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  • In The Heights (ITH) at North Carolina Theatre ( NCT) 08/15/2018  12:44pm

    Is NCT holding any more auditions/callbacks in NYC this week? Or ... have callback appointments gone out from yesterday's auditions?


    Are they still auditioning for this? I auditioned at the EPA in March, I think, and thought the casting process had been already completed. I know someone who got an offer a couple of months ago.

    HotLatinLover 08/15/2018  1:12pm

    There was a breakdown on AA that listed most if not all principal roles that said auditions were today! Yesterday was an ECC for singers that said looking for Piragua and Bolero Singer but who knows if they were actually looking!

    hamiltonsbae 08/15/2018  1:25pm

    Invited ensemble dancer callbacks were this week.

    EpaMonitor 08/15/2018  1:29pm

    Holy Cannoli! This show starts rehearsing in a little over a month!

    HotLatinLover 08/15/2018  1:56pm

    Was the invited dance call for yesterday's singers or are they holding one at the end of the week for the people from AA?

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