The Next Actor Networking Event is THIS MONDAY!


  • BassITone412

    I think it's only appointments today.

    Sprint369 02/13/2016  1:26pm

    They are accepting walk ins.

    Sprint369 02/13/2016  2:37pm
  • Sacramento OFFICIAL NOTICE for OPEN Call on Saturday @ Pearl Studios 02/12/2016  2:15pm

    Monitor will arrive between 8:30-9AM

    NO UNofficial List will be honored
    Pearl Studios opens early
    You will sign up on the Monitor's Official Sign Up List.....1 NAME @ a time

    At that time you will be given an audition card from the Monitor.
    Once you have your card you may hangout or go have breakfast.

    The Monitor will begin calling the 1st group(probably 20 @ a time) @ 9:45....once that group starts to go in...he will line up the next group....and so forth.

    You must be present when the Monitor calls your name/number....if you miss your group (resumes are in the room) you must re-sign.

    Sacramento wishes to hear a strict 16 bars that shows may sing from the season's shows as well.

    Lunch is 1:30-2:30
    Pearl Studios 500/4th floor

    Sacramento wants you to be safe and warm and ready to ROCK your audition! Good Luck on Saturday!


    Lovely People I called Pearl 500
    They said that the Pearl opens between 8 and 8:30, and they physical building will not open until 7. Stay warm loves

    charactergirl151 02/12/2016  2:40pm

    Please keep in mind also that it's only supposed to go up to 20° tomorrow and will definitely be in single digits tomorrow morning when Pearl opens. Please keep those temps in mind when lining up. Stay warm and healthy!

    moonstone1520 02/12/2016  2:45pm

    Will we be picking appointment times or will it just be grouped by sign up number? I will be coming from an overnight shift and I'm wondering if I'll be able to pick a late afternoon spot and go home and sleep in between or if I should plan on a lot of coffee. Thanks! =)

    crashtheparty 02/12/2016  3:05pm

    hey Crash......hopefully groups of 20.....DD is across the street.16 bars in order of sign up.

    ShowBuzz 02/12/2016  3:12pm

    So who's lining up at 5am with me?

    BassITone412 02/12/2016  3:13pm

    I have to work at 8am and was planning on coming early beforehand to sign up on the list so I could be seen in the afternoon when I get off...

    Is there any way for me to make this work somehow with the procedures?

    theatrelover 02/12/2016  3:16pm

    At this rate, they are going to see HUNDREDS of people. Hundreds. Please, for your own health and sanity, please consider showing up just before the call time. You're going to get seen. They had a MASSIVE turnout today, and NONE of those folks will be there tomorrow. It's a Saturday. I think we can all muster the intestinal fortitude to roll in, get a number, grab some tea, a nice danish, and saunter back in and kill it.

    Think it over. Do. Not. Freeze.

    CompensatedPaperweight 02/12/2016  3:17pm

    Thank you for the info!!

    crashtheparty 02/12/2016  3:42pm

    Thank you so much for this! Thank you for taking what has happened at past open calls into account and trying to fix the issues that exist.

    For everyone's safety can we all do the smart thing and arrive at the EARLIEST at 7 AM when the building opens? It will be in the single digits. It is completely dangerous and for a bunch of people who rely on their voices and health for their jobs, a recipe to get sick. Use your brains, getting there and waiting outside in 0 degrees does not prove you 'want it', it proves you are reckless and cannot listen, follow nor respect the company's guidelines that they have graciously put together. #mercurialout

    mercurialasaka 02/12/2016  3:54pm

    So let's break this down: we can enter the building, Dunkin in hand, at 7:00, where we can hang out by the elevators in an annoyingly long line until we can go upstairs and sign in with the monitor? That sounds like THE BEST THING EVER. Glory be!!!

    sarahsoda4 02/12/2016  4:09pm

    Glad to help..... they want you to shine....unfortunately some of that shine might be icicles...LOL
    Rock it tomorrow!

    ShowBuzz 02/12/2016  4:09pm

    I'm concerned because I've never been let inside of Pearl 500 before 7:30

    asprgs456 02/12/2016  4:56pm

    *let stay inside. Sign the list and leave, yes -- but security doesn't let you stay inside the building until actual Pearl is open. Right??

    asprgs456 02/12/2016  4:57pm

    So we are lining up and physically signing up when the monitor arrived EPA style?

    EilisFiorello 02/12/2016  5:13pm

    Just bumping to cut down on the unofficial list shenanigans tomorrow! Read up and stay warm folks!

    ihopeigetit 02/12/2016  5:43pm

    If equity members can do it, we can do it. Please follow the rules tomorrow guys.

    Icanseeyou 02/12/2016  5:58pm

    It's going to be SINGLE DIGITS tomorrow morning! Seriously everyone, for our health and safety, let's wait until we can be indoors to line up.

    Thanks SMC for posting this!! Every little bit helps!

    Virgo825 02/12/2016  6:07pm

    Does anyone else think that this is not really Sacramento posting this? I feel like someone is just posting this but it isn't the theater...

    flyingtenor 02/12/2016  6:26pm

    I just know there's going to be hundreds of people waiting out in the cold.

    anabthequeen 02/12/2016  6:26pm

    I also feel like the person that made this post will be the bitch that will make the unofficial list and be first in line...

    flyingtenor 02/12/2016  6:29pm

    I"ll bet $1000 there's a list there tomorrow. and if there is a list. People will sign it and go somewhere to stay warm instead of freezing the fuck off. and what are they gonna do? Hold 500 people in the lobby until the monitor gets there. it's going to be fuckin' chaos...

    flyingtenor 02/12/2016  6:37pm

    Is there going to be a dance call tomorrow? Or a dance call back tomorrow?

    hockeyrckstr 02/12/2016  6:41pm


    If it isn't the theater, that is THE MOST fucked up.

    Icanseeyou 02/12/2016  6:46pm

    Can anyone confirm that this Information Is really from SMC?

