicked you never know what the heck those auditions are gonna be like.

    showbizdreamer 07/31/2015  10:25am

    Oh and also I can confirm the EPA v. ECC. Since their only two days apart this round, which they usually are, I feel it's only necessary to be seen for one of them especially if the one you're seen at is the ECC. I can see the case of the EPA was first and then attempting the ECC to be seen by a creative, but since the ECC is first (which seems to be the case in general lately) attempt that, and if you're seen, I'd say skip the EPA. Just me though, always do what works for you! Within reason of course ;)

    showbizdreamer 07/31/2015  10:35am
  • Brigadoon @ other 07/30/2015  12:49pm

    for anyone who's already had their appointment today--how's the day running? are they having everyone dance/do both 16s and their monologue?


    this is for compass rose

    jsg17 07/30/2015  12:49pm

    Where is it??

    Lazersareexpensive 07/30/2015  3:58pm

    The creatives were very pleasant. There was no signin sheet in the hallway outside the room but somehow it was orderly. When I was there they seemed to be about 15 minutes behind but not crazy. Some ahead of me had been given sides to study and return. Some were go back in the room for group reading of sides. I saw at least two given some dance steps to practice out in the hall and then brought back to show progress.

    I was allowed to sing but - and enjoyed it too - but fortunately for both of us - the CD had done her homework. She brought up that she was aware that every holiday season I have a very lucrative gig that would conflict directly with their performance schedule. So we had a pleasant conversation about how that might fit into their show plans next season.

    Good experience.

    nevertoolate 07/30/2015  10:59pm

    ^ "some were called back in the room . . ."

    nevertoolate 07/30/2015  11:00pm

    I sang both cuts and danced. I was told I would get an email- yay OR nay.

    toloveanotherperson 07/30/2015  11:42pm
  • Wicked Elphaba US @ other 07/27/2015  7:47am

    just thought we'd start a new thread for today since the other was so long.

    Update with any info you have throughout the day!

    Break legs today, ladies.


    Anyone there yet?

    Imastar4 07/27/2015  7:48am

    Line started... About 15 so far

    SamBam 07/27/2015  8:13am

    Any list?

    myfairlady 07/27/2015  8:14am

    Guys they aren't going to accept the unofficial list especially if they're saying not to come in until sign in at 1:30...

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  8:38am

    An unofficial list SHOULD still be started because you just NEVER know...

    starlite 07/27/2015  8:43am

    ^^exactly. *lesigh* even when it's been expressed, there always will be the crazy early ones.

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  8:44am

    Merp, mine was meant for amc btw

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  8:45am

    Line started. About 30 ppl

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  8:55am

    -_- seriously?

    megastufforeos 07/27/2015  9:18am

    Is there an unofficial list or are people just standing in line until 1:30

    just left of center 07/27/2015  9:23am

    people are just standing. no list as of now.
    it's kind of ridiculous and I wish Telsey would just tell us if they're typing. I mean they have to be.... we're going to clog up the entire block... people are setting up camp. It's actually crazy...cmon ladies... can't we all be civil and just show up when they ask us to?

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  9:30am

    AMC, but you are there with the rest of them right?

    starlite 07/27/2015  9:37am

    nope I went home ;)

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  9:38am

    How many people are in line now?

    myfairlady 07/27/2015  9:47am

    Starting a list. Will be posted on the door. Asked not to line up until 1:30. Let's be nice and try to keep to the list... The First Ladies were up at 4AM LOL

    SamBam 07/27/2015  9:50am

    Do you think they'll honor it? Or is that something we're hoping to follow?

    Rosiered 07/27/2015  9:51am

    did a telsey representative tell you that? to leave? did people actually leave?

