What did you do for your career today?

  • Joseph-National Tour @ 03/29/2015  6:42pm

    What time can we start signing up for the alternate list?


    Bump. As an alternate how early do they usually start squeezing them in?
    Want to jump around auditions tomorrow without missing the slot.

    outofwittyscreenames 03/29/2015  8:58pm

    Can we sign up before the call starts or does the alternate list not get started until the company gets there?

    singinggirl101 03/29/2015  9:11pm

    Was at the 42nd street call from the same casting company last week and there was an alternative list started when I got there at 9. The call was pretty dead and the monitor would fit people in as much as possible. I had a appointment and was done by 10:30 and she was calling alternates then.

    tosstoss27 03/29/2015  9:24pm

    I received an email confirming an open call slot on Tuesday the 31st- does this mean they are seeing singers at the same time as the dancers on Tuesday or I somehow signed up for the wrong thing?

    SummerLovin 03/29/2015  10:05pm

    @summerlovin I had the same thing... and I'm also a bit confused about that because the sign up said singers, but the breakdown now says dancers on tuesday...? I'm going to head over tomorrow and ask just in case, and sign up as an alternate if need be I think. I

    scouting 03/29/2015  10:23pm

    Bc of demand JDC added an extra singer call for Tuesday. She said if you're a female be prepared to stay for a dance CB if need be. They are doing a open singer call AND dancer call on Tuesday.

    ESC4423 03/29/2015  10:33pm

    Will there be any callbacks to dance for singers tomorrow, like later in the day? Just want to know whether it's necessary to bring dance stuff with me, or if dance callbacks will just be on Tuesday/another day. Thanks!

    Bohemian_Er 03/30/2015  1:06am

    Status on alternate list? Anything yet?

    singinggirl101 03/30/2015  5:54am

    bump on alternates

    writteninthestars 03/30/2015  8:08am

    Around 130

    Gettingittogether 03/30/2015  8:18am

    Is the open call on Tuesday, 3/31 at Ripley-Grier, Pearl, or other? Can't find a listing for it. Thanks :-)

    Elphabro 03/30/2015  8:29am

    I woke up sick as a dog so if someone wants my 400-500 appt time slot, email me at spunkygal007@msn.com.

    Norwegian 03/30/2015  8:51am

    Pearl! At least, that's what I wrote on my calendar after signing up for an appt! I'm not sure where the listing went to...

    performativity 03/30/2015  8:53am

    Hey @performativity, where/how did you schedule an appointment? Just want to make sure I don't show up and get turned away because I didn't sign up. Thanks again :-)

    Elphabro 03/30/2015  9:36am

    There was a link to an online sign up via Joy Dewing's website, as well as the playbill and backstage postings

    theatergal 03/30/2015  10:02am

    My spot is taken, thanks guys!

    Norwegian 03/30/2015  10:29am

    Please post if/when what number alternates are called!!

    beeboop 03/30/2015  10:31am

    Bump any alternates called?

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  10:59am

    Yes! I would say at least 12 alternates have been called.

    sweeneymaude 03/30/2015  11:09am

    Can someone update if/when they cut from 16 to 8 bars? Thank you!

    scouting 03/30/2015  12:13pm

    20 alternates called

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  12:14pm

    If we can't make it today, I heard there is a vocal call tomorrow? is that open too?

    Awatkins8 03/30/2015  12:30pm

    Where are they on the alternate list?

    classical/musicaltheatre 03/30/2015  1:17pm

    Where are they on the alternate list?

    classical/musicaltheatre 03/30/2015  1:17pm

    They have called through 35 alternates BUT from 5-6pm, they have the whole hour blocked off to only alternates! Monitor predicted she'd get through another 35 before then, and then probably 60 or so during that hour. :)

    mousedance 03/30/2015  1:28pm

    Who was ITR today? Thanks!

    dlu 03/30/2015  2:25pm

    Called thru alternates 46

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  2:53pm

    Please post when they call more alternates for those at other auditions!

