• Comer Casting??? 10/18/2012  9:20am

    I got an email from Comer Casting to choose an appointment time. Is this legit or is it a SCAM????


    the do tv and film extra work - they called me in for "appt" which is to register and have pic taken. worked through them a few times in the last year.

    UmademeloveU 10/18/2012  10:03am

    Not a scam. Great people.

    Smactor 10/18/2012  3:13pm

    I've worked as an extra with Comer casting a couple times. I like them. Don't know what the appointment is for though. But def legit.

    nyc_etoile 10/18/2012  9:50pm

    PS a simple google search would have revealed much about Comer Casting

    dopplegang 10/18/2012  10:41pm