• Relevance @ Actor's Equity Center 09/13/2017  8:11am

    Please post with updates and non eq list status of you're there. Thanks!


    How busy is this lookin'?

    ShimmerLights 09/13/2017  9:48am

    Non-Eq list at 15, monitor has posted sides, says to come back after 2 pm. Drop-offs accepted.

    Please post updates!

    vittoriacorombona 09/13/2017  10:16am

    How long is the alt list?

    ShimmerLights 09/13/2017  11:22am

    Any info on alt list/any EMCs called?

    MTC 09/13/2017  12:01pm

    Bump.... what number is non-eq at now?

    act6816 09/13/2017  12:37pm

    Any update on the non-eq list?

    GirlFromCopacabana 09/13/2017  2:00pm

    22 on non-eq list, no word on whether they'll see any

    FierceConversations 09/13/2017  2:04pm

    Any updates from upstairs on alt list & emc #s?

    FierceConversations 09/13/2017  2:11pm

    Non-Eq released. Accepting drop-offs.

    vittoriacorombona 09/13/2017  3:48pm

    Who was ITR? Can you please share names? Thank you!

    act6816 09/13/2017  4:04pm

    itr: Kailee Ayyar, artistic assistant. I did not catch the name of the reader.

    Bardboy18 09/13/2017  6:27pm