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  9:54am

    Starting a list. Will be posted on the door. Asked not to line up until 1:30. Let's be nice and try to keep to the list... The First Ladies were up at 4AM LOL

    SamBam 07/27/2015  9:58am

    "Let's be nice and try to keep to the list?" If you were trying to be nice and respectful, you wouldn't have started lining up early in the morning and blatantly not listened to what it said in the casting description to show up at 1:30...

    unapologeticallyhonest 07/27/2015  10:00am

    Bump ^ I'll be there at 1. I'm betting my bottom dollar that they'll be typing! ✔️

    LikeAFishToTheBait 07/27/2015  10:01am

    ^yes bumppppppp

    mdsings 07/27/2015  10:02am

    Bump the question about if a rep said all of this and if ppl left

    Rosiered 07/27/2015  10:02am

    A rep told us to leave and to start a list but she didn't know if it would be accepted or not... People did leave.

    SamBam 07/27/2015  10:05am

    It is ruthless, is what it is. And UNPROFESSIONAL. I work in casting ladies. We see all of this too, no matter what company we work for. Learn from this because Bernie's producers will not be pleased with people who cannot follow directions. I hope you did not travel far.

    tootsmagoots 07/27/2015  10:06am

    But where is the list? It's not on door

    starlite 07/27/2015  10:09am

    Did someone remove it?? Maybe a telsey representative since they're now open?

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  10:25am

    Listen. No one told you crazies to wake up at 4am - 1:30 pm is NOT secret code for "please come stalk our building at the crack of dawn" it's people like that who ruin this business for the people who want to be professionals and market our product to casting directors not desperate lunatics who look like they're waiting in line for the new IPhone. listen ladies FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. One thing telsey has taught me is that there is no room in this business for the people who can't follow directions especially when they are written in front of your face and that they remember everything. So think about that. And also - you should've taken this opportunity to sleep in and get yourself prepared... Not act crazy. Go to bed.

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  10:31am

    I think the girl who started the list has it because the rep said if it was on door it would be taken down. I'm
    Guessing this means they prob won't be honoring it but the rep didn't know.

    starlite 07/27/2015  10:32am

    That post should have gone on thread below..

    starlite 07/27/2015  10:34am

    Never mind.. Posted in correct thread. It's early people! Lol

    starlite 07/27/2015  10:36am

    Right now there are atleast 69 on the list. Not sure if it'll be honored especially if you're saying they didn't want it on the door. People are now lined up on the ther side of the street. Not a huge huge crowd. But if sign up starts at 130... Should we still get there a little before?
    I'm 99% perfect they're gunna type but you never know!

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  10:39am

    I meant 99% percent sure they're gunna type.
    Should we just call telsey and ask what their plan is?

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  10:40am

    If you do that there's $20 in it for your lol

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  10:44am

    The list is across the street with the crowd of people if anyone is looking for it. It does seem unlikely that they'll honor it though

    yasqueen 07/27/2015  10:45am

    If you do that there's $20 in it for your lol

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  10:45am

    Deal belting soprano!

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  10:47am

    I don't think they're gonna type but I think they're gonna have multiple audition rooms going at once. I mean what can you really type for Elphaba? There's been all different kinds of girls who've played the part.

    unapologeticallyhonest 07/27/2015  11:01am

    They just came out and told all of us to leave. We can not be lined up on either side of the street. Unofficial list will not be honored. Come back at 1:30.

    Staci Jo 07/27/2015  11:03am

    thanks for the update. Did they say how they're going to do the sign in? I feel like there's still going to be a line of people somehow somewhere....
    I really hope they type.

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  11:09am

    To the question "what could they type for," well...

    They can type for people who aren't minors trying to slip in under the radar. They can type for people who don't come off as horrendously desperate and who can't follow directions. They can type for people whose resumes indicate that they are capable of carrying a role like this. They can type for people whose resumes indicate that they understand this business, they understand the role they're auditioning for, and they are a natural fit. They can type based on the height and look of the current cast members. They can type based on the sizes of costumes that already exist. They can type for any damn thing they want, and I sincerely hope they do, for everyone's sake.

