The Next Actor Networking Event is THIS MONDAY!



    Hey Guys and Dolls!

    Tomorrow's (2/12) Open Singer Call will be held at Pearl Studios - 519 8th Ave. We will NOT be accepting any Unofficial Sign Up Sheets. The official sign up sheet will be posted at Pearl Studios on the 12th Floor and available for sign up when the building opens at 6:00 AM. Once Pearl Studios opens at 7:30 AM, the Sign In Sheet will be moved to the Holding Room. At 9:00 AM, we will begin calling the names on the Sign In Sheet and will be assigning appointment times for the day (similar to an EPA). You MUST be present when the list is read to secure an appointment. Auditions will start at 10:00 AM. We will NOT be typing out at the Singer Call, as we hope to see as many actors as possible for our season.


    AMAZING! This is how open calls should be held. Holy sanity kids.

    skittlesinger 02/11/2016  2:22pm

    Thanks! :)

    Bento Tinderbox 02/11/2016  2:27pm

    Can we please agree that one person signing up 20 people is not okay?

    AndThisOfAllMyHopes 02/11/2016  2:53pm

    You're awesome! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    LadyGagaTheSecond 02/11/2016  3:04pm


    upsetwallflower 02/11/2016  3:15pm

    This is amazing. Thank you thank you thank you.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 02/11/2016  3:18pm

    YAAAASSS! where has this been all season!! oh happy daaay!

    BassITone412 02/11/2016  3:26pm

    Question for the casting associate: we all usually have an audition buddy or two for a sign up. Are we going to be able to sin them up or do you have to be present to sign yourself up? (And NO this doesn't apply to *those* groups because that's just awful)

    mdsings 02/11/2016  3:49pm

    NO AUDITION BUDDIES. Sign up yourself and yourself alone!

    EilisFiorello 02/11/2016  4:11pm

    Thank you!!!!

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 02/11/2016  4:13pm

    Just for clarification- can you get up to the 12th floor at 6 am (before Pearl opens) to sign up? Or will we all have to wait outside till 7:30 to sign up?

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  4:56pm

    Just for clarification- can you get up to the 12th floor at 6 am (before Pearl opens) to sign up? Or will we all have to wait outside till 7:30 to sign up?

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  5:14pm

    Does pearl actually open at 6am?

    bxkforu101 02/11/2016  5:38pm

    Does pearl actually open at 6am?

    bxkforu101 02/11/2016  5:50pm

    I just called folks. Building didn't open until 8am

    bxkforu101 02/11/2016  5:52pm one can sign up on the "offical" list provided by casting until 8? Confusion abounds!

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  6:01pm

    Past experience with early open calls at Pearl 519 has shown me that "Pearl itself" won't open its gate until 8:00, but that you can access the building 519 by 6:00. We should be able to access the sheet on the 12th floor then.

    minniemouse 02/11/2016  6:08pm

    I also called Pearl. They said the building opens at 6, and we can access the 12th floor then. The studios/holding rooms themselves will open at 8am.

    Crushed_it 02/11/2016  6:26pm

    crushed_it--- you are the real MVP

    toloveanotherperson 02/11/2016  6:30pm
  • Hey all, weRe non eq men seen today? Thanks guys!

    decisions 02/11/2016  1:24pm


    Jazzerina 02/11/2016  1:50pm


    Ubuntu 02/11/2016  2:23pm


    koko 02/11/2016  2:30pm


    ontothenext 02/11/2016  2:59pm


    Ubuntu 02/11/2016  3:01pm


    Ubuntu 02/11/2016  3:17pm


    kaBAM 02/11/2016  3:42pm


    decisions 02/11/2016  4:30pm

    Were non-eqs seen today? What song was used for choreo?

    NYdancer 02/11/2016  6:05pm
  • Northshore EPA 2/11 @ Actor's Equity Center 02/11/2016  8:03am

    Hey guys! Starting my day over at the Fingerlakes open dance call and wondering if someone can post updates on Northshore... How are appointments looking, how many EMC's. ESPECIALLY wondering if they send non-eq away or say come back after lunch... etc. Thanks a bajillion!


    Would live updates on how the sign ups go

    Glokeroo 02/11/2016  9:06am

    33 EMC thus far. Not every slot of equity but most. No word on non eq

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  9:14am

    Non eq list is at 42 last I saw. They've already been calling EMC's up. Non eqs have no word yet

    hxcbx 02/11/2016  9:16am

    How are they calling EMCs up?! The call doesn't even start until 9:30 so nobody should be called before 9:20

    ihopeigetit 02/11/2016  9:31am

    They've just lined them up and taken them up, I assume to take up official slots? Not sure, still kind of a noob.

    hxcbx 02/11/2016  9:46am

    Please keep us posted on non eq stuff!! :) thank you!

    Adigre1 02/11/2016  10:04am

    Non eqs Not dismissed pre- lunch, may be able to be seen this morning

    hxcbx 02/11/2016  10:09am

    Post when they actually start seeing EMC! I actually doubt that was real before, probably just still signing up :)

    ihopeigetit 02/11/2016  10:21am

    Seeing first group of EMCs with a few alternates.