    Crushed_it 02/12/2016  6:47pm

    This is from Sacramento. I know many people on this casting team and they don't want to deal with the crazies who line up at the ass crack of dawn anymore than we do. The moniter will be there at 9, unofficial will NOT be honored. Plan accordingly and sleep in for God's sake.

    onthe1ine 02/12/2016  6:49pm

    for exactly that reason, because i know people are fucked up and this thread doesn't seem official at all. too many holes and not enough details...

    flyingtenor 02/12/2016  6:49pm

    yeah, well now i dont know what or who to believe

    diegorcano 02/12/2016  6:51pm

    Just believe this post. It's clearly from someone who knows what's going on and by disregarding this post all you'll prove is that you can't follow direction, and that Sacramento should go back to their usual route of only seeing equity performers. So let's be adults about this and follow the rules.

    onthe1ine 02/12/2016  6:59pm

    So, clearly we don't know who belongs to which handle on this site, but after running a quick search on "ShowBuzz", I've only come up with legitimate, official sounding announcements that seem trustworthy and are meant to benefit the greater good. I do believe that we should each make our own decision, but in the end, why choose the harder path?

    Let's stay warm and catch as many zzs as we can!

    xs and os

    sarahsoda4 02/12/2016  7:11pm

    I agree with the above post. This also gives anyone license to take down any unofficial list they see.

    I think it's important to call people's bluffs on this one, if someone starts an unofficial list, take it down and throw it away. It's going to get tossed anyway.

    Icanseeyou 02/12/2016  7:12pm

    Yes! Let's please all agree to take down any unofficial lists!

    anabthequeen 02/12/2016  7:15pm

    Geeeeeezzzzz! Thanks to those who believe this post. My name is Douglas and I have been their Appointment Monitor for more 10 years. I spoke to Scott Klier and Glenn Cassale yesterday (on their break and on my own time) to make sure the most consistent and safe sign in would happen on Saturday. Especially in consideration of what has happened this week at other calls and w/the dangerous cold due this weekend.
    We will NOT be honoring any unofficial list and the only list we will honor is the one that I will have on my desk.I've been a Monitor for 20 years and I am an actor I understand your worries and concerns. So please do what you can to stay warm till I get there and watch out for one another and be ready for a long but productive day! Cya in the A.M.

    ShowBuzz 02/12/2016  7:17pm

    ^ I'm in love

    Balloonsandcake 02/12/2016  7:22pm

    @ShowBuzz. Will you conduct this ala EPA style where appointment times are given out? Or will the auditions occur in the order of sign up?

    Shibbie52 02/12/2016  7:35pm

    Thank you so much Douglas! You have been so incredibly helpful. I look forward to getting some sleep tonight and meeting you in the A.M.

    Guys I'm pretty sure this is a completely truthful post. Get some good rest tonight, I'm sure if any of your schedules were like mine we have all had a busy week already and need the rest. Also as everyone said it's going to be freezing. Let's all get rest and rock these auditions!

    JoycelynB 02/12/2016  7:35pm

    @Shibble....1st come/1st served.

    ShowBuzz 02/12/2016  7:44pm

    I apologize. People here have made me cynical. Now even a cynic like me believes the post. Sorry Douglas. THis seasons just been crazy...

    flyingtenor 02/12/2016  7:46pm

    I spoke to the Mgr of Pearl tonight.....I hope to be there when he opens the studio in the morning. They will open 7:30-7:45...Once they open go to the room and line up in order.We'll start the sign up once I arrive and get settled.
    "No fits/No fights and No egos...Amigos!"

    ShowBuzz 02/12/2016  7:49pm

    The only thing I wanna say is: I didn't wake up at the crack of dawn and hang out in the freezing weather because I wanted "to prove myself". Some of us have jobs that start at 11am, so some of us do it just to guarantee a chance to be seen before we have to go work for 8hours. So please don't assume, or throw shade, when you don't know the situation. If you think the people in the same situation as me wouldn't have rather slept in later and gotten seen at a point where we've had a chance to collect ourselves, or warmed up our voices, and not spent the rest of the last 4 days feeling like zombies, then I'm sorry, but you're the one who's crazy. That's all.

    teadoroanton 02/12/2016  8:08pm

    @teadoroanton YES. Like... Somebody has to be first. I was #40 today and I arrived at 5:20. I don't think the idea that I was willing to wait in line for less than an hour to put myself on the list so I could do other things in the afternoon is all that crazy. I mean, no, I don't think it is cool for someone to start an unofficial list at 3:30 and go home and sleep, but today was totally fair. If anyone seriously thought all 500 people would just show up at exactly 6am and THAT would somehow be less frustrating... LOL. We would have broken the damn elevator. It's good to at least be slightly staggered. I think tomorrow will be great.

    Sarah_tmg 02/12/2016  9:28pm

    IS this only a singers call??

    Msnewdancer92 02/12/2016  9:37pm

    Thank you Showbuz

    Crushed_it 02/12/2016  10:09pm

    WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO STAND OUT THERE AT 5AM??? The whole point of Sacramento's very nice informative post was so that people DONT SHOW UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN. Sleep in people!

    LITTLESINGERGIRL 02/12/2016  10:15pm

    Thank you, Sacramento! This is very, very much appreciated :)

    divinemissm 02/12/2016  11:30pm

    Any line yet?

    ElemenoPea 02/13/2016  6:49am

    Singers First 2/13 ??

    PassionLoveMusic 02/13/2016  6:52am

    Okay so....please tell me I have time to take a shower right now and that there isn't a line camped out yet....? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    LadyGagaTheSecond 02/13/2016  7:05am

    There's a line, but it's not bad. I would say maybe 50 people.

    anabthequeen 02/13/2016  7:10am

    50? Not horrible, guys. Way to go. There's hope.

    Virgo825 02/13/2016  7:11am

    I'm also here. But to be honest....this line probably won't be maintained once we all get up to pearl. Aren't people just going to be able to sign up in whatever order? No unofficial list is being honored so it's kind of everyone for themselves once we get into pearl...just saying

    hockeyrckstr 02/13/2016  7:18am

    Just stay in line. We've been doing it since elementary school. It's attitudes like that ^^^^^ that have been making us all crazy all week.

    missstarlight 02/13/2016  7:27am

    Update on how many people are in line?

    Tyses 02/13/2016  7:30am

    ^^^ right, Just stay in line..... Pretty easy concept.

    TheatreJock 02/13/2016  7:32am



    Icanseeyou 02/13/2016  7:33am

    Update on how many people are in line?

    Tyses 02/13/2016  7:33am

    Sorry that posted twice. XD

    Tyses 02/13/2016  7:34am


    Mag 02/13/2016  7:35am

    Looking at 120ish people. And it's very calm, I'm proud of us!

