Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • MY FAIR LADY EPA - Mrs. Pearce @ Pearl Studios 12/10/2017  7:38am

    Please post callback from EPA or agent appointment news for this role. Thanks!

    thecherrylady 12/11/2017  12:37pm

    HA! Is right. And we believed the EPA was real. :o(

    HoundDog 12/11/2017  5:18pm
  • West Side Sioux City Symphony @ Chelsea Studios 12/04/2017  4:22pm

    I know callbacks are supposed to be today. Did people get emailed to come in and sing? Specifically asking about Marias



    heysoulsister 12/04/2017  5:19pm

    Mixed group of singers and dancers called back for ensemble and roles to sing and dance today.

    bridge 12/04/2017  7:58pm


    ADeCe 12/05/2017  10:14am

    Bump for offers!

    little_lady 12/05/2017  10:21am

    Bump for offers

    abeltface 12/05/2017  1:08pm

    Does anyone know how quickly they were looking to cast this? Just wondering if it'll be a while or sooner since it's all the way in April lol

    Thunderbird 12/05/2017  1:15pm


    sm2011 12/05/2017  8:40pm

    Bump for offers!

    nyc626 12/06/2017  7:23am


    little_lady 12/06/2017  1:09pm


    abeltface 12/06/2017  2:26pm

    bump on offers!

    balchangebalchange 12/07/2017  10:58am


    sm2011 12/07/2017  7:10pm


    little_lady 12/08/2017  12:32pm


    abeltface 12/08/2017  2:08pm


    theatreiscool 12/08/2017  7:47pm


    Alwayssunburned 12/08/2017  10:34pm


    sm2011 12/10/2017  11:00pm

    Monday bump!

    Thunderbird 12/11/2017  5:06pm
  • BUMP!

    OnCueMom 12/11/2017  12:04pm


    SassyTheatreGal 12/11/2017  4:59pm
  • Bump about callbacks ITR??

    Whatarewedoing 12/11/2017  12:02pm

    Bump about callbacks ITR??

    Whatarewedoing 12/11/2017  12:07pm

    I got a callback ITR for tomorrow afternoon! Sides and music!

    Travelboy7 12/11/2017  2:42pm

    Callbacks are ITR. Do any girls have callback sides for music or is it just scenes for Lucy/Sally?

    Okayokay 12/11/2017  4:25pm

    are all callbacks in the room or do you think some will be emailed?

    newyorkmets 12/11/2017  4:57pm
  • Nope! I'll post if I hear something!

    mtfromthemountain 12/11/2017  4:25pm
  • A New Brain @ Gallery Players @ other 12/11/2017  3:46pm

    Hey brainy people! Anybody hear anything yet after yesterday's callbacks?

  • Hamilton Tour @ 12/11/2017  1:45pm

    Dis anyone hear or get an offers for the 2018 Hamilton Tour?


    Rehearsals are a week from today

    singinggamer 12/11/2017  3:42pm
  • Bump

    Mimimarquez 12/04/2017  8:46pm


    Literallyintheheights 12/04/2017  10:45pm


    Literallyintheheights 12/05/2017  9:26am

    Bumping after today’s dancing and singing!

    mixingisthehealthieroption 12/05/2017  2:03pm

    mixingisthehealthieroption was today a dance call?

    Literallyintheheights 12/05/2017  2:34pm

    Bump on call backs

    uglystepsister3 12/05/2017  2:39pm

    Any callbacks from yesterday?

    Aquarius 12/05/2017  3:46pm

    Just got callback from my agent for Camila

    sngrgirl1 12/05/2017  4:08pm


    wannabeMeryl 12/05/2017  5:16pm

    are all CB's out by now?

    singinggamer 12/05/2017  5:21pm

    Bump on CB’s for after singing!

    caffeinedreamer 12/05/2017  5:40pm


    caffeinedreamer 12/05/2017  6:33pm

    GOt a callback for Carla after today

    Letmesleepdamnit 12/05/2017  7:02pm

    Callback for Graffiti Pete/Cover Benny

    blackroses 12/05/2017  7:35pm

    Any CB’s for ensemble? Or will that probably be tomorrow?

    caffeinedreamer 12/05/2017  7:38pm

    this show is entirely pre -cast. if you went in for an appt. you basically wasted your time. just back up search.

    ThisguyisonfireOBVY 12/05/2017  7:50pm

    Why would they spend all the time with these auditions if it’s already pre-cast? I’m just curious.

    MakeMyPotatoesASalad 12/05/2017  7:59pm

    Most of the equity dancers got cut today at the open call. We knew they where looking for non union dancers

    Mimimarquez 12/05/2017  8:23pm

    Any guys get called back for principals lol? Or was it all precast haha

    singinggamer 12/05/2017  8:24pm

    This show is in NO WAY pre-cast. They are actively looking for people.

    BigD23 12/05/2017  8:57pm

    Anyone else asked to rap in the room?

    upsetwallflower 12/05/2017  9:03pm

    Some people from the 1st national tour where there and not get a CB. So yeah. I also think is precast. And remember the Engeman has 6-7 equity contracts aka old actors contracts

    Mimimarquez 12/05/2017  9:08pm

    I sang and rapped Monday

    singinggamer 12/05/2017  9:20pm
    From their website. Only 4 tracks

    Mimimarquez 12/05/2017  9:22pm

    This show is pre cast. They have to hold appts. As per equity rules people. I know 2 Friends that already have offers. BYE

    uglystepsister3 12/05/2017  10:00pm

    Correct. I went in for Kevin on Monday. And they told my agents Kevin offer was our I was being consider as a back up

    Gagainsider 12/05/2017  10:03pm

    There are NO offers out. There is not a single person pre-cast. The website states only who they were looking for from the Open Dance Call. Callbacks are later this week.

