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  • Aladdin @ Pearl Studios 10/19/2014  8:19pm

    For this EPA, how crazy do we think the non-eq list will be? Does Disney typically get to non-eq?
    And does anyone know, do they usually type?
    Thanks so much!


    They can't type because it's an epa.

    auditiondaddy 10/19/2014  11:14pm

    Please post updates on how long the line is. Thanks!

    jada17 10/20/2014  7:32am

    There are only 6 people on the non-eq list, but the person who started says she was told they probably won't honor it... So everyone on the list is staying and waiting.

    TM 10/20/2014  7:52am

    What about AEA? How does the line look for that? How many men, how many women? Thx!

    singlala 10/20/2014  7:57am

    There's only a handful of AEA here. About 4 guys. Not sure how many female Equity are here.

    achoice 10/20/2014  8:04am


    singlala 10/20/2014  8:06am

    any updates?

    Nallely Aguirre 10/20/2014  9:01am

    List is not being transferred

    auditiondaddy 10/20/2014  9:12am

    Any updates in terms of Emc list or appointments?

    Kfresh 10/20/2014  9:46am

    How busy is this call? Appts full? Emc being seen? I know it's still early :) Thanks guys and break legs!

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 10/20/2014  10:32am

    Does it look like EMC will get seen? Thanks!

    maygirl 10/20/2014  11:16am

    Up to late 90's.
    Going til 4:30

    ChickenLittle 10/20/2014  11:36am

    How many on EMC and non-eq list?

    rinkmuttartist 10/20/2014  11:44am

    What list is up to late 90s?

    maygirl 10/20/2014  11:48am


    troybolton 10/20/2014  12:05pm

    They have just called up to #26 on the EMC list, 50 have signed up.

    bwydreamer 10/20/2014  12:30pm

    Who is in the room?

    blueberry101 10/20/2014  12:35pm

    Just called up to 31 on EMC, 55 on the EMC list. 47 signed up on the Non-Eq list.

    bwydreamer 10/20/2014  12:40pm

    Eric Woodall: CD,
    Eric Ebbenga: Accomp.,
    Dan Stanton: Monitor

    bwydreamer 10/20/2014  12:44pm

    Just called up to #44 out of the 56 people on the EMC list.

    bwydreamer 10/20/2014  1:11pm

    Is the non eq list closed?

    LAmour 10/20/2014  1:17pm

    It's still open

    bwydreamer 10/20/2014  1:17pm

    Did they say they could potentially see non-eq? They seem to be going through things quickly

    vreddy1 10/20/2014  1:23pm

    Lined up last group before lunch. Called up to 53 on EMC. released everyone else.

    bwydreamer 10/20/2014  1:27pm

    Released til after lunch or released like appointments are full in the afternoon and they won't see non eq?

    LAmour 10/20/2014  1:48pm


    vreddy1 10/20/2014  3:39pm

    I signed up on the non-eq list at number 64 maybe twenty minutes ago. They'd gotten through two or three.

    ddealmo 10/20/2014  3:54pm

    how many non eq did they get through?

    jaylady 10/20/2014  7:00pm
  • Beef & Boards @ Nola Studios 10/19/2014  10:05am

    Does anyone know if Beef & Boards usually accepts an unofficial list?


    Is this the open singers call? Where is it?

    TreatYourself 10/19/2014  6:03pm

    I know it's for crazy for you and Drowsy, but does anyone remember what they wrote they were looking for? Just wondering if it's all jazz or what.

    AudraLupone 10/19/2014  10:19pm

    It's an open call at NOLA. This is what the backstage posting says in terms of what they want: Prepare your best 16-24 bars of two contrasting vocal selections. Bring an updated picture and resume. If you are primarily an actor, prepare a one-minute comedic monologue. If you are a dancer, prepare for a dance callback at the end of the day (if asked to attend).

    TM 10/19/2014  10:27pm

    Anyone going early? If so, please update on list sizes! :)

    IHateMornings 10/20/2014  12:16am

    I feel like I'm going to wake up, check this site, and find out it's up to 200 by 6 am. Please prove me wrong, people.

    upsetwallflower 10/20/2014  12:19am

    Still wondering if anyone knows whether or not they usually accept an unofficial. Fingers crossed we won't have to wait outside in the cold!!

