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  • Arizona Broadway Theatre @ Pearl Studios 10/21/2016  11:25am

    Has anyone received an appointment yet for auditions on Monday 10/24?


    Yup! Got an email yesterday afternoon

    NameonEveryonesLips 10/21/2016  11:37am

    Where are the appointments going to be?

    Invincible 10/23/2016  3:30pm

    Do you happen to know when you submitted for an appt?

    EddietheDog 10/23/2016  7:23pm

    Any thoughts as to just showing up when you don't have an appointment for vocalists Monday?

    Tompc011 10/23/2016  7:56pm

    PEARL 500
    They have seen walk-ins in the past.

    CuriousParadox 10/23/2016  8:18pm

    Submitted early last week, and it's Pearl 500! :)

    NameonEveryonesLips 10/23/2016  8:22pm

    What time does Pearl Studios open today?

    nola2broadway 10/24/2016  6:51am
  • Beef & Boards 2017 Season: Joseph, My Fair Lady, & Shrek @ Nola Studios 10/20/2016  9:38am

    Hello, everybody!
    This is the monitor for tomorrow's open call at NOLA letting you know that we will NOT be accepting an unofficial list. Our OFFICIAL sign up will begin at 8:30, with auditions starting at 9.
    Everybody enjoy a little extra sleep and we'll see you tomorrow morning!
    Thank you!

    Beef&Boards Monitor

    Thank you so much!

    whataboutsecondbreakfast 10/20/2016  11:22am

    Is there a link to the breakdown for the open call? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

    SCB25 10/20/2016  12:24pm

    Great! How will the order for the sign ups work? Should we just start a line when we get there? Thanks!

    amblingshambler 10/20/2016  11:16pm

    Hey SCB25! Here's the backstage listing for it:

    CAW94 10/20/2016  11:16pm

    Will the list be closing at a certain time today? I can't get there today until after 12...

    Tompc011 10/21/2016  7:08am

    About 15-20 people in line at 7:15.

    texicalyorker 10/21/2016  7:09am

    Any update on the line?

    kt15 10/21/2016  7:28am

    BUMP on line status?

    crooton94 10/21/2016  7:34am


    andreaa 10/21/2016  7:36am

    I would say about 40 people in line at 7:46

    znt92 10/21/2016  7:42am

    81 as of 8:45

    Nyc_living 10/21/2016  8:42am

    How busy is this? Trying to decide if it's worth coming when I get off work :)

    Jessika 10/21/2016  8:43am

    At 106 now

    Ctgsjc 10/21/2016  8:48am

    Hi! We are up to 122 on the list, and the list is open till 3:30.

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/21/2016  9:17am

    Hi friends! What number have they called? It's pouring and I was told to come back in an hour, but I want to avoid the rain as long as possible!

    BusyBee123 10/21/2016  9:40am

    We've collected résumés up through number 50.
    Also, the casting director wanted me to let everyone know that we are still accepting sign-ups, but after number 130 we can make no promises but will do our best to see you! The list is currently at 129.

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/21/2016  9:57am

    Are we actually singing 2 cuts? Or just one song?

    Teragram62 10/21/2016  10:06am

    Lovely monitor, do you mind posting the names of the fellas in the room? And also, do they have a casting email address?

    texicalyorker 10/21/2016  10:08am

    Your best 16-24 bars, and they may ask for a second piece if they need to see something different that they didn't get to see in your first selection.

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/21/2016  10:12am

    The gentlemen in the room are:
    Eddie Curry--artistic director
    Ron Morgan--director/choreographer
    And Mr. Lamonte Kuskye on the keys!

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/21/2016  10:15am

    Hi monitors! Do you know if they are going to take a lunch break and when that would be? Trying to plan when to be back if in the early 100s. I really appreciate you keeping us updated and being so easy going and friendly, making this rainy audition day so much easier. Thanks!

    Icejm 10/21/2016  10:38am

    Did anyone get asked to do a second cut?

    I know they're calling back for dance at 430 today.

    CuriousParadox 10/21/2016  10:57am

    Just so you guys know, they just called up to 103!

    anna3387 10/21/2016  11:29am

    Does anyone know if they're doing any callbacks for specific roles? Not just dance today?

