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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Dear Evan Hansen @ Ripley Grier 520 04/13/2018  12:25pm

    Just wondering if anyone was told they were being scheduled for a work session ITR, and if so, have they received an email confirming a time yet?



    Stevotron 04/13/2018  4:26pm

    What’s a work session?

    twd 04/14/2018  5:53am

    I have a work session on the 22nd with a possible callback the 23rd and/or 24th. I’m not entirely sure what that means though? Can anyone give insight?

    queenlittlehawk 04/15/2018  12:29am


    twd 04/15/2018  8:56am

    Work session confirmed for 4/22

    Adudethatsings 04/15/2018  10:38am

    what role(s) are work sessions out for? when were people's initial appointments? thank you!

    Pingpong24 04/15/2018  10:51am

    Initial appointment was Tuesday- callback Wednesday. Role of Evan

    Adudethatsings 04/15/2018  12:18pm

    I have a work session for Zoe. I sent my initial audition back in November, and I had a callback in March.

    queenlittlehawk 04/15/2018  3:30pm

    I’m going in for a work session on the 22 for Evan. Please- someone explain what this means?


    twd 04/15/2018  10:47pm

    Casting usually works with you on material before bringing you in for the creative team

    [insert name here] 04/16/2018  1:45am

    Post if you hear anything after today’s appointments??

    MrMushnik 04/18/2018  6:01pm


    S.G.UKinUS 04/19/2018  10:59am


    MrMushnik 04/19/2018  2:22pm


    annehathaway83 04/19/2018  4:44pm

    did ppl have work sessions today? and if so, what role?

    MrMushnik 04/20/2018  2:41pm


    S.G.UKinUS 04/20/2018  7:42pm


    queenlittlehawk 04/21/2018  7:52pm

    Bump on anything after today’s work sessions

    Adudethatsings 04/22/2018  5:50pm

    Bump on anything after today’s work sessions

    Adudethatsings 04/22/2018  7:01pm

    Has anyone heard anything from the work sessions or know by when we’d be notified?

    princessdiva 04/22/2018  9:41pm
  • Spamalot @ other 04/20/2018  4:45pm

    So I know they said they are only in NYC for three days and they were casting from just those calls. Anyone know when they said offers would go out?



    Sibe11a 04/20/2018  5:03pm


    LinkLarkin1 04/20/2018  6:38pm


    backtobed678 04/20/2018  6:45pm


    Thatonetheatrekid 04/20/2018  7:16pm


    asanafterthought 04/21/2018  1:37pm

    An African or European Bump?

    DanaInSky25 04/22/2018  10:49am


    Thatonetheatrekid 04/22/2018  4:05pm


    backtobed678 04/22/2018  9:24pm
  • DEH work sessions today @ other 04/22/2018  8:30pm

    Hey peeps! I’m curious has anyone heard anything after the works sessions today?



    iamsherlocked 04/22/2018  8:56pm
  • ScreltersAnonymous

    Bump- pretty sure they will have Boston auditions next weekend so might have to wait it out a bit though

    yellowelephant23 03/25/2018  9:15pm

    yeah, BoCo auditions are next week and they made it seem like they plan on casting a lot of more local-ish people

    sabrinamk27 03/25/2018  10:12pm


    lilperl26 03/26/2018  3:47pm

    Bump after local auditions this weekend!

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/01/2018  12:31am

    Bump after local callbacks today

    lilperl26 04/01/2018  10:41am

    sang for Sheila, came back to sing more and did a side. any info on when offers will go out?

    sabrinamk27 04/01/2018  4:16pm

    Did anyone get a timeline about when we’ll hear?

    meat 04/01/2018  6:12pm


    They told me they were making decisions after their local call (I was in NYC) and that’s the last I heard. It’s Easter today so I assume nothing is happening right now but if anyone knows anything otherwise please share!

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/01/2018  9:16pm

    bumpity bump anyone hear anything yet today

    meat 04/02/2018  3:00pm


    woodland101 04/02/2018  3:43pm

    I was under the impression they'd take a couple days before offers went out

    sabrinamk27 04/02/2018  4:14pm


    yellowelephant23 04/02/2018  10:03pm


    lilperl26 04/03/2018  1:33am


    ScreltersAnonymous 04/03/2018  10:54am


    woodland101 04/03/2018  12:26pm


    (this was bumped down SO FAR, y'all.)

