There is a very common scam that is being solicited to actors right now. If you are contacted by anyone from DeDe Photography wanting to hire you for a catalog shoot, this is 100% a scam. Do not give them your information. They are also not in any way affiliated with Backstage.

Just as a note, anytime something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If someone is trying to pay you, upfront, for a photo shoot, when they have never met you, it is scam. Every time!

Also, if you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of a photographer’s site (when they are making an offer like this) I suggest your do a reverse image search in Google of the pictures on their site. I promise they will come up credited to someone else or as stock photography. The more you know.

  • Ongonquit @ Pearl Studios 01/29/2015  12:06pm

    Hello! Question about the Ogunquit Playhouse Non-Eq open singers call tomorrow 1/30. If sign-in is at 9, what time do you suggest getting there. I'm new to the New York audition scene and appreciate your help!


    whoops, smarty pants here spelled Ogunquit wrong in the title. Apologize. Been a looong morning as I'm sure ya'll understand :)

    ColoradoGirl303 01/29/2015  12:07pm

    Hey, Colorado!

    Get there as early as you can! I'd say 5:30/6am would be a safe bet. It's non equity and a great place to work which means it will be packed. Break legs!

    MissKayShuler 01/29/2015  1:09pm

    I'm still deciding when I'm going to get there, because Backstage says that the monitor won't be recognizing any unofficial lists, so sign in will truly start at 9. That being said... I'm probably going to still get there around 6-7

    irishtoast 01/29/2015  1:17pm

    Thank you!

    ColoradoGirl303 01/29/2015  1:34pm

    It is supposed to start snowing tonight and continue until around noon tomorrow. For those planning on standing in line super early be safe and bundle up!

    bmadds 01/29/2015  6:31pm

    Hey ladies, if it's supposed to snow and they're not going to honor an unofficial list, what happens when you get to the building? You just wait in a line outside for 2/3 hours? Trying to get a feel for what will happen if I get there around 8 like a normal human being?

    Bethany.elise 01/29/2015  6:46pm

    I would just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that (as mentioned above) Ogunquit said in their audition notice that they will not honor any unofficial list.

    Please don't start one. Wait in line. Remember who is in front of you and behind you before you get into the elevator, and honor that.

    r6 01/29/2015  7:49pm

    5:30? Seriously? Like, to be safe? Does everyone plan on being in the first group of ten?

    How about we all get there after the sun has risen like normal humans.

    Selaban 01/29/2015  8:59pm

    What time does Pearl even open? I would not get there crazy early unless you want to wait out in the cold.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/29/2015  9:00pm

    Get there early (5:30-6) if you have be at work by 11am. Otherwise I'm sure the rest of us will get there between 7 and 8, and those with the whole day to sit and wait 8-9. Right, yall? :)

    Ab90 01/29/2015  9:42pm
  • Audition Anxiety? @ Pearl Studios 01/29/2015  11:07am

    Actor friends, I learned a technique that completely changes audition anxiety - come to Pearl today, I will work with you before your auditions - Totally free. Rm 1207 (old building), 11am to 4pm. You must do this - it will change your experience - I promise you can't afford not to!

    Casey Gensler

    will you be doing this again?

    superboy1892 01/29/2015  8:09pm
  • A Gentleman's Guide @ Actor's Equity Center 01/29/2015  7:26pm

    How likely is it that they'll see non-eq ladies at tomorrow's ECC?

  • The Book of Mormon (Latter day Tour) @ Pearl Studios 01/29/2015  7:08pm

    Hey fellas. The mens call is at 2pm. What time do you think sign ups will start? What are your thoughts about non-eq getting seen at this kind of call?

  • Ogunquit open call @ 01/29/2015  6:24pm

    Does anyone know if they typically hire one non union ensemble for the whole season, or if they sometimes will hire a non union actor in ensemble or a role for just for one or two shows? Thanks!


    They hire on a show by show basis.

    iPoop 01/29/2015  6:26pm
  • Can somebody update please what's going on and if they're seeing noneq

    smileydimples85 01/29/2015  10:34am

    They typed non equity.

    LadyLuck 01/29/2015  10:34am

    Hey guys- did anyone happen to get a pic of the list of who was in the room? At this one or at the EPA? Please let me know if you have info!!

