• Arcadia @ Asolo Conservatory 04/22/2018  5:46pm

    List is closed, but they are accepting drop offs. They are actively looking for understudies. May have to replace one actor.


    Who’s ITR?

    RobinGoodfellow 04/22/2018  5:50pm

    CD, Director, and reader

    EagleEyedJay 04/22/2018  6:00pm

    Wait, wasn't this supposed to be 1-4?

    Gatz 04/22/2018  6:04pm

    They moved it to accommodate director's schedule.

    EagleEyedJay 04/22/2018  6:05pm

    Anyone know if they accepted the unofficial list??

    RobinGoodfellow 04/22/2018  6:13pm

    Bump for offers

    thebakerswife 04/22/2018  6:21pm

    Some guy tore it up. Never reached the director.

    EagleEyedJay 04/22/2018  6:21pm

    Offers out and accepted.

    RobinGoodfellow 05/01/2018  8:06pm