• List was started outside 520 Ripley.

    positivethinkingactor 09/20/2017  6:41am

    5 on the open dancer call at 10 and 1 on the open mover call list at noon

    Snowhite2 09/20/2017  6:54am
  • Singin in the Rain Open Dancer Call 09/19/2017  8:48pm

    Hey y'all! Wondering if anyone knows how the Wick runs the open calls? Do they accept unofficial lists or do people wait in line? If there's any information that would be super appreciated!


    Not sure if they're accepting it, but unofficial list is started outside 520 Ripley!

    positivethinkingactor 09/20/2017  6:02am

    How many on the list?

    LBass21 09/20/2017  6:26am


    lu 09/20/2017  6:53am
  • rosencrantzandguildenstern

    At around 5, there were 3 on Non-eq list, 1 on EMC.

    Singtina 09/20/2017  5:28am

    Thank you, where's the list?

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/20/2017  5:30am

    Non-eq list at 4

    Evitaperon 09/20/2017  5:45am

    Yes! There are 9 on unofficial non-eq, a couple on an unofficial emc list and one on an unofficial equity list. @6am

    HereWeGoAgain 09/20/2017  5:50am

    12 non eq @6:10

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/20/2017  5:59am

    The list is inside. The security guy is cool. He'll let you in.

    Singtina 09/20/2017  6:15am

    Non-eq updates?

    issabop 09/20/2017  6:27am

    12 non eq @6:10

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/20/2017  6:36am

    Hello lovelies! There's currently an EMC list and an Equity list at the desk. If you're new to the game, just wanted to let you know that Equity cannot accept these for EPAs. They generally accept a non-union unofficial list, but EMC and Equity members must be in line in person. Break legs!

    Excusememaam 09/20/2017  6:44am

    List at 19 at 6:55.

    cokediete 09/20/2017  6:45am
  • Chess ECC 09/19/2017  10:17pm

    Are we thinking this is going to be swarmed with equity?


    20 on female list and 3 on male as of 6:40 am!

    CFrizze 09/20/2017  6:28am
  • Chess ECC 09/20/2017  6:09am

    List started outside Ripley. 10 women, 2 men.


    What is the line like now?

    Badandboujee 09/20/2017  6:28am
  • Wick Theatre Singin' in the Rain 09/18/2017  10:59pm

    Does anyone know the likelihood of non eq being seen at this call?


    Because it's only for four hours the chances arent great. But you never know!

    werk678 09/18/2017  11:14pm

    Has a non-eq list started?

    amarkin 09/19/2017  7:16am

    Bump on updates?

    starbythesea 09/19/2017  8:22am

    Update on appointments left/alternate list?

    WillWorkForReeses 09/19/2017  8:24am

    Appointments are full, they've called 3 or 4 on the alternate list. No EMC or non eq called.

    positivethinkingactor 09/19/2017  9:28am

    How many EMC's seen?

    youngscrelter 09/19/2017  9:51am

    Any non eq called?

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/19/2017  10:09am

    5 emcs called, there are at least 25 or 30 on the list

    IWBOB 09/19/2017  10:12am

    How many are on equity alt list and how many were called?

    singsing3 09/19/2017  10:18am

    Updates on this??

    actress9315 09/19/2017  12:04pm

    Bumpin' for updates!

    LizaWithAZ 09/19/2017  12:27pm

    Alternates, EMC and non union were sent home around 12:30. Call ends at 1.

    positivethinkingactor 09/19/2017  12:46pm

    Any non eq called?

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/19/2017  9:17pm

    Any non eq called?

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/19/2017  10:00pm

    Any non eq called?

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/20/2017  4:49am

    Any non eq called?

    rosencrantzandguildenstern 09/20/2017  4:49am

    No non eq were called.

    positivethinkingactor 09/20/2017  6:04am
  • positivethinkingactor
  • Hamilton EPA 09/19/2017  10:58pm

    Do you think there is a slight chance of non-eq getting seen at this call?



    issabop 09/19/2017  11:51pm
  • Lemurgirl90

    Yes I would also like to know if they are seeing non eq today.

    KBake 09/18/2017  1:06pm

    Did they see non-eq today?