    I think 3 EMC got seen

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  10:26am

    Bump how many on alternates and EMC lists

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  10:33am

    Also any more EMC being seen ?

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  10:45am

    8 EMC seen. 44 altogether. Alternates I think are at 7 right now

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  10:49am

    11 EMC seen

    46 signed up


    Kurteth 02/11/2016  11:11am

    Any Alternate/EMC updates? :)

    Goodday 02/11/2016  12:00pm

    Bump emc

    nickname 02/11/2016  12:00pm


    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  12:01pm

    Bump for EMC#!!

    gottadancegottasing 02/11/2016  12:06pm

    Any word on non eq?

    Adigre1 02/11/2016  12:15pm

    Bump for EMC

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  12:25pm

    Anyone? Wondering if I should come back before lunch! :)

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  12:31pm

    EMC list is up to 62. Called through about 30ish!

    saymeow 02/11/2016  12:32pm

    At about 11:45 they called a mini group of emc through 24

    Would love a more current update

    prisoneroflove 02/11/2016  12:32pm

    Bump. Anyone have an update? Times are colliding, of course

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  12:46pm

    Non eq dismissed til 2. Said they may or may not take non eq headshots at 2.

    hxcbx 02/11/2016  12:47pm

    Emc number?

    nickname 02/11/2016  12:52pm

    Through 44 on EMC. Lots of people weren't there, me included.

    EMC to 68 now

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  1:13pm

    Taking lunch until 2

    Kurteth 02/11/2016  1:15pm

    So not seeing non-eq, just taking drop offs?

    PDXtheatre 02/11/2016  1:39pm

    Back from lunch?

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  2:16pm

    They are back from lunch now

    nickname 02/11/2016  2:22pm

    Just wondering how fast they will move this afternoon...

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  2:24pm

    Bump on if they've said anything about non-eq after the lung break.

    Leading Lady 02/11/2016  2:35pm


    Leading Lady 02/11/2016  2:35pm

    Bump on non eq?

    CelineDion 02/11/2016  2:57pm

    EMC bump

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  3:00pm


    How many EMC left to be seen?

    LadyGagaTheSecond 02/11/2016  3:15pm

    Noneq bump

    theallycatsunderstandme 02/11/2016  3:35pm

    3 left on Alt list

    Seen 45 of 70ish on the EMC list

    Crash 02/11/2016  3:45pm

    No alts left to see. 11 EMC'S to get through. Once they exhaust that list they'll update non-eq's. They haven't sent us home yet.

    fh913 02/11/2016  4:25pm

    Noneq released! Accepting drop offs

    theallycatsunderstandme 02/11/2016  5:12pm

    What number EMC are they on??

    onthatgrind 02/11/2016  5:15pm
  • Hello Dolly EPA @ other 02/11/2016  11:33am

    Question! How is this audition going? Are they seeing non - eq? A young boy who wants Barnaby is inquiring.


    It's too early to know yet.

    moonstone1520 02/11/2016  11:46am

    Thank you! Was not sure how it worked 😁

    youngaspire1992 02/11/2016  11:56am

    Called through the EMC list!

    saymeow 02/11/2016  12:17pm

    No non equity called yet

    CallMeMama 02/11/2016  12:42pm

    Anyone know who is in the room ??

    Kiss me I'm irish 02/11/2016  1:06pm


    CallMeMama 02/11/2016  1:11pm

    No non-eq after lunch

    MissKait08 02/11/2016  1:15pm

    As in they are done seeing non-eq after lunch or that non-eq should come back after lunch?

    PDXtheatre 02/11/2016  1:24pm

    They called about 7 non-eqs. If you aren't called before lunch, you're not getting seen.

    MissKait08 02/11/2016  1:29pm

    Is that how Telsey usually works? Or is this call-specific?

    skittlesinger 02/11/2016  2:05pm

    No, Telsey doesn't usually operate like this. This is VERY unusual.

    Icanseeyou 02/11/2016  4:23pm

    Ahhhh Also, are they taking drop-offs?

    skittlesinger 02/11/2016  5:11pm
  • MGR Finger Lakes - DANCER Open Call @ Nola Studios 02/11/2016  1:00am

    Alright dancers, let's be civilized. We get seen in groups of 30-ish, and we will all get seen, or else they'll do a type-out combination... there's just clearly no need to sign up insanely, crazy, absurdly early like people did for the singer's call :)

    So post updates when the list does go up! Pretty please not before 7am... there's just no need. I have faith in you, dancers!


    The list is already up...sorry peeps! This audition season is already off to a hunger games esque start

    theboyinladucas 02/11/2016  1:04am

    Alright EVERYBODY STAY CALM. Who cares if a list is up already. Just no one else show up until a reasonable hour. Simple solution.

    LuckBeALady 02/11/2016  1:08am

    I just put my name on my walk home. It's a very small list. Do not stress. It's not going to be as hectic as the singer call! LuckBeALady is right :)

    NonEquityDeputy 02/11/2016  1:23am

    Is there a separate men's list? Are we being seen separately?

