• findingneverbook

    Bumping this to the top

    merp 03/27/2017  3:47am

    So right now the equity/emc list is at 10 as of 6:15. The non eq is at 8.

    CDM0713 03/27/2017  6:07am

    Non eq at 17

    MTC 03/27/2017  6:31am


    Thatblondebitch 03/27/2017  6:31am

    How's it looking now?

    Capricorn93 03/27/2017  6:53am

    Equity/emc list up to 49. Non eq up to 29. As of 7:04

    CDM0713 03/27/2017  6:57am

    52 on the AEA/EMC list

    Erikgullberg 03/27/2017  7:01am

    By equity/EMC, you don't mean EQUITY stand by list, right? That is made by the monitor who surely isn't there for awhile....

    Hereigoagain 03/27/2017  7:15am

    I'm sure they mean the numbers that are given out before people are let up to the 16th floor, not the alternate list

    Askmeaboutmybutt 03/27/2017  7:29am

    Correct. It's the initial list before heading up to the 16th floor. That number will split as people choose between pioneer and forestburgh

    CDM0713 03/27/2017  7:43am

    There is a "pre-monitor" monitor at AEA. They take down names and then send you up the elevator in that order.

    Lesismore 03/27/2017  7:46am

    Please post how appointments/alternates/EMC lists are looking when it's settled down!

    ihopeigetit 03/27/2017  8:43am

    List up to 56

    ash-a-lee 03/27/2017  8:48am

    Just signed up as 47 on EMC list. Appts. are full. But I didn't get a good look at the alternate list

    idratherbesinging 03/27/2017  9:01am

    Equity alternate list up to 65 and counting.

    Silentpsalms 03/27/2017  9:05am

    NonEq at about 53

    asongandaprayer 03/27/2017  9:08am

    Any update about non eq?

    Gracefullygaga 03/27/2017  9:23am

    appts are full, 72 alts.

    Virgo825 03/27/2017  9:25am

    Bump on non eq

    Gracefullygaga 03/27/2017  9:44am

    Bump on EMC/alternate status

    bizatron09 03/27/2017  9:52am

    what alternate number are they up to? (Eq Alt List A)

    actorcass 03/27/2017  10:04am

    Just called through 19 on the alt list

    hellooooo 03/27/2017  10:04am
  • Bucks County @ Pearl Studios 03/26/2017  8:19pm

    Anyone know the odds of them seeing non eq tomorrow? Since it's one of those super not fun hour and a half long calls....?



    Kayleencasey 03/26/2017  10:20pm

    Unless ur non equity and with local housing don't even bother. They barley hire AEA and they hire mostly non equity locals

    Gagainsider 03/26/2017  10:37pm

    Is there a list started for this yet?

    Kbear14 03/27/2017  6:10am

    Any updates??

    idratherbesinging 03/27/2017  6:47am

    there are lists for all parts of the ECC. Separate lists for each. About half an hour ago there was no more than 10 people on each girls list. Maybe one on the boys (classic)

    statue handkerchief dance 03/27/2017  7:12am

    Update on the lists?

    workworkworkworkworkwork 03/27/2017  8:23am


    Trynaball 03/27/2017  9:19am

    920am. NonEq Women Singers #34

    asongandaprayer 03/27/2017  9:20am

    Who is ITR today?!

    goldengirls27 03/27/2017  9:33am

    Bump if they are seeing non eq at the 10 am call?

    ddreamer14 03/27/2017  9:39am

    Update for guys?

    Singerboy52 03/27/2017  9:40am

    I'm sorry, was that a TWELVE 8-count combo???
    Okay. Got it. Thanks.

    CattleCallQueen 03/27/2017  9:49am

    Would any of the guys be willing to post how long the first group took? Thank you!!

    sing_happy 03/27/2017  9:52am

    @CattleCallQueen Who is in the room today?

    goldengirls27 03/27/2017  9:57am
  • Jenny Wiley open call @ Nola Studios 03/26/2017  9:11pm

    Hello all! I will be helping with the open call for JWT tomorrow. In the interest of safety and sanity, there will be no unofficial list. Men will be seen from 10-12 and women will be typed at 1. There will be a monitor there around 9. Ladies, please don't come to sign up before 10, so the men's call can get underway first.


    did anyone get a appointment from email submission?

