We are barely through the first two weeks of audition season.
  • Blizzard?? @ 01/25/2015  10:35am

    There's a huge blizzard predicted for Monday through Wednesday of this week in NYC. I live outside of the city and probably won't be able to get in for auditions for a few days. I'm hoping the big ones will reschedule? Any opinions?


    I feel like it might be a possibility. We are supposed to get upwards to 2 feet of snow Monday night into Tuesday - so not only would it be hard for us commuters to get into the city, I'm sure that the MTA will be all kinds of screwed up within the city too.
    I've never been around for a snowstorm in the past, has anyone had any experience with it?

    jaylady 01/25/2015  11:58am

    I live outside the city and commute in for auditions; whenever there's going to be really bad weather, I just e-mail and ask if there's a contingency plan so I know if I should risk my life or not.

    littlebiscuit 01/25/2015  1:14pm

    Bump! Share all of the info here if you hear of any auditions being rescheduled. :)

    tutucute4u 01/25/2015  1:45pm

    Bump! I'm also a commuter and would love any information about this..planned on going to some auditions tomorrow.

    grumpy_cat 01/25/2015  2:28pm

    littlebiscuit, who do you email? The theater or the studio?

    onstage 01/25/2015  3:55pm

    I think things will almost certainly be on tomorrow; Tuesday seems questionable but possible. At least for things like Sacramento and Ogunquit, whose people will have to be in town already anyway (unless they're flying in on a redeye or early morning, they are probably already here). Tuesday is supposed to be blizzard conditions, so it's possible things could be canceled even if they're already in town. (This is all assuming people from those theaters are coming in from out of town.)

    thatgirl 01/25/2015  5:10pm

    Any idea if Beauty and the Beast tomorrow morning will be cancelled? Also, if things are cancelled, do you know how we will find out?

    kikibuggy 01/25/2015  5:16pm

    Y'all...I just really wanna stress something. Do not put your lives in danger to audition. This week has really really great auditions, and wonderful theaters and tours going on - but if it means risking your life to get there please don't do it. There will always be more auditions. There is only one of you.

    That being said, Joy Dewing just posted that if the subways are running and the building is open, they are still holding their calls for Mamma Mia on Monday and Tuesday.

    Let's all stay safe!

    jaylady 01/25/2015  5:27pm

    I tweeted Joy Dewing casting about Mamma Mia on Tuesday and they tweeted back saying that as long as the studio is open and the subways stay operational that they'll be moving forward as planned.

    RobOnAKabob 01/25/2015  6:00pm

    Has anyone gotten any updates from Bob Cline?? #anxious

    Bevel5678 01/25/2015  6:27pm

    The Weather Channel right now in NYC is saying that it's going to be the worst Monday evening and Tuesday. So I think Monday morning calls will be ok!

    kikibuggy 01/25/2015  6:51pm

    Thanks, everybody! Please post if you hear anything else.

    onstage 01/25/2015  7:29pm
  • Finger Lakes MT festival @ 01/22/2015  11:21am

    Has anyone been up there before, in Auburn NY? Is there any way to reach the theater using public transportation? I have an appointment tomorrow, but wasn't really considering renting a car to the there..
    Thank you!


    Yeah, you're gonna need a car. Merry-go-round playhouse is semi in the middle of nowhere. Also beware of weather-Central New York is notorious for snow squalls and white outs and the like. Drive safe
    -- A native central New Yorker

    ChrissyC 01/22/2015  4:28pm

    You can bus to Syracuse and get a cheap car from there. But you will have to get a car.

    - worked there a couple times and have been to the local auditions

    poundingthepavement 01/22/2015  10:55pm

    So if we didn't get a callback yesterday, should we assume that we're out of the running? Thanks in advance!

    Desiree 01/25/2015  6:52pm
  • Beauty and the Beast NETworks Tour @ Pearl Studios 01/23/2015  4:38pm

    For this audition the schedule is:
    Mon., January 26th– 10:00 am Female singers interested in roles listed below.
    Tues., January 27th–10:00 am Male singers interested in roles listed below.
    Wed., January 28th – 10am Female Dancers; 1:00pm Male Dancers.

    I am a female dancer who is interested in the dancer chorus, but who is also interested in the featured, singer role of Babette.

    Should I attend on both Monday AND Wednesday?


    Hmmm, I'd say go to the singer call first and if they call you back to dance, then of course go to the callback, not the initial dance call. If you're not, then I'd say go right ahead and do both :) you're more ahead than me, I wish I had any dance skills more than just mover!
    And they will let you know ITR if you're called back to dance, at least to my knowledge. Those I know who've been called back to dance for this have always been told ITR. Anyone with other knowledge, please feel free to set her right! Principals are a whole nother ballgame obviously :) break many legs! I'll be attending later calls lol

    showbizdreamer 01/23/2015  4:49pm

    Thanks so much for the input! I generally don't go out for "singers who move well" calls, since I consider myself a dancer who is a strong singer. However, this role seems perfect for me, "Babette: early 20s-early 30s, beautiful feather duster, continually teases Lumiere, must dance, not too bright, voluptuous, tall with a show-girl body, French accent required, vocal range: Broadway belt with a legit soprano", since I'm tall with a show-girl body. I'm a stronger alto singer, but I've researched and as far as I know, Babette has no singing solo. I think I'll do as you suggest, unless someone else has any other ideas....