    Jessika 10/20/2014  5:32am

    How many people on the unofficial list so far?

    cydcharisse 10/20/2014  6:22am

    A few names spread out, but about 30 names thus far

    cabriniqueenie 10/20/2014  6:30am

    It's up to 65 and counting!

    TM 10/20/2014  6:59am

    late 90s. there are people standing in line, but not 90 people, so.

    Brakes 10/20/2014  7:24am

    Can someone please update when the monitor arrives?

    ChickenLittle 10/20/2014  7:50am

    Can someone post what floor this is on once they get in? Thank you!!

    rockyraccoon 10/20/2014  8:05am

    Hey what's it like over there now?

    caitcar 10/20/2014  8:10am

    They are honoring the list. About 157 on it as of 8:30! They will try and see everyone today :)

    Xoxo 10/20/2014  8:40am

    11th floor. Honoring the list.

    Brakes 10/20/2014  8:42am

    Can someone post when/if they close the list, please? Thanks!

    SGR 10/20/2014  8:50am

    Are they starting at 9? Or does it look like they are gonna be a bit delayed?

    Dancemachin98 10/20/2014  9:09am

    What is the list at?

    pens 10/20/2014  9:17am

    They started promptly at 9 and are calling the 3rd group of 10

    cocoshay 10/20/2014  9:19am

    List still open?!?

    spike11 10/20/2014  9:23am

    Yes still open!

    Hcsfsu 10/20/2014  10:12am

    What number are they on?

    ChickenLittle 10/20/2014  10:19am

    Moving fast! Up to number 50 something

    Hcsfsu 10/20/2014  10:23am

    Do we know what time lunch is/are they taking one? Break legs everyone!

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 10/20/2014  10:31am

    They aren't taking one so that they can see everyone:)

    Hcsfsu 10/20/2014  10:45am

    Morning, Campers...

    Are they going until 6pm? or is this a shortened day?

    Sue D'Onimm 10/20/2014  11:00am

    Can anyone say what number they are up to now? Thanks guys! Break legs!

    dancingG 10/20/2014  11:03am

    List up to 233

    ilive4muzik810 10/20/2014  11:04am

    Could someone please update how far they are on the list?

    TreatYourself 10/20/2014  11:10am

    Anyone know what number they've called up to so far?

    ctj816 10/20/2014  11:33am

    Just called through 101

    DZim 10/20/2014  11:35am

    Would anyone mind posting what number they've called through? Don't wanna crowd the holding room 😃

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 10/20/2014  12:18pm

    Just called through 140

    Actorkev 10/20/2014  12:57pm

    The list is closed. :-/

    PineapplePrincess 10/20/2014  12:59pm

    Hi! Any news of people getting called back in the room?!

    heygirhey90 10/20/2014  1:18pm

    Taking a lunch break? What number are they on?

    ilive4muzik810 10/20/2014  2:05pm

    Yes they give CB in the room was asked to come back at 4pm to dance !
    Break a leg you all!

    bobo 10/20/2014  2:24pm

    Are there roles that they aren't asking to come back and dance or are we out of the running if we didn't get a dance cb ITR? Anyone know?

    gryffindor 10/20/2014  4:25pm

    Does anyone have the names of who is ITR?? Thanks so much!

    cabriniqueenie 10/20/2014  5:02pm

    Does anyone have the names of who is ITR? Thanks so much!!

    cabriniqueenie 10/20/2014  5:03pm
  • City Of @ Actor's Equity Center 10/20/2014  8:04am

    Any updates on how all the lists look would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    A few on the non Eq list as of 7:15. There were a fair number of EMC/Equity at AEA, but there are also 3 calls happening, so we'll see how busy it is once sign ups start.

    stagelover3 10/20/2014  8:08am

    How many equity/EMC? Currently 16 on non-eq.