    CuriousParadox 03/26/2017  9:22pm

    Can we sign up at 10 and then go and come back for typing at 1pm?
    Or are we going to have to hang around as it's going to be crazy surely? Is there a cut off point of how many people will be considered for typing or will you type all?
    Advice please so we can make this easy for everyone and not have a huge queue outside the building from 6am!

    Starlovingcrazy 03/26/2017  9:40pm

    You can sign up and leave. Everyone there at 1:00 will get typed.

    iwontdance 03/26/2017  10:18pm

    ^but will you dancing though?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 03/26/2017  10:31pm

    ^ Only if we need to clear the room fast!

    iwontdance 03/26/2017  10:47pm


    qwertybelty25 03/26/2017  10:49pm

    Sorry I'm confused. Why do we need to be there to sign up if there's typing?

    202493 03/26/2017  10:58pm

    You don't have to, you just have to be there at 1. After typing, those typed in will be seen in the order they signed in. The room is reserved all afternoon, so if you don't need to be seen and out by a certain time, by all means, come closer to 1.

    iwontdance 03/26/2017  11:03pm

    Sorry, 2 quick questions for women. Do they have a goal for what time they will end typing and start auditioning those typed in? And would they be seeing those typed in up until 6pm or are they planning to stop seeing people and start callbacks towards the end of the day? I'm just trying to juggle this with work. Thanks in advance :-)

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/26/2017  11:18pm

    They will try to get through typing as quickly as possible. If people show up after typing is finished, a quick second round could be done. Some reading may be worked into the day as time permits, but people will be seen up until 6.

    iwontdance 03/26/2017  11:23pm

    Thanks so much for answering!

    202493 03/26/2017  11:42pm

    Thank you!

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/26/2017  11:58pm

    Thanks for all the helpful information! One quick question- do you know if the typing will be by headshot/resume, in person, or dancing?

    FreckleFace 03/27/2017  12:57am

    Just making sure this is still on the 5th floor as it says in the posting.

    Showbizdreamer 03/27/2017  9:52am
  • Forestburgh Playhouse @ Actor's Equity Center 03/26/2017  9:03pm

    What's the deal tomorrow? Do I got a shot in hell getting a decent slot if I wake up like a normal human? Or is it gonna be a 5am wake up call.


    I always say venture on the 5am side because at least you know you will definitely be seen. Better safe then sorry!!

    BroadwaySomeDay 03/27/2017  5:36am

    So right now the equity/emc list is at 10 as of 6:15. The non eq is at 8.

    CDM0713 03/27/2017  6:07am

    I just signed up as number 16 EMC/AEA

    baecon 03/27/2017  6:24am

    Non Eq at 16

    MTC 03/27/2017  6:30am

    I just signed up as number 16 EMC/AEA

    baecon 03/27/2017  7:01am

    Equity/elf lost to 52. Non eq at 30. 7:17 am

    CDM0713 03/27/2017  7:09am

    Woww my typos were bad.
    *equity/emc list

    CDM0713 03/27/2017  7:44am

    Non eq up to 44 at 8:15

    12kk21 03/27/2017  8:15am

    Appts. are full. I was 33 on EMC list. Monitor said they probably wouldn't be seeing any non-eq today due to the appts. and the alternate list

    idratherbesinging 03/27/2017  9:02am

    Any updates on non eq?

    Gracefullygaga 03/27/2017  9:34am

    They just called through 18 on the alternate list.

    idratherbesinging 03/27/2017  9:37am

    NonEq at about 55 by 9am

    asongandaprayer 03/27/2017  9:46am

    Bump on EMC/Alt

    bizatron09 03/27/2017  9:51am
  • KINKY BOOTS ECC @ Pearl Studios 03/27/2017  9:04am

    How's this looking for ladies and gents? Please post when monitor announces if they'll see non union.



    Thatblondebitch 03/27/2017  9:38am


    HoneyBooBoo 03/27/2017  9:49am
  • Baz: A Star Crossed Love OPEN CALL 3/27 @ Pearl Studios 03/23/2017  3:49pm

    If anyone on the online sign up cannot make their slot please post below!


    Someone dropped their morning slot. Go catch it!

