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    Iliveatripley 09/13/2017  9:37am

    Are sides posted? Are they asking for the Lenin/Nadya scene in Russian? Who's in the room?

    Prevrukhna Ptichka 09/13/2017  11:21am


    Ellie 09/13/2017  11:45am

    All Non-Eq called. ITR: Mike Miller (casting associate), Jack Berenholtz (reader).

    Sides ARE posted. Sole Nadya side is in English.

    vittoriacorombona 09/13/2017  12:49pm

    Thanks! Yes, this call is empty!!! It's practically walk in and be seen. They are very nice in the room too.

    Prevrukhna Ptichka 09/13/2017  1:00pm

    Odd question... but has anyone who has been in noticed the age they're looking for for the female understudy? The breakdown for the 3 female characters seem to be a wide age range. I know the actress cast as Gwen is 28 (in real life) but I'm wondering if anyone knows what they are looking for/the play well enough to give some advice. I'm also 28 but look younger

    Subsub1 09/13/2017  2:10pm

    I was in, but there were so few people in the holding room, it was hard to tell what (if any) age range people thought the characters should be. The play only specifies exact ages for James Joyce, Lenin, and Nadezhda/Nadya. So, I say go for it. Both Gwendolen & Cecily are described in the play as young, attractive, and personalities to be reckoned with. Cecily appears as her older self in the play also. Break a leg!

    Prevrukhna Ptichka 09/13/2017  2:46pm