    Sailorvenus 10/20/2014  9:03am

    Anybody know who's ITR?

    bobert 10/20/2014  9:51am

    A woman named Sunny (sp?).

    Sailorvenus 10/20/2014  10:00am

    How many EMCs?

    stagelover3 10/20/2014  10:11am

    The person ITR is Sunny Smith, Casting Asst with Callieri.

    answering while I'm cranky 10/20/2014  10:20am

    EMC up to 10 as of 10am...slots pretty open after lunch

    Z_McGrath 10/20/2014  10:38am

    How many EMC have they seen so far, if any?

    sassypants23 10/20/2014  11:52am

    No EMCs seen yet. All of them but the first three sent to lunch

    Z_McGrath 10/20/2014  12:13pm

    Anything new happening with non Eq yet?? Thanks!

    Falala 10/20/2014  2:42pm

    Non eq dismissed.

    nycgrl4ever 10/20/2014  3:23pm

    Non-eq sent home.

    Sailorvenus 10/20/2014  3:25pm

    Thanks so much for posting this. Was about to head back! Have a great day everyone! :)

    Falala 10/20/2014  3:36pm
  • Are they seeing non-eq?

    cocoshay 10/20/2014  9:01am

    Currently 11 non eq signed up

    LLYNN 10/20/2014  9:23am

    How is this looking now? Equity appointnents? How many EMCs so far?

    Ocelot 10/20/2014  10:39am

    appts avail from 10:40 to end of day. alt list very short. don't know status of EMC/nonAEA

    blech 10/20/2014  11:00am

    Have called 15 out of 20 non eq

    LLYNN 10/20/2014  11:56am

    Who is in the room here?

    AudraLupone 10/20/2014  12:42pm

    Post-lunch update for Non Eq please!

    greensleeves 10/20/2014  2:21pm

    Flying through non eq. Called all names on the list. I signed up and was called in 20 minutes later.

    nycgrl4ever 10/20/2014  3:22pm

    Rod Lansberry, artistic director, and Gayle Seay, casting are ITR

    LLYNN 10/20/2014  3:31pm
  • City Of @ Actor's Equity Center 10/20/2014  11:46am

    Hey guys! Does anyone know when/if they are going to start the non Eq list?? Thanks:)


    see other thread already started on this. please post there in you need more info.

    blech 10/20/2014  11:49am

    It doesn't look like they are gonna get to any EMCs before lunch. There are 6 or 7 alternates at the moment, 19 EMCs and appointments are filling up and they are getting slow in the room, so I don't expect them to get to non Eq till 4ish at the earliest (if at all)

    NoDirection 10/20/2014  11:51am
  • About 40-50 in

    jada17 10/20/2014  8:38am
  • VSMS at Gulfshore Playhouse @ 10/17/2014  3:59pm

    Any news on appointments with Michael Cassara for these auditions next week?


    Agent appointments are out as of last week.

    twirlinggirl 10/19/2014  2:40pm
  • Bump...

    BlueSkies 10/19/2014  10:17am

    Is this busy?

    notgivingup 10/19/2014  10:36am

    this the play, not the musical, right?

    nevertoolate 10/19/2014  10:38am

    Yes, the play

    gryffindor 10/19/2014  11:07am

    I'm non-eq, and was seen immediately. The list is all caught up, with no one waiting at the moment!

    LadyKPow 10/19/2014  11:09am
  • AIDA cruiselines @ Ripley Grier 520 10/17/2014  11:38pm

    The audition dates are 10/20 and 10/21. Is dance call on the 20th and the singer call on the 21st?


    It looks like via backstage:

    By Appointment: October 20, 2014, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (singer AGENT call; contact your agent for an appointment)

    Open Casting Call: October 21, 2014, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. (singers; sign in at 9:30 a.m.)

    Prepare two songs (16-32 bars, ballad and uptempo) of contrasting styles (rock, pop, modern musical). Bring your own sheet music and suitable dance clothes. Ladies, bring flats and heels.

    So there is a dance call with the singing call. And then callbacks will be held the 22nd.

    actingforlife 10/18/2014  11:18am