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  3:55pm

    They've called through 54. Monitor said she's hoping to fit 10 more alternates in with the 4:00 appts before starting the alternate groups at 5.

    mousedance 03/30/2015  4:27pm

    Monitor just called through 80 on the alternate list. I don't think there are any more appts happening this afternoon, so all alternates from here on out! :)

    mousedance 03/30/2015  4:56pm

    Starting to fly thru alternates. A lot of people left

    outofwittyscreenames 03/30/2015  5:11pm

    Callbacks ITR? I've got a vocal appointment tomorrow and am curious if I should treck all my dance stuff with me or not.

    e_doolittle 03/30/2015  6:52pm

    yes, dance callbacks were given out at the end of each "group"

    Whereismydoctorwho 03/30/2015  7:22pm

    What time are people getting there tomorrow for the open dance call?

    beaniebabies456 03/30/2015  9:52pm

    Can someone please tell me who was in the room? thanks!

    Mariavonsnatch 03/31/2015  9:34pm

    Nikki Grillos was ITR for the singers' call today... Annnd I didn't write down the accompanist. Ma bad...

    Rain On my Parade 03/31/2015  11:37pm
  • Celebrity Cruise Line/Singers @ Ripley Grier 520 03/31/2015  10:45pm

    I'm just wondering, what time do you think people will be signing up for the singers call? It's starts at 1:30.

    Trying to plan my morning to the best of my ability.




    singer13actress 03/31/2015  11:21pm
  • brdwaybaby12

    sorry, wrong place

    brdwaybaby12 03/31/2015  11:18pm
  • bullets over broadway @ Pearl Studios 03/30/2015  3:48pm

    Does anyone know if they will stick strickly to the sign up time or if they will accept unnoffical lists? I would rather not get up at the buttcrack of dawn just to sign up.



    GingerFoutley 03/31/2015  6:00am

    Anyone thers?

    LadyLuck 03/31/2015  7:17am

    List update

    whysocold 03/31/2015  7:24am

    There's a list up. Not sure how many are signed up at the moment. It was around 25 about 30 min ago. Also don't know if they're going to honor it. We'll see!

    actress9315 03/31/2015  7:34am

    There's a list in pearl 500 AND in holding at 519. Not sure which is official so I signed up for both 😉

    Ganglemonster 03/31/2015  7:58am

    Sign up at 519 the list at 500 is gone.

    Dgactor86 03/31/2015  8:06am

    BUMP - list #?

    doublepullback 03/31/2015  8:17am

    They're gonna start calling names in a bit to transfer from the unofficial. If you're not here when they call your name, you bump down to the bottom.

    doublepullback 03/31/2015  9:19am

    sanity check - today this is for women (morning) and men (afternoon) dancers - right?

    Singers - both genders - tomorrow (Wednesday) - yes?

    nevertoolate 03/31/2015  10:25am

    "If you're not here when they call your name, you bump down to the bottom."

    That's a great way of dealing with those who were not actually there early but were signed up by someone else. I think it would be even more fair if they were simply dropped from the list. That way those who show up let's say at 10am or 11am would not find those fakers still ahead of them.

    nevertoolate 03/31/2015  10:31am

    what number are they on over there?

    foxwoodprincess 03/31/2015  10:46am

    They just called in numbers 81-120, but to be clear it is NOT necessarily the same numbers as the unofficial list this morning-- they called names and if you were here you got a number. Groups of 40 for a Jazz combo first round.

    actrls7887 03/31/2015  11:25am

    How crazy is the dance combo?

    WellFedArtist 03/31/2015  11:38am

    Clarifying for info for tomorrow's call. Did they accept the unofficial list today? I understand they only lined up people who were there, which I plan on being there by 9:00 but signing up early if they'll accept the unofficial. Any info would be helpful!

    sanginsinger 03/31/2015  1:32pm


    Whereismydoctorwho 03/31/2015  6:51pm

    Today at 9am, the monitor read off the unofficial list and those present lined up to sign the official list. So people who had signed up but we're not around anymore got bumped off. I'd say sign in as early as you want to but make sure to be there when the monitor arrives to keep that spot!

    cydcharisse 03/31/2015  7:52pm

    To add to the questions (sorry), singers call is at 519 Pearl, like today, correct?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/31/2015  7:58pm

    The ad does say Pearl 519

    BestofLuck 03/31/2015  11:12pm
  • Bump

    Justwonderingthaaaankkssguys 03/31/2015  6:30am


    Spaz 03/31/2015  7:02am

    Has anyone posted a list yet? Also what is BUMP. Sorry I'm a newb.

