• You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown EPA 12/11 12/04/2017  4:26pm

    Is this happening? It disappeared from playbill and there’s an open call posted now, but I think it’s a separate production?


    I noticed that too and was wondering the same thing... Once I saw it was off Playbill I checked Backstage and found it there. Not sure what that means though... www.backstage.com

    Twinkle 12/04/2017  8:06pm

    It looks like it’s the same production, the creative team is the same on both postings.

    reeee 12/04/2017  9:57pm

    I signed up online for a slot for the EPA on Monday so according to the AEA website, it's still happening! :)

    ImMrsIglesias 12/04/2017  10:21pm

    Is it Monday or Tuesday though? The original playbill post said Monday, but the new one says Tuesday...

    Twinkle 12/05/2017  4:51pm

    The EPA is Monday the 11th.

    Keeter5 12/05/2017  7:23pm

    the Non-union open call is Tuesday as Playbill says

    Keeter5 12/05/2017  7:24pm


    ImMrsIglesias 12/05/2017  7:26pm