    Dottie_dance 01/23/2015  10:47pm

    Babette gets a few fun high notes in the bigger numbers!

    redredrose 01/23/2015  11:09pm

    Just wanting to point out that this sort of question is better suited to the Bitching Post rather than the main page

    Break a leg, whichever you choose to go to!

    thejollyraja 01/23/2015  11:18pm

    Sorry, Jollyrara! This is my first time at this site. I know for next time.

    Dottie_dance 01/24/2015  4:03am

    It's all good, no worries. Welcome to the site! (And the city!)

    thejollyraja 01/24/2015  8:27am

    What time would you guys recommend a female get there tomorrow? I was planning on 7:45, but by God I'm an artist and I will get there earlier if need be! :)

    kh519 01/25/2015  3:59pm
  • RWS @ Pearl Studios 01/25/2015  3:23pm

    For tomorrow's open call does anyone know if they usually take an unofficial list? Or is it a wait it out kind of morning? Stay warm everyone!

  • Dogfight EPA @ other 01/25/2015  12:10pm

    Does anyone know how well attended an EPA in San Diego might be? I've only gone to EPAs in NYC. How early do people usually arrive? Thanks.


    I went to an appointment-only EPA in Boston on Friday and literally walked right into the room when I arrived. I know it's not the same thing, and obviously I got lucky with a bunch of people canceling that morning but I've heard here on AU that it is always worth it to try at local auditions. Show up an hour or so early and see what happens! I am optimistic for you :]

    ScreltersAnonymous 01/25/2015  3:04pm
  • Mamma Mia Non Eq Ntl Tour Singers @ Ripley Grier 520 01/25/2015  10:31am

    So I saw that this audition tomorrow had sign up slots online on Joy Dewey Casting. It says a few alternate walk ins may be seen, but is it safe to say if ladies weren't able to sign up online, not to bother going?


    Dewing, not Dewey.

    I would go. You never know. They usually try to get as many people in as they can.

    fiscalcliffau 01/25/2015  11:46am

    Whoops! Autocorrect on my phone. And thanks! Hopefully this is a direction non eq calls are hearing towards!

    klove9 01/25/2015  12:13pm
  • Dirty Dancing Ntl Tour @ other 01/25/2015  10:43am

    How's it looking over there? crowded? I see that sign ups will run until two.

  • Ilseyoufrightenedme

    I just went, and they kept me and 3 people from my room to sing another song. Then the gentleman confirmed my phone number and said that if I get a call before 9 pm tonight it's a Yes and ill have to come back. If I don't hear before 9 pm, it's a No. Has anyone in the past been in this situation and actually received a Yes phonecall???

    Bohemian_Er 01/24/2015  12:57pm

    CONGRATs what time did u get there/what was ur time

    cherylamcc 01/24/2015  1:02pm

    Thanks! I was signed up for the 11:00 group. It went by really fast and smooth---smoother than an EPA or ECC! Haha ;p
    ...i just wonder if they've ever actually called people who were told what i was told??.... I saw a few ppl get those red callback tickets so that's definite obviously, but i didnt see many of those....both me & another guy from my room were told they might call us before 9 pm tonight. I don't wanna get my hopes up! :)

    Bohemian_Er 01/24/2015  1:17pm

    Did u get there before 11? Last time when I auditioned for them the same kind of thing happened to me she narrowed it down to me and this other girl and took pictures of us on her phone and the other girl got a call for a second one and I didnt!!! Positive vibes for u there's a chance!!! :)

    cherylamcc 01/24/2015  1:38pm

    I have an 11am appt tomrrow

    cherylamcc 01/24/2015  1:39pm

    Damn he didnt take photos of either of us :(

    Bohemian_Er 01/24/2015  1:45pm

    Yes i got there at around 9:45 for my 11:00. I was seen by 11:30ish! Very quick and organized process!

    Bohemian_Er 01/24/2015  1:46pm

    I'd say as long as she has ur contact info ur good!

    cherylamcc 01/24/2015  1:47pm

    Yeah he read my phone number back to me and gave me a note in case im asked we'll see! Thanks for the info :)

    Bohemian_Er 01/24/2015  2:04pm

    please, where was this advertised?

    nevertoolate 01/24/2015  4:16pm

    I had a friend who was told the same thing at the Philly auditions once. She was never called.

    forever 01/24/2015  8:12pm

    @Bohemian_Er did you get a call??

    ScreltersAnonymous 01/24/2015  11:43pm

    Nope :( ...o well, try again next year

    Bohemian_Er 01/25/2015  1:58am

    Do you have to have your audition pass printed? Because it stated that you must download it and print it out and sign some release form. Or will they have extras there?

    Whitney23 01/25/2015  9:35am
  • Hangar Theatre Season @ other 01/25/2015  6:33am

    Did anyone get an appointment for this this weekend? And does anyone know if they have been willing to see people who drop by without one?


    I had an appointment this weekend, and they had started a waiting list for people who hadn't signed up, but it was looking pretty grim for them. Running fairly slowly.

    hmarie08 01/25/2015  8:01am