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/03/2018  4:59pm


    yellowelephant23 04/03/2018  10:26pm

    At callbacks in NYC they said it would be a couple weeks... meaning at least a week after Boston auditions... possibly two, but I'm sure they had a better idea of what they were looking for once in Boston sooooo let the BUMP shine!

    chittychittybb 04/04/2018  12:39am

    i believe in bump

    FrankMills 04/04/2018  3:31pm

    I met a boy called BUMP bump

    meat 04/04/2018  4:01pm

    Easy to be bumped

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/04/2018  6:35pm

    bump, flowers, freedom!

    sabrinamk27 04/04/2018  7:49pm


    woodland101 04/05/2018  3:07pm


    lilperl26 04/05/2018  5:56pm

    good morning starshine!!! the earth says bump????

    FrankMills 04/05/2018  9:49pm


    ScreltersAnonymous 04/07/2018  12:10am


    yikes^TM 04/08/2018  10:55am


    ScreltersAnonymous 04/08/2018  1:17pm


    woodland101 04/09/2018  6:05am

    bump bump

    sabrinamk27 04/09/2018  12:28pm

    bump bump

    sabrinamk27 04/09/2018  7:11pm


    meat 04/10/2018  10:43am

    Still nothing. BUMP.

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/10/2018  2:25pm

    My friend got an offer for Hud but he's pretty sure he's the only offer out currently and he hasn't accepted it yet

    sabrinamk27 04/10/2018  4:31pm

    when did he receive the offer?

    FrankMills 04/10/2018  4:33pm

    i believe like 2-3 days ago, he auditioned in boston

    sabrinamk27 04/10/2018  7:11pm

    their facebook says its over a few weeks which is so ugh

    FrankMills 04/12/2018  12:27pm

    bump bump

    sabrinamk27 04/13/2018  8:21pm


    yikes^TM 04/15/2018  10:14am

    okay i know a second friend got an offer also pretty shortly after boston auditions, both guys of color (if that's helpful at all). I know one was for Hud, not sure who my other friend was offered for. No one else i know has heard anything

    sabrinamk27 04/15/2018  2:41pm


    yikes^TM 04/16/2018  4:43pm

    Ain't not no bump (bump) ... burned it! Burned! Burned it! 🔥🔥🔥

    chittychittybb 04/16/2018  7:02pm


    yikes^TM 04/17/2018  2:20pm


    FrankMills 04/18/2018  7:25pm

    bump bump bump

    sabrinamk27 04/22/2018  8:50pm
  • Anne of GG @Fingerlakes offers @ Pearl Studios 04/20/2018  2:54pm

    That other thread is long/forgotten so new one here if anyone hears about offers/further CBs for Anne of green gables specifically for the role of Anne after yesterday’s appts



    flyingtoast 04/22/2018  8:36pm
  • PRISCILLA/NCL @ other 04/22/2018  7:10pm

    Not sure if I really want to know the answer but... have appointments gone out for this round of PRISCILLA principals from ActorsAccess submissions?

    Past Tense

    Bump! Yes,Anyone get an appointment?

    Greenglasslove 04/22/2018  8:11pm
  • Buuuump

    substantial 03/12/2018  7:45pm


    ThatsAllforToday 03/12/2018  9:51pm


    JimmyD 03/13/2018  9:31am

    From my experience of working there last year, principle offers went out on a rolling basis. Some may hear right away, especially if the show is at the top of the season but don’t give up hope if you don’t hear right away. Also, resident company members will hear sooner but not until after they go to Strawhats.

    Kinky&Wicked 03/13/2018  9:51am

    Bumpity bump

    Pollywannacallback 03/13/2018  10:45am

    Thank you Kinky; that’s actually pretty fair; fingers crossed

    Littlechick 03/13/2018  1:01pm

    Hopefully they come out before April!

    ThatsAllforToday 03/13/2018  1:01pm

    friend of mine got a call for her offer yesterday and needs to make their decision by Thursday. break legs!

    Starwars4lyfe 03/13/2018  1:11pm

    Do you happen to know what show(s)?

