• CharacterActor234
  • Elf Non-Union National Tour Auditions @ Ripley Grier 520 02/24/2017  6:03pm

    Hey! I have a 2:00pm appointment for the dancers call on Tuesday 2/28 (they will start calling names at 1:00pm according to the casting call). Anyone with a singers appointment on Monday 2/27 willing to swap with me? I now have work on Tuesday during the audition :(


    What are these appointments? My agent got me an appointment for end of March?

    EeeZee 02/25/2017  2:06pm

    These are open calls that had a online signup.

    JoycelynB 02/25/2017  2:12pm

    I have signed up for an appointment on Monday the 27th that I am going to have to cancel because I won't be in town in time :/ Flying in Monday night.
    Do you want my slot for Monday?

    godIhopeIgetit08 02/25/2017  9:03pm

    Hi I would LOVE your apt! All slots are full so I was planning on sitting in the standby line :/

    tinydancer714 02/25/2017  11:10pm

    Is the Tuesday slot for dancer appt still open is not can I take it?

    mtbaby88 02/26/2017  12:05am
  • Hairspray @ Theatre Aspen @ 02/25/2017  5:14pm

    Has anyone received an appointment for this yet? Auditions according to actor's access are 2/27 & 2/28


    Yes I received an appointment for Amber a few days ago.

    Broadwaybnd16 02/25/2017  5:43pm

    where are the auditions going to be ? Wondering if I could get a walk in slot

    winkandwiggle 02/25/2017  7:41pm

    Got one over a week ago.

    sosayethi 02/25/2017  8:25pm

    Received an appointment on Wednesday for this coming Monday

    thisismyname 02/25/2017  11:49pm
  • Pagosa center for the arts appointments @ 02/23/2017  6:23pm

    Anyone who recieved an appointment know what they want us to prepare? I didn't see anything that said what they wanted..

    She doesn't even go here

    My email said 16-32 bars of a song appropriate to the style of show, and if you're auditioning for the straight play a monologue 90 seconds or less.

    welp 02/24/2017  12:12pm

    Have other offers gone out? Are they just trying to fill some roles?

    picklesndsnitches 02/25/2017  12:47pm

    Very limited offers have gone out. But they are looking for ONLY the roles that were listed on the posting. They got their pull of people from UPTA and are trying to find their Seaweed, Motormouth, etc before deciding who is going to play the other roles.

    herestothemenwholunch 02/25/2017  11:07pm
  • Bump

    shaws_hypatia 02/24/2017  8:17am

    This is at Ripley 929, right? Not 520?

    timeuponaonce 02/24/2017  8:33am


    ione1234 02/24/2017  9:03am

    Yes Ripley 939, not 520. 2nd floor.

    Non eq list about 23 ten minutes ago.

    MTC 02/24/2017  9:18am

    How is this call looking??

    godimamixer 02/24/2017  9:45am

    How many EMCs called? Thanks!

    inspiredactor 02/24/2017  9:45am

    Bump - non-Eq numbers, please!

    bizatron09 02/24/2017  10:08am

    Bump on EMC and equity alternate updates please!

    foryourglory 02/24/2017  10:19am

    Two emcs called about 30 minutes ago. Anyone have more recent update?

    SpeaksWordsGood 02/24/2017  10:25am

    16 EMC on list, called through 3. No alts currently...

    Canadianactor 02/24/2017  10:31am

    Any updates on how this is looking?

    FHVN 02/24/2017  11:13am


    openspace14 02/24/2017  11:23am

    Last I heard: 5/17 EMC

    foryourglory 02/24/2017  11:30am

    11/17 EMC

    SpeaksWordsGood 02/24/2017  11:39am

    Called 18 non equity

    MTC 02/24/2017  12:24pm

    Hello - any non eqs called yet?


    DarkRedRose 02/24/2017  12:24pm

    I believe there was at least one non eq in my group. They're very nice! Break a leg!

    basicNAB 02/24/2017  12:55pm

    When they broke for lunch they had called 18 non eq!

    FHVN 02/24/2017  1:43pm

    How many on the non-eq list?

