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  • Seemed very empty when I was up there like 10 mins ago. Noneq, the list from outside was also mysteriously "lost" for this one so make sure you get back to resign up!

    Also, could someone post when/if they start calling noneq? Thanks!

    Jessika 04/28/2015  10:09am

    Called 1 emc already

    stagedad 04/28/2015  10:22am

    How many signed up if you don't mind???

    BassITone412 04/28/2015  10:24am

    How many emc?

    aschneps 04/28/2015  10:27am

    Called up through 8 on the noneq list

    yasqueen 04/28/2015  10:40am

    Non eq up to mid twenties

    Barkles 04/28/2015  10:51am

    Monitor just said no non-eq have been called yet. Where did that 8 come from?

    LMK 04/28/2015  11:13am

    About 10 EMC have been called, there are 8 EMC left on the list, no non eq have been seen yet.

    Jenga 04/28/2015  11:49am

    He definitely called the first 8 for noneq I think in the 10:30 group, only two were here and the rest are marked with 0 next to their name on the list. Lots of emcs coming in since then signing up and they haven't called any noneq since that group

    yasqueen 04/28/2015  11:55am

    I just checked the list myself and you're right. He's called up to number 9 on non eq. Wonder why he's telling people otherwise...

    Jenga 04/28/2015  12:09pm
  • SomethingsComing

    Update on noneq?

    Shannon Kelly 04/28/2015  12:07pm
  • bump

    bonb1706 04/24/2015  11:51am


    babytj85 04/27/2015  6:55pm


    Tommy101 04/28/2015  12:04pm
  • Anastasia @ Nola Studios 04/28/2015  6:04am

    I posted the unofficial list! NOLA has 2 doors, #244 and #250, and as nobody was there I put it on #244 with a note about it on #250. If someone gets there when NOLA opens, please make sure this list finds its way upstairs and into the right hands. If the list is not on the door when you get there, some asshole either threw it away or some good person took it up already. Xo


    About 10 minutes ago I signed up as #7

    heyred 04/28/2015  7:09am

    when does NOLA open?

    Aneice 04/28/2015  7:12am

    Non ew at 18 7:35am emc at 1 eq at 2

    Tcob 04/28/2015  7:56am

    How's the line looking now?

    Aneice 04/28/2015  8:37am

    The line is short. Only about 20 peeps physically here. No idea how long the non eq list is.

    Sheme 04/28/2015  8:43am

    Non-eq list at 22 about 10 minutes ago

    katieps 04/28/2015  8:45am

    Can someone please post when/if the unofficial list is transferred? Thanks!

    heyred 04/28/2015  9:10am

    I was #25 on the downstairs list but it was gone by the time I went in the building. I told them it had been taken so they waited for it to be handed in but no one brought it. Can you put your name here and I'll add you to the new list? Is that allowed? #foreigner x

    LMK 04/28/2015  9:28am

    Sorry scrap that last, that's for ART. For Anastasia, TONNES of Equity and EMC - just signed up as #37 on the non-eq. Don't hold your breath, yesterday they only got to about 15 non-eq. Good luck!

    LMK 04/28/2015  9:35am

    Thanks for the update! If someone could please post when they start seeing EMCs, that would be great. Thank you!

    heyred 04/28/2015  9:53am

    How many on the EMC list?

    jjsinger 04/28/2015  9:57am

    Could someone post who ITR?

    Aneice 04/28/2015  10:21am

    What's the Equity alt list looking like?

    thejollyraja 04/28/2015  10:40am

    Jack Bowdan of Binder Casting is in the room. So far, it's just the accompanist and him [he?] listed.

    SusanCD 04/28/2015  10:53am

    Update on numbers?

    heyred 04/28/2015  10:54am

    Only one more on the alternate list before emc.

    Assemble the Minions 04/28/2015  10:59am

    Any idea when they'll see non-eq?

    katieps 04/28/2015  11:03am

    They've called the first six off EMC this far and the 11:30 appointments are checking in right now

    phimumt 04/28/2015  11:25am

    Any info on how many are on the EMC list?

    cre09b 04/28/2015  11:59am
  • Wizard of Oz- Non Eq Call @ Pearl Studios 04/27/2015  4:48pm

    All alternates will be seen today between 5-6! Same for tomorrow


    Should we still get there super early in the morning tomorrow to sign up? Anyone know from today?