    2busymom 09/18/2017  4:55pm

    I'm not sure about the Men's Call, but they typed non-eq ladies with headshot/rezzie.

    typedinmakeupnotdone 09/18/2017  8:26pm


    2busymom 09/19/2017  8:26pm
  • Prather 09/17/2017  12:30pm

    Anyone know how Prather normally runs their calls? Do they accept an unofficial list?


    Remember that scene at the end of Miss Congeneality where New York yells at everyone because she's a lesbian, and Sandra Bullock punches Texas in the face, and tries to rip the crown off of ms. Rhode Island, until she throws it in the air and it explodes and destroys that paper mache statue of liberty?

    that's essentially a prather open call.


    Fatniss_Neverlean 09/17/2017  1:13pm

    ^^^ Hahaha! Okay but seriously, does anyone know if they accept the unofficial list?

    MissKayShuler 09/17/2017  1:23pm

    Do you think I'd type out the last 20 minutes of miss congeniality in detail if they didn't take the unofficial list?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 09/17/2017  1:28pm

    oh good I can barely contain my excitement.

    So we're good to show up at the crack of dawn, sign up, and return to the chaos at the start of the call? As opposed to waiting in line all morning?

    ekat1991 09/17/2017  2:36pm

    I suppose not, Fatniss :) thanks for adding some humor to the thread.

    MissKayShuler 09/17/2017  2:39pm

    Okay that was funny but also very depressing. LOL
    At the most recent Wicked call, someone started the unofficial list the day before the audition and ended up being one of the only Noneqs seen, what is to prevent that from happening again or is that the new rule and we should just go head downtown and sign up now? Also, wouldn't it be so nice if anyone waiting but not seen tomorrow afternoon had their names put on an un/official for the next day automatically? I know, I'm not savage enough for this gauntlet :) Break legs all

    asongandaprayer 09/17/2017  3:35pm

    Is there really a list already!?

    Tyses 09/17/2017  4:56pm

    bump on that unofficial list

    aprilludgate-dwyer 09/17/2017  6:05pm

    The last couple of times I have gone in for them they did NOT take the unofficial list.

    blairewithane 09/17/2017  6:54pm

    They did NOT accept the unofficial list for the Cabaret Tour open call....don't know what that means about tomorrow....

    EeeZee 09/17/2017  8:21pm

    It's a well oiled machine. Relax. You will get seen. It will be a madhouse of people, but they work through everyone very quickly.

    Smactor 09/17/2017  8:35pm

    And there is more than 1 day so you will for sure get seen one of the days if you don't go tomorrow.

    5678kickyourface 09/17/2017  10:27pm

    Any updates?

    Tyses 09/18/2017  5:17am

    Bump on updates

    Hello1111 09/18/2017  5:46am

    Unofficial list is at 8 as of 6:15 am

    aprilludgate-dwyer 09/18/2017  6:03am

    Hey friends, there is an unofficial list and it's up to like ten people but in all honesty from auditioning for them before I don't think they'll accept it. Could be wrong but they are usually really good though about seeing everyone.

    DanaInSky25 09/18/2017  6:04am

    Are people lining up too?

    dance10looks3 09/18/2017  6:11am

    There were like two people who started a line when I was there last. Unless you want to be one of the first people seen cause you have other commitments in the day I'm sure we'll all be alright to arrive closer to the sign in time.

    DanaInSky25 09/18/2017  6:21am

    List at about thirty. Line at about ten. Guard is nice and letting them be inside for now, we'll see how long that lasts.

    eroseb 09/18/2017  6:35am

    List is at 53, about 25ish in line, people in line signed the list as well in case they take it.

    BB-8 09/18/2017  6:59am

    They aren't accepting the unofficial list.

    rappydog13 09/18/2017  7:41am

    List at around 90

    IWBOB 09/18/2017  8:14am

    What time are they collecting headshots?

    toyyodathon 09/18/2017  8:32am

    Monitor said they would start collecting headshots for the first group at 9 and will try to start seeing people at 9:30 (not skipping people who arent here yet since it's technically a 10am call start). They plan to see approx 40 people per hour.