    Icanseeyou 02/13/2016  7:49am

    Nope, sorry we're firmly into the 200s

    Icanseeyou 02/13/2016  7:53am

    Maybe even 300... It's a lot of people

    saymeow 02/13/2016  7:55am

    That might have been an exaggeration. It's hard to tell. Maybe more like 250

    saymeow 02/13/2016  8:00am

    Cards given out yet?

    HEBie 02/13/2016  8:14am

    It's 7:51 and the monitor has informed us that they're going to try and see at least 300 people. Lunch is 1:30-2:30. He's running it like an ECC. miss your number, go to back of the line.
    List is beginning over in the first room any minute.

    texicalyorker 02/13/2016  8:20am

    Let's follow this "Douglas Method" at all other non-eq calls PLEASE.
    Dear all performing arts schools, Please teach the Douglas Method to your students.

    yogajunkie 02/13/2016  8:22am

    2 holding rooms full. Line is wrapping around the hallway.

    emz123 02/13/2016  8:23am

    Yas Douglas!

    readytobeloved 02/13/2016  8:23am



    Icanseeyou 02/13/2016  8:39am

    Can anyone ask how late they are keeping the list open? How many people are signed up and how many people are they trying to see today?


    CallMeMama 02/13/2016  8:47am

    They're giving out 300 audition cards, would think there are well over 300 people lined up.

    peachplumpear 02/13/2016  8:54am


    Snowhite2 02/13/2016  8:55am

    Yes, please post if they've already got their quota of people in slots for the day!

    Lass31 02/13/2016  8:57am

    They've hit 300 but Doug is still allowing people to sign up. He does warn that they may not get seen.

    Icanseeyou 02/13/2016  9:25am

    Douglas is the true hero of audition season.

    WheninDoubtMixitOut 02/13/2016  9:41am

    Can someone post when the first group actually starts?

    readytobeloved 02/13/2016  10:05am

    380s by 9:30. They said "after 300 you'll need more than luck to be seen" with that said, this is showbiz people! Anything can happen, right!?

    tweetler774 02/13/2016  10:11am

    Lining the first group up now

    anabthequeen 02/13/2016  10:19am

    Any updates on what numbers are in line to sing now?

    actress9315 02/13/2016  10:19am

    Just signed up at 391 @ 9:45. Douglas is cutting the list off at 10:00am. They just started calling the first group. Strict 16 bars. Hopefully at that all will be seen.

    cakeordeath 02/13/2016  10:20am

    Anyone know if they have a submissions email?

    Granger86 02/13/2016  10:21am

    I heard Douglas say that they're taking headshot drop offs for those up there in numbers

    singadingding 02/13/2016  10:24am

    What numbers were called?

    megastufforeos 02/13/2016  10:26am

    Last Douglas told me at 9:45 was that they are NOT accepting drop offs but they welcome submissions directly to the house via email. I don't have the submissions email...

    cakeordeath 02/13/2016  10:41am

    Called through 40

    taybay 02/13/2016  10:42am

    They're on 9 now in the room

    coexist2014 02/13/2016  10:44am

    Hey can everybody also say the time of your post when you post what number they're on? The auditionupdate time stamp seems to be off considerably. Thanks! Break a leg! :)

    Lcd903 02/13/2016  10:58am

    Could someone ask him for the email for submissions?! I would love you forever. I'm a bus and not physically there and can't find anything on the website! Thanks!!!

    Granger86 02/13/2016  11:03am

    Would someone mind asking and posting the casting email? I cannot find it online and I'm not in town to ask! Would totally appreciate it!!

    Granger86 02/13/2016  11:07am

    Bumping to see if anyone has the submissions email.

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 02/13/2016  11:11am

    Bumping to see if anyone has the submissions email.

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 02/13/2016  11:12am

    Update on number they've called thru?:)

    ElemenoPea 02/13/2016  11:14am

    Calling through 60 now

    taybay 02/13/2016  11:16am

    For reference it is 10:53. I'm impressed with how this is moving!

    texicalyorker 02/13/2016  11:21am

    Through 60 lined up, outside the room at 10:55am

    abearinthecity 02/13/2016  11:24am

    Can someone please ask Douglas what the email address is to submit directly as he mentioned? Am not able to make it today and would love to submit. Thanks!

    Daisym 02/13/2016  11:34am

    Number update?

    ElemenoPea 02/13/2016  11:48am

    Called through #80. About to line up 61-80.

    DannyAlmonteis27 02/13/2016  11:54am

    Through 80 lined up outside at 11:27

    abearinthecity 02/13/2016  11:55am

    Have they called up to 100 yet?

    ElemenoPea 02/13/2016  12:20pm

    Just lined up through 100 at 12 pm

    readytobeloved 02/13/2016  12:28pm

    Bump for the email? Or Douglas could you post?

    Granger86 02/13/2016  12:32pm

    Awesome, thanks! If someone could let us know if Douglas mentions what number they'll be stopping at before lunch, that'd be SO awesome.

    ElemenoPea 02/13/2016  12:38pm

    yea bump that! slash, when Douglas says he's going to call the first group after lunch (at 2?)

    writteninthestars 02/13/2016  12:43pm

    What # are we at?

    Monica24601 02/13/2016  12:50pm

    Just took #101-120 into the hall

    AdventuresofLilBway 02/13/2016  12:55pm

    CBs in the room?

    singer723 02/13/2016  1:18pm

    Through 140 lined up outside of room

    abearinthecity 02/13/2016  1:21pm

    Bump on submission email!

    Sprint369 02/13/2016  1:23pm

    So based on their timing so far, they'll probably get through 150, maybe 160 tops before lunch.

    texicalyorker 02/13/2016  1:24pm

    Someone please give a full update on when they break for lunch, what number was last called, and what time lunch ends. Thanks!

    Mag 02/13/2016  1:28pm

    Called through 140. No other numbers will be called until after lunch, at around 2:20

    Sassycat7 02/13/2016  1:33pm

    Can someone be a trooper and ask for the email? We'd all really appreciate it.

