The Backstage Actor Networking Event - October Edition

Come have a drink with a CD and an agent!

Special Industry Guests:
Elizabeth Berra - Casting Associate for Marc Hirschfeld Casting
Jim Daly - Talent Agent BLOC NYC

We will be raffling off...

A headshot package from Lauren Toub Photography valued at $500
A one scene profesional reel shoot from $500 value
A professional actor resume formating from Act One Consulting
A six month subscription to $95 value
A free on-camera class at Backstage University

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Meet Up

  • Cinderella EPA @ Chelsea Studios 10/08/2015  5:54pm

    How early does Chelsea Studios open the building? Do you think Non-Equity will get seen at this call?


    If it's anything like the ecc last week non eq will totally be seen. Men only took about an hour and a half I think and I think there were just over 40 equity women. When I got there the men were already long gone and I was still in the second group of non eq. There's no way to know how tomorrow will go but I can't imagine it being terrible

    DyingToBeDaae 10/08/2015  9:22pm

    And according to Google they open at 8 am

    DyingToBeDaae 10/08/2015  9:28pm

    Does anyone know if Chelsea rents out warmup rooms and how much?

    cookie 10/09/2015  1:31am
  • Chicago @ 10/08/2015  11:28pm

    Any word of offers for the upcoming tour?


    sorry..meant to post in callback corner. ugh.

    nyc12345 10/08/2015  11:29pm
  • Annie Tour -- Joy Dewing @ Ripley Grier 520 10/08/2015  5:55am

    Unofficial alternate list started at 5:30am on the 16th floor. List up to four people.


    Unofficial Alternate list up to 21 at 8:45am.

    herestothemenwholunch 10/08/2015  9:09am

    Anyone have an update on the alternates? Have any been seen or are they still saying 2pm -ish?

    meganshirley 10/08/2015  12:22pm

    Are they giving dance callbacks ITR? Or just sides?

    ihopeigetit 10/08/2015  12:43pm

    No alternates called yet. 2pm seems more likely

    jemeraldson 10/08/2015  12:56pm

    They are calling the first 10 alternates right now! They will have about 45 min to try to see as many alts as they can. :-)

    PineapplePrincess 10/08/2015  1:28pm

    Just a heads up folks- make sure to give the accompanist a solid tempo. I think he's struggling a bit. I gave him my tempo and he pretty much played my piece at half of that. Yikes! Break legs!

    Iceberg 10/08/2015  1:33pm

    I thought the accompanist was lovely!
    He played everything perfectly and followed all my instructions.
    Maybe he was tired? Or just had lunch and was sluggish?
    That's the worst though, when an accompanist and you don't sync and you feel like it could've went better :/

    musicalwarrior 10/08/2015  1:52pm

    They are starting the alt list. They got through the first 20 an said they're going to most likely stop after that and do lunch. But they said they'd reevaluate after lunch whether or not they wanted more unofficial.

    Barkles 10/08/2015  2:07pm

    Anyone have an idea if there are gonna be dance callbacks any day soon or if Joy will be contacting for dance callbacks?

    herestothemenwholunch 10/08/2015  11:12pm
  • Put this in Callback Corner!

    Also, is this for Miracle on 34th @ Engemann? or Christmas Carol at Nantucket?

    ihopeigetit 10/08/2015  10:08pm
  • Let's Broadway Cabaret Series @ other 10/08/2015  5:54pm

    Join our Series for a night of fun and talent.

    Casting Singers off all ethnicities and voice types.

    We perform twice a month at The West End Lounge in the Upper West Side.
    A beautiful and trendy Cabaret performance space. The perfect place to showcase your talent.

    Submit by email:

    Let's Broadway nights are pure fun for both performers and audience, a laid back show environment where artists feel comfortable, safe and encouraged to show their best at all times.

    Rodrigo Marques
  • 44 on non Eq, said to check back at 11:30. Can anyone comment on length of EMC list and status of appointments?

    irishrogue 10/08/2015  10:04am

    Please post itr :)

    buhbuhbilly 10/08/2015  10:09am

    How do appointments look?

    Georgie 10/08/2015  10:15am

    7 alternates and 30 EMC. Haven't heard re: ITR

    nrm45 10/08/2015  10:37am

    Have they seen any EMC's? How's the afternoon looking for appts?

    jules1 10/08/2015  10:41am

    ITR- Delores Pereira, casting asst for Calleri Casting

    bwaybound 10/08/2015  10:42am

    appts still available?

    borat 10/08/2015  10:54am

    Any word on how quickly they are moving? Still calling alternates or have they moved to go EMC list?

    irishrogue 10/08/2015  11:04am

    Started on EMC list. Noneq won't be seen before lunch. Morning is now full before lunch (1-2)

    nrm45 10/08/2015  11:30am

    How's the afternoon looking?

    jules1 10/08/2015  12:00pm

    Non-eq sheet says to check back at 3:00, list up to 57

    bwaylvsong 10/08/2015  12:47pm

    Anyone know where they're ending on the EMC list before lunch hits?

    cmc957 10/08/2015  1:18pm

    Have they started seeing non-eq?

    redbarron 10/08/2015  2:46pm

    What # emc are they at?

    jules1 10/08/2015  3:09pm

    any updates?

    redbarron 10/08/2015  3:36pm

    Emc 27 to go. No noneq will be seen.

    nrm45 10/08/2015  4:39pm

    Not seeing non-eqs, but accepting drop-offs

    bwaylvsong 10/08/2015  4:48pm
  • F.U.N.finallyunderstandingnothing

    I didn't get a callback but I received an offer today!

    Snowflake13 10/06/2015  7:50pm

    Can you tell us for what role?

    Gotmycloudyglasseson 10/07/2015  1:45pm


    Snowflake13 10/07/2015  11:23pm

    received an offer Sunday for female ensemble and female understudy

    IAmMe 10/08/2015  3:55pm
  • Boy @ Actor's Equity Center 10/08/2015  1:17pm

    Anyone know where they're ending on the EMC list before lunch hits?