    PattiLuPone 04/27/2015  10:25pm

    bump to this and also--were any alternates seen BEFORE 5pm today?

    princessconsuela 04/27/2015  11:16pm

    If they are seeing non eq from 5-6 tomorrow for wizard of oz, do we still need to sign up early in the am?

    Kat2009d 04/27/2015  11:36pm

    Kat2009d, this is a non-eq call.

    Is there a list up yet for alternates?

    PattiLuPone 04/28/2015  6:54am

    I'm sorry, I'm new to the NYC audition scene. What are alternates? For non eq calls, do they just go straight down the sign up list?

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  7:12am

    Joy Dewing has started doing online sign ups for some of her non eq cals. Alternates are those who did not get a timeslot but are still trying to get seen.

    PattiLuPone 04/28/2015  7:19am

    Great! Thank you. I guess I'll try to put my name on the alternate list when I'm there for another audition. How do you know when they are doing an online sign up?

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  7:27am

    Morning, friends. There is an unofficial alternate sign up in the holding room, which is now open. There are 4 on the list so far.

    dophdoph623 04/28/2015  8:14am

    The unofficial alternate list is at 7

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  8:42am

    Update on alternate list?

    PattiLuPone 04/28/2015  9:54am

    I was number 25 just now. By the way the monitor informed me they will be filling in alternates as they go not 5-6.

    Anie 04/28/2015  9:58am

    I was number 25 just now. By the way the monitor informed me they will be filling in alternates as they go not 5-6.

    Anie 04/28/2015  10:09am

    Can whoever is in the room post when the first alternate is sent in?

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  10:16am

    The official alternate list pushed back some of the unofficial list people. They must not have put the names down in order. I signed up super early this morning, and now I'm about 10 spots later than my original number. Just so y'all know for timing purposes. :)

    eve23 04/28/2015  10:37am

    Are you getting seen in the number that you signed up online? In that order?

    Actor525 04/28/2015  10:50am

    What happens if you miss your time??
    Or your name being called...?

    Frankincense 04/28/2015  11:05am

    He called the first 10 alternates.

    Anie 04/28/2015  11:06am

    Are they taking a lunch? Thanks so much!

    audition_update_user 04/28/2015  11:55am
  • Bump
    Was the unofficial transferred?

    Jenga 04/28/2015  9:25am

    This audition is pretty dead. They've already seen a couple EMCs and appointments are open for the rest of the day.

    LordTupperware 04/28/2015  11:54am
  • bump

    iamaleprechaun 04/25/2015  4:27pm


    workin925 04/26/2015  12:51am


    CHG 04/26/2015  1:23pm

    Also, are they running every day this week? The playbill announcement I saw, said April 30th for the EPA's.

    CHG 04/26/2015  1:24pm

    I saw on another post in the callback corner that they had appointments this past Thursday?

    feeling22 04/26/2015  2:48pm

    Ya agent appts were last week

    actor44 04/27/2015  11:49am

    bump anything

    0036 04/28/2015  11:54am
  • ART Season @ Nola Studios 04/27/2015  10:29pm

    Hokayyyyy what time are my noneq bbs showin up tomorrow morning?


    Not Nola @ RG 520

    sothisishappening 04/27/2015  10:32pm


    sothisishappening 04/28/2015  12:58am

    Bump! Anyone there?

    heyred 04/28/2015  7:08am

    Anyone signed up non eq yet?

    PrettyPelican 04/28/2015  8:19am

    Noneq list transferred, up to 4. Seems kind of quiet

    yasqueen 04/28/2015  8:39am

    How are appointments looking?

    flyingtoast 04/28/2015  8:55am

    The non-eq list originally posted outside is lost, so if you signed up on that, you need to come back and sign up again. Up to 14 now. If the original list hasn't been found by 9am, they're going with the new one.

    heyred 04/28/2015  9:09am

    To whoever "lost" the list that was outside...karma!!!!! :/

    Jessika 04/28/2015  9:22am

    Wait seriously? Lost? Crap I have work this morning and can't go back, was it found?

    supershy 04/28/2015  9:22am

    The new list has officially been transferred since the original one was never found. It's up to 16. Appointments are still wide open for the day.

