successful audition

  • The Little Mermaid @ Ripley Grier 929 08/04/2015  7:25am

    Just put up an unofficial non eq list. Scoured the building but it's empty.


    Thank you!

    Liveandgive 08/04/2015  7:31am

    Can someone post when the time comes whether or not the unofficial gets transferred? Thanks!!

    Jessika 08/04/2015  8:01am


    Luckyclover4 08/04/2015  9:15am

    Is the noneq list up for dancers later on today yet?

    beeboop 08/04/2015  9:41am

    Women's and Men's singers list transferred by me.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 08/04/2015  10:09am

    Thank you!!!

    Jessika 08/04/2015  10:19am

    Does anyone know if non-eq will be seen or not?

    Morningcoffee 08/04/2015  10:41am

    Any idea about when they will be seeing non-eq?

    Luckyclover4 08/04/2015  10:42am

    How long is the men's NonEq list?

    bwydreamer 08/04/2015  10:51am

    thanks Doctorusername

    Dobie 08/04/2015  11:11am

    Called up to 23 on the non eq women's singer list. Currently 17 on the non eq men's singer list. 8 bars for non eq, just a heads up.

    ttmmss 08/04/2015  11:21am

    Thanks! ITR?

    bwydreamer 08/04/2015  11:32am

    Did they do callbacks in the room?

    heygirhey90 08/04/2015  11:54am

    Unsure about callbacks itr. No longer seeing non eq women, unsure about non eq men.

    ttmmss 08/04/2015  12:00pm

    Who's In The Room? Thanks

    bwydreamer 08/04/2015  12:11pm

    @ttmmss when you say they are no longer seeing non eq ladies you mean for the singer call right?

    outofwittyscreenames 08/04/2015  12:30pm

    Yes, no longer seeing non eq women for the singers call, sorry! I'm unsure what they'll do for the dancers call. Thanks for pointing that out @outofwittyscreenames!

    ttmmss 08/04/2015  12:43pm

    How many non-ew women are on the list to dance?

    kh519 08/04/2015  12:50pm

    Who was in the room for singers? It's on the table

    bwydreamer 08/04/2015  12:52pm

    For non-eq women singers, the director was the only one in the room.

    kh519 08/04/2015  12:55pm

    Really appreciate all the info @ttmmss :) hope you had a good audition!

    outofwittyscreenames 08/04/2015  12:55pm

    Im totally chopped liver here! lol

    Can anyone pleeeaaassse tell me who was in the room for singers? Director? Casting Dir? Company Manager? Meryl Streep?...

    bwydreamer 08/04/2015  1:17pm

    When I went in it was just the director, Melissa Rain Anderson.

    Bwayluver 08/04/2015  1:23pm

    Thank you! <3

    bwydreamer 08/04/2015  1:54pm

    Wide open when I was there at 12:50 PM. Non-Equity was being seen, and there were still plenty of union time slots available after lunch. Very nice people in the room (artistic director & associate artistic director). Go and perform your piece. You'll be glad you did! :-)

    whyaskforthemoon 08/04/2015  4:02pm

    Ooops posted the above on the wrong listing. Mea culpa… :-(

    whyaskforthemoon 08/04/2015  4:09pm

    Can anyone post if they're closing the dance calls at a certain time?

    CheetahRivera 08/04/2015  4:10pm

    Has anyone from the ECC heard about callbacks?

    Laura20 08/04/2015  9:28pm
  • Only 9 people on the non-eq list. They haven't said if they're seeing us yet.

    DLeigh16 08/04/2015  9:36am

    How's the emc list looking?

    kb991211 08/04/2015  9:52am

    Any appts left?

    Dobie 08/04/2015  10:03am

    How's the emc list? Any updates?

    dramalover 08/04/2015  10:22am

    Looking if there are union appointments?can't get there until later. how is it looking? busy?

    23skidoo 08/04/2015  10:29am

    Emc list??

    kb991211 08/04/2015  10:43am

    Non-eq just brought into waiting room. Looks to be plenty of spots.

    DoctorUsername 08/04/2015  10:47am

    Who's in the room?

    LBD 08/04/2015  10:59am

    Thanks Doctorusername

    Dobie 08/04/2015  11:40am

    How's it's looking? I'm on my way.

    Lukedavidyoung123 08/04/2015  11:55am

    5 from non-eq have been seen.

    LBD 08/04/2015  12:02pm

    Where is everyone? Names are down but no one in sight?

    Lukedavidyoung123 08/04/2015  1:37pm

    Wide open when I was there at 12:50 PM. Non-Equity was being seen, and there were still plenty of union time slots available after lunch. Very nice people in the room (artistic director & associate artistic director). Go and perform your piece. You'll be glad you did! :-)

    whyaskforthemoon 08/04/2015  4:10pm
  • 'Clifford The Big Red Dog,' Nat'l Tour @ Shetler Studios 08/04/2015  7:50am

    Good morning! I arrived at Shetler and didn't see an unofficial list posted. I'm guessing things are still slow because of the summer. I didn't have tape so I didn't start a list, but if someone starts a list or sees one put up, please post here! Thank you!


