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  • Aladdin Dance Call 10/10/2017  11:19pm

    Anyone know what the choreo is like for the auditions usually?


    Is there a list yet?

    _LittleBird_ 10/12/2017  6:03am

    Bump for non-eq list update

    Gettothepointe333 10/12/2017  8:01am

    The non eq female list was at like 15 as of 7am. Did anyone bring it up stairs?

    _LittleBird_ 10/12/2017  8:38am

    2 group of male dancers will be seen. 1st one (equity) is in the room rn. Then they will see the second group (all of non-eq)

    cucumber 10/12/2017  10:02am

    Does anyone know what the choreo for this call will be like?

    Lovessleeptoomuch 10/12/2017  1:22pm