    Fhqwhgads 07/27/2015  11:11am

    Can I just say we can't turn this into a mad house.. It's like audition draught season and telsey is opening their doors to e/ne's they don't do this much so we should all do our best to follow their directions to a T and let the chips fall where they may at 1:30pm. Go eat lunch, have a coffee, grab a nap, sing in a rehearsal studio. Let's not make them regret doing this even if it is only for 3 or 4 hours. Please ladies. Xoxox

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  11:18am

    ^^^THIS. To quote my favorite little dinosaur...Yep yep yep!

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  11:21am

    I wish there was a like button option for beltingsop

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  11:25am

    beltingsoprano is currently my favorite

    luckysue 07/27/2015  11:32am

    ^^ sounds like a plan!

    joyanne_dee 07/27/2015  11:35am

    beltingsoprano is currently my favorite

    luckysue 07/27/2015  11:35am

    <3 May the odds be ever in your favor ladies. Have a great day see you there ;)

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  11:46am

    Hey just thought of this... what about the equity people? Do you think they'll be seen first? Or have any upper hand?

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  11:50am

    Equity do not get preference at an open call. I also suspect multiple rooms will be run.

    toloveanotherperson 07/27/2015  11:51am

    MissManhattan, it's an open call so it doesn't matter if you're equity or not. They won't be seen before non-eq like they do at EPAs. :)

    myfairlady 07/27/2015  11:52am

    Is everyone inside now? Or is the line still outside?

    toloveanotherperson 07/27/2015  12:13pm

    We were just told that Telsey will not be allowing anyone to stand in line (inside or out) until 1:30. Once sign up starts, they will be giving out times. Possibly running multiple rooms, she didn't say. According to staff, no typing. At 1:39, I beg you, be kind and don't make this a mob scene.

    toloveanotherperson 07/27/2015  12:29pm

    They'll also NOT be taking any unofficial lists

    toloveanotherperson 07/27/2015  12:32pm

    Okay ladies :) lets do our best to make this a great experience not only for us, but for telsey !! Let's show them they should hold calls like this and give opportunities to audition for them more often!!!! Xox

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  12:39pm

    No typing? Wow. And I agree, let's not make this a mob scene. Dear god, let's not become that story about why Telsey never does stuff like this anymore. Can I get amen?

    TriciaPeterson#131 07/27/2015  12:40pm

    Hey gang, just was walking by killing time in the neighborhood and there is definitely a line outside again of at least 30-40 people

    yasqueen 07/27/2015  12:51pm

    This is great. If the unofficial list were to be accepted, then no one would have learned their lesson. Next time, don't show up at 4am ladies.

    actorsanonymous 07/27/2015  12:56pm

    The security guard and staff have been coming out periodically and telling people to go away, apparently. Not sure how long they will keep that up.

    toloveanotherperson 07/27/2015  12:57pm

    Line dispersed. Staff says come back at 1:30 (surprise!) and everyone will get audition times and that as long as you come get a time before 4 you will be seen / they have the intention of seeing everyone. See y'all then!

    yasqueen 07/27/2015  1:02pm're winning today.thank you. Ladies, let's follow their directions and be professional...cause what we call ourselves right? Let's adhere to that.
    Secondly--I legit just walked by myself just to stick around the area and eat a small something...I saw no one waiting outside...I mean, I don't have the best eyesight, but legit saw no line.

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  1:06pm

    Aaaahhhh mea culpa!! Sorry, I missed the 'line dispersed' response somehow...carry on screlting ladies!

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  1:09pm

    Showbizdreamer - <3 .

    everyone - we can do this.
    Say it with me now "self control"

    And let me just say - you're only stressing yourselves out by trying to stalk the building and be weirdos and you reaaaallly don't need to. What's the worst that can happen? You have to wait a couple hours to sing? Or maybe not get to sing at all? Okay ! So be it! It's not the end of the world. There will be more auditions and Im sure telsey has this stuff down to a science where they WILL see all of us in that short amount of time.

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  1:15pm

    I almost feel like telsey is trying to initiate the 76th annual hunger games.