    Also, twist!, casting has not arrived yet #MIA

    sothisishappening 04/28/2015  9:23am

    I was #25 on the downstairs list but it was gone by the time I went in the building. I told them it had been taken so they waited for it to be handed in but no one brought it. Can you put your name here and I'll add you to the new list? Is that allowed? #foreigner x

    LMK 04/28/2015  9:36am

    Updates on non-eq list?

    Literallyintheheights 04/28/2015  10:04am

    Last time I checked (around 9:05) the casting team hasn't showed up... What's going on over there?

    dlu 04/28/2015  10:05am

    can anyone give us general info on appts/alternates/EMC/non-eq?

    LadyNugget20 04/28/2015  10:06am

    So, is the casting team there? What do appts look like? Thanks!

    Glokeroo 04/28/2015  10:13am

    Not sure if casting showed up or if they started without them, but they are pretty much on time so far - 10am group is lined up. Called a few alternates, no EMC or non-eq yet

    heyred 04/28/2015  10:16am

    Hiya! Update: most of equity filled, 19 on EMC, 29 non-eq. Casting has arrived and the games begin :P

    LMK 04/28/2015  10:18am

    Are there appts before lunch? What does the alt list look like? thanks!!!

    Glokeroo 04/28/2015  10:30am

    Does anyone know what time lunch is? Thanks!

    Patti Lupita Nyongo 04/28/2015  10:40am

    lunch is 1-2

    pooophead 04/28/2015  10:45am

    Would someone mind giving us an idea of how equity appointments look, alternate list, if any emc have been called, etc., please?

    toloveanotherperson 04/28/2015  11:06am

    Who is ITR please and thank you!

    thatgirl 04/28/2015  11:22am

    bump for the previous two questions asked :)!

    jerry2229 04/28/2015  11:31am

    Update: EMC are up to 27, 5 have been called. Non-eq is almost 40. Appointments are pretty full though. Good luck!

    LMK 04/28/2015  11:34am


    Glokeroo 04/28/2015  11:52am
  • Is there a non eq list yet?

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  6:50am

    The list that is there is the non eq list

    Theatrelove 04/28/2015  6:57am

    How many people are on the list?

    broadway9999 04/28/2015  7:05am

    Thank you. How any are on the list so far?

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  7:05am

    Guys at 3. Girls at 10

    Indie17 04/28/2015  7:48am

    List is now transferred upstairs to holding room 409

    Lll 04/28/2015  8:07am

    I had written down that this was an open call but now I can't find the casting notice. Can someone confirm this for me?

    PrettyPelican 04/28/2015  8:36am

    Alright kids as of 8:32 the unofficial lists are at 8 for the boys and 25 for the girls. Break legs today!

    sassyandclassy 04/28/2015  8:51am

    any update on numbers? Thanks!

    shift 04/28/2015  9:40am

    40 for girls

    9thavediva 04/28/2015  9:58am

    Thanks so much!

    shift 04/28/2015  10:04am

    Are they going to start non eq females after the equity females go?

    Kat2009d 04/28/2015  10:20am

    Does anyone know if they've been able to transfer the women's unofficial list yet? Or if it's been scrapped?

    phimumt 04/28/2015  11:10am

    Anyone have any updates on whether or not they are honoring the unofficial list?

    kl245057 04/28/2015  11:44am
  • It's very quiet here

    MB25 04/28/2015  8:32am

    Line not too crowded...

    Aneice 04/28/2015  8:36am

    Non equ up to 12

    joizygirl88 04/28/2015  8:40am

    How are appointments looking?

    Ocelot 04/28/2015  9:03am

    Lots of appointments were open when i left.

    DorothyMichaels 04/28/2015  9:13am

    How is the alt list? Any EMC called?

    aschneps 04/28/2015  10:03am

    No new up to 21

    [insert name here] 04/28/2015  10:18am

    "We will be seeing non-equ time permitting. Audition slots are booked through 3:30. So, do with that what you will."

    joizygirl88 04/28/2015  10:20am

    The monitor is going very slowly. There have only been 5 of 15 alts called.

    TOWaLND 04/28/2015  11:01am

    A lot of it is that people are doing a song and a monologue. People are using their full two minutes.

    thejollyraja 04/28/2015  11:17am

    Any EMC called yet?

    aschneps 04/28/2015  11:35am

    no EMC's called yet. Still going through the alternates list super slowly

    Bench.Warmer 04/28/2015  11:40am