    Nyc_living 10/21/2016  11:38am

    Is sign up still open??

    Tompc011 10/21/2016  12:19pm

    Is sign up still open??

    Tompc011 10/21/2016  12:28pm

    There are no callbacks for specific roles. Even if you weren't called back to dance, you still may be being considered for a role!
    We have collected headshots through number 127. We are seeing people till 4 and we have lots of slots available--come on down!

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/21/2016  12:46pm

    What floor?

    Tompc011 10/21/2016  1:56pm

    Hello, everybody!
    Thank you so much for coming out today.
    We are closing the list for our open call.
    Hope to see you all next time!

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/21/2016  3:15pm

    Hey! Does anyone know when offers go out!?

    Dhillp 10/22/2016  11:04am
  • RIP Van Winkle @ 10/21/2016  8:34am

    Does anyone have any info for RIP Van Winkle? Thanks!



    timeuponaonce 10/21/2016  10:20am


    Fatniss_Neverlean 10/21/2016  10:44am

    The only info I have is that it is neither legit, nor broadway. Hope this helps.

    IMANACTRESS! 10/21/2016  1:26pm

    Oh no! I'm on my way to the audition now! Why are you guys saying not to go????? Should I turn around and run the other way?

    Ladynapsalot 10/21/2016  2:49pm

    There have been threads on this recently. Even the audition is bad. Don't bother.

    random8 10/21/2016  2:50pm

    DO NOT GO. Weirdest audition ever.

    Bluelad4 10/21/2016  3:32pm

    Did anyone else notice... RIP = Rest In Peace? It could only be a sign.

    BroadwayKiwi 10/21/2016  10:07pm
  • NAB David Brunetti Acting Songs Classes @ other 10/21/2016  11:20am

    David Brunetti author of Acting Songs is offering a few scholarships to his upcoming New York Acting Songs classes. Google him for more information. He is a wonderful and empowering teacher.


    Sorry that this is posted in the wrong thread When I tried to post it didn't give me a choice.

    ptreiccea 10/21/2016  11:22am
  • Night of the Iguana @ A.R.T @ other 10/20/2016  9:18pm

    Anyone else get called in to read for this today? If so, anyone hear back from them??

  • 8 on non eq as of 7 am

    Screenname9876 10/19/2016  6:58am

    Thank you

    Icapellan 10/19/2016  7:02am

    Bump for non-eq please

    Lizaspiritanimal 10/19/2016  8:03am

    Non-Eq list around 30

    LBD 10/19/2016  8:46am

    Is there an EMC list?

    Claudiovenancio 10/19/2016  8:52am

    How many headshots and resumes do we need ?

    Actor525 10/19/2016  9:08am

    Bump for non eq?!

    idreamedadream 10/19/2016  9:44am

    Non eq list at 41

    Lizaspiritanimal 10/19/2016  10:01am

    Is it moving quickly ? Are there a chance at non eq being seen last #41 on the list?

    idreamedadream 10/19/2016  10:02am

    Who's INR please?

    DarkRedRose 10/19/2016  10:09am

    Any word on how equity appointments look??

    get_it 10/19/2016  10:11am

    EMC list up to 22

    ev9194 10/19/2016  10:32am

    Read the breakdown, that's all I am going to say. READ THE BREAKDOWN.

    CuriousParadox 10/19/2016  10:32am

    "All actors are Puerto Rican..."

    Iamnotthrowingawaymyshot 10/19/2016  10:44am

    Thank you "...shot" You win today :):):)

    CuriousParadox 10/19/2016  10:54am

    Does anyone know who is in the room please?

    DarkRedRose 10/19/2016  10:54am

    One actor is not Puerto Rican

    Baby_Groot 10/19/2016  11:40am

    Non eq released until after lunch(1:45)

    Lizaspiritanimal 10/19/2016  11:53am

    Non--eq have been released until after lunch. Note - all but one of the CHARACTERS are Puerto Rican. It does not say if you have to be a native Spanish speaker or not. One character is "American". Like it says above- read the breakdown.

