Here is what I am thankful for

1. An amazing and dedicated arts community that I get to be a part of every day.

2. The BOOMING TV schedule that is happening in NYC right now.

3. Having the chance to hep actors follow their dreams.

4. Theatre.

5. The crappy audition I went to in 2009 that lit the spark for this site.

6. The awful boss I worked for at my former survival job, whose terrible attitude forced me to work as hard as possible to get the hell out of there and who inspired me to treat my employees as well as I am able

7. All the great people I work with at Backstage.

8. My kick-ass crew of monitors and my assistant at Backstage University that make my life managable and make your classes and events awesome.

9. Mrs. Audition Update. Seriously, she rocks.

  • Abundance and NJ Rep @ Actor's Equity Center 11/24/2014  9:57am

    Hey there - any word on these, both at AEA? Any info appreciated - especially ITR, available slots, EMC/non. Thanks all!



    orzosoup 11/24/2014  10:03am

    Both VERY empty. ABUNDANCE Generals start signup at an hour before afternoon hours start so you can't sign up now for those time slots

    Ianatom 11/24/2014  10:43am

    Please update on info for both calls. Appointments/alternate list/ Thanks.

    Harlequin 11/24/2014  12:54pm

    Jeffrey Hawkins a.m.
    Scott Alan Evans p.m.(open EPA.). Alt #'s in the 30's. called like 10. 4:45pm.

    Actr17 11/24/2014  4:57pm
  • Untitled PPL Project Dancers @ Pearl Studios 11/24/2014  9:40am

    How's it looking at the ECC dancers for non-Equity? Please post once list is read from advanced sign up! Thanks!


    Who was ITR? Thanks.

    jaynoh 11/24/2014  3:10pm
  • West Side Dance ECC @ Pearl Studios 11/24/2014  12:18pm

    Any info on how the women's list is or if they're seeing non/eq? Thanks!

  • gottadancegottasing
  • Encores! Paint Your Wagon @ other 11/24/2014  11:15am

    Are appointments for the invited dance call out for this yet?

  • Hair @ other 11/24/2014  9:55am

    Does anyone know what time these auditions are? There's no time listed on the playbill post...

  • Ultra Angels @ Ripley Grier 520 11/21/2014  7:35pm

    The audition is posted at Ripley 939, however it is actually at Ripley 520!

  • No one is here yet.

    Gettagimmick 11/21/2014  6:54am


    delaneyjoy 11/21/2014  7:11am

    Bump. Busy? No?

    Khaleesi 11/21/2014  8:49am

    19 on non eq

    bey207 11/21/2014  8:53am

    How long is the line of Union and EMC?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 11/21/2014  8:54am

    Probably 40-50 people here--lots of non-equity

    OlliesDolly 11/21/2014  9:04am

    Once everyone signs in, please update on non-eq versus eq?? THANK YOU!

    luv2act 11/21/2014  9:37am

    Can someone please post when the first emc is called?

    pinkkitty7 11/21/2014  10:09am

    Who is ITR? Thank you!

    jaynoh 11/21/2014  10:13am

    Yes, who is ITR?

    Also... Anyone know if they're taking drop off's?

    Virgo825 11/21/2014  10:17am

    Is Michael ITR?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 11/21/2014  10:46am

    How long is the emc list?

    stargazer 11/21/2014  10:57am

    I was #2 EMC and went in around 10:20/25. When I left they were on #4 EMC and there were around 12 names total on the EMC list.

    ITR was only the casting director. Her first name was Lindsey but I am blanking on her last name. Could anyone please enlighten me? Thanks!

    sunshinegirl7 11/21/2014  11:14am

    How many on the non-eq list please?? I can't make it there til after lunch, curious if its even worth it. THANKS!

    luv2act 11/21/2014  11:23am

    Was it Lindsay Levine?

    DudeGuy 11/21/2014  12:39pm

    Would it be stupid to still come in and try to be seen?

    thatoneguyremember 11/21/2014  12:50pm

    yes lindsey levine of tara reubin

    Baby_Groot 11/21/2014  2:34pm

    Only one ITR is Lindsay levine?

    Crazykid 11/21/2014  2:46pm

    Hey!! Haven't heard any announcements, but, the noneq list has been called through 19 & about 35 totally signed up on noneq.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 11/21/2014  2:46pm

    Any post-lunch updates? Particularly for non-eq?

    ElemenoPea 11/21/2014  3:11pm

    Up through about 29 on the noneq list

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 11/21/2014  3:17pm

    They've seen through 33 on the non-eq list. Come on down, y'all!! :-)

    PineapplePrincess 11/21/2014  3:30pm
  • Pretty quiet. Appts available from 10:10 on at this point, and it looked like only a few non-Eq hanging out. :-)

    Thia 11/21/2014  8:56am

    Who is in the room? Thanks.

    HoundDog 11/21/2014  9:46am

    One EMC called so far

    pinkkitty7 11/21/2014  10:08am

    ITR: Eric Shethar, Artistic Asst

    Thia 11/21/2014  10:16am

    How are appts looking?

    Limberlemur 11/21/2014  10:22am

    Are appts still available?

    PoundPavement 11/21/2014  12:05pm

    Non Eq list was up to 16. I was already seen they are through the EMC list. AppointmentS are definitely still open. If you left earlier to go to anothe call come back!!

    Bailee1416 11/21/2014  12:50pm

    Anyone know who is ITR now?

    emily t 11/21/2014  3:12pm
  • meowtown

    Whoops meant to post this in callback

    meowtown 11/21/2014  3:01pm