• goingoin1

    Bump on this. Anybody told anything ITR?

    Adudethatsings 04/22/2018  8:00pm


    singingthangs 04/22/2018  9:33pm

    Had a friend get an email today about a callback tomorrow.

    I haven’t heard anything though.

    queenlittlehawk 04/23/2018  12:36am


    twd 04/23/2018  4:04pm


    S.G.UKinUS 04/23/2018  4:29pm

    I know of a Zoe that went in today. Does anyone know if any Evans were called back today?

    wannabe1827 04/23/2018  5:32pm

    Any Connor/Jared work sessions or updates?

    whathaveidonesweetjesuswhathaveidone 04/23/2018  8:01pm