    Littlechick 03/13/2018  1:15pm

    Anyone know of any Holly or Linda offers for wedding singer?

    bf8880 03/13/2018  1:24pm


    wigglewithit 03/13/2018  2:21pm

    Anyone know if principal offers have gone out for Damn Yankees or Cabaret? I know that they are the first 2 shows of their season.

    katjoh78 03/13/2018  2:47pm

    @Starwars4lyfe What role/show was the offer for??

    peachykeen_jellybean 03/13/2018  7:47pm

    Any Hunchback offers out yet?

    substantial 03/13/2018  9:42pm

    She got a principal company member for all 7 shows of the season- guess they don’t offer actually roles in the show, they just cast as the season goes on through their company members

    Starwars4lyfe 03/13/2018  9:47pm

    I’ve heard they do cast on rolling basis but I don’t think necessarily from their company specifically; they do hire ppl for one or two shows as well; jobbers; etc

    JayEdmund 03/13/2018  11:07pm

    any principal/jobber offers for damn yankees or funny girl out there?

    openspace14 03/14/2018  9:18am

    Bump on Funny Girl

    moosevmouse 03/14/2018  11:22am

    Bump on wedding singer

    Lalalalala 03/14/2018  12:07pm


    JimmyD 03/14/2018  2:57pm

    Bump for ensemble offers

    singdanceact 03/14/2018  5:43pm


    sensiblescrelt 03/15/2018  10:42am

    nothing still for damn yankees/funny girl/cabaret non-company members??

    galliegirl 03/15/2018  2:01pm

    Bump on Funny Girl!!

    moosevmouse 03/15/2018  3:35pm

    Bump for any offers in general! Lol

    Lalalalala 03/15/2018  4:04pm

    Quasimodo offers?

    LeadingCharacterMan 03/15/2018  4:44pm


    moosevmouse 03/15/2018  8:32pm


    bananasmoothie 03/15/2018  10:56pm


    substantial 03/16/2018  11:20am

    i guess it is possible we won't hear anything til next week since they are at Strawhats? ughhhhh.

    openspace14 03/16/2018  12:25pm

    Does anyone have their email?

    effyes 03/16/2018  12:52pm


    moosevmouse 03/16/2018  5:25pm

    What day does straw hats end, since they are waiting most likely until after those?

    GingerPeach 03/16/2018  6:57pm


    bananasmoothie 03/17/2018  7:24am


    moosevmouse 03/17/2018  8:33pm

    bump! any news?

    sensiblescrelt 03/18/2018  7:48pm

    they still need to have local auditions in April

    snapesnatch 03/18/2018  8:17pm


    moosevmouse 03/19/2018  3:20pm

    Bump! I remember them saying in the nyc callbacks that we’d start hearing around this time

    wigglewithit 03/20/2018  11:33am


    bf8880 03/20/2018  1:35pm


    moosevmouse 03/20/2018  6:32pm

    I got a call last week offering me ensemble for the whole season and I got a call today saying they're sending me the contract in the next 2 days

    nikes351 03/20/2018  6:39pm

    still no role/jobber offers?

    openspace14 03/20/2018  8:41pm

    Bump on role/jobber offers??

    JimmyD 03/20/2018  8:45pm


    JayEdmund 03/21/2018  10:26am

    bump on jobbers

    moosevmouse 03/21/2018  10:30am


    JayEdmund 03/21/2018  5:42pm

    Bump on jobbers

    Heisenberg32 03/21/2018  6:15pm


    ThatsAllforToday 03/21/2018  8:08pm

    Anybody know who is directing Hunchback of Notre Dame?

    somethingblue 03/22/2018  12:30am

    Bump for more offers

    bf8880 03/23/2018  5:23pm

    Any offers for Mamma Mia?

    Littlechick 03/23/2018  7:37pm

    Has an offer for Lola gone out yet?

    Pollywannacallback 03/23/2018  8:29pm

    Any Hunchback Principal Offers?

    substantial 03/24/2018  10:01pm

    Two lost bumps...

    Pollywannacallback 03/25/2018  5:12pm

    BUMPP— I need to know if this is a thing I’ve got another contract . Anyone have ANY news ??

    ThatsAllforToday 03/25/2018  7:55pm

    Just saw that their local auditions are April 14th. Looks like we're gonna have a little more waiting.

    MrRussellTovey 03/26/2018  1:31pm

    Bump it

    Ayylmao 03/26/2018  4:34pm

    Lola bumppppp.
    Got other offers to reply to 😅

    Pollywannacallback 03/27/2018  3:10pm


    wigglewithit 03/27/2018  6:54pm

    there was another thread people were commenting on for some offers... jobber offer out for damn yankees and funny girl. i also know the offer for fanny is out.

    nicetoseeyoudearie 03/27/2018  7:48pm

    Anyone know if offer for Linda in Wedding Singer is out? Thanks!