    #winning 01/29/2015  6:20pm
  • OGUNQUIT CANCELLED EPA @ 01/29/2015  5:53pm

    Does anyone know if this will be rescheduled? I know they have an open call tomorrow...don't really want to go to that.
    thanks for any info


    I'm sure it will be rescheduled at some point in February.

    action 01/29/2015  6:04pm
  • Three of us over here. Unofficial list started.

    Broadwaybabe3488 01/29/2015  9:36am

    I've never done this before; this is exciting. ...ahem, ahem: BUMP.

    TinyDancer53 01/29/2015  9:36am


    CurlyLox 01/29/2015  10:35am

    Who's in the room?

    drewm52085 01/29/2015  11:17am

    Will they see non-eq women today??

    missnatasha 01/29/2015  11:46am

    Bump! And did they see non-eq men?

    missnatasha 01/29/2015  11:49am

    Yes they did. They sang non-eq with the eq group

    Musicman1 01/29/2015  12:50pm

    there's like nobody here. And one of the writers is in the room. Non Union is being seen. Come and sing!

    TinyDancer53 01/29/2015  3:11pm

    How late is this going? Thanks!

    CurlyLox 01/29/2015  4:32pm
  • BassITone412

    Also, I haven't been to AEA in a while but someone told me there's a different entrance now that's not through the Times Square Visitors that true? And if so, how does it work now and what time will we be allowed inside? Thanks!!

    Jessika 01/28/2015  10:12pm

    same rules still apply as far as water only...but you enter on 46th st, i believe the address is still the same? (someone correct me?)... anyway, you go to any elevator, get off at the only stop, and then transfer elevators to the end of the floor and press a button for 16th floor on a computer screen which directs you to which elevator to go to. it is indeed just as confusing as it sounds, but someone will help you surely!

    noneq4eva 01/28/2015  10:37pm

    Thank you so much for the info!! Do we have to wait outside for long? I know when we were in the visitors center the guard would let us wait inside starting at like 6:45 until they put the list out. Just wondering how many layers to wear haha

    Jessika 01/28/2015  10:52pm

    Yes, there is a time that we are allowed to enter the building and line up in the sky lobby and a later time that we are allowed to go up to the equity center. Would anyone be so kind as to share that info again?

    flan 01/28/2015  11:31pm

    im sleeping in. don't get too crazy y'all. the season just started and I'm over these people.

    Munkustrap 01/28/2015  11:33pm

    Has an unofficial list been started yet for noneq?

    Jessika 01/29/2015  5:25am

    The official noneq list is out in the 4th floor lobby! 4 names on it so far

    Jessika 01/29/2015  6:46am

    How many people are in line?

    GrindingPavement 01/29/2015  7:20am

    The sky klobby is open now, not sure what time they are letting us up.

    onstage 01/29/2015  7:46am

    The non-eq list is in the non-Union lounge on the 16th floor now

    toloveanotherperson 01/29/2015  7:56am

    Thanks for the updates everyone! Can someone post what this looks like later in the morning? (How many appts are filled, any noneq announcements, etc) so many auditions today!

    Jessika 01/29/2015  7:59am

    The line is already really long... Snaking through most of the office and into Studio A.

    Poster.Girl 01/29/2015  8:16am

    It's definitely a full call. Studio A is filled and they've continued the line elsewhere.

    littlelady 01/29/2015  8:35am

    Non-eq list up to 14.

    Amanda B 01/29/2015  8:39am

    Would someone be able to post when appointments are filled up?

    muffins313 01/29/2015  8:58am

    Does the non-equity list automatically close when the audition starts?

    JoyfulNoise11 01/29/2015  9:07am

    what does the list look like for non-eq?

    Starclassic 01/29/2015  9:08am

    appts are all full. Were full when I got here at 9:00

    Fish 01/29/2015  9:26am

    Non eq list at 25. Monitor says 'very heavy call'

    amhoward18 01/29/2015  9:32am

    How many on the alt list?

    muffins313 01/29/2015  9:33am

    How full is the alt list now?

    ArtisticIntegrity 01/29/2015  9:49am

    Monitor came in, said non eg almost certainly won't be seen. Both alternate and emc lists around 50. Left address for non eq to send headshots and resumes.

    amhoward18 01/29/2015  9:57am

    Alt list around 65

    squid3 01/29/2015  9:57am

    Is it super unlikely that they'll see any EMC?

    mdactor120 01/29/2015  10:07am

    Could someone pls post when you hear who is ITR? Thanks!

    tapwizard 01/29/2015  10:14am

    68 on alt list. Please post when they start calling them!