    "I've got an idea! Lets do an open call for the most coveted female role in all of musical theatre right now, and lets only make it for two hours. Lets NOT take an unofficial list. Lets NOT let people line up in anticipation of it being a shit show. If a girl is 5'5-5'9 walking down 43rd before 1:30 KICK THEIR ASS OUT. Typing? No. I wanna see them sweat it out. And after the weaklings who try to start a list get eaten, the tournament can truly begin. We can even have them stand in a line an belt in half steps, and whoever's vocal cords aren't hanging out wins the prize....a callback at the agent appointments day. Sound good?"

    "But can we film it?"



    RIP, Ladies. I salute you....from my bed...watching this shit show unfold and eating my feelings. YOU CAN'T BRING ME DOWN.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/27/2015  1:33pm

    See? This is why you're winning AU today!

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  1:34pm

    MissManhattan, it's an open call so it doesn't matter if you're equity or not. They won't be seen before non-eq like they do at EPAs. :)

    myfairlady 07/27/2015  1:36pm

    That was for beltingsop, but this ^^ was not far behind! I think I've only been to one audition that felt like the Hunger Games and it was a cruise audition...

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  1:37pm

    Telsey Monitor be like

    angelique 07/27/2015  1:39pm

    Funny thing is, there won't be a monitor today, says producer will run it...oh lawdie!

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  1:43pm

    How is BeltingSoprano winning? Is it by calling people she knows nothing about wierdos and stalkers or is it by calling those same people crazies and desperate lunatics? Then she goes on to tell people to be nice to each other???? Maybe she should practice what she preaches and maybe you should stop applauding her rude comments.

    mamamia 07/27/2015  1:59pm

    Cards have been given out with times to come back. Break a leg ladies!

    Everyone deserves a chance to fly ;)

    pauliewalnuts 07/27/2015  2:00pm

    She's winning because she's being truthful. Sometimes it takes a little more force and a little less tact to make a point, and this was one of those times. Was she on the blunt side? Yes. Rude? Hardy. The blunt truth is what was needed today. She said what every veteran auditioner is thinking, and many of us have said the exact same thing already anyway.

    showbizdreamer 07/27/2015  2:12pm

    If anyone with an earlier time is willing to trade with me I have a 4:25 time slot and I will literally pay you! let me know it would really help me out!! text me 7169838439 :)

    mmk 07/27/2015  2:20pm

    Who is in the room(s)?

    nycauditions 07/27/2015  2:35pm


    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  2:42pm

    An intelligent person can state their opinion without name calling or "force". If you truly wanted to share the wisdom of your "veteran" professionalism you would have done so as a true mentor would..with tactfulness and kindness. Also just because a lot of people believe something to be truth (blunt of otherwise) it doesn't make it so. Be careful of the bandwagons you jump on.

    mamamia 07/27/2015  2:49pm

    Are they giving out time slots until 4pm? Or did they close the call?

    carpediem 07/27/2015  3:01pm

    In the room(s)?

    scg302 07/27/2015  3:02pm

    I have a 4:10 slot and they had a whole bunch of cards after mine, so it would appear they are seeing people well into that hour and later.

    I'm wondering about the "5'4-5'9" comment...are there usually height restrictions on Elphaba? I know Glinda needs to be short, but I've never heard any particular restrictions for Elphaba. Anyone know anything about this? (As a 5'1 woman who recently got cut from final callbacks for a national tour because I wasn't 5'4, this is an issue close to my heart...and by heart I mean ego...)

    Also, can I just say something? I'm a veteran auditioner and a native NYer, and I think it's awesome that Telsey + Co. are doing this. I think they're handling it professionally and fairly, in a way that gives everyone an equal opportunity to have a successful audition. Let's reserve our criticisms and just be grateful that we live in this fabulous city (or close to it) and we get to have audition appointments for an amazing role in an amazing Broadway show.

    Fhqwhgads 07/27/2015  3:12pm

    Bump on who is in the room(s) please!