    Jmr25 03/31/2015  7:11am

    People post Bump to get their thread to the top of the page :)

    Spaz 03/31/2015  7:13am

    Anything yet?

    Spaz 03/31/2015  7:36am

    I signed the list around 6:35 and there were 3 names on it. Now I'm not sure. But there IS a list!

    dancechic 03/31/2015  7:39am

    23 at 6:45

    icdeponte 03/31/2015  7:40am

    oops - that was for the singer call

    icdeponte 03/31/2015  7:40am


    Spaz 03/31/2015  7:43am

    32 at 7:30

    Spaz 03/31/2015  7:49am

    Thanks @spaz! Any update at 8:15am?

    Jmr25 03/31/2015  8:27am

    singers at 87
    dancers at 76

    Crash 03/31/2015  8:45am

    The singer list is for alternates correct?

    girlbettawerk 03/31/2015  8:56am

    Non eq list number?

    Th16 03/31/2015  9:37am

    If your name was on the unofficial singers alternate list and you aren't here, you have lost your spot on the official alternate list

    RobOnAKabob 03/31/2015  9:56am

    :( Wah, between typing at Ragtime and this, we couldn't possibly be in two spots at once!

    Thanks for the update

    writteninthestars 03/31/2015  10:09am

    Sign up still open for dance call?

    Th16 03/31/2015  10:19am

    Wait, can we still come and get onto the official alternate list?
    What # is it up to?

    writteninthestars 03/31/2015  10:36am

    First 30 singer alternates have been called

    Crash 03/31/2015  11:16am

    Sorry to post here but didn't know where else to ask this.... are there also singing auditions today for ppl who signed up online????? I got a confirm email for today 2-3pm, but it looks like today is only dancing? very confused!! Help?!

    luv2act 03/31/2015  11:45am

    @luv2act, YES! GO! :-)

    performativity 03/31/2015  11:50am

    Singer call is happening too

    Crash 03/31/2015  11:50am

    Whew...THANK YOU! :)

    luv2act 03/31/2015  11:53am

    Anyone know how many alternates they're through for the singer call?

    Crash 03/31/2015  12:12pm

    You're fine to still sign up. They on #67.

    musicbythemoonlight 03/31/2015  12:20pm

    For dance callbacks, I know they said be back by 2pm. Are they taking a lunch from 1-2? Or can someone keep times posted if they're going to start early for whatever reason? Thanks all!

    dancechic 03/31/2015  12:22pm

    Called through 86

    Crash 03/31/2015  12:59pm

    Singers' alt list status?

    Rain On my Parade 03/31/2015  1:02pm

    Hey ladies. For those of you who have already gone in - how crazy difficult is this dance call? Mover friendly?

    TuLitaPepsi 03/31/2015  1:09pm

    Curious to hear what the dance combo is like

    lampshade 03/31/2015  1:27pm

    Monitor wanted to post that the singer call will resume at 1:30. They took just a half hour for lunch.

    Crash 03/31/2015  1:37pm

    Hi! has anything been mentioned about preference whether we sing from the show for today or not? Thank you

    sing_happy 03/31/2015  1:41pm

    Anyone know if they're willing to see girls at the male dance call tomorrow?

    cydcharisse 03/31/2015  2:34pm

    No preference- best 16. They've been emphasizing range and personality. This is info for the SINGERS CALL.

    Also they are through like 120 on alt list. If you're number was skipped you have to sign back up..

    Rain On my Parade 03/31/2015  2:49pm

    Callbacks ITR only???

