Today is the day.

  • Stars & Strikes @ Pearl Studios 03/05/2015  10:07am

    Post what the alternate situation is looking like for this throughout the day. Thanks!

    Bento Tinderbox

    Lots of open spots- come on over! They said they should be able to see all the alternates they have so far easily

    Syzygy28 03/05/2015  10:10am

    Sweet, thanks!

    Bento Tinderbox 03/05/2015  10:15am

    I signed up for an appt from 2-3 but the appt says "2pm". Does anyone know if they are running in hourly spots or specific appt times? Thanks!!!

    spunkygal007 03/05/2015  11:15am

    Running behind. Still finishing up the 10am group. Hand in your h/r when you check in for your group. Seems like they will fit you in if you come a little later than your scheduled time.

    blueroses 03/05/2015  11:24am

    thanks blueroses!

    spunkygal007 03/05/2015  12:01pm

    Are people singing both songs? Or just the pop/contemp ballad?

    mousedance 03/05/2015  12:18pm

    They're asking a few people for second songs. I sang an uptempo first and he asked for a ballad after.

    littleeagle 03/05/2015  12:20pm

    Awesome, thank you!

    mousedance 03/05/2015  12:24pm

    Are callbacks being given ITR?

    e_doolittle 03/05/2015  12:34pm

    Who's ITR??

    Justbreathe91 03/05/2015  12:46pm

    Bump! Any callbacks ITR?

    Tacostacostacos 03/05/2015  1:02pm

    Monitor said no callbacks ITR. Nikki grillos in the room for casting. And they graciously cut into their lunch break so they're back on time now! Starting back up at 2.

    Jessika 03/05/2015  1:48pm
  • Bump

    Bento Tinderbox 03/05/2015  9:47am

    Can someone post who is in the room today? Thanks!

    Zzzz 03/05/2015  10:08am

    Bump ITR!

    ilovebroadway123 03/05/2015  10:55am

    I've been delayed due to the never-ending winter weather - can anyone update on how busy it is? And who's ITR?

    luckystar1354 03/05/2015  10:56am

    SUPER OPEN but definitely required. Craig Burns in the room.

    LadyNugget20 03/05/2015  11:20am


    Bento Tinderbox 03/05/2015  11:29am

    Walked in and got seen as non-Eq

    toloveanotherperson 03/05/2015  11:47am

    About to head over as non-eq. What are my chances of getting seen?

    Fenderbender 03/05/2015  12:14pm

    Are they seeing one or two songs?

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/05/2015  1:07pm

    LadyNugget, why do you say it's definitely required? When I set my filters on the equity website to only show nonrequired calls, this one still came through

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/05/2015  1:15pm

    Completely empty. If you want to get seen by Craig then go but he was #overit

    Zzzz 03/05/2015  1:38pm
  • how's it looking? any non-eq? if so, how many?

    Ilovedogs92 03/05/2015  8:01am

    Up to 2 on the noneq singer call, I think 2 on the dancer call as well? Looks pretty dead in the AEA building

    Syzygy28 03/05/2015  8:09am

    12 on the list as of 8:17AM!

    nicnac 03/05/2015  8:32am

    ** Non-Eq female singer list, that is. At 12.

    nicnac 03/05/2015  8:33am

    I'm so sorry, I got confused with East Lynne.

    5 on the Non-Eq Female singers list, 4 on Non-Eq dancers.

    nicnac 03/05/2015  8:37am

    Any word on if non eq will be seen?

    Jordan 03/05/2015  9:27am

    Ladies the call is dead! Granted it starts in 15 minutes, but there are legit 10 women here!

    stinasteens 03/05/2015  9:28am

    But will they be seeing non eq?

    Jordan 03/05/2015  9:50am

    They're calling non-eq female singers now. They keep repeating names because it's super dead and the monitor just wants people in line lol.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/05/2015  10:00am

    I won't be able to stay for this one. Can someone ask if they are accepting non-eq drop offs and post here? Much appreciated - thanks!

    funsized 03/05/2015  10:38am

    Wow. So was there a random dearth of appointments or are they still filing non-eq in? Does anybody know what appointments are looking like--should non-eq come NOW or show up later too??

    babaroost 03/05/2015  11:03am

    Female singers call is closed. Males start at 11:30

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/05/2015  11:08am

    Any updates on female non-eq dancers? How is the list? Are they going to try to see noneq?

    dancrdva 03/05/2015  11:47am

    Any info on the men's call. Are they seeing non union?

    Jerrialy 03/05/2015  11:51am

    Non eq men for dance call???


    Luc 03/05/2015  1:08pm

    I'm here now -- and the men's dance call is not until 4PM - women are at 2PM. No update on whether non-eq will be seen, but I'd say it's a good chance because all the Non-Eq women were seen this morning! Male Non-Eq at 2 people, female Non-Eq at 22 as of 1:21PM!

    Safe travels xo

    nicnac 03/05/2015  1:37pm
  • Bump

    LoquaciousLo 03/05/2015  7:20am

    It was dead when I got there at 7:15. No line and I started the non-eq list outside Ripley. Don't know what it's like now...

