• Heroes of the Street 10/18/2017  11:27pm

    Anyone have any info on this? It was posted on Backstage (Heroes of the Street, TV series, directed by Chuck Rayner) - I was invited to come in and audition, but the audition is outside of Philly. I just wanted to double check everything before I get on a megabus to Philly.



    gottadance 10/19/2017  1:50pm

    Bumping for an update on non-eq?

    Iluv2sing 10/19/2017  3:01pm

    You guys... don't do this. Not worth the bus trip. Just trust me. Not real and he is creepy.

    CBC 10/19/2017  7:45pm

    That is definitely the vibe I’m getting, but why do you say that? Any deets?

    singingx 10/20/2017  12:14am