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  • Curious Incident @ other 05/03/2016  10:02pm

    Has anyone been given an appointment through their agent yet?

  • LIBERTY - off-Broadway @ other 05/02/2016  7:27pm

    Hey all -

    Our AEA contract and concession require us to hold two full days of EPAs for the upcoming off-Broadway production of LIBERTY - this Tuesday (5/3) and Wednesday (5/4). If history is any guide, we imagine this call will be pretty open and a VERY good chance for EMC and non-Equity performers to potentially be seen...

    If you're in the realm for the available roles, we hope you can come in. Please note, we ARE hiring swings so, if you could cover one or more of the roles that are already cast - it might be a good idea to come in, as well.

    More details up on our page:


    Bump for updates on 5his. Anyone there? Thanks!

    CurlyLox 05/03/2016  7:56am

    Non-eq list up to 6 a few minutes ago

    bwaylvsong 05/03/2016  8:22am


    CrazyCatLady 05/03/2016  9:22am

    Thank you! This is wonderful news for non-union! :)

    missbouzyrouge 05/03/2016  9:33am

    Thank you wonderful Michael!

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 05/03/2016  9:34am

    They've sent the non-eq people upstairs!

    lynchmm 05/03/2016  9:39am

    Update on non eq?

    dead girl walking 05/03/2016  10:43am

    Bump to that^
    Have any Non-Eqs been seen?

    nyfilly 05/03/2016  10:51am

    They've seen about 10 non equity. You'll probably get seen if you come

    itscoffeetime 05/03/2016  11:13am

    Yes, lots of non-eqs have been seen. Jamie Anderson joined and then replaced Michael Cassara behind the table. The accompanist Eugene Gwozdz was excellent. Go and get seen in a very warm room!

    bwaylvsong 05/03/2016  11:15am

    I was seen immediately as non eq at 11:30. It's wide open!

    CindySparkle 05/03/2016  12:39pm

    I signed up at lunch and I've already been seen! Looks wide open still!

    GoldenGirl 05/03/2016  2:16pm

    UPDATE: we were able to see all EMC and non-Equity performers who came in today. Whole new day tomorrow, we encourage you to come in and sing from your book - even if the tracks in this show don't seem like a slam dunk for you... it's our busy season and we'd rather see people than sit in an empty room. has the details

    MichaelCassara 05/03/2016  9:39pm
  • We Will Rock You Royal Carribean @ 05/03/2016  7:49pm

    Anyone have more info about this audition? It's not on backstage. Are sign-ins at 9:00am or does it start promptly at 9:00am? Should we be prepared to dance at 9:00? Anyone have info or experience at a past call?


    THIS! Does anyone know? I've heard in the past it was sign-in by 9 and not too crazy?

    skippin 05/03/2016  7:53pm

    I have the feeling that it will not be too hectic since it's quite a specific show and also since it's not even posted on backstage... PLEASE if anyone knows anything, share!!!

    ButtzRc00l 05/03/2016  8:44pm
  • Sweeney Todd @ other 05/03/2016  1:31pm

    People who have appointments tomorrow for Johanna and Anthony. Has anyone asked how much to sing? The email said to "prepare a song from the show if possible". Does that imply the whole song?


    What theater is this for?

    Gotmycloudyglasseson 05/03/2016  8:14pm
  • Delaware Theatre Company @ Actor's Equity Center 05/03/2016  8:39am

    I know this will probably get lost amongst the 18 Hamilton posts, but can somebody keep an eye and post any updates? Thanks.


    Slow...Lots of equity spots available. Got here at 7:15am, was #4. I think everyone is at the Hamilton auditions 😀 Lol

    BlessedAlways24 05/03/2016  9:11am

    Please update on appointments and who's ITR. Thanks.

    Harlequin 05/03/2016  9:59am

    Earliest available appointment just now was 11:30 AM.

    Sentinel241 05/03/2016  10:05am

    Thanks. How many EMCs signed up? Called?

    inspiredactor 05/03/2016  10:09am

    Are they seeing non-eq? Thanks!

    GKH 05/03/2016  10:47am

    Shave they said anything about non-equity?

    CrazyCatLady 05/03/2016  10:47am


    elleGigikay 05/03/2016  11:49am

    As of 15 minutes ago, 15 EMCs were signed up, none called

    inspiredactor 05/03/2016  11:54am

    released non-eqs until after lunch

    bwaylvsong 05/03/2016  12:21pm

    As of a few minutes past 12, it was up to 17 on the EMC signup list, with none yet called.

    RudyPalma 05/03/2016  12:27pm

    bump on appts/alts thanks!

    sing_happy 05/03/2016  1:38pm

    Any update on non eq? TY!