    BigD23 12/05/2017  10:09pm

    @Mimimarquez - false. I had an appointment today for a principal track, danced, and got kept to sing and rap as AEA. They didn't cut Equity at all. They were searching both principal and cover tracks today (at least for men)

    NYCauditionboy 12/05/2017  11:13pm

    Bump for ensemble cbs

    caffeinedreamer 12/06/2017  9:52am


    wannabeMeryl 12/06/2017  12:40pm


    caffeinedreamer 12/06/2017  1:33pm

    Bump for ensemble dancer CBs

    onthatgrind 12/06/2017  3:50pm

    96,000 bumps

    upsetwallflower 12/06/2017  4:04pm

    Got callback!

    caffeinedreamer 12/06/2017  4:51pm

    Are all ensemble cb’s out by now?

    catlady 12/06/2017  9:16pm

    Got ENS callback.

    Sisi 12/07/2017  11:08am

    Hey caffeinedreamer, I just now realized there’s not time specified in the email.
    What time are we called?

    Sisi 12/07/2017  11:31am

    Sisi, time I received for Female Ens. Was 11:00am!

    caffeinedreamer 12/07/2017  12:28pm

    Thank you so much!

    Sisi 12/07/2017  1:30pm

    Post for offers after today's callbacks!

    wannabeMeryl 12/08/2017  5:43pm

    Bump after today’s dancing!!

    mixingisthehealthieroption 12/08/2017  9:23pm

    Bump after yesterday!!

    Letmesleepdamnit 12/09/2017  4:07pm


    dinkleberg 12/11/2017  11:32am

    The elevated bump by my window is starting to phase me...

    HipHopGuy 12/11/2017  2:39pm
  • Gypsy Riverside @ Pearl Studios 11/16/2017  11:52am

    Wondering if anyone has heard anything after yesterday's ECC? Callbacks?


    Didn't go to the ECC but got an appt via agent this evening for one of the strippahs.

    olive 11/17/2017  10:27pm

    bump on callbacks after the ECC

    LetTheSunshineIn 11/20/2017  11:50am


    luv2gab 11/29/2017  12:12am

    Bumping myself after today's open call?

    luv2gab 12/04/2017  10:33pm

    Bump after yesterday!

    CBC 12/05/2017  10:42am

    Received callback yesterday via email from the dance call yesterday

    Tiltballchange 12/05/2017  11:04am

    When are Ensemble callbacks?

    theatrelover 12/05/2017  3:34pm

    Did callbacks go out from today’s appointments?

    theatrelover 12/05/2017  11:55pm

    Bump for callbacks

    Ukegirl811 12/06/2017  12:34pm

    Callback to dance for tomorrow after today’s appt.

    TipTap93 12/06/2017  1:53pm

    Any Louise cbs?

    Kdubb 12/06/2017  3:06pm

    Bump for callbacks after today’s appointments!

    inpursuitofmagic 12/06/2017  3:27pm

    @TipTap93 for what role if I may ask?

    inpursuitofmagic 12/06/2017  3:40pm

    Any strippers have a callback?

    Jojo252 12/06/2017  4:23pm

    Bump for any callbacks after today's appointments!

    skp 12/06/2017  4:25pm

    @inpursuitofmagic Tulsa/Farmboys.

    TipTap93 12/06/2017  4:36pm

    Stripper callback after yesterday's appt!

    olive 12/06/2017  4:55pm

    Thanks @TipTap93! Congrats!

    Any Dainty June and/or Louise callbacks after today's appts?

    inpursuitofmagic 12/06/2017  5:29pm


    theatrelover 12/06/2017  10:32pm

    I heard of a June cb to dance, any Louise's?

    Kdubb 12/07/2017  12:08am

    Bump! If dance callbacks are today..I wonder what they’re doing tmrw?
    Anyone called back for tmrw?

    theatrelover 12/07/2017  12:55pm

    Baby Louise CB for Friday

    OnCueMom 12/07/2017  1:23pm

    Maybe they aren’t doing Louise callbacks because they had people do material at the initial audition...?

    theatrelover 12/07/2017  10:29pm

    ^ That's my guess. There were no Tulsa callbacks either. Tomorrow is Strippers I know at least. I'm sure final callbacks will be sent after tomorrow!

    TipTap93 12/07/2017  10:38pm

    Any further callbacks after today’s (thursdays) callbacks for the Hollywood Blondes?

    Tiltballchange 12/08/2017  1:44am

    Any cb for baby June?

    Ein39 12/08/2017  12:52pm

    Bump for info after today’s (friday) callbacks.

    TipTap93 12/08/2017  4:44pm

    @ein39 yes, there were CBs for Baby June & Baby Louise today. GLTA! Please post if any further CBs or offers!

    OnCueMom 12/08/2017  6:14pm


    TipTap93 12/09/2017  5:05pm


    OnCueMom 12/10/2017  4:24pm

    Post-weekend bump!!

    theatrelover 12/11/2017  12:43pm


    TipTap93 12/11/2017  2:33pm