• Berkeley Rep @ Actor's Equity Center 05/16/2018  6:02am

    Anyone know what the list looks like? (I know this audition date was changed sort of last minute.)


    Up to #10 on the non eq list

    killingmesoftlywithhisepa 05/16/2018  6:57am

    Thanks! Eq alts? EMC?

    kep0221 05/16/2018  7:17am

    Up to 5 EMCs

    Puck.Rose 05/16/2018  7:44am

    What’s non-eq at now?

    HowGreatAreButtsAmIRight 05/16/2018  7:56am

    22 Equity gone upstairs as of 8
    No idea about appts/EMC

    Kmo3 05/16/2018  8:04am

    14 on non-eq

    briankzzz 05/16/2018  8:47am

    What does EMC look like right now?

    Lolhiremepls 05/16/2018  9:09am

    I just signed in as #9 on EMC. Eq alt list is also 9 right now.

    kep0221 05/16/2018  9:14am

    Bump! Are appointments full?

    Beltbox 05/16/2018  9:19am

    They already called 4 Equity alternates.

    kep0221 05/16/2018  9:23am

    Keep updating please! You guys are awesome!

    yaytheatre 05/16/2018  9:44am

    Whose in the room?

    Shantiluv 05/16/2018  9:51am

    Will non-eq be seen before lunch?

    gigglebitch 05/16/2018  10:01am

    Looks like Amy Potozkin, Casting Director/ Artistic Director and accompanist Sean Forte. Called 16/20 alts. 14 EMC. Maybe non eq before lunch? Haven’t heard. Going through alts quickly.

    kep0221 05/16/2018  10:24am

    Bump for non eq!

    briankzzz 05/16/2018  11:22am

    Non-eq released for lunch.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/16/2018  12:03pm

    43/52 Alts, 0/20 EMC @12:26

    Nyc12345678 05/16/2018  12:26pm

    At Lunch: 46/57 Alts, 0/20 EMC, Acceping Drop-Offs

    Nyc12345678 05/16/2018  12:46pm

    How many on non eq list

    Jynqb28 05/16/2018  1:06pm

    Please post with post lunch updates!

    Nyc12345678 05/16/2018  1:56pm

    27 on non eq list

    Glueglovepliers 05/16/2018  2:04pm

    They have called 53 out of 70 Eq Alts

    iKruse 05/16/2018  2:20pm

    61 out of 78 Eq Alts called as of 2:48 PM

    israelhands 05/16/2018  2:51pm

    Thank for all the updates! What are they at now?

    Nyc12345678 05/16/2018  3:22pm

    66/89 alts called now

    israelhands 05/16/2018  3:27pm


    Nyc12345678 05/16/2018  3:59pm

    EMCs dismissed

    israelhands 05/16/2018  4:20pm