    Ztotheoe 01/29/2015  10:20am

    The first 14 on the Alt list have been called

    Webbsies 01/29/2015  10:35am

    How many alts called?

    graciejo 01/29/2015  10:57am

    Bump for alt list number?

    hartoftexas03 01/29/2015  10:58am

    I cannot get down there today, but I would love to send a headshot/resume. Would someone be willing to share that information?!?! Pretty prettiest of pleases.

    Adele Dazeem 01/29/2015  11:08am

    alt list called through 40

    BIP 01/29/2015  11:13am

    How many people on the alt list?

    graciejo 01/29/2015  11:17am

    Just signed up as 97 on alt list

    drewm52085 01/29/2015  11:27am

    98 peeps on the alt list.

    mlbelle 01/29/2015  11:28am

    Update on # of Alts Called

    Chatty_Channing 01/29/2015  11:41am

    bump for who's in the room

    patricetheparrot 01/29/2015  11:53am

    Noneq told to come back after lunch. Could someone post later on what number they got thru on the alternate/EMC lists before lunch? Thanks!!

    Jessika 01/29/2015  12:03pm

    Bump on Alts

    Chatty_Channing 01/29/2015  12:04pm

    How many non eqs are signed up?

    Slotted--soup--spoon 01/29/2015  12:12pm

    Bump alts called.

    drewm52085 01/29/2015  12:14pm

    Bump on alts called please!

    Ztotheoe 01/29/2015  12:14pm

    Alt list at 124. Called through 61 last I heard.

    mlbelle 01/29/2015  12:27pm

    Update on Alts before lunch.

    Chatty_Channing 01/29/2015  1:03pm

    Alt list update before lunch?

    lbraid 01/29/2015  1:03pm

    I believe 67 was the last alternate number called.

    LiliVonShtupp 01/29/2015  1:29pm

    Would also really love the address to send headshot/resume...I know it may seem crazy to post that publicly, but it would really help us non-eq people who didn't get it in the morning.

    Born4thestage 01/29/2015  1:52pm

    I didn't catch the names of anyone in the room, does anyone know who they were?

    onstage 01/29/2015  2:12pm

    What ALT # are they on?

    SteppinToTheBadSide 01/29/2015  2:41pm

    Any news on whether they will see EMC this afternoon? Thanks!

    peaceful 01/29/2015  2:50pm

    When I last checked (before lunch) there were 140 alternates, and 67 of them had been seen.

    mlbelle 01/29/2015  3:03pm

    Any word on if there's still a chance for non eq to be seen?

    swedishsoprano 01/29/2015  3:30pm

    They are around early 90s on the alt list, it's moving but not as fast as it seemed to be this morning

    CookieButter 01/29/2015  3:36pm

    EMCs have been excused. We can go home. Wah-wah. At least they said we can submit headshots and resumes to:

    Jack Doulin
    New York Theatre Workshop
    83 E 4th St
    New York, NY 10003

    TinyDancer53 01/29/2015  3:59pm

    Thanks for the updates and info everyone! I really appreciate it :)

    Born4thestage 01/29/2015  4:20pm
  • Significant Other @ Ripley Grier 520 01/29/2015  1:02pm

    Hey all, I am BRAND NEW to this audition process, so I have a dumb question.

    I want to audition for Significant other, but I have work from 11-3. Now, the auditors are taking lunch from 1:30-2:30.

    Question: Do you think if I showed up to sign up at 7:30, I might be FAR ENOUGH DOWN THE LIST to make it back in time to audition? Thank you!!!



    If you're signing up as non eq for an EPA during the beginning of "audition season" for a show that pays over $500/wk and/or is a major company like Roundabout...honestly, you may or may not even be seen. Or maybe no non eq will be seen until the very end of the day. Or maybe they'll be peppered throughout the day (I'd be surprised, but stranger things have happened). Long story short...being strategic is great, but in this case it may not do you much good. I'd say show up early/when you can and hope for the best. Whether or not you get seen will mostly depend on luck, rather than smart planning. Good luck...and try to resign yourself to how little of this process is in your control...maybe even enjoy it :)

    Have2FinishTheHat 01/29/2015  3:20pm

    I've done that before - signed up a bit later so I could come back around 4. But I've also overshot that and therefore wasn't seen at it's all a gamble. Finishthehat is right, it really depends on what the show is. But it never hurts to try!

    Born4thestage 01/29/2015  4:18pm