    This is hands-down the most chill Prather call I've ever seen ... ever.

    CaptainRandom 09/18/2017  8:38am

    Did the monitor say if they are collecting all of the headshots upfront? Or only as they take their groups of 10?

    nycluver56 09/18/2017  8:51am

    What's their season?

    Smactor 09/18/2017  8:56am

    Not collecting ALL at 9:30. Just the first group of however many.

    CaptainRandom 09/18/2017  8:57am

    Collected headshots from first 40, calling in groups of 10

    ebm2014 09/18/2017  9:06am

    Does anyone know who is in the room?

    Jcarroll1011 09/18/2017  9:15am

    1015am List Still Open
    Signed up through 180
    Some callbacks were just given for a group of women to return to dance Wednesday

    Unclearn of what number they had called through...

    OH, the sheet said they want TWO headshot

    asongandaprayer 09/18/2017  10:07am

    I know they have it posted, but I forgot to right it down..who's itr?

    gowiththeflo 09/18/2017  10:37am

    Brian Enzman and Lauren Sobon in the room. Accompanist: Eddie Schnecker

    cucumber 09/18/2017  10:45am

    Any updates on what number they have called through?

    Flipsandgiggles 09/18/2017  10:46am

    Which number have they called through?

    cucumber 09/18/2017  10:47am

    Does anyone know what time they are taking lunch?

    bf8880 09/18/2017  11:05am

    List is up to 169, they are seeing numbers in the 60s right now (11:22)

    dancrdva 09/18/2017  11:10am

    Are they going to close the list?

    JusNikki54 09/18/2017  11:42am

    What time are they taking lunch?

    DancesWithLasers 09/18/2017  11:45am


    TJ5616 09/18/2017  11:45am

    Any update on numbers?

    Flipsandgiggles 09/18/2017  11:54am

    Any update on numbers?

    Flipsandgiggles 09/18/2017  11:54am

    Update: up through 102 is being seen right now

    cucumber 09/18/2017  11:56am

    200 people signed up as of 12:09pm
    List is still open

    cucumber 09/18/2017  11:57am

    Does anyone know what time they're going to today?

    glutoputo 09/18/2017  12:14pm

    If we miss our number, will they still fit us in?

    what 09/18/2017  12:15pm

    Anyone know what number they're at?

    dancrdva 09/18/2017  12:18pm

    have they said anything about seeing non equity? did they not accept the unofficial?

    Teragram62 09/18/2017  12:19pm

    Yes, they are seen non-equity. Its a non-equity call.

    They are seing up to 112 right now.

    If you miss your number you can just sign in again.

    They are seeing people until 5pm.

    cucumber 09/18/2017  12:28pm

    Hey guys just curious where you found this audition posting at? I couldn't find it on backstage and am bummed I missed it :/

    effyes 09/18/2017  12:35pm

    What number did they call through before lunch and what time is lunch over?

    Gracefullygaga 09/18/2017  12:50pm

    bump on the final numbers before lunch!

    12kk21 09/18/2017  1:00pm

    Any updates

    favoredbroadwaybaby 09/18/2017  1:22pm

    Don't worry, they are holding more auditions tomorrow if you can't make it today. In the past they have always been WAY less busy on the second day...

    EeeZee 09/18/2017  1:35pm

    They started calling names again at #121 beginning after lunch. I believe they've called up through the 130's now to line up

    Toulouuuuse 09/18/2017  1:39pm

    Number update?

    Is it confirmed they will be seeing people til 5pm?

    Tompc011 09/18/2017  2:24pm

    So, was lunch 1-2 but they started up again at 1:30?

    I've missed my number then :( Back at it tomorrow

    asongandaprayer 09/18/2017  2:39pm

    Did they give callbacks in the room or will they be calling/emailing?

    Jcarroll1011 09/18/2017  2:52pm

    Number update?

    Is it confirmed they will be seeing people til 5pm?

    Tompc011 09/18/2017  3:19pm

    Did they see everyone?

    Freekout05 09/18/2017  7:45pm

    Number update?

    Is it confirmed they will be seeing people til 5pm?

    Tompc011 09/19/2017  8:06pm