    LBD 10/19/2016  12:15pm

    Are they accepting drop offs?

    backtobed678 10/19/2016  2:07pm

    Just started calling up non-eq

    LBD 10/19/2016  2:20pm

    How many non eq have been called ?

    Actor525 10/19/2016  3:02pm

    Anyone know who was ITR this afternoon?

    Akonasad 10/19/2016  4:42pm

    Playwright and Director ITR

    Comedybangbang 10/19/2016  4:50pm

    Any callbacks in the room? Will they contact us?

    Actorman123 10/19/2016  5:33pm

    Were there any callbacks ITR?

    Akonasad 10/20/2016  3:16pm
  • Back Home Again EPA @ Pearl Studios 10/14/2016  6:30am

    Unnoficial list started inside the lobby downstairs at Pearl (500). Happy Friday everyone :)

    Animal Lover <3


    Animal Lover <3 10/14/2016  6:32am

    Unofficial list at 6 at 7:00

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  6:57am

    Is there a separate EMC and non eq list?

    socksarefun 10/14/2016  7:08am

    12 EMCs lined up inside by the elevators

    g0796 10/14/2016  7:25am

    No. Emc signs up when
    Equity does on a separate list at EPAs.

    Brakes 10/14/2016  7:25am

    List is going upstairs. :)

    Brakes 10/14/2016  7:37am

    Bump for non-eq list

    Tacosalad 10/14/2016  8:01am

    Can someone post on whether or not the unofficial will be accepted at 9:00?

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  8:39am

    Just for anyone interested the non-eq list was at 14 around 7:40. Sorry this is posted late but I didn't see any recent update so I thought I'd add this in :)

    canigobacktobefore 10/14/2016  8:43am

    Can someone post on whether or not the unofficial will be accepted at 9:00?

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  8:50am

    Non-eq is at 26 I believe at 8:55!

    Tacosalad 10/14/2016  8:51am

    Can someone post the appointment sitch? I overslept!

    Kdubb 10/14/2016  9:01am

    Unofficial list has been transferred.

    I feel like writing this in its own post in the Bitching Post, but come on with those signatures, y'all. ;) My handwriting isn't great at the asscrack of dawn either, but it's really really hard to transfer names that you can't read. We did our best, and kept the original list with the official so folks can double check. Everything that was on the list got written down. But you just might have to translate your own name from the garble...

    Brakes 10/14/2016  9:15am

    Totes not mad about it, and it wasn't toooo many people. But nobody wants you to miss your name, just because it was illegible! It's hard enough as non-eq, help yourself out. Print your name. Xo

    Brakes 10/14/2016  9:19am

    What do Equity appointments look like? Thanks!

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 10/14/2016  9:33am

    Bump on appointments

    Dreamcatcher 10/14/2016  10:03am

    Would someone mind posting how many on EMC list? Thanks!

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 10/14/2016  10:12am

    Would someone mind posting how many on EMC list? Thanks!

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 10/14/2016  10:18am

    EMC at 31

    Vivavoce 10/14/2016  10:21am

    Non eq released until after lunch

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  10:27am

    36 on no eq list so far. Return at 2:00

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  10:36am

    Thank you!

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 10/14/2016  10:47am

    non eq including EMC? Or does it look like EMC might be called soon?

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 10/14/2016  10:56am

    Any EMC called yet?

    Rusty 10/14/2016  10:57am

    Have any EMC been called?

    StuckonSI 10/14/2016  10:57am

    Are they asking for 16 bars or the whole song?

    pizzaburger 10/14/2016  11:04am

    Alt. 7 of 12 called
    No EMC called yet, 35 EMC total
    41 non eq signed up

    jeaniebean 10/14/2016  11:08am

    And who's in the room?

    pizzaburger 10/14/2016  11:09am

    Thanks jeanie! Any EMC updates in the past hour?

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 10/14/2016  12:05pm

    Any afternoon slots open or are we full up?

    flyingtoast 10/14/2016  12:24pm

    Bump on afternoon appointments/alternates, please! As of 10:45am friend said many afternoon appointments available.