    Sib14 03/27/2018  7:54pm


    Kelleyjane 03/27/2018  8:52pm

    Any Mamma Mia offers?

    JimmyD 03/27/2018  9:43pm


    Heisenberg32 03/27/2018  9:44pm

    Any wedding singer offers??

    bf8880 03/29/2018  1:01pm

    Could offers for these shows (Especially Hunchback) really come out so late after the EPA's? Anyone with Mac-Haydn experience that could comment..

    somethingblue 03/29/2018  1:16pm

    Bump for Mamma Mia

    JimmyD 03/29/2018  6:41pm

    offers can be rolling. they are probably locking down principals for first 2-3 shows and company. i’ve heard that quasi is a pretty internal hire - so if you are holding out for that, it’s a done deal i believe. it is very possible principals are not ALL out but this is their 50th so i think they are inviting alumni back for alot of big roles. hope any of that helps.

    nicetoseeyoudearie 03/29/2018  7:39pm

    bump!!!! anyone get any actual info and not just hear say? I'm considering emailing them

    ThatsAllforToday 04/01/2018  9:43pm

    Any offers for Mamma Mia!?

    Littlechick 04/02/2018  7:05pm

    Any wedding singer offers??

    wigglewithit 04/03/2018  12:50pm

    God Help the Bump-casts...

    repantz 04/03/2018  4:27pm

    So for all these shows, has not one individual gotten a "jobber" offer? Any Frollo or Hunchback?

    wrinkled 04/03/2018  5:54pm

    still bumping this ---....... at this point im assuming everything is out... but they are unresponsive

    ThatsAllforToday 04/06/2018  12:02pm

    Does anyone have a contact email for this company?

    Pollywannacallback 04/06/2018  12:44pm

    jobbing in for Damn Yankees and Funny Girl

    juliegalorenzo 04/06/2018  1:03pm

    Anyone jobbing for Mamma Mia? Or has anything from them even come out?

    JimmyD 04/06/2018  1:05pm

    anyone for Hunchback Principal offers?

    Threethousand 04/08/2018  10:14pm

    Bump!! Anybody hear anything after local auditions this weekend?

    peachykeen_jellybean 04/15/2018  3:50pm


    repantz 04/15/2018  5:02pm

    Bump! Anyone get an offer from the local call?

    vs 04/15/2018  7:09pm


    somethingblue 04/16/2018  9:07am

    Bumping this again!

    vs 04/18/2018  2:58pm


    peachykeen_jellybean 04/22/2018  6:45pm

    does anyone know if any hunchback principal offers went out? its been over a month now and I've got no info!

    ThatsAllforToday 04/22/2018  8:03pm
  • Initial appointments and EPA callbacks were today as well so I doubt anyone will hear for a bit

    jerry2229 04/12/2018  4:29pm

    Thank you for the info!

    cclpiglet 04/12/2018  4:57pm

    are they doing multiple days of appointments?

    couldabeenasurgeon 04/12/2018  6:21pm

    Myself and a friend have initials next week, so it might be a while.

    OtterSW31 04/12/2018  7:01pm

    Thanks for the info!

    AstaireMaster 04/13/2018  10:02am

    Since the other thread got long/buried, I'll post again here... NOBODY heard back from the ECCs? Specifically the singer ones?

    bwaylvsong 04/13/2018  12:31pm

    Just received an initial appointment for Fiddler/Ensemble Women for next Thursday via agent

    onceonthisstreisand 04/13/2018  4:38pm

    is it possible that NO ONE heard from the ECC?

    GamesDean 04/14/2018  10:08am

    It’s possible people heard from the ECC who don’t use or check auditonupdate...

    jerry2229 04/14/2018  12:01pm

    ^Not usually that as much of people "forgetting" about this site until after the final callback...

    bwaylvsong 04/14/2018  2:30pm

    *much as

    bwaylvsong 04/14/2018  2:30pm


    Buffswife 04/15/2018  11:27am

    If I were a rich BUMP

    equitypoverty 04/15/2018  6:38pm

    Fidler afn BUMP

    bwaylvsong 04/16/2018  1:46pm

    Bumping again just so the thread doesn't disappear. I know there are more initial callbacks/appointments this week.

    equitypoverty 04/16/2018  8:50pm


    bwaylvsong 04/17/2018  10:19pm

    More callbacks happening Thursday evening

    singerguy89 04/17/2018  11:28pm

    Does anyone know if they are calling back ALL characters this week? How many rounds of call backs does the Yiddish Theatre usually do?