    Daisym 07/27/2015  3:49pm

    There are 4 different rooms..The fabulous Ceaser was in one of them. Idk who were in the others.

    starlite 07/27/2015  4:11pm

    The rest of us as we watched this unfold:

    AuditionUpdate 07/27/2015  5:03pm

    Craig Burns was also in a room

    unapologeticallyhonest 07/27/2015  5:21pm


    Let me tell you. Everything I said was point blank truth. I wasn't "name calling" per say I was only saying the truth that any casting director also thinks because trust me I pick a lot of brains in this industry to find out how casting directors think and they all seem to say "people who show up at 5am and don't follow the directions given in the notice are just showing how crazy they really are". Telsey was doing this really nice thing and people were abusing their explicit directions. Im sorry if you or your choices got offended, but what do you gain by sitting there saying Im unintelligent and rude? Nothing. because it is certainly not true and you seem to be the only person who openly disagrees with me and my approach and it's clear you missed my entire point about respecting the audition and directions that were given and enforced. My whole point was to call people out who weren't going about this correctly and letting them know that if they just chill out a little everything will be fine because telsey knows what they're doing. I tell it like it is, but that doesn't mean I'm a rude, stupid person and there are NO band wagons people need to actually work together to make these experiences better for all of us and the casting companies so that they will hold more open calls. Maybe you're the one who needs to watch the name calling and direct insults because it's seriously uncool and again - very clear that you missed the entire point of everything I said.

    On a better note I hope everyone went in the room and did exactly what they wanted today!!! I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future provided Telsey casting isnt shell shocked from hearing "the wizard and I" all day :) xoxo

    Ps who ever wrote that hunger games scenario - YESS!!!!!

    Beltingsopranogirl19 07/27/2015  5:43pm

    Just got a callback via email for Wednesday AM

    KCtoNY 07/27/2015  5:56pm

    what??? KCtoNY already? Congrats! Who did you audition for? What time did you audition?

    MissManhattan 07/27/2015  6:34pm

    Auditioned for Cesar at 2:55 today!

    KCtoNY 07/28/2015  2:11am

    Shoot, this thread is more entertaining than a Broadway show. Ya'll need to chill.

    fortunenglory 07/30/2015  12:55am

    KC have you heard anything more since your callback? Congrats to you!

    Imastar4 07/30/2015  5:56pm
  • Bump! Any info about what's happening on the equity side?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/30/2015  9:54am

    I'll update myself for anyone who wants to know-super dead. Whole non-eq list was called at 9:45 basically. Open the whole day.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/30/2015  10:37am

    Thanks for the update. Did they have sides for you there?

    LetUsSee 07/30/2015  10:57am

    Could anyone please update if they will not see any non-eq later in the day? Sometimes they change their minds.

    rinkmuttartist 07/30/2015  11:10am

    Sides provided. Still seeing non eq. Walked in as EMC, was seen in the next group. Of note, the role of Tanya was changed to non Caucasian as of this morning.

    missstarlight 07/30/2015  12:13pm

    I'll update myself for anyone who wants to know-super dead. Whole non-eq list was called at 9:45 basically. Open the whole day.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/30/2015  12:56pm

    still dead? how does it seem for non-eq?

    Actor101 07/30/2015  3:19pm

    I would give it a go. I was there this morning at about 11, and it was doornail-dead. I really can't imagine you'd have trouble being seen, regardless of your union status.

    thatgirl 07/30/2015  3:22pm
  • Trinity Rep EPA @ other 07/20/2015  2:24pm

    Anyone have an idea of when callbacks will be given out/ when they will be? I know their shows are mostly cast and there was rumor they wouldn't be holding callbacks at all. But i figured for Oklahoma there would be a dance call at least. JW


    Post this on the Callback Corner page, not here. You'll probably get a better response.

    Harlequin 07/21/2015  1:51am

    Callbacks for "Oklahoma" are Sept/Oct

    Fosse101 07/23/2015  4:59pm

    @Fosse101, Did you get a callback or did you get this info from the monitor/casting director? :)

    Dietcokeinabox 07/25/2015  12:13pm


    Dietcokeinabox 07/30/2015  1:59pm