    Actorinprogress 02/24/2017  2:00pm

    How many on the non-eq list?

    Actorinprogress 02/24/2017  2:07pm

    Will there be callbacks?

    bisouu 02/24/2017  5:27pm

    Totally forgot to take a pic- could anyone post who was in the room?

    Actorinprogress 02/24/2017  7:23pm

    Before lunch, ITR:
    Catherine Doherty, director 'You Can't Take It With You'
    Chuck Tobin, AD
    Kenneth Kimmins, director 'Miracle on South Division Street'
    Jenny Berger, PA for C. Doherty

    Don't know if it changed after lunch, just going from what I noted from my appointment before lunch.

    ColouredLights 02/24/2017  9:31pm

    How does one get the email addresses for those in the room?

    bisouu 02/25/2017  12:51pm

    I'm struggling to find emails as well- was any contact info listed?

    Actorinprogress 02/25/2017  9:24pm
  • I got an email sometime Thursday for an appointment tomorrow.

    MTC 02/25/2017  9:15pm
  • Sound of Music non-equity tour @ Pearl Studios 02/24/2017  12:03pm

    Would anyone with a MORNING appointment this Thursday, March 2nd, be willing to switch to the afternoon group? I have a rehearsal I can't miss in the afternoon- I would repay you in Starbucks and eternal gratitude. If you're interested, can text me at 617-833-0891. THANK YOU, and much love!


    I don't have an appointment that I can swap for, but if you can't make your appointment, I'd happily take it! (you can text me (650) 208-1833)

    glitterandbegay212 02/24/2017  12:55pm

    Could not get appt. either. If anyone has appt for SOM that they cannot keep..please txt. 610-216-8497. Thanks

    Tyler Ren 02/24/2017  5:56pm

    How would switching appointments work? Do you contact CD??

    picklesndsnitches 02/25/2017  12:51pm

    I too, was un-able to secure a slot and am looking for one if anyone is canceling theirs!

    godIhopeIgetit08 02/25/2017  9:04pm
  • Les Miserables EPA @ 02/25/2017  6:02pm

    Does anyone have any idea if EMC can get seen at this call? I know the breakdown mentioned that they won't be seeing non eq


    I was wondering the same thing.

    glitterandbegay212 02/25/2017  7:47pm

    BUMP. I'd like to know this also.
    They've posted that in every call they've had while it was still running here, and that's fine considering they only ever had one EPA and one ECC day, but there's 4 or 5 total calls for this...I'd LIKE to think there'd be time to see some EMC/non eq, less they just know already that they just...won't. Which we all know is their prerogative.

    Showbizdreamer 02/25/2017  8:33pm

    Frankly I just think we'll have to keep and eye on here on AU as to what people say about it.

    Showbizdreamer 02/25/2017  8:34pm
  • Beautiful @ Ripley Grier 929 02/24/2017  10:03pm

    Hey Folks, how,early did you all get to the Beautiful call during the week? Trying to figure out best arrival time tomorrow, Saturday. Thank you



    brdwyhic2 02/24/2017  10:40pm

    Additional question. I'm EMC. I saw during the week that they didn't see non equity. What do you guys think the chances are of them actually getting to EMC and non equity?

    brdwyhic2 02/24/2017  10:48pm

    This is just a guess, but calls are generally quieter on Saturdays. And since this is a required call, I think EMC has a shot tomorrow. Just a guess.

    EeeZee 02/24/2017  11:33pm

    Unofficial list is at 6 @ 5:52 am

    Chunky_theflag 02/25/2017  5:47am

    What time can EMC start lining up in the building?

    fakeittillyoumakeit 02/25/2017  6:35am

    Non eq list up to 16, four on line outside the building

    SallyBowels 02/25/2017  7:20am

    EMC in line???? List)??

    meowmeow21 02/25/2017  7:23am

    For EPAs an EMC is always required to wait on line with equity members, exactly as an equity member until the official sign in. There is no such thing as an unofficial EMC list. Hope that's clear and helpful, seems like there's been a lot of confusion about this lately!

