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  • Is this for Red House arts center or where?

    13dex13park 09/27/2016  8:48pm

    There's a non Union call. I'm on my phone and can't find the post I bookmarked on my computer but stagedoorconnections has the non Union call listed for Thursday:

    MaryWarren 09/27/2016  9:26pm

    It is an Open Singer Call. See the attached backstage posting:

    purse_first 09/27/2016  9:32pm

    Correct. Red House was cast quite some time ago I believe.

    Showbizdreamer 09/27/2016  9:40pm

    I just got an appointment for redhouse's beauty and the beast on Thursday so it must not be cast

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 09/27/2016  10:17pm

    Wait you guys are talking about a different production IGNORE ME

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 09/27/2016  10:18pm
  • JoycelynB


    boombox899 09/22/2016  5:29pm

    Yes, received singing appointment for Tuesday and dancing appointment for Wednesday. However, I'm wary due to reviews on G&T. Going to see how it goes but just wanted everyone to do their own research as well.

    ‡‡‡ 09/22/2016  6:36pm

    same as above!!

    qwertybelty25 09/22/2016  9:19pm

    Do you mind me asking when you heard. Also did you send to the email or through backstage? It did say we could submit through there but I'm wondering if I should have done through email. Do you think it would be ok to just show up during the appointment day to see if they are seeing alternates?

    JoycelynB 09/22/2016  9:29pm

    i submitted via email AND backstage but received a response via email. only thing i've heard about this company i read on the Gig & Tell tab of this website!

    qwertybelty25 09/22/2016  10:02pm

    Anyone know which Pearl the appointments are at tomorrow? My email didn't specify...

    oleanderwarrior 09/26/2016  8:27pm

    Does anyone know what the link is for singers from today's appointments to sign up for tomorrow's dance call? I thought the monitor had said it was on their Backstage notice but I don't see it there...

    Jessika 09/27/2016  11:46am

    It's at Pearl 500, Room 410 today. Anyone get a callback for a role?? Some people were asked to come dance tomorrow.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 09/27/2016  12:12pm

    Anyone know who was ITR?

    qwertybelty25 09/27/2016  1:48pm

    Can someone share the info for tomorrow's open call? Is it dancers or singers? Times? Thanks a million!

    chittychittybb 09/27/2016  3:15pm

    UH for those called back to dance tomorrow AM -- what time did they say?? Can't remember

    asprgs456 09/27/2016  9:57pm
  • Mamma Mia/Beauty & the Beast @ Nola Studios 09/25/2016  10:49pm

    I know they are having Non-Eq auditions (praise) as well as Equity... but does this mean they absolutely won't be seeing any non-eq on the Equity days? Any thoughts on this?


    Wait, when and where are the non eq auditions? I can't find it online anywhere

    Baldur 09/26/2016  6:53am

    Found it.

    But I have the same question then.

    Baldur 09/26/2016  7:04am

    Yes, please post the non eq audition link of you don't mind

    HEBie 09/26/2016  7:32am


    littleeagle 09/26/2016  8:20am

    But they've seen non eq at the union calls in the past when there's been time

    littleeagle 09/26/2016  8:21am

    Cool, thanks @littleeagle! That's what I was wondering.

    newyorkchic 09/26/2016  8:28am

    List moved upstairs to studio B on the bulletin board!

    DancesWithLasers 09/26/2016  8:41am

    How many noneq are signed up?

    delaneye123 09/26/2016  9:45am

    What floor is studio b on?

    Ladynapsalot 09/26/2016  10:12am

    Female non eq is at 24

    Ladynapsalot 09/26/2016  10:18am

    Any info on non eq for the men?

    dancechic 09/26/2016  11:30am

    What numbe is the non eq female list up to please?

    HEBie 09/26/2016  1:31pm

    I'm confused...I thought the non-eq auditions weren't until tomorrow, the 27th??? Can someone please clarify the dates/times for non-eq? I've looked everywhere for the audition info because it was all taken down.

    herestothemenwholunch 09/26/2016  4:59pm

    The non union call is this Thursday the 29th, and guys....they ARE TYPING so for heaven sakes spread the word so no one comes at a stupid ungodly hour because it WILL be unnecessary.

    Showbizdreamer 09/26/2016  5:03pm

    Are they typing for the dance call as well?

    newyorkchic 09/26/2016  6:10pm

    Today WAS the dancer ECC...unless I missed something. Wednesday is the EPA, Thursday is the non eq principal call, and Friday is the singer ECC. There's no non eq dance call that I know of.

    Showbizdreamer 09/26/2016  7:04pm

    I could have sworn tomorrow was the non-eq dancer call. I can't find the original posting anywhere though.

    PointesNtaps 09/26/2016  9:03pm

    I can't find the listing on playbill either but it's still on backstage. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th is an open dance call. Bring character and ballet shoes, have 16 bars ready. Men at 10 and women at 1:30 at Nola studios.

    flan 09/26/2016  10:08pm

    Flan, thank you so much for sharing the info with us! I also put the playbill link in my calendar and assumed that it wouldn't get removed. Just wondering....are the auditions for BATB and Mamma Mia separate or together? In other words: is the 10 men's call for both shows, and the same for the women at 1:30? Thank you!!

