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  • WWRY- RCCL 08/18/2018  1:30am


    Wondering if anyone has experience with auditioning for Royal Caribbean in the past.

    They say to prepare the audition material required AND with your best contrasting 16-32 cuts.

    Question is: is the whole packet to be presented at the time of the audition? Or just your cuts.



    Idk how it goes for appointments but in terms of the open call, pretty much you have the option of singing from the packet or doing your own 16-32. It’s up to you!

    Friendsfan 08/18/2018  10:08am

    If you have an appointment, you should have the packet prepared and bring your book just in case. For the open call bring your book but you can sing from the packet if you know you’re gonna kill it.

    cmccrewell 08/18/2018  11:33am

    From my experience at the open calls they say that if you have the material prepared and can do a kick-ass job do it, but otherwise just sing your own cuts and they'll ask you for more if they need. Tons of people get callbacks from singing their own material!

    yesauditionslol 08/18/2018  11:51am