• Dames At Sea BIG Arts "Strauss Theater" @ Nola Studios 09/11/2017  10:36pm

    Has anyone received a reply after submitting on Backstage? Is tomorrow an open dance call or invite only? I have not received a reply and I don't want to wake up early to find out I wasn't invited haha


    I have a friend who is going with an appointment!

    dancechic 09/11/2017  10:56pm

    I applied on backstage and got a response to attend the open call tomorrow!

    cast.me.already. 09/11/2017  11:01pm

    Thank you for the quick responses!

    Fancyfree123 09/11/2017  11:06pm

    Submitted via Backstage but Reply was just to attend the open dance call. Did anyone else get conflicting date information in their reply from Bobby? The breakdown says September 12 and the reply said February 12 ??

    CiCi 09/12/2017  6:31am

    Hey guys I moved the list to outside of 244 Nola because they usually don't let us put stuff on the doors and I didn't want it to be taken down! Unofficial list at 5 people :)

    positivethinkingactor 09/12/2017  6:45am

    How is the list?

    JennieMarie 09/12/2017  7:25am

    Bringing the list upstairs!

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 09/12/2017  7:47am

    How many people are on the list?

    JennieMarie 09/12/2017  8:21am

    How many people are on the list?

    JennieMarie 09/12/2017  8:22am

    List is up to #36

    TheOptimistPrime 09/12/2017  8:30am

    List is at 47!

    dazdnconfuzd 09/12/2017  8:48am

    How many people are on the list?

    JennieMarie 09/12/2017  8:52am

    What time and where is this open call? I can't find any info about it anywhere and don't have a backstage account.

    justme 09/12/2017  9:14am

    Nola Studios starts at 10am

    TheOptimistPrime 09/12/2017  9:27am

    Any update on how the call is running? Did they type are they doing groups to dance??

    WillWorkForReeses 09/12/2017  10:36am

    Dancing in groups of 25 and groups are taking about an hour

    lululemming 09/12/2017  11:00am

    Anyone hear about callbacks?

    forealztho 09/13/2017  2:01pm