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/05/2015  8:00am

    Bump. They let people up to R/G now?

    classact19 03/05/2015  8:19am

    About 60-70 people in holding room. I think all of them are talking at once.

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/05/2015  8:21am

    Holding room is packed to capacity at 8:15, but all is organized and upbeat. NonEq definitely shouldn't bother snow-trekking; based on turnout so far, I'll be shocked if more than a few/any EMCs are seen.

    diana891 03/05/2015  8:36am

    Also a note for non eq--two people started lists. So there are two unofficial lists on the table, each with about a dozen names

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/05/2015  8:38am

    Any news on alt list?

    Blackie 03/05/2015  8:46am

    I just combined the 2 unofficial into one. Apparently one started upstairs and then the guard said people weren't allowed up so another list was started. Mistake rectified. List up to about 20 names.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/05/2015  8:53am

    A second holding room has been formed in 16T

    Yzarif 03/05/2015  8:55am

    Unofficial non equity list in 20's, but it looks bleak.

    Mejones 03/05/2015  9:16am


    blueberry101 03/05/2015  9:58am

    We just released non-eqs. Stay safe in the snow!

    DECasting 03/05/2015  10:12am

    Any updates on appts/alt. list? Thanks!

    mboi 03/05/2015  10:25am

    What's equity like? Spots, alts?

    usn1120 03/05/2015  10:51am

    Are they seeing emcs? Thanks!

    basicNAB 03/05/2015  10:53am

    No appts left. ALT list at #50, called through 15. Daryl Eisenberg is ITR.

    teafortwo 03/05/2015  11:01am

    Any EMC's being seen? If so, what # are they at? Thanks!

    jules1 03/05/2015  11:14am

    EMC released til after lunch

    igotthepart 03/05/2015  11:46am

    Where are they on the alt list now?

    BeethovensFifth 03/05/2015  12:40pm

    Called through 51 alt list

    Yzarif 03/05/2015  12:58pm

    And how many are on the alt list now?

    BeethovensFifth 03/05/2015  1:17pm

    Are they taking drop offs for Non-Eq?? What's a Non-Eq girl gotta do to be seen at a Shakespeare call these days? 😔

    nicnac 03/05/2015  1:35pm
  • Alpine Theatre Project 2015 Season EPA @ Pearl Studios 03/05/2015  7:53am

    Good morning beautiful people! Anyone there yet? Looking for how long the line is. Thanks!


    Anyone know if pearl is actually going to open in this weather?

    Tacostacostacos 03/05/2015  7:57am

    Bump for all us commuters!!
    Thanks girls! X

    DaniSilver 03/05/2015  8:02am

    Pretty sure it will be open today. Up to maybe 10 on the noneq list

    Syzygy28 03/05/2015  8:10am

    I was told yesterday that they don't have any Non-Eq contracts to offer for Alpine, nor were they accepting drop offs.. so I wouldn't bother with a Non-Eq list :(

    nicnac 03/05/2015  8:28am

    Hey NicNac, did they see EMC's yesterday?

    KTJ 03/05/2015  8:32am

    Is it on? Did pearl open? Please and thank you

    jada17 03/05/2015  8:41am

    Bump for how long the line is, etc

    harlequin 03/05/2015  8:53am


    Pelicansarecool 03/05/2015  9:02am

    Small holding room. Probably 40-50 people there. Unofficial non-equity list at 20.

    Mejones 03/05/2015  9:06am

    It's on!
    Pearl is open and smiling.
    Non-eq list up to 21, no announcement yet if we will be seen. There are not many people here so the odds are looking very bright at the moment. Will keep you updated! Stay safe

    DaniSilver 03/05/2015  9:24am

    Any updates for non eq?

    pleasestop 03/05/2015  10:03am

    Are the still equity apptmnts before lunch?

    Let'sBeReal 03/05/2015  10:16am

    Earliest Equity appointments available are 11:30am. Emc list is at 9. Non-eq list is up to 28!

    10am and 10:10am groups plus 2 alternates are lined up to go in. Hope this helps!

    KTJ 03/05/2015  10:21am

    Super helpful! Thanks so much!

    Let'sBeReal 03/05/2015  10:24am

    Can someone post when they start calling EMC?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/05/2015  10:25am

    Great place to work, get there if ya can!

    mboi 03/05/2015  10:28am

    Bump for equity appts/alternates?

    kbrose 03/05/2015  11:01am

    Update? How many are on the AEA alternate list?

    NYCActor123 03/05/2015  11:11am

    1 on alt
    11 EMCs - 3 have been called

    ItsHannaWithCamille 03/05/2015  11:33am

    They are running 10 mins behind
    So no more EMCs or alternates are squeezing in since the first group. 32 bars OR LESS is being said a lot.

    KTJ 03/05/2015  11:38am

    Non-eq released for lunch.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/05/2015  12:47pm

    Non-eq released until after lunch!
    EMCS stick around

    DaniSilver 03/05/2015  12:47pm

    What's the alt list situation? Are alts walking in and getting seen right away?