    EPAalarmclock 05/03/2016  2:31pm

    No news for non-eqs yet other than that they are accepting drop-offs.

    bwaylvsong 05/03/2016  2:35pm

    Have they seen any EMC yet?

    RudyPalma 05/03/2016  2:54pm

    Bump...any EMCs called? Thx

    inspiredactor 05/03/2016  2:57pm

    Non-eqs officially dismissed. Still accepting drop-offs.

    bwaylvsong 05/03/2016  3:15pm

    Any EMCs called?

    inspiredactor 05/03/2016  3:39pm


    inspiredactor 05/03/2016  5:34pm
  • NY Hamilton Open Call @ Chelsea Studios 05/02/2016  12:44pm

    Hi! Is anyone planning on camping out outside of Chelsea? I'm curious as to how crazy this is gonna be and if it's worth camping out for haha


    I think it’d be awesome if people didn’t camp out and just started a list at a sensible hour!

    Singstar50 05/02/2016  4:03pm

    That's a beautiful idea ^

    stellar5678 05/02/2016  4:59pm

    I also agree. however what is a sensible hour

    jfizzle4245 05/02/2016  5:02pm

    There's no list. Telsey never accepts lists for open calls. If you want to be seen early you need to wait in line.

    HoneyBooBoo 05/02/2016  5:03pm

    People keep saying telsey but it is at chelsea studios right? is telsey running the auditions?

    jfizzle4245 05/02/2016  5:05pm

    Telsey is running the auditions and it's at Chelsea studios tomorrow

    znt92 05/02/2016  5:49pm

    I was at the LA open call... (different coast different rules... disclaimer...)

    I arrived at 6am there was an unofficial list going around. There was 40-ish at 6am...
    Then toward 8am the list exploded to 210 people were sitting and clumping and hoping the list would be honored. then at 9am casting showed up some blessed intern lead the line to another door... and went by the unofficial list. And the official sign in process started.
    One fella did report camping out to be 10 on the list.
    Like I said different coast different rules-- I'd imagine NYC is bad ass hard core cur throat... I'd bet camping is going to occur.

    ChoirGeek1234 05/02/2016  5:58pm

    oh and... they allowed "one verse and one chorus"

    BUT it was acapella and they divided people into rooms... and I'm pretty sure the REAL casting director was only in 1 magical room... if you had the disfortune of being sent to the intern room you were doomed...
    (**Cue flashbacks to standing in the American Idol line**)

    ChoirGeek1234 05/02/2016  6:01pm

    oh and... they allowed "one verse and one chorus"

    BUT it was acapella and they divided people into rooms... and I'm pretty sure the REAL casting director was only in 1 magical room... if you had the disfortune of being sent to the intern room you were doomed...
    (**Cue flashbacks to standing in the American Idol line**)

    ChoirGeek1234 05/02/2016  6:04pm

    seeing as im taking the midnight bus to ny for this, I have nowhere else to be, but it the rain for 4 hours :(

    nay123 05/02/2016  8:05pm

    Go to Starbucks boo 👆🏾
    There's one on the corner of 26th and 7th

    DontSpeak 05/02/2016  8:13pm

    I overheard quite a few people planning on camping out. I would honestly be there no later than 5:30/ 6 am if you plan on being seen. (6am being you will probably be seen closer to 2pm)

    LegallyDone 05/02/2016  10:24pm

    Do they type at these???

    Ihearbwaycalling 05/02/2016  10:37pm

    ^At all the other calls (In Cali...) they didn't type out...
    (I think Hamilton is still in hot water from the union over the "non-white" word-age in the original casting notice... so they saw EVERYONE... but they ended the line... and stopped letting people in after a certain number... in LA I think it was 1,200)

    ChoirGeek1234 05/02/2016  10:44pm

    Soooooooooooooo people are already lined up for the audition just FYI. . . I know others are going home to grab stuff and heading over SOOOOO yea. . . . use that information as you will.

    Also, in terms of typing they do have the right to type of they choose. . . I know they are not looking for Ensemble dancers or King George at tomorrow's call so that might be a reason why they typed in the morning. (Hopefully this makes sense I'm tired)

    MaleGrad 05/02/2016  10:50pm

    But like, why don't we respect ourselves and each other enough to wait for the sun to come up on the actual audition date to line up? Go to sleep.

    Imasleep 05/02/2016  10:58pm

    Right! I am NOT throwing away my SLEEP.

    thefamousone 05/02/2016  11:12pm

    Who knows for sure about people lining up already ?

    Estrella.Electra.Eurydice 05/02/2016  11:16pm

    This is ridiculous... It's gonna start raining soon... Not only that doing a line that sacrifices your health your energy and your voice

    ILikeTheIslandManhattan 05/02/2016  11:17pm

    people are posting on Twitter about having already gotten in line! just search "Hamilton open call"

    SarahBrownEyes 05/02/2016  11:28pm

    People are already on line.