    Granger86 02/13/2016  2:14pm
  • An Open Letter To All Theaters and Companies Hosting Non-Eq Calls @ other 02/12/2016  1:20pm

    (If you all want me to move this to the Bitching Post let me know but figured it would get seen quickly here)

    Dear Regional Houses, Non-Equity Tours, and any other company and/or group that opens its doors to us hungry actors,

    First of all I wanted to start this by saying thank you to all the monitors, casting personnel and production teams who try to do their best to make sure that we are all seen. We know that this industry is over saturated and you never asked or expected to walk into your auditions and see utter chaos.
    I personally want to thank Ogunugit Playhouse for seeing what had happened at other recent open calls and making an effort to remedy the situation. I cannot imagine the frustration of taking time to put together an organized system, expecting things to run smoothly and then walk in to work seeing that everything you had worked hard to put together in an effort to make actors' lives easier and your call run smoothly had gone out the window. As actors though we try to police ourselves especially on here but not every actor in the greater NYC area is on AuditionUpdate. And some don't care and think that they want it badly enough so by showing up and lining up outside of a building in the freezing cold that will show you how dedicated they are. And I understand that. Ultimately the power lies with you guys.
    The thought of organization that Ogunigut had today was completely on the money but sadly I think there needs to be some harder rules. Disney for example does not allow anyone to line up outside of the building until an hour before. From what I understand they are told to go away and come back at the appropriate time (correct me if I am wrong everyone). You at Ogunigut were very clear. Those that did this showed their dedication but also that they cannot follow directions whether implicit or explicit.
    This business of signing up 15 or in the case of today 91 of your closest friends is also disrespectful to your time, in my opinion, as I have been to several calls where none of those groups are even there! That drives the panic so more people rush to sign up creating the madness that we've seen recently. I know you must look down at the list and see the same handwriting over and over and I am sure you question why someone would do that and then not even have this huge group show up.
    All of our time is valuable, you all have to cast a show (or multiple shows)!and find what you are looking for and we all want a chance to show you our best selves. Many wonderful, professional, adult actors who might be exactly right for your season and/or tour check audition update, see the numbers in the 300s by 5 Am or a list started by 1 AM and decide not to attend, as they know they will not be seen. The actors that are there had to wake up at an ungodly hour, most are exhausted and cannot do their best in the room. I know online sign ups might not be feasible for everyone right now.
    So I propose some basic ground rules, and of course this is the non Union world so no one needs to listen to any of this at all but just in case a theater company or tour wishes to try this and see if it improves:
    Sign-In starts at X hour. period. No lining up outside of the building, no unofficial list will be honored. People lined up outside will be told to leave and come back at the designated time.
    No signing up of more than two other actors. If more than three names are clearly in the same handwriting, those people will be asked to leave the call.
    If you make those instructions clear we will listen because more than just wanting it badly we also all want to be seen as professionals who are easy to work with.
    This is one person's solution and ideas. I just think that these two very simple fixes would save everyone on both sides of the table a lot of frustration and time and ensure that we all get what we need.

    One Random Non-Eq Gal


    The #1 problem is people signing up their friends. There can be no grey area. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SIGN UP THEIR FRIENDS. Equity actors can't sign up their friends at an EPA so why should our rules be any different. It's black and white. Sign up yourself and only yourself that leaves no room for questions. Enough is enough. It's not the game, it's the players.

    EilisFiorello 02/12/2016  1:26pm

    Addendum: To be fair, only sign up allowed of on other actor (come on guys lets be fair and allow a +1 no more though. I was probably being too generous...)

    mercurialasaka 02/12/2016  1:32pm

    bump, this is on the money

    decisions 02/12/2016  2:08pm

    They key is no unofficial lists, and figuring out a way to break up early lines.

    I don't know how to stop people from coming early, but if we each take it upon ourselves to tear up and throw out unofficial lists, that would be a start

    DeltaSigma[tos] 02/12/2016  2:43pm

    This is in the money. I think 2 at the absolute most if you are signing someone up.

    upsetwallflower 02/12/2016  2:50pm

    OMG amen amen amen!!!! And I vote for only signing YOURSELF up.

    barfbarfbarf 02/12/2016  3:53pm

    I just wanted to correct myself, I was on my phone and "Ogunquit" was frequently auto-corrected. I am so sorry, I didn't mean to misspell the theater's name!

    mercurialasaka 02/12/2016  3:57pm

    Addendum: don't be afraid of letting everyone do one 8-bar cut if it's extremely crowded. If the creatives want to hear anything else, they can do so in a callback. There will be a large number of people you will not see if you ask more than a handful of people for a contrasting cut.

    bwaylvsong 02/12/2016  4:49pm

    Nailed it. All of this!

    belt4daze 02/12/2016  5:14pm

    This is right on the money! Thank you so much for writing this. Not only is it relevant to the times, but it's NECESSARY. Things have to start changing. This audition season is really JUST getting started and we are already out of control.
    I seriously cannot thank you enough for posting. I sincerely hope these rules can somehow be integrated into the audition process.

    Virgo825 02/12/2016  5:32pm

    You're wasting your time. people won't listen. Thats why Union have rules because people are crazy and insane and to make it fair. People won't follow this even if they themselves get screwed over. Unless they stop accepting lists and extra sign ups nothing will change.

    flyingtenor 02/12/2016  5:38pm

    Hi flyingtenor, that is my point you are totally right. There always will be some score who doesn't listen. That is why this is aimed at the theaters and they are listening and fixing these issues which is great! Sacremento won't accept an unofficial list and you can only sign yourself up, theaters are listening to us and making changes to how things are run. So all of the people who have posted about these issues haven't wasted their time at all and I certainly did not waste mine. In fact by speaking up we've made a serious problem come more to light and made the casing personnel aware so that changes can happen and are happening.

    mercurialasaka 02/12/2016  5:46pm

    Can't we start some sort of organization, sort of like equity in which we can govern these rules and make them enforced? Some sort of non equity audition committee. Can't equity get involved somehow??

    TheTerminator 02/12/2016  8:46pm

    I tried to implement this idea a few months ago. Judging by the reaction I got, you'd think I had suggested shooting Betty White.

    JCrewGinghamShirt 02/12/2016  8:49pm

    I don't think the issue is people coming early. We all have times we need to be seen by, etc. The problem is I was behind 2 people signing up for Fingerlakes yet somehow I was 19 names behind the first person in line. That's stupid. There's no way 600 people would all individually sign up. If we cab eliminate people signing up entire households, we can eleminate most of the problem.

    Aktin 02/12/2016  9:02pm

    This happens at regular equity calls too. They need to stop accepting the unnoficial list. But there will always be a physical line of people lining up. How will it be prevented?

    TheTerminator 02/12/2016  9:04pm

    The physical line I don't see as a huge issue, as I think that already makes the numbers smaller if you need to physically be there.