    GoToIt 09/27/2016  12:08am

    All dance calls tomorrow are for both shows. You'll be considered for both. Hope this helps!

    Jennylou 09/27/2016  12:51am

    Yes according to Backstage those at the Open Call (Non-Eq day) Tuesday (9/27) will be considered for Mama Mia and BATB

    TheOptimistPrime 09/27/2016  12:54am

    Is there still a call on Thursday 9/29 for Principals? I can't find the information anywhere

    DLC 09/27/2016  8:22pm

    Is there still a call on Thursday 9/29 for Principals? I can't find the information anywhere

    DLC 09/27/2016  8:27pm
  • Did they take the list for this?

    luv2gab 09/27/2016  10:39am

    What number are they up to?

    Gwadoy14 09/27/2016  1:48pm

    Can anybody update on what's happening at this audition please?

    danceallday 09/27/2016  2:48pm

    Does anyone know who was in the room?

    Andi Rae 09/27/2016  5:40pm
  • Female non union list at 18 (at 8:30)

    TzeitelKamzoil 09/27/2016  8:22am

    33 as of 9:20am

    livelovedance22 09/27/2016  9:16am

    Female Non-Union at 45...

    Flyingfree 09/27/2016  10:06am

    Any update on non eq men?

    ginmonty 09/27/2016  11:32am

    Any word on drop offs?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 09/27/2016  11:59am

    I know they saw no eq men! Keep us posted if they decide to see non eq women as well.

    mtbaby88 09/27/2016  12:39pm

    Only drop offs for non-eq ladies!

    Macavities 09/27/2016  2:02pm

    Just to be clear, they're not seeing non-Union ladies for those who are already on the list?

    c23 09/27/2016  2:27pm

    They were packing up the holding room at 4:30 when I got there -- looks like it ended early.

    CoffeeCoffeeCoffee 09/27/2016  5:34pm

    Does anyone know who was in the room?

    Andi Rae 09/27/2016  5:39pm
  • Gulf shore MFL @ 09/27/2016  1:21pm

    Did anyone submit for appointments this week for remaining roles?

  • List is up outside 250 54th. Happy auditioning!

    rinkmuttartist 09/27/2016  7:06am

    Is this for the Fireside dance call today? Any word on the female list?

    Sweetwater 09/27/2016  7:36am

    Is this the official list? I might be wrong, but I thought the breakdown (on Playbill) had said that they would be having an official sign-up list

    nutmeg 09/27/2016  7:40am

    How's the female list?

    wannabeMeryl 09/27/2016  7:58am

    On the 11 floor there is a sign up. Men are at 7. Women are less than that.

    Badgerpride 09/27/2016  8:28am

    Hey guys im one of the monitors for this call. We did not accept the unofficial list. Girls are at 15 boys at 19!

    peggylee08 09/27/2016  8:53am

    Thank you for keeping us posted! Is it true that they are typing? Just wondering if it is necessary for girls to show up unreasonably early

    GoToIt 09/27/2016  9:03am

    So unofficial lists aren't being accepted?

    PointesNtaps 09/27/2016  9:32am

    peggylee08! If I was to get to the male call at 1245pm today, will I be too late? Unfortunately that is the earliest I can get there today bc of work...

    Frankincense 09/27/2016  9:34am


    GoToIt 09/27/2016  10:31am

    For fireside open calls they never accept the unofficial and they always type. They'll line you up in groups and Ed will look at you and your h/r. Then make a cut.

    littleeagle 09/27/2016  10:43am

    If I can't get there until about 2:15 for the girls will I be seen or will the list be closed?

    Sibe11a 09/27/2016  11:04am

    Ladies, the monitor said they will be typing via a short combo, so you'll want to be here for 1:30

    nutmeg 09/27/2016  12:55pm
  • Thanks! Overslept so this is great to know.

    Dobie 09/26/2016  8:50am

    How is this looking? When does the call end today?

    Wannakeepsleeping 09/26/2016  9:09am

    Still pretty quite here?

    nvpappas 09/26/2016  9:32am

    How's it look for non-union?

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 09/26/2016  9:38am

    Bump for appts after lunch?

    Glokeroo 09/26/2016  10:37am

    4 EMC called so far.

    Julia 09/26/2016  11:08am

    2:10 earliest appt. everything before that is booked.

    34 EMC - 4 have been called

    Running 10 minutes behind schedule.

    Ета странно 09/26/2016  12:03pm

    2:10 earliest appt. everything before that is booked.

    34 EMC - 4 have been called

    Running 10 minutes behind schedule.

    Ета странно 09/26/2016  1:05pm

    Anyone know what the EMC list is looking like? Last I checked they called 4

    Gadget 09/26/2016  1:06pm

    Any post lunch EMC update? Thanks!

    scarlettsabrina 09/26/2016  2:44pm

    Non-equity were sent home

    Jennyj 09/26/2016  3:14pm

    Does anyone happen to know how many EMC ended up being seen?

    Katie511 09/26/2016  11:14pm

    Does anyone happen to know how many EMC ended up being seen?

    Katie511 09/26/2016  11:21pm
  • Bump for that revival of Law & Order

    luv2gab 09/26/2016  10:07pm