    HoneyBooBoo 05/02/2016  11:34pm

    Telsey is running the auditions and it's at Chelsea studios tomorrow

    znt92 05/02/2016  11:35pm

    Search #hamiltonopencall on Twitter

    MrMacAfee2005 05/02/2016  11:45pm

    GO TO BED! You'll thank yourself later.
    #whiteguywhoisunaffectedbythisopencall #takecareofyourself #youwillstillgetseen

    OptionUp 05/02/2016  11:55pm

    I can confirm ppl are lined up already with my own eyes I saw

    Moremoneyplease 05/02/2016  11:56pm

    this like this are embarrassing. have a little pride in your work. this isn't a concert, it's art.

    this has to be people who don't live here right?

    Bailee1416 05/03/2016  12:05am

    It doesn't matter where you are from...this is just unacceptable on so many levels. I'm waiting for the day that shows stop having open calls because people aren't thinking and potentially putting themselves in danger.

    OptionUp 05/03/2016  12:08am

    For my fellow NYC-based working actors -
    I have already had one preliminary audition for Hamilton at telsey and co and haven't heard since so I figured I would just show up again to be seen by a different casting assistant/intern/maybe even the CD...but this looks like a madhouse that might not be worth me missing out on $$ from day job/sleep/health...Advice? Thanks as always and stay safe out there!

    littlebrowngirl 05/03/2016  12:11am

    Can someone confirm how many people you see in line? Is it like 10 or like 50? haha

    azimazi 05/03/2016  12:11am

    ^^you're right. I'm glad we all have a united front on how insane this is. #AUUnite #firsttimeweallagree

    Bailee1416 05/03/2016  12:12am

    Does anyone know how many people are out there at this point?

    konah93 05/03/2016  12:14am

    I am in the same position as @littlebrowngirl went in last week for a preliminary audition and was going to come to do the same tomorrow but now this just seems absolutely insane. Any word on how the line is looking?

    Billy_shakes 05/03/2016  12:15am

    Yep it's true. People are lined up with lawn chairs....saw it with my own two eyes.

    KRodB 05/03/2016  12:15am

    Yep it's true. People are lined up with lawn chairs....saw it with my own two eyes.

    KRodB 05/03/2016  12:16am

    When I was in the area (which was around 11pm), there were at least 10 people in line already. My mouth DROPPED! This audition is going to be crazy....just like Motown's open call. I expect massive amounts of people.

    KRodB 05/03/2016  12:21am

    5:15am UPDATE

    Line should be in between 70-100... People are all cluttered between umbrellas so you can't tell.


    ILikeTheIslandManhattan 05/03/2016  5:15am

    O hell no. Over night?!?!?! in the rain to sing?!?!? Calm down brown ppl. u know we pull in at most 2 hours before the audition time, Not 12 hours!!!! Lord have mercy on your chords. I should go just to instagram these fools. #GoodGodGirlGetaGrip

    randomblackboy 05/03/2016  6:37am

    So Chelsea Studios opens at 8. Anyone think they'll let us in then?

    JessicaJones 05/03/2016  6:59am

    Are they letting ya in the building?

    DontSpeak 05/03/2016  8:06am

    Should people still show up? Any updates on line?

    pacoguy7 05/03/2016  8:29am

    We are inside it is very chaotic at the moment trying to figure out whats going on with the list while everyone is warming up together.

    Billy_shakes 05/03/2016  8:30am

    is there a moderator yet?

    littlebrowngirl 05/03/2016  8:38am

    Any updates on what's happening inside the studio?

    EDMPF 05/03/2016  9:00am

    how's the line looking outside?

    pacoguy7 05/03/2016  9:09am

    They have us waiting in two rooms..there was some confusion over whether they were honoring an unofficial list which had been started
    .but they said they were not honoring it...we are waiting to get numbers but people are just in here willy nilly

    jfizzle4245 05/03/2016  9:17am

    Is there any word as to when/whether they are letting more people up?

    EDMPF 05/03/2016  9:19am

    I would guess that no one else will be let up until sign up begins at 10 or even after everyone up here gets numbers.

    JessicaJones 05/03/2016  9:24am

    Just saw Bethany from Telsey!

    Littleboo 05/03/2016  9:33am

    So there are still a lot of people outside? Any signs of being let up or are they waiting until sign up begins to see how much space they have? Thanks soldiers!

    littlebrowngirl 05/03/2016  9:40am

    Line is still wrapped around 6th ave. I was there promoting the new app Bookster! If you haven't checked it out yet, try the free trial. Break legs today everybody!

    Megasing 05/03/2016  9:49am

    Has the sign in process begun inside?

    ilovecoffee 05/03/2016  10:04am

    Can anyone tell us when they start sign-in and if you all get any info on what will happen with people still outside? wondering if they're capping the line/seeing more than 100 people lol

    SarahBrownEyes 05/03/2016  10:06am

    bump de bump bump.