    Aktin 02/12/2016  9:17pm

    I like being able to sign a list, leave and go get some breakfast, and come back a little bit before the monitor gets there, but I understand all the problems that come with an unofficial list. If there is a list, I don't think it should start until the buildings open. That way we know it wasn't started at 1am because it must be INSIDE the building...that might be a good idea?

    h57m29g 02/12/2016  9:24pm

    There is absolutely no justification for anyone to sign up anyone else. Yes, there are excuses. We all have them.

    But there is nothing fair about adding a buddy's name ahead of people who are actually there.

    Other than that, this is a reasonable proposal.

    nevertoolate 02/12/2016  10:10pm

    Equity actors can't sign their friends up because they don't EVER have to be there nearly as early as non-eq, and somtimes (at AEA) they can sign up for calls days before they even happen.

    If you have something worked out with one or two close friends and you rotate signing each other up so you're not getting up every single day at 4 AM, that is smart for your career and health and not anyone's business but yours.

    It literally barely affects you if someone signs up one or two other people. Non-union is unfortunately NON-UNION. They don't owe us rules because there is no UNION to protect us.

    Everyone man up. Hopefully one day we can move more towards online signups like Michael Cassara's or Joy's, but until then worry about yourself and get over someone who signs up one other person in front of you.

    But thank you to Ogunquit, Sacramento and others who DO owe us nothing but are attempting to make it right anyway. Because sure as humans with a dream we do deserve better, of course. But I am saying as a business, we aren't owed anything and everyone has GOT to stay out of everyone else's career decisions.

    Baby_Groot 02/13/2016  2:03pm
  • North Shore Music Theater EPAs @ Actor's Equity Center 02/12/2016  9:22pm

    What is the theater's usual callback process? I know that the last day of EPAs was only today - but it would be good to know what, if anything, to expect.


    I had intended to post this in the Callback Corner -- where someone else has already posed the same question.

    SusanCD 02/13/2016  1:41am

    Having worked there before (many times) these full season EPAs are typically just for their files. They hold separate EPAs, ECCs, Open Calls, and agent appointments for each individual show throughout the year in which that specific creative team is present. Those are when callbacks and bookings happen.

    AKA...don't hold your breath from this week. Keep an eye out for when they are casting the show you're right for.

    iwanttoknow 02/13/2016  2:01pm
  • OFFICIAL OGUNQUiT OPEN DANCE CALL (2/13) DETAILS @ 02/12/2016  7:53pm

    Hello Guys and Dolls!

    Tomorrow's OPEN DANCE CALL, held at Pearl 519, will be run like so: GENTLEMEN will be seen at 10:00 AM and LADIES at 2:00 PM. Sign up for MEN ONLY will begin at 9:00 AM and will be run very similar to an ECC. We will begin checking in that list starting at 9:30 AM. LADIES: SLEEP IN! Sign up for LADIES will not begin until 1:00 PM and you will not be allowed in the holding room until 12:30 PM. Please note that for both MEN and LADIES we will be typing. No Unofficial List will be accepted.


    Thank you for this update! Is there any way that ladies could be seen in the morning with the men? Is it worth trying? Thanks!

    ddreamer14 02/12/2016  8:14pm

    this is the best thing I've ever read on this site

    love, all boys

    dancingisfun 02/12/2016  11:16pm

    Yes, this is the best thing ever. Thank you for caring Ogunquit!!

    koko 02/13/2016  1:22am

    "'Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships at Sea" and all those who audition NYC non-union performers, PLEASE pay attention to this experiment. It's for your benefit, too.

    We may have a movement here. Let's support and encourage this protocol. Make sure they hear that the effort is respected. Go to their web site and send a "thank you" even if you are not auditioning for them.

    nevertoolate 02/13/2016  5:03am

    ^ Great idea, Sacramento as well. I'm also wondering, how do we get all non-union theaters to make this their method? You can still do multiple auditions in one day. Since we can't all be in more than one place at a time, sign up for one, go sign up for another, do your best to make it. That's how I operate. I'm not a chorus girl (I'm old) so I'm not there, but have a lovely audition everyone!

    Artemis1 02/13/2016  9:02am

    they'll be doing a dance type at 10; they're having us fill out notecards at 9, and won't collect headshots from anyone until after the typing. less than 50 guys here

    dancingisfun 02/13/2016  9:21am

    Thank you thank you! This is more appreciated than you know!

    EJ17 02/13/2016  9:56am

    Can anyone tell us what the typing was like?

    am I my resume? 02/13/2016  11:08am

    For the men, 8 counts and then four double pullbacks.

    chance02 02/13/2016  11:44am

    Was it all tap? Or just the pullbacks?

    Killertofu 02/13/2016  11:57am

    Can someone ask what shoes girls need to bring? Character shoes? Jazz shoes? Flat taps? Character taps? Ballet shoes? I'm not trying to bring a suitcase

    CallMeMama 02/13/2016  12:17pm

    Can someone ask what shoes girls need to bring? Character shoes? Jazz shoes? Flat taps? Character taps? Ballet shoes? I'm not trying to bring a suitcase

    CallMeMama 02/13/2016  12:53pm

    How did it work for those asked to come back and dance from the singer call yesterday? Did you dance with the dancers?

    dead girl walking 02/13/2016  1:01pm

    Is someone able to update on how the ladies list is looking? Are they going to type everyone right at 2?

    actress9315 02/13/2016  1:36pm

    They just handed out cards they are around 160. They are typing. CD just announced they will have us all types by 2:30!

    dancingG 02/13/2016  1:41pm

    Will they collect all headshots right at 2? Or before? A little after?

    actress9315 02/13/2016  1:43pm
  • CATS BWAY @ Pearl Studios 02/13/2016  11:54am

    Anyone hear anything after the chorus call audition for dancers?

  • Ogunquit Open Dance 519 @ Pearl Studios 02/13/2016  7:10am

    With the singer call they were doing appointments yesterday, but any guide lines today regaurding sign in today? Has a list started yet?


    Ogunquit made a post on this site last fully explaining the process for today. NO UNOFFICIAL LISTS! Dancer sign ups start at 9:00 for men and 1:00 for women(Ladies will not be allowed in the holding room until 12:30)

    AtTimesLikeThis 02/13/2016  7:23am

    Great thank you!

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 02/13/2016  7:28am

    Wish I would have seen this before I got on the train. Back to bed... They let us come in and hang out but no point since they aren't signing in till 1... Sitting in the room, boys just got to sign up.