    They just opened the building. None of the rooms on the 12th floor are open yet but my friend is waiting up there to keep an eye on things. We'll update if it starts getting crazy!

    Jessika 08/04/2015  7:59am

    Great! Thank you for the update!

    Serena 08/04/2015  8:15am

    The entrance I usually use is still locked. What door did you go through, @Jessika? Thank you!

    Serena 08/04/2015  8:21am

    Got in!

    Serena 08/04/2015  8:22am

    How's it looking? Just curious bc I'll be there soon!

    febale 08/04/2015  10:41am

    How's it looking?

    NYC1293 08/04/2015  11:49am

    Bump! Busy?

    outofwittyscreenames 08/04/2015  12:11pm

    Bump! These still going??

    outofwittyscreenames 08/04/2015  3:22pm

    Yup they are still going. There are about 65 names on the list and they've called up to number 39.

    Beyonce 08/04/2015  3:25pm
  • White Christmas @ Actor's Equity Center 08/04/2015  8:52am

    Are they seeing non equity today? How many are on the list so far?



    brooklynbnyc 08/04/2015  9:12am


    Winifred Sanderson 08/04/2015  10:25am

    They are typing... And seeing non-eq in groups, already started.

    LBD 08/04/2015  10:32am

    Who is in the room? Their local audition in CO is today. Their website says NY auditions on the 10th.

    mtlfr 08/04/2015  12:55pm
  • One Source Taleny @ 08/03/2015  4:54pm

    Hey everybody

    Just checking to see if anyone had any information about this? I got an email saying they received my information (I might have completed an online application) and they would like to meet with me but I was just getting a feel if anyone had any insight! Thanks!


    If this is the One Source Talent I am thinking of, run. They tell you they need a big load of money from you upfront and give the excuse for a photoshoot or something like that. It's a complete scam, dont do it!

    beeboop 08/04/2015  9:40am
  • Any updates? Who is ITR?

    bwaylvsong 08/03/2015  10:14am

    Is this going on? Bump

    bwydreamer 08/03/2015  10:27am

    Yes it's happening! It's a pretty light crowd.

    mezzomezzo 08/03/2015  11:19am

    Any info on Non-eq? I want to come around 3!

    Keepitpositive 08/03/2015  11:20am

    ITR: Rebecca Scholl, CA

    Appointments wide open
    Have called all of the EMC list
    One NonEq left to call (18 out of 19)

    Requesting 16 bars. NOT 32

    bwydreamer 08/03/2015  11:32am

    All EMCs & non-equity members have been seen. Tons of appointment times left. They have not typed, they are seeing everyone!!!

    dej118 08/03/2015  11:54am

    Anyone get a callback in the room?

    mezzomezzo 08/03/2015  12:17pm

    Was empty when I went!

    pepsi 08/03/2015  1:35pm

    Yep, this was the quickest I have ever been seen at a BoM call.
    @mezzo, production contract EPAs generally do not give callbacks in the room.

    bwaylvsong 08/03/2015  2:05pm

    Anyone know who the accompanist is?

    bekk99 08/03/2015  2:22pm

    Eric Svejcar

    bwaylvsong 08/03/2015  2:31pm

    How's it looking for non eq right now?

    FasterThanSound 08/03/2015  3:29pm

    Walked right in!

    ThisIstheWorst 08/03/2015  3:32pm

    The most chill EPA ever, y'all. Got in and out in 20 minutes.

    FasterThanSound 08/03/2015  4:38pm
  • CSA event @ Telsey nx SaturdayATURDAY @ 08/03/2015  4:00pm

    This is filling up very fast. GO NOW!

    CSA members will hear full 32 bars or full monologue at Telsey. Multiple rooms open. Leading CD are donating their time and attention. You provide two "school supplies" items for needy kids from a list of common stuff.


  • AEA agent access MUSICALS (monday) @ Actor's Equity Center 08/02/2015  10:00pm

    Has anyone ever done these before. Have they been a positive experience? A few times I've wanted to go they've ended up being canceled.

    Was wondering if there were any thoughts/opinions to be shared?


    Also just read on AEA that only 2 agents will be attending:

    Expected at this session: Equity-franchised agents from
    Atlas Talent
    The Talent Mine

    **UPDATE: Garber Talent will not be in attendance**

    I AM BATMAN 08/02/2015  10:06pm

    UPDATE: AEA just posted that The Mine will not be attending today either. So only Atlas Talent (which is predominantly commercials will be attending.

    Past Tense 08/03/2015  11:53am

    ... but if you want to PAY to audition for Dustin Flores of the Mine... well, tomorrow night...

    Past Tense 08/03/2015  11:59am

    Can we show up to these and wait for an appointment? Does anyone know if it's dead or if this is possible? I know it goes till 4 today...

    littlered 08/03/2015  2:13pm

    You cannot. Sign ups only in the A.M.

    Past Tense 08/03/2015  2:48pm

    Oh hmmmm for some reason I thought there was an acception if appointments weren't full?
    Thank you though!

    littlered 08/03/2015  2:53pm