    Any and all updates appreciated from those in the room where it happens!

    littlebrowngirl 05/03/2016  10:24am

    Currently at the back of the line. It's wrapped around 6th going up 27th street still. Haven't heard anything from inside

    Luluwheeliam 05/03/2016  10:32am

    Hi guys, I got here around 10:30am. Decided...yes I need sleep and to come with a well rested voice. The line was wrapped from 26th St going up 6th Ave...wrapping around 27th St...then curving back down 7th Ave to 26th St. They let people in and the line is slowly moving. Still outside. The people toward the front when I got here were from the 8am arrival group. Midway on 27th St there is a female intern/moderator handing out a white half sheet of paper with #s. She was up to about #696. I'm toward the back to estimate I would be maybe #1000 by the time she reaches us. More people behind me.

    Any updates from INSIDE?

    EstrellaLuna 05/03/2016  11:05am

    Line is moving much faster now. Moved about 1 block in under an hour.

    EstrellaLuna 05/03/2016  11:20am

    it's crazy in there! I was number 117 and finished about 30 minutes ago. they have 4 auditon rooms running with groups of 10 at a time. auditons are running through 6pm

    Littleboo 05/03/2016  11:58am

    They extended auditions through 6pm? So they will be seeing through all the numbers currently in line then?

    littlebrowngirl 05/03/2016  12:06pm

    all the signs up on the doors say the auditons are running to 6pm. they are doing some callbacks in the room and some by email tonight. Callbacks are on Thursday

    Littleboo 05/03/2016  12:17pm

    are they still letting people in for this?

    bob 05/03/2016  12:19pm

    UPDATE: I got my #! Number 1052. The lady came around outside about half hour ago. She said if you have a number you will definitely be seen. I am outside on 27th St but the line is moving. They extended the audition time.

    EstrellaLuna 05/03/2016  12:33pm

    also they are doing acapella 1 verse and chorus

    Littleboo 05/03/2016  12:58pm

    What number are they on inside and outside? They've stopped giving numbers correct?

    pacoguy7 05/03/2016  2:26pm

    Whoever got all that pizza in line…..god bless you

    belting4bway 05/03/2016  3:24pm

    Are they still letting people sign up if they're extending it to 6?

    Sweet nettie 05/03/2016  4:02pm

    Has anyone received an email with Thursday callback information yet? Are they for sure sending emails tonight or is everyone finding out in the room? Thanks xoxo

    Ihearbwaycalling 05/03/2016  4:22pm

    i didn't get anything yet...but they are extending it to 6pm. and there were more than 1100 ppl in line...I doubt we'll hear anything tonight. if anything we'll hear by tomorrow morning!


    thelovelybeee 05/03/2016  5:04pm
  • Bump

    CrazyCatLady 05/03/2016  9:48am

    Bump! How's it looking?

    EPAalarmclock 05/03/2016  10:22am

    Are they seeing non eq?

    tany0997 05/03/2016  11:16am

    I was 5 on alternates and got seen around 10:40 if that helps? They have separate alt lists for theater/ film and TV. Moving pretty well!

    julieandrews95 05/03/2016  11:19am

    What number are they on for alternates?

    tany0997 05/03/2016  1:33pm

    bump. I don't remember seeing this posted. how late is the call? are they accepting drop offs from the alternates they don't get to?

    Bailee1416 05/03/2016  4:06pm
  • Davidnik

    could someone post who is in the room?

    Tbone 05/03/2016  1:53pm

    are they seeing non-eq?

    NYC1293 05/03/2016  2:01pm
  • bump

    aroadtofollow 05/03/2016  9:40am


    mynoneqisshowing 05/03/2016  10:12am

    This is at NOLA correct?

    danceallday 05/03/2016  10:24am


    aroadtofollow 05/03/2016  10:50am

    This is at NOLA correct?

    danceallday 05/03/2016  11:09am

    Does anyone know how many girls are signed up at fireside so far?
    Thanks!! :)

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 05/03/2016  11:51am


    Smastr96 05/03/2016  12:20pm

    Just got here (12:30) and am 62 on the female noneq list.

    They saw all the boys and finished early.

    There seems to be a steady stream of girls showing up.

    aroadtofollow 05/03/2016  12:27pm

    What are they doing? Any updates?

    ocdancer45 05/03/2016  1:37pm
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas @ 05/01/2016  4:15pm

    I see on the backstage audition calendar that there are auditions at the end of this week. I'm not a backstage member, so I can't view any of the info. Have looked at playbill for the info, but can't find it. Is this audition info posted anywhere for free?



    tired123 05/03/2016  12:20pm