    EJ17 02/13/2016  9:32am

    I'm male... And in Springfield MA at the moment. Is it worth me coming back down to try to get on the list or is it too late?

    KrisTea96 02/13/2016  9:52am

    Hey Guys and Dolls!

    Tomorrow's (2/12) Open Singer Call will be held at Pearl Studios - 519 8th Ave. We will NOT be accepting any Unofficial Sign Up Sheets. The official sign up sheet will be posted at Pearl Studios on the 12th Floor and available for sign up when the building opens at 6:00 AM. Once Pearl Studios opens at 7:30 AM, the Sign In Sheet will be moved to the Holding Room. At 9:00 AM, we will begin calling the names on the Sign In Sheet and will be assigning appointment times for the day (similar to an EPA). You MUST be present when the list is read to secure an appointment. Auditions will start at 10:00 AM. We will NOT be typing out at the Singer Call, as we hope to see as many actors as possible for our season.


    AMAZING! This is how open calls should be held. Holy sanity kids.

    skittlesinger 02/11/2016  2:22pm

    Thanks! :)

    Bento Tinderbox 02/11/2016  2:27pm

    Can we please agree that one person signing up 20 people is not okay?

    AndThisOfAllMyHopes 02/11/2016  2:53pm

    You're awesome! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    LadyGagaTheSecond 02/11/2016  3:04pm


    upsetwallflower 02/11/2016  3:15pm

    This is amazing. Thank you thank you thank you.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 02/11/2016  3:18pm

    YAAAASSS! where has this been all season!! oh happy daaay!

    BassITone412 02/11/2016  3:26pm

    Question for the casting associate: we all usually have an audition buddy or two for a sign up. Are we going to be able to sin them up or do you have to be present to sign yourself up? (And NO this doesn't apply to *those* groups because that's just awful)

    MotheMezzo 02/11/2016  3:49pm

    NO AUDITION BUDDIES. Sign up yourself and yourself alone!

    EilisFiorello 02/11/2016  4:11pm

    Thank you!!!!

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 02/11/2016  4:13pm

    Just for clarification- can you get up to the 12th floor at 6 am (before Pearl opens) to sign up? Or will we all have to wait outside till 7:30 to sign up?

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  4:56pm

    Just for clarification- can you get up to the 12th floor at 6 am (before Pearl opens) to sign up? Or will we all have to wait outside till 7:30 to sign up?

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  5:14pm

    Does pearl actually open at 6am?

    bxkforu101 02/11/2016  5:38pm

    Does pearl actually open at 6am?

    bxkforu101 02/11/2016  5:50pm

    I just called folks. Building didn't open until 8am

    bxkforu101 02/11/2016  5:52pm one can sign up on the "offical" list provided by casting until 8? Confusion abounds!

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  6:01pm

    Past experience with early open calls at Pearl 519 has shown me that "Pearl itself" won't open its gate until 8:00, but that you can access the building 519 by 6:00. We should be able to access the sheet on the 12th floor then.

    minniemouse 02/11/2016  6:08pm

    I also called Pearl. They said the building opens at 6, and we can access the 12th floor then. The studios/holding rooms themselves will open at 8am.

    Crushed_it 02/11/2016  6:26pm

    crushed_it--- you are the real MVP

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  6:30pm

    From that description, do y'all think they'll close the list at 9am when they give appts or accept walk-ins throughout the day if we show up at like 11a?

    Astoriaboy 02/11/2016  7:33pm

    From that description, do y'all think they'll close the list at 9am when they give appts or accept walk-ins throughout the day if we show up at like 11a?

    Astoriaboy 02/11/2016  7:43pm

    Exactly what I was wondering! It sounds like we need to be there before 9 in order to be on the list and get an appt time?

    blondiesop 02/11/2016  8:59pm

    I'd say it would depend on the turnout.

    Aktin 02/11/2016  10:29pm

    Are people going to be lining up outside in the wee hours? Nobody wants to freeze their butts off at 5am waiting for a list to go up at Pearl, right?

    sarahsoda4 02/11/2016  11:03pm

    I'm gonna show up at 3 the first in this line by 6 am and sign up all my friends. I dare you to show up at 8:30 and think you can sign up for this...I dare you.

    MTLover1994 02/11/2016  11:05pm


    ravenclaw 02/11/2016  11:13pm

    I know you're joking, but that's what I'm afraid of...

    sarahsoda4 02/11/2016  11:16pm

    There will always be crazy bitches. But I'm not going to freeze in the 10 below weather. That's just stupid.

    Aktin 02/11/2016  11:20pm

    Y'all.... When home is not an option, where do you go to hang out at 6am before the studios open? What is open that early to hang - Starbucks?

    writteninthestars 02/11/2016  11:30pm


    Rain On my Parade 02/12/2016  12:22am

    Will we get to choose our times like an EPA in the order we sign up or just be assigned times in the order we go? Like, the first 5 are at 10 am.

    heygirhey90 02/12/2016  12:28am

    When you say "the list is read"...does that mean your audition group? Or does that mean the list is closed and read at 10 and we have to be there?

    mahmaymeemohmoo 02/12/2016  1:38am

    When you say "the list is read"...does that mean your audition group? Or does that mean the list is closed and read at 10 and we have to be there?

    mahmaymeemohmoo 02/12/2016  2:08am

    From what I'm understanding... You can't sign up until 6. At 9 they will read names and you'll get time slots. If you miss your name... You don't get an spot. With this being said, I would assume that means at 9 the list is closed. Groups/time slots will start at 10.

    CallMeMama 02/12/2016  5:24am

    How does it look over there? Any line yet?

    JohnnyKarate 02/12/2016  5:27am

    There are like 10 people in line

    Crushed_it 02/12/2016  5:33am

    I'm awake. And I am furious about it. Went to bed at 10:30 thinking "oh I'll get a good 8 hours of sleep and then make my way down and sign up and maybe grab a little breakfast before nine. Awesome" meanwhile my non equity grain wakes up at 3:58 asking me of its time to go sign up yet..... And here we are.

    Adele Dazeem 02/12/2016  5:37am

    Updates on how many are in line?

    ElemenoPea 02/12/2016  6:05am

    Official list is already posted, up to about 80.... So get out of bed and come on down. List is inside the building 12th floor.

    nocarbsforbway 02/12/2016  6:07am

    Update on line?