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 10/14/2016  12:28pm

    Bump for late afternoon appointments

    singtome 10/14/2016  12:48pm

    Would love a lunch update on how many alts and EMCs they called! (If any more). Thank you SO MUCH!

    thedip 10/14/2016  12:54pm

    They're calling for 2 minutes for equity, 32 bars emc, and 16 non union

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  1:06pm


    aroadtofollow 10/14/2016  1:44pm

    Are they on EMC right now?

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 10/14/2016  1:58pm

    Any emc called?

    hellooooo 10/14/2016  1:59pm

    No EMCs called yet

    welp 10/14/2016  2:20pm

    18 of 25 alt seen. No emc or non-eq seen yet. No other word so far.

    Brakes 10/14/2016  2:25pm

    I think about 6 EMCs called so far

    Petra16 10/14/2016  2:59pm

    Alt list is empty. 6 of 42 Emc's have been seen. Apts wide open as of 4:10.

    EeeZee 10/14/2016  3:13pm

    3:30p up to 10 on the EMC list

    thedip 10/14/2016  3:25pm

    Any more emc?

    hellooooo 10/14/2016  3:58pm

    Any update on how many emc or non eq have been seen?

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  4:21pm

    Does anyone have the info for who was ITR in the afternoon?

    kstars2779 10/14/2016  4:23pm

    Called up to 30 EMCs

    znt92 10/14/2016  4:23pm

    Just called all EMC! Non eq is UP BABY!!!!

    Canyoudotricks 10/14/2016  4:59pm

    Danny Dunitz the casting assistant was in the room

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 10/14/2016  5:49pm

    Have any call backs gone out?

    Updater101 10/20/2016  2:21pm
  • The Producers Maltz Jupiter @ Pearl Studios 10/20/2016  2:17pm

    Has ANYONE heard about ensemble offers yet? Or have we given up and some locals got them all?

  • Beef and Board appts @ Nola Studios 10/19/2016  6:55pm

    My appointment is tomorrow but I think they had them today too so I was wondering if anyone can speak to how much time they were taking, if they did do callbacks in the evening, etc? Thanks!



    hjj7 10/19/2016  10:06pm

    Today's appointments were pretty quick and painless. I showed up early and was seen early. Most people sang one or two songs, to my knowledge a few were asked to cold read sides. Not sure about callbacks ITR or callback timeline.

    ImEMserious 10/19/2016  10:09pm

    Does anyone know if there is still an open call for this on Friday? I saw it on Backstage. Thanks!

    kwilson8116 10/19/2016  10:34pm

    Dance callbacks are being held Friday at 4 and are being given in the room. Some roles will not require callbacks, they'll ask you for everything they need in the room.
    And there IS an open call on Friday (tomorrow) at 9am at NOLA! Official sign-up begins at 8:30 and an unofficial list will not be accepted. =]

    Beef&Boards Monitor 10/20/2016  9:40am

    Are they accepting walk ins today?

    SirBeltAlot 10/20/2016  11:56am
  • Jesus Christ @ Actor's Equity Center 10/19/2016  10:45am

    Anyone know whether they're only seeking African American actors for all roles? I somehow missed that in the Backstage breakdown, but Broadway World seems to indicate that that is the case....


    The backstage listing looks like they are looking for African American actors for all roles except Mary Magdalene, which is listed as "all ethnicities."

    CAW94 10/19/2016  11:04pm

    this is an all black production, the Mary magdelene breakdown is a typo.

    icancounttoG 10/20/2016  12:04am

    Can anyone confirm that this is an all African American production?

    ebm2014 10/20/2016  8:57am

    Just kidding... found this breakdown

    ebm2014 10/20/2016  9:00am

    Thanks guys. The Bway World breakdown says all characters are AA, but the Backstage one lists them as all ethnicities. Hence the confusion.

    GKH 10/20/2016  10:33am

    So what do these appts look like?

    DontSpeak 10/20/2016  10:34am

    Sorry, I'm confused...can anyone confirm whether or not they are looking at all ethnicities for Mary?? Thank you so much!

    --Caucasian Girl who loves this show but isn't sure if she should go to this audition now...

    sing_happy 10/20/2016  10:58am