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  • List at 20 at 6am

    ingenue.shmingenue 10/12/2017  5:49am

    What's emc/eq line look like

    10/12/2017  6:55am

    6 in line :)

    theatre559 10/12/2017  6:57am

    Non-eq list is at 20 people.

    Rickmug 10/12/2017  7:23am

    Non-eq list is at 20 people.

    Rickmug 10/12/2017  8:02am

    How many in line as of now?

    Ladywholunches 10/12/2017  8:36am


    10/12/2017  8:37am

    any appts left?

    you'vegotafriendinme 10/12/2017  9:16am

    Was the unofficial list from early this morning accepted?

    jko238 10/12/2017  9:19am

    EMC list at 20

    NYC_221B 10/12/2017  9:25am

    FYI the non-eq list is closed

    janisjoplinmanuel 10/12/2017  10:33am

    EMC numbers??

    BwayBroad 10/12/2017  10:36am

    About 14 EMC have been called. It’s moving fast. Not many appointments

    NYC_221B 10/12/2017  10:44am

    Just double checking the non eq list is really closed?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/12/2017  10:49am

    Yes, non eq is closed and I believe 20 EMCs have been called

    ingenue.shmingenue 10/12/2017  10:55am

    Thanks so much for the update!

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/12/2017  10:59am

    Can any one post who is in the room? Thanks!

    sassypants23 10/12/2017  11:08am

    I heard the monitor say Kaitlin Shaw is in the room and they have called through 22 EMC

    Ladywholunches 10/12/2017  11:16am

    In the room:
    Kaitlin Shaw, CD (Tara Rubin Casting)
    Brad Garside, Accompaniest

    taykay91 10/12/2017  11:40am

    How many EMC left? Have they started calling noneq?

    poorwandring1 10/12/2017  12:07pm

    Are they still taking walk-ins?

    sarahsoda4 10/12/2017  2:15pm

    Any updates on non eq?

    les87 10/12/2017  2:38pm

    Called through 10 on non union list!

    Redvans1530 10/12/2017  2:45pm

    Bump is non-eq list really closed

    10/12/2017  10:53am