    LadyGagaTheSecond 02/12/2016  6:12am

    How are there 80 people on the official list when it's not even 6am yet..? (Also, I realize that last post says 6:07am, but by my phone, it's only I guess the time on Audition Update is off a bit.)

    buzzsaw 02/12/2016  6:13am

    How did it go from 10 people in like and Thg building doesn't open until 6 to 80 people already on the list. You guys, what has to be done for you to stop signing up you're friends? What makes you think this is ok. It's not. Knock it off.

    EilisFiorello 02/12/2016  6:17am

    I don't understand people...ugh. His many of those 80 were scary ally on line?

    LadyGagaTheSecond 02/12/2016  6:17am

    List is over 105, because heaven forbid we were all adults and just came closer to 6 like we were told to do. Happy Hunting.

    Baby_Groot 02/12/2016  6:18am

    80 on the list 10 minutes before it's supposed to be open?

    bxkforu101 02/12/2016  6:19am

    How is that possible if the building isn't even open.

    Winifred Sanderson 02/12/2016  6:21am

    Karma my day, those of us who actually follow the rules will win.

    Lala5678 02/12/2016  6:24am

    Not cool! I thought the whole point of this was to make those early bitches wait and monitor the list to make sure people only signed themselves.

    bwaylvsong 02/12/2016  6:26am

    Ima eat a bagel and be mad about it. Doorman let people in early. This is why I could never marry a music theatre person. You all are crazy as shit. 5:20 my ass

    CallMeMama 02/12/2016  6:26am

    The only reason the list is open is because the doorman didn't want people waiting in the cold and there was a line outside

    MotheMezzo 02/12/2016  6:27am

    Ok so someone post the names of the top 15 people

    Gotmycloudyglasseson 02/12/2016  6:28am

    #77 at 540. Man everything before 6 am is terrible in New York.. Trains are delayed.. One homeless person to every car.. The things we do for love.

    auditionfriend 02/12/2016  6:29am

    I got there at 5:30 because I knew there would be crazies and I was prepared to stand in the cold. As I approched the building people were getting out of the elevators and said that the doorman was really kind and didn't want people to stand out in the cold so he went ahead and put it upstairs. By the time I signed up it was up to 20 and there was at least 15 people there... We can't keep blaming people for signing up other people...someone signing 10+ people is not cool FOR SURE, But if we want to stay healthy and sane in this crazy weather and season - having one buddy or two is okay. It's nonunion, there are no rules y'all! That's why there was a union in the first place. so let's relax and sing our hearts out today and get back there at 9am :)

    saymeow 02/12/2016  6:31am

    Mdsings- he should have let them freeze outside. List was supposed to start at 6. If you wannabe crazy and show up early, you should have to put up with the cold. Be first in line. But wait outside till 6. (Not you directly bc i obviously don't know what time you got there)

    CallMeMama 02/12/2016  6:32am

    When did you all put this list up? It was just 185 at 5:55am.

    rjd234 02/12/2016  6:34am

    Well, I guess in their defense, they would have been first on the list whether the door opened at 5:30 or 6:00. If more than 5 names in a row are in the same handwriting, though, that completely destroyed the point of making this non-eq system.

    MissKait08 02/12/2016  6:37am

    Is it actually 185?!

    writteninthestars 02/12/2016  6:37am

    Lol at like 535 it was already crossing into the hundreds. And no that's totally cool of the doorman but damn people you early

    Baby_Groot 02/12/2016  6:37am

    Wait....but aren't they seeing everyone as long as we sign up before 9? So the later you sign up, the later you'll go in the day?

    heygirhey90 02/12/2016  6:39am

    No saymeow, NO. And eff you for saying that. If you're willing to wait in line at dawn and you're 10th in that line you should be 10th on that list not 40th. Why don't you see that?!

    EilisFiorello 02/12/2016  6:42am

    List is now past 300

    bob 02/12/2016  6:48am

    This list is over 300.....

    bxkforu101 02/12/2016  6:49am

    Stop complaining about those actors who put in the effort to arrive earlier. Stop complaining that you didn't get your own butt out of bed. You're getting upset that they were let in early but you have to realize they didn't know that would happen, so they were willing to wait out in the freezing cold to be first on the list! Stop putting them down, we need to be supportive of others, not tear them down because they put in extra effort. It was complete random chance that the doorman let them in. So just stop with the negativity, it's not needed or wanted.

    justanotheractress 02/12/2016  6:51am

    There is no way 300 girls signed up individually by 6:25 am (what it says on my phone now). Stop signing up your 50 closest friends. THEY ARE USING YOU.

    heygirhey90 02/12/2016  6:53am

    I got there right at 6 and the list was well past 200. It's going to be a long day. Stay warm guys. <3

    delusionsofgrandeur 02/12/2016  6:54am

    Hint: if you're willing to wait outside in the cold because of the crazies, you ARE one of the crazies......That's fine, y'all can be crazy, but just pointing that out. And honestly, I think this whole process is slowing turning us all into crazies. I fear for my sanity.

    writteninthestars 02/12/2016  6:55am

    I feel like I just need show my doctor this thread in order to get a new Xanax prescription

    burkecook 02/12/2016  6:57am

    I do agree no one should be mad at the whole doorman thing, and I think it's an exaggeration to say everyone is signing up a bunch of people. I actually wouldn't doubt that so many people were there by 6 because we are all being conditioned to the mindset of having to be earlier and earlier to beat everyone else out, and if the official list starts at 6, makes sense that a rush would arrive at 6. I'm worried that this forum is what is causing us all to get up earlier and earlier for each audition.

    writteninthestars 02/12/2016  6:59am

    If you're not here already, I hesitate to say, I wouldnt bother.

    Dunkindebra 02/12/2016  7:10am

    In the 400s at 6:40

    Mp33 02/12/2016  7:13am

    430 people so far and the elevators keep opening

    SlayMis19 02/12/2016  7:16am

    I think we all need to take a deep breath and relax, it's early and we are all cranky. Hopefully one day there can be a better system for us non unioners but for now we have to roll with the punches even though it's super frustrating . Let's try to keep this thread with updateds on what's going on in the holding room and not use this as a forum to argue and be catty. Break legs and stay sassy!

    sassyandclassy 02/12/2016  7:17am

    This is a great way to run an open call, I just wish they hadn't told everyone. It makes sense to think, "they're going to want as much info as possible," but telling actors they can sign in officially at 6am? You had to know all the kids that just graduated would be lined up by 4:45. It's cold enough outside to kill you, and people were planning on waiting out in it to sign up for an audition. That's batshit, guys. Batshit.

