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    heartandmusic588 09/12/2017  8:08am


    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 09/12/2017  10:14am


    AngelikaNYC 09/12/2017  10:15am

    Non eq list was at 10 when I signed up around 9am

    FierceConversations 09/12/2017  10:36am

    Any update on this? appts? lists? who is in the room?

    emuhe 09/12/2017  11:02am

    Have they seen any non-union yet? What are the different lists up to?

    ams22 09/12/2017  11:18am

    Non union list is at 18

    jlmactor 09/12/2017  11:23am

    can we please get an update on how many people have been seen? EQ/EMC?

    heartandmusic588 09/12/2017  11:30am

    Non-eq sent to lunch, none seen yet. Monitor says he's moving quickly through alt lists

    FierceConversations 09/12/2017  12:30pm

    Can someone please say how many are on EMC list?? Please.

    heartandmusic588 09/12/2017  1:46pm


    heartandmusic588 09/12/2017  2:47pm

    2 non eq called

    FierceConversations 09/12/2017  3:22pm