    Showbizdreamer 03/26/2017  10:10am

    Anyone else freeing up a slot?

    Rdmtsinger 03/26/2017  5:46pm

    i just released an AM slot

    dontnobodywantno 03/26/2017  6:07pm

    Just released a pm slot

    ebtheatregirl 03/26/2017  6:23pm

    just released an AM slot

    bjc312 03/26/2017  6:34pm

    Just released my afternoon slot- go for it!

    julieandrews95 03/26/2017  8:47pm

    any more slots being released? is it even possible to switch this late in the game?

    statue handkerchief dance 03/26/2017  9:25pm

    Just released my 10am slot

    IHateMornings 03/26/2017  10:03pm

    The standby list is started, inside 500

    dadadadadum 03/27/2017  6:38am

    JK JK just saw they don't accept this list, so I took it down. (Ended up getting an appt anyway!)

    dadadadadum 03/27/2017  6:46am

    I'm stuck in traffic. Have they started reading names yet?

    Icanseeyou 03/27/2017  8:51am

    Unusual question: what kind of stuff are people singing? I know it says contemporary musical theatre, but it also says the voice? I'm a little torn.

    The_Diva 03/27/2017  9:14am

    What is the stand by line like?

    Kinky&Wicked 03/27/2017  9:25am

    They are up to number 90, I assume that's with the people who signed up online combined with the standby list. I'm also confused on what to sing

    B6bitch 03/27/2017  9:33am

    TheDiva-As I told someone else, look the character breakdown. They give mainstream artist ideas. The show is a fusion of pop/rock concert and musical theatre. It's VERRRRYYYYY pop/rock. There's no musical theatre aesthetic about it in terms of direction, story, and music. I KNOW Queen Sheri would say sing pop/rock for this, so therefore I go by what she's say. WWSS.

    Showbizdreamer 03/27/2017  9:42am
  • Walnut Street Theater - Saturday Night Fever @ other 03/26/2017  4:57pm

    Has anyone heard of any offers out for extra or understudy roles from last Mondays appointments?


    Friend received an extra offer

    kale 03/27/2017  12:07am

    Recieved an understudy offer and accepted

    Trynaball 03/27/2017  9:12am
  • Star Crossed Love @ Pearl Studios 03/26/2017  11:54pm

    How crazy do we think this is going to get tomorrow? How early will our fellow stand by listers start lining up?

  • @ Actor's Equity Center 03/26/2017  2:46pm

    Random Question - If there are two EPA's at AEA building do you have to choose which one to sign up for in the holding room or can you sign up for both?


    Nah dude you can sign up for as many as you want!

    SufferFoster 03/26/2017  6:41pm

    Newbie here: but if you are non-eq signing up at AEA building, do I get on unofficial list in the holding room or sign up elsewhere?

    ash-a-lee 03/26/2017  6:44pm

    If you're non eq the lists will be in the room on the Sky Lobby floor. The building opens at 6am so there is never an unofficial list, you line up till the building opens and sign the official lists right away. If you are equity at AEA when they take you upstairs at 8am you must decide which line you would like to wait in first. After you sign up at 8:30 you may go to the end of the other line.

    flan 03/26/2017  10:29pm
  • Jenny Wiley Open Call @ Nola Studios 03/26/2017  3:10pm

    Does anyone remember if this theatre accepted an unofficial list at the last open call? I wasn't in town for it and am thinking ahead for tomorrow. I know they've sometimes typed in the past, but I'm trying to gauge how early I want to get there for the female call.


    Bump on this. Can I show up for typing or do I have to get in the unofficial at the crack of dawn?

    Bwayluver 03/26/2017  7:58pm

    Bump... Also is there a female ensemble in Tarzan?

    lilperl26 03/26/2017  8:22pm

    Bump! I was planning on getting up super early and signing the female list and then going back home to sleep but if they aren't accepting an unofficial list then I'm staying in bed!

    5678kickyourface 03/26/2017  8:30pm

    It says typing MAY occur, so now we're dealing with something that may or may not happen. I'm already coming from another call so I'm just hopping over when I'm done.

    Showbizdreamer 03/26/2017  8:43pm

    Hi! One of the monitors here. Girls will be typed at 1. Sleep in!

    iwontdance 03/26/2017  9:00pm