    DeltaSigma[tos] 02/12/2016  7:18am

    Does anyone remember from last year if you got to SELECT a time when they call your name or if you are ASSIGNED one based on when they call your name?

    graciejo 02/12/2016  7:18am

    Dear Ogunquit, please type! And dear Sacramento for tomorrow's call... Please type so we can sleep past 3am and give you better auditions ❤️

    Lala5678 02/12/2016  7:19am

    Also.. Just saw this and found it interesting... I'd love to see some of the list from this because for St. Louis's list from about numbers 9-66 are the Exact. Same. Handwriting... Seriously. I've got the pictures to prove it.

    Lala5678 02/12/2016  7:25am

    My boyfriend doesn't understand how it is 2016 yet this is all done in person instead of with technology. I think he's on to something.

    writteninthestars 02/12/2016  7:25am

    He's not alone. We're working on it.

    There's a company working to create a portal for non-Union online sign ups.
    Go check out and fill out their survey here:

    Waiting in the Wings 02/12/2016  7:33am

    I mean both Joy Dewing and Michael Cassara have online sign ups and those are great

    Dunkindebra 02/12/2016  7:38am

    Exactly. If more companies/producers/casting office would adopt them we wouldn't have to deal with as much of this shit and honestly we'd probably all be getting more jobs

    Waiting in the Wings 02/12/2016  7:42am

    Ahhhhh :) ... I'm lying here SO warm in my cozy bed while my "friend" is signing me up. They do so every time because I ask. Let's face it. There are leaders and followers in this world and thank goodness for those followers because I just woke up from a great nights sleep and am gonna look fabulous at my audition. So kudos to those minions who will never learn and here's to the dog eat dog world I live in because I have no problem stepping over you on my way to the top!

    bossassbitch 02/12/2016  7:46am

    Guys it's 7 am..., let us be grateful and not be sassy or rude or mean on this thread. It's enough that most of us haven't gotten 8 hours of sleep for the past weeeeeek am I right!!! Hehe love you ALL.

    Updates on numbers?

    Balloonsandcake 02/12/2016  7:48am

    Does anyone remember from last year how sign-up works when the arrive at 9am? Do we select a time or do you get assigned a group based on the time you signed up? I'm sorry to be a bother, but I have work at 1pm and I didn't think I'd have a problem getting seen...but then I was #185 when I signed up at 6:00am...please and thank you for all the help!

    graciejo 02/12/2016  7:49am

    Dear Eager Babies,

    I understand that your eagerness is what woke you up this morning. Wide eyed, freshly graduated, and you want it more than anything. We've all been there. But when your 30 and still at it, if you choose to stay in this field that long, that extra 1 or 2 hours of sleep means the world when your working in a loud bar until 2/3/4AM to make ends meet.

    Trust me we all want this still, but you need to take days like this, when the company reaches out, as a blessing! They tried to make in like an EPA and you froze your little asses of for what? To sign up 15 of your friends at 6am. Be fair get one buddy, maybe two and alternate signing one another up. It's only fair.

    In full disclosure, I completely respect you as an artist, but also use your head a little. Waking up at 4/5am 4 to 6 days a week is gonna get real old when your not living off graduation money. And if you don't understand this now you will in the next couple years when there are new wide eyed eager babies.

    Good luck to all of us this audition season!!

    <3 Seasoned Baby

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 02/12/2016  7:49am

    @Bossassbitch, so why aren't you Equity yet?

    MissKait08 02/12/2016  7:54am

    ^^ i hope you shart during your audition.

    Slyemc 02/12/2016  7:56am

    @lala5678 there was some crazy stuff going on at Stages... The super of Pearl came and took the list down at like 5 and locked the door apparently... and then a bunch of people waited outside and made a list, and one person re-copied it onto the the one that was inside when he finally let us in at 6. That's why all those names are in the same handwriting. I promise you, there were that many of us waiting outside. Have faith my friends :)

    Sarah_tmg 02/12/2016  7:58am

    @bossassbitch, I think everyone on this site agrees with me when we say there is only one part of your user name we all want to call you.

    upsetwallflower 02/12/2016  8:00am

    Still worth it to come?

    OopsIBookedItAgain 02/12/2016  8:05am

    MissKait08 - because I started this about two weeks ago. Listen sweetie, I already have two successful careers and thought might as well add a third. Don't you worry I'll be equity by months end when I get my contract and you will be one spot higher on the non EQ list. See everyone at 9! I'll be the one you wish you were xoxo

    bossassbitch 02/12/2016  8:05am


    Whoson1st 02/12/2016  8:08am

    505 at 7:45am

    ash 02/12/2016  8:12am

    .... More like TrollAssBitch.

    Rain On my Parade 02/12/2016  8:13am

    Ladies enough with the sass. Let's keep things civil. It's gonna be a long day. Let's be a class act and keep each other updated instead of being bitchy.

    sassyandclassy 02/12/2016  8:15am


    MissKait08 02/12/2016  8:15am

    There's a troll in the dungeon

    spicylemonade 02/12/2016  8:25am

    I heard Marco Rubio chipped his tooth on a frozen Twix bar while on the campaign trail this week. Someone confirm????

    ~xxXbeautifuldreamerXxx~ 02/12/2016  8:52am

    530 at 8:20

    ksbergslien 02/12/2016  8:57am

    Oh geez. I think we all just need some yoga. It's not that serious... Let's all just breath. Early, cold hours aren't ideal but what do you do? Steam afterwards and have a hot toddy!!! 😘

    auditionfriend 02/12/2016  9:15am

    We should have a scavenger hunt to pass the time.

    singer723 02/12/2016  9:48am

    Are they seeing everyone?

    heygirhey90 02/12/2016  9:49am

    if you are over 400, you can sign up for alternate or, like, just go back to bed

    ksbergslien 02/12/2016  10:22am

    if you are over 400, you can sign up for alternate or, like, just go back to bed

    ksbergslien 02/13/2016  12:08am

    So, the singers call was yesterday, 2/12 or is it today, 12/13? Thanks

    PassionLoveMusic 02/13/2016  6:49am
  • Callbacks for fingerlakes @ Nola Studios 02/13/2016  3:19am

    Has anyone received an information about today's 3:00pm callback?!