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  • Frozen @ Pearl Studios 12/03/2016  10:30am

    Does anyone remember who was in the room for Frozen auditions?


    Kristian Charbonier and Chris Kong

    thespianavenue 12/03/2016  11:01am

    Which one? The singer or dancer ECC's or the EPA's?

    I know it was Laura most of the time for EPA's, I got lucky as it was Rachel for a half hour before lunch when I went.

    It was Cesar and the music supervisor for the singer ECC I think. As for the dancer ECC...couldn't tell you as I'm not a dancer therefore didn't go to that 😜

    Showbizdreamer 12/03/2016  11:33am
  • CSC2 (Julius Caesar + R&J) @ other 11/28/2016  8:06pm

    Any offers out yet? I had a callback in Boston a few weeks ago, and was told I would hear. I saw on here that there was a stage combat audition last week, but I did not get asked to come to that. However, I also heard that some people got rejection emails a few days after their callbacks weeks ago. So I'm confused! 😅 Anyone got more info about where they are at? Thanks!


    NamidPlayer 11/29/2016  4:13pm

    Bump ✌🏼

    NamidPlayer 12/02/2016  11:44pm
  • staceykatie76
  • The Dressmaker's Secret @ Ripley Grier 520 12/02/2016  9:04am

    How's it looking numbers-wise for non-eq? How many EMC, abs is there a list yet?


    Bump on the list

    thespianavenue 12/02/2016  9:22am

    Any updates for emc and how the room looks?

    cmc957 12/02/2016  9:54am

    Decently quiet when I was there 20min ago, EMC and non-eq should be seen without too much of a wait

    Coops 12/02/2016  10:51am

    Any updates? Appointments still available?

    @amradf 12/02/2016  1:20pm

    Anyone have info on this? Have they seen non-eq?

    DMV 12/02/2016  4:08pm

    Walked right in as a non-eq around 3:00! Very warm room!

    bwaylvsong 12/02/2016  4:26pm
  • Very few equity, they're getting through all the non eq who are there right now

    Jack-tor 12/02/2016  10:29am

    Does anyone know if English pop songs are acceptable for this?

    ycreampuff 12/02/2016  3:00pm

    Yeah, english pop is okay

    thespianavenue 12/02/2016  3:14pm
  • Catsandbroadway

    I thought Secret Garden was happening December 5th?

    ActorM7 12/02/2016  1:50pm
  • Alhambra ECC @ Pearl Studios 12/02/2016  7:01am

    Any idea how busy Equity is going to be today? Specifically women who move well at 11am?


    Has a list been started for non eq women?

    HEBie 12/02/2016  7:10am

    There's an unofficial list.
    Singers: 4 men 9 women
    Dancers: 1 man 2 women

    dlaszlo18 12/02/2016  7:58am

    Updates on noneq women?

    imaluuser 12/02/2016  9:07am

    Not sure about the numbers right now but I believe the unofficial list is being transferred

    dlaszlo18 12/02/2016  9:10am

    Updates on noneq women?

    imaluuser 12/02/2016  9:12am

    bump on non eq updates!

    foryourglory 12/02/2016  9:50am

    How is the alternate list looking?

    Catsandbroadway 12/02/2016  11:34am

    whoops sorry wrong thread!

    Catsandbroadway 12/02/2016  11:34am

    1 more equity left

    foryourglory 12/02/2016  12:06pm

    Anyone know who was in the room besides Tod?

    bway145 12/02/2016  12:09pm

    Any updates on non-eq women?

    DancRed 12/02/2016  1:46pm
  • Flu Shots @ Actor's Equity Center 12/02/2016  12:07pm

    They are free. They are available for everyone on the 14th Floor at AEA until 3pm today.

    character breakdown
  • Next To Normal Theatreworks @ 11/29/2016  12:11am

    Has anybody gotten an appointment yet for this? Breakdown was on AA!


    Was wondering the same thing!

    pizzapartypants 11/29/2016  1:56pm

    Was also wondering if anyone got an appointment. Auditions are supposed to be tomorrow. Anyone?

    IHateMornings 11/30/2016  11:19am

    bump! i submitted last week but assumed appointments went out already. can anyone confirm that?

    courtbutt 11/30/2016  7:14pm

    Bump bump bump!

    Broadwaybnd16 12/02/2016  11:26am