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  • Bump

    Sarah_tmg 03/14/2018  7:38am

    Non eq list at about 16 at 8:30

    Eb175408 03/14/2018  8:24am

    Whats the line look like?

    Jamwilldo 03/14/2018  8:26am

    Whats the line look like?

    Jamwilldo 03/14/2018  8:44am

    Bump for appointments/alts? :)

    Sarah_tmg 03/14/2018  9:24am


    03/14/2018  9:30am

    aaaaaanybody know aaaaaanything? Lol

    Sarah_tmg 03/14/2018  10:03am

    bump! what's EMC looking like? thanks :)

    theatre559 03/14/2018  10:09am

    How many alt?

    Actoractoractor 03/14/2018  10:11am

    Non eq released till after lunch

    Jendlite 03/14/2018  10:13am

    bump on EMC/Alt?

    canigohome? 03/14/2018  10:35am


    Astoriagal 03/14/2018  10:50am

    Bump for eq alt

    Gman 03/14/2018  11:14am

    Last alt called was 31.

    There are 50 ish? On the list!

    Noonemournsthenoneq 03/14/2018  11:16am

    Called thru 39, about 70 on the eq alt list

    Sarah_tmg 03/14/2018  11:37am

    Thanks - how many are on the Non-eq list?

    CarmenSandiego 03/14/2018  12:16pm

    Alt 39/89. EMC 0/32, sent to lunch.

    KickIt 03/14/2018  12:18pm

    Bump on alternates

    Actoractoractor 03/14/2018  12:42pm

    ITR please.

    sohoguy 03/14/2018  12:46pm

    How many Alts did they get before lunch?

    Actoractoractor 03/14/2018  1:22pm

    Any update on alternates?

    Jk98373839 03/14/2018  2:32pm

    Bump on alts please!

    Jmblast15 03/14/2018  2:42pm

    Up to 67 before lunch. How many now? On my way back and want to know if need to run

    closetohomeless 03/14/2018  2:42pm

    They dismissed non-Eq. The monitor says they MAY be able to seen a few emc by the end of the day.

    nycgrl4ever 03/14/2018  2:42pm

    Called up to 90

    EpaMonitor 03/14/2018  3:04pm

    How many on the alt list total?

    skyrocketsinflight 03/14/2018  4:06pm

    150 on the alt list...had called through about 116 last I checked

    New2NewYork 03/14/2018  4:48pm

    Alt 123/153

    Silks&Shiraz 03/14/2018  5:03pm