• Kinky Boots Tour @ Pearl Studios 08/13/2017  2:06am

    I'm going in for the dance call on Monday and I'm wondering if anybody knows what song they generally do for the dance call?



    Bump! Any info?

    answersrgr8 08/13/2017  2:25pm

    I've been told it's gonna be Sex Is In the Heel

    noneqdancer 08/13/2017  3:05pm

    it's to sex is in the heel

    nycdancer05 08/13/2017  4:14pm

    How hard is it?!

    Lollip00p 08/13/2017  8:26pm


    unless you do drag then it will be easy and a piece of cake!

    TommyWisaeu 08/14/2017  8:29am

    guyyyyys, this is your monitor here to tell you that I'm looking at socks, a black pair of gym shorts, a black baseball cap and a right black jazz shoe. Ha. Maybe come and get them?

    J-- 08/14/2017  3:05pm