    OlliesDolly 03/31/2015  4:31pm

    ^^ yo-
    They were calling names out of the individual groups for what seemed like a dance callback for today, so I'd say yes.

    Rain On my Parade 03/31/2015  10:54pm
  • mailboxnotfull

    This should be in callback corner.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/31/2015  9:35am

    Yes it should...

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious...

    It's not like I can change it now...so DEAL!

    mailboxnotfull 03/31/2015  9:51am

    1.) rude
    2.) all offers are out.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 03/31/2015  9:56am



    You're in theater, so get used to it.

    Thank you.

    mailboxnotfull 03/31/2015  10:00am

    Got offer a few mounths ago but no contract yet.

    Esther3811126 03/31/2015  10:43am

    It's amazing how nasty people can be when they are sitting behind a computer screen.

    Karma comes a rolling along....

    SongandDance 03/31/2015  11:19am

    lol calm your shit and post in the callback corner next time

    boombox899 03/31/2015  10:32pm
  • Question about highlighting - @ 03/31/2015  6:31pm

    Hey guys! How appropriate (or inappropriate) is it to highlight something on your resume when going to an audition? For instance, I graduated with a dance degree and am planning on going to a vocal audition for a show that is dance heavy and really want to emphasize the fact I dance by highlighting my degree. Is that annoying/weird/unnecessary? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated, thanks!


    Hey boo-
    I think that is a little overkill for a call that you are actually being seen for...

    But on another note (pun intended!)if you are a true dancer, I'd go to the dance call first (if that's a possibility)

    Rain On my Parade 03/31/2015  10:28pm
  • Up to 25 with some spots vacant in between

    BigBoardBigLuck 03/31/2015  7:19am

    Security today wouldn't let anyone up until 7:00 so check upstairs for the list after about 8:00

    Teebs 03/31/2015  7:34am

    The list is upstairs. They let me in to sign up

    BigBoardBigLuck 03/31/2015  7:44am

    I hate when that happens! That's why we had to start keeping the list outside of the building a few months back. Hopefully they start letting people up!

    Tiffany91 03/31/2015  7:45am

    What's the list at?

    [insert name here] 03/31/2015  9:04am

    Room 17a on the table.

    This one starts at 11, right?

    BangBang 03/31/2015  9:20am

    Yes, this starts at 11. Do you think they'll have us sing both songs?

    moonstone1520 03/31/2015  10:12am

    Can someone say how many people are on the list?

    [insert name here] 03/31/2015  10:48am

    Please update numbers and possibility of getting seen later on in the day!

    Readytogogirl 03/31/2015  11:17am

    Bump on how many on list, please?

    MaxiFord 03/31/2015  11:34am

    List in 50s or 60s!

    sing_happy 03/31/2015  11:37am

    Have they started calling??

    saymeow 03/31/2015  11:50am

    Yes, called up to 21

    moonstone1520 03/31/2015  12:01pm

    Anyone know if they are seeing people til 6 or just stopping after they see the 60-ish people who have signed up?

    ChickenLittle 03/31/2015  12:34pm

    Going till 6pm...

    Rain On my Parade 03/31/2015  1:01pm

    Are people basically walking straight in at this point?
    Or did the list grow?
    Thanks. Stuck at work.

    MaxiFord 03/31/2015  3:05pm

    They're in like late sixties

    sing_happy 03/31/2015  3:46pm

    Has anyone received an email for a callback yet?

    Adele-dazeem 03/31/2015  9:05pm

    My understanding was that they wouldn't be giving out callbacks for a while.

    moonstone1520 03/31/2015  10:21pm

    Did they actually mention anything about callbacks? I mean it's a new musical....so...?

    Teebs 03/31/2015  10:25pm

    Did they actually mention anything about callbacks? I mean it's a new musical....so...?

    Teebs 03/31/2015  10:26pm
  • Bullets Over Broadway @ Pearl Studios 03/31/2015  8:55pm

    Anyone think they are typing tomorrow. Thinking of stopping by before work tomorrow morning.

    early riser11