    Songsstresss 03/05/2015  1:13pm
  • Legally Blonde NYC @ Ripley Grier 520 03/05/2015  12:00am

    The casting notice says, "Equity/non-Equity actors attending without appointments seen as time permits." Wanted to start a post in advance so we can stay up to date on how quick (if at all) they are seeing alternates.


    Anyone know more about this place? What's the pay like for non-union? I'm assuming no emc points or anything since it's just guest contracts?

    AudraLupone 03/05/2015  12:30am

    how is the alt list looking?

    Ilovedogs92 03/05/2015  7:58am

    Alt list was at 6 around 7am

    Syzygy28 03/05/2015  8:11am

    There's two unofficial was started in the room and then 15min later someone else came in with another saying it started while people were waiting to get into Ripley (but it wasn't visible). I guess it'll be up to the monitor to see if either list will be honored.

    TripleDelight 03/05/2015  8:52am

    How many people are on each list?

    Flippyflopdance 03/05/2015  9:44am

    Maybe twenty minites ago there were 9 on one and 20 on the other

    5678AND 03/05/2015  9:48am

    Updates? Are they seeing alternates?

    Ilovedogs92 03/05/2015  10:11am

    Any updates?

    e_doolittle 03/05/2015  10:18am

    Where in ripley is this???

    Jordan 03/05/2015  10:22am

    Were CBs in the room?

    SummerLovin 03/05/2015  10:34am

    Taking appointments and some walk-ins

    Mejones 03/05/2015  11:02am

    Mejones, do you know if that was the first walk-in? Trying to get a feel for the next two days.

    babaroost 03/05/2015  11:04am

    Is this for STONC?

    spunkygal007 03/05/2015  11:16am

    Yes Stonc. Also seeing for childrens show. About a handful of walk ins seen. We are lined up now and it's 16 E

    5678AND 03/05/2015  11:34am

    I know this would just be a guess, but if we're not already on the alt list, do you think we have a shot? As in, getting there in an hour? Thx

    jumpnjive00 03/05/2015  11:54am

    There are 40+ people on the list. The monitor says that you can keep signing up but she isn't sure if they'll get to everyone on the list. They've called maybe 10 people off the list but haven't called any alternates in about an hour.

    e_doolittle 03/05/2015  12:07pm

    hows the non-eq looking?

    gen-kun 03/05/2015  12:51pm
  • 9 people here total

    Pelicansarecool 03/05/2015  8:46am

    do you know how many non eq?

    allthethings 03/05/2015  8:49am


    allthethings 03/05/2015  9:08am

    How many people are there? Any chance for Noneq to be seen?

    nipple_cop 03/05/2015  10:21am

    Any word on how this is going?

    Actingismylife 03/05/2015  11:24am

    Any word on how this is going?

    Actingismylife 03/05/2015  11:36am

    I signed up on the outside list around 6am when they weren't letting people up and noticed that the people who transferred the list put the upstairs people on first on the official non EQ. Even though no one can be let in at 6am. Interesting...

    allthethings 03/05/2015  11:46am

    Any EMC's being seen? If so, what # are they up to? Thanks!

    jules1 03/05/2015  11:47am

    Was #14 EMC and got seen

    igotthepart 03/05/2015  11:49am

    Thanks, igotthepart!

    Actingismylife 03/05/2015  12:09pm

    what number is non-eq on?

    gen-kun 03/05/2015  12:40pm

    Just called through 8 for noneq

    Syzygy28 03/05/2015  12:42pm
  • Kinky Boots ECC dancers who sing @ Pearl Studios 03/05/2015  10:41am

    Does anyone know if they will be seeing non-equity at the ecc dancer call today? I know they said no non eq at the singer call, but it doesn't mention it in the dancer posting?! Thanks!


    They're taking a non eq guys list right now

    guythatdances 03/05/2015  10:43am

    Did they transfer the women's non eq list from this morning ?

    taycon 03/05/2015  11:44am

    How many are on the female non eq list? Trying to decide if I should venture out in this snow!

    Dance4life0623 03/05/2015  12:04pm

    Is the men's call both workers and angels?

    postytoasty 03/05/2015  12:09pm

    16 on the non-eq female list. They saw all non-eq males but, ya know, dudes in heels is a thing in that show and ladies doing step touches is also.

    LadyNugget20 03/05/2015  12:10pm
  • The Fantasticks @ other 03/04/2015  10:59pm

    I have an appointment for "The Fantasticks" tomorrow for the Half Moon Theatre. Anyone know where these appointment auditions are being held?


    Shetler, 244 W 54th.

    Ranger Rick 03/05/2015  1:49am

    Are they accepting walk ins ?

    Proudofyourboy 03/05/2015  9:28am

    Bump on walk ins?!

    Justbreathe91 03/05/2015  10:36am


    Proudofyourboy 03/05/2015  12:02pm
  • Email was sent out a few days after auditions stating that the list would come out after that.

    On a previous post, someone told me that people that got callbacks should've received an email by now.

    mikey580 03/05/2015  1:46am

    Yeah, I got a callback email a couple days after his initial email! Hope this helps

    kl245057 03/05/2015  12:00pm