    SallyBowels 02/25/2017  7:46am

    Call on 10th floor, list was taken upstairs

    SallyBowels 02/25/2017  7:57am

    Bump for non eq

    nyfilly 02/25/2017  8:56am

    What's the first available appointment?

    sosayethi 02/25/2017  9:11am

    Non-eq list was up to 28 around 9:10 !

    ElemenoPea 02/25/2017  9:24am

    What's the equity situation looking like? Are there still appointments open/is there an alternate list?

    WillWorkForReeses 02/25/2017  9:46am

    Bump for updates on this call

    hellooooo 02/25/2017  9:46am

    Any appointments left??

    Lazersareexpensive 02/25/2017  10:20am

    Seeing noneq? Thanks!

    Quietkid7 02/25/2017  10:23am

    anyone have an update on the EMC numbers currently? Thanks!

    Butmostlyme 02/25/2017  10:36am

    Update on this call?? # of alternates/emc/non eq??

    emsenn 02/25/2017  10:50am

    Called through 14 on the non-eq list.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 02/25/2017  11:10am

    Who's itr pleaseeee

    wontsingbeforenoon 02/25/2017  11:14am

    Does anyone know what the non eq list is actually up to?

    emsenn 02/25/2017  11:31am

    BUMP on how many EMC have been seen?

    glitterandbegay212 02/25/2017  11:47am

    If they're through 14 non eq that means they must have gone through all EMC

    Butmostlyme 02/25/2017  12:18pm

    Bump on how many non-eqs have been seen

    amblingshambler 02/25/2017  12:22pm

    They're past over 25 of the non-eq! Anyone know the name of the casting associate in the room?

    1FineDay 02/25/2017  12:22pm

    Bump for an update on how this is still looking! It goes until 6 yes?

    nyfilly 02/25/2017  1:22pm

    Hey can someone ask the monitor if EMC or non equ can sign in to get seen after lunch?

    Ab90 02/25/2017  1:22pm

    bump on eq/non-eq being seen!

    rfelsie 02/25/2017  1:22pm

    FYI: At an EPA, EMC becomes non-eq if they sign in after lunch. So you would sign up at the end of the non-eq list.

    asprgs456 02/25/2017  1:32pm

    bump ITR info...forgot to write it down!

    hellooooo 02/25/2017  1:43pm

    is it too late to sign up for non eq list?

    Singin4alivin 02/25/2017  1:50pm

    ITR: Jenise Crawford (casting associate), and Sharon Kenny (accompanist)

    Drthtr321 02/25/2017  1:56pm

    Thank you!!

    hellooooo 02/25/2017  1:57pm

    Awesome, thanks so much.

    Has entire non equ list been seen?

    Ab90 02/25/2017  2:05pm

    Bump for how this is currently looking!

    nyfilly 02/25/2017  3:03pm

    Y'all it's the twilight zone over there. Non eq is getting seen like immediately there is no list. I got there, signed up, and was immediately put into a group behind about 4 union members. If you are able and interested I'd hop on over there. Plus both the women in the room are lovely.

    emsenn 02/25/2017  3:04pm

    Does anyone know why this was so empty?

    The_Diva 02/25/2017  4:03pm

    A lot of the times, a call like this on the weekend will not be quite as full. Perhaps it's a required call as well?? I have no idea for sure though.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 02/25/2017  6:12pm
  • PHOCAL PRODUCTION SCAM @ other 02/25/2017  4:09pm

    Hey guys,
    There is a major scam out there right now involved with a company called Phocal Production that is casting people in national commercials for very reputable brands as models. It all looks legitimate in terms of contracts and such up front but its not. They send you an upfront payment of money that is to go to your "stylist/wardrobe" instead they get you to send these funds all over the place and the money never comes through so it ends up getting taken out of your personal account. I just fell prey to this scam and want to make sure that all you other ladies out there don't become a victim like I did. This was cast through a posting on Playbill.


    Let his be a lesson- never take money upfront. Sorry this came about through a legit site like Playbill (did you notify them?), but seriously, jobs that offer to send you a check up front are never kosher. Best of luck in getting it resolved!

    random8 02/25/2017  5:29pm