    RaminNoodle 02/11/2016  2:29am

    Yes, 2 lists.

    Women's open call @ 10am
    Men's open call @ 2pm

    NonEquityDeputy 02/11/2016  2:38am

    3 AM

    Both lists have 4 names respectively that look individually signed

    RaminNoodle 02/11/2016  4:00am

    dont stress! At 4:10 both lists were only at 5!

    ...there's something wrong with that statement.

    Lemurgirl90 02/11/2016  4:43am

    The Equity people are laughing at us.

    ktdancergurl 02/11/2016  5:25am

    List is at 20 right npw

    ginge4win 02/11/2016  5:42am

    I'm not a morning person... and I got up at 5:00, got there at 5:40, worried that I would be number 350 and it would be horrible like yesterday. But nope. This list is normal. You dancers are normal. Now I feel like the crazy people this morning.

    mak 02/11/2016  6:27am

    35 at 6am

    HEBie 02/11/2016  6:28am

    Where is this audition?

    DaniD 02/11/2016  6:36am

    Mens list at 18 at 7am. Women's around 70

    dcassidy1228 02/11/2016  7:27am

    Ok ok, so far so good!!! Yay dancers!! Thank you for being somewhat reasonable people!

    ratherbedancing627 02/11/2016  7:37am

    Nearing 100

    Cspice 02/11/2016  7:53am

    Female Dancer list up to 123
    Male dancer list 21
    What time does the studio open

    Dancindosta 02/11/2016  8:10am

    FYI- with literally 0 snark, equity people are NOT laughing at you. We are all artists and as an equity member it PAINS me to see how much sacrifice and effort you make to be seen.

    RACHELRACHEL 02/11/2016  8:25am

    Ladies at 161 at 8:15!

    deareoh 02/11/2016  8:47am

    Amen RACHELRACHEL. We all in dis.

    HEBie 02/11/2016  8:53am

    What RachelRachel said. No laughing here. It hurt my soul to read that crazy business yesterday. Stay strong!

    Gemini81 02/11/2016  8:57am

    10th floor y'all! Building is open

    Champagne for my Real Friends 02/11/2016  9:02am

    Do we think they are going to type?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 02/11/2016  9:06am

    What time does sign up start?

    lookin4updatez 02/11/2016  9:10am

    What time does sign up start?

    lookin4updatez 02/11/2016  9:31am

    Numbers 1-100 holing room upstairs
    Numbers past 100 separate holding room downstairs I believe

    mak 02/11/2016  9:58am

    Could anyone ask for me if girls can attend later in the day (around 3 p.m.)? Getting out of work then, and trying to get seen, since I couldn't yesterday!

    Laladreams 02/11/2016  10:27am

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea of how many girls they're seeing in each group. Just want to have an idea of when to come down. Thanks :):):)

    MissSunshine 02/11/2016  10:59am

    Bump on size of groups!

    theallycatsunderstandme 02/11/2016  11:50am

    They're taking in 30 girls in each group

    koko 02/11/2016  12:04pm

    What were the shoes today? Heels? Flats?

    Tadimurner 02/11/2016  12:24pm

    What's the combo like? What styles? A mix? etc. etc. Thank you!

    Troodo7 02/11/2016  12:25pm

    Mens list at 18 at 7am. Women's around 70

    dcassidy1228 02/11/2016  12:38pm

    What number are they on?

    CallMeMama 02/11/2016  12:41pm

    Very simple ballet combo and the tap

    America 02/11/2016  1:33pm

    Thank you for the update!

    PDXtheatre 02/11/2016  1:36pm

    Anyone given a callback ITR after second dance portion? Or are we all waiting to hear via email? I was in the first group so wasn't sure. Thanks all!

    decisions 02/11/2016  3:48pm

    @decisions I was given a callback ITR to dance ballet on saturday....

    ratherbedancing627 02/11/2016  4:07pm

    Any idea what the guys' call was like? And/or what we're doing this afternoon? Everyone seems under informed on what shoes to bring. Jazz? Tap?

    crossover 02/11/2016  4:08pm

    any other ladies called back itr?

    decisions 02/11/2016  4:09pm

    Bump on ITR call backs. I was told they would reach us via email.

    mcdancer 02/11/2016  4:18pm

    Bump on any other callbacks for ladies ITR

    decisions 02/11/2016  4:29pm

    Would anyone be willing to list the names of the folks ITR today? I usually grab it and forgot. Thanks!

    PumperknickelPretzel 02/11/2016  4:33pm
  • FAME @ 02/11/2016  4:19pm

    Any update after today's movement call for females? Any more callbacks been given out?

  • wrong place sorry!

    lacagebitty 02/11/2016  4:10pm
  • Stages/ Sacromento @ Pearl Studios 02/11/2016  4:02pm

    The list for these is with the door men correct?? So no unofficial that is started at 3am and taped outside the door will be honored, right? Sign in starts when doors open to the building