    ShopGirl 04/18/2018  8:26am

    I’m going in tomorrow (Thursday) @730p for Fruma Sarah Etc ..... good luck! :)

    beltress101 04/18/2018  8:42am

    Ps. Called back from ECC :) in case anyone was wondering..... hope this helps!

    beltress101 04/18/2018  8:45am

    Hey singerguy88, when you say callbacks Thursday evening, do you mean cbs from the EPAs/ECCs? Thanks!

    lilnproudofit 04/18/2018  9:03am

    Thank you, beltress!

    bwaylvsong 04/18/2018  12:37pm

    Any callbacks for Beilke or shprintze?

    Buffswife 04/18/2018  12:45pm

    There are still first appointments this week...I know someone going in today for the first time. The “callbacks” seem to be from EPA/ECC

    Ifiwerearichwoman 04/18/2018  1:05pm


    equitypoverty 04/19/2018  2:32pm

    I know callbacks are supposed to start around the 20th, so bumping for any more news!

    mangenue90 04/19/2018  6:45pm


    Singingandcats 04/20/2018  8:55am


    OtterSW31 04/20/2018  10:59am


    Ifiwerearichwoman 04/20/2018  11:44am

    Were those callbacks for the Director and has anybody heard of future rounds of callbacks?

    Gettingoutoftown2 04/20/2018  4:09pm

    Not exactly sure if it counts as a callback or an initial since it was my first time going for the project, but yes, it was for the director. Per monitor, there will be another round of callbacks this upcoming week.

    OtterSW31 04/20/2018  4:28pm

    Yesterday mine was an initial appointment, but yes, Joel Grey and the creatives were in the room.

    iamironman 04/20/2018  4:38pm

    Yesterday mine was an initial appointment, but yes, Joel Grey and the creatives were in the room.

    iamironman 04/20/2018  4:38pm

    Yeah mine was the week before in front of creatives and director as well—I’m assuming people will hear tonight or over weekend by Monday since callbacks are on Wednesday I believe?

    Ifiwerearichwoman 04/20/2018  4:58pm

    When you were at your initial auditions this and last week, did you have to speak/sing in Yiddish for the Director?

    Gettingoutoftown2 04/20/2018  7:02pm

    Yes. I did the sides and song in Yiddish.

    Ifiwerearichwoman 04/20/2018  7:04pm

    Just received a second callback (after going to the EPA then having a callback with Yiddish material last week) for Tues 4/24. Good luck with all the Yiddish, everyone!

    16bars 04/21/2018  12:50am

    Congrats 16bars! Is it for male or female role?

    jerry2229 04/21/2018  7:54am

    Just got a first callback from the male singer ECC late last night!

    bwaylvsong 04/21/2018  7:54am

    jerry2229 - Female, for all three sisters. And thanks!

    16bars 04/21/2018  8:35am

    Anyone see or hear about callbacks for the two youngest sisters? Wondering if they cast those parts already or if they even would callback for those parts?

    Buffswife 04/21/2018  9:19am

    I got a “final callback” for Tuesday, for the original role I was first called back for, and they also added two more roles to bring in and also a movement call.

    Shmoofinbloofin 04/21/2018  10:16am

    shomoofunbluefin-what role did you audition for, and what were you called back for? Thanks!

    lilnproudofit 04/21/2018  10:29am

    @lilnproudofit- sorry I forgot that part:) originally froma sarah, now adding yente and grandma

    Shmoofinbloofin 04/21/2018  11:02am

    Anyone got a callback for Motl?... I went to the EPA's, then had a callback in Yiddish, and still haven't heard anything.. Is there a chance?

    Mike2cheeky 04/21/2018  7:01pm

    ^ I’m sure not everyone has heard yet about callbacks! Especially if you have an agent, you likely won’t know till at least Monday:)

    mangenue90 04/21/2018  7:34pm

    No agent...

    Mike2cheeky 04/21/2018  7:45pm

    I’m guessing agent callbacks will go out Monday- did anyone with agent hear anything on Friday?

    PattyMayonaise 04/21/2018  7:51pm

    Yeah, should I go ahead and grieve this one with a bottle of wine or do we think some more final callbacks will be going out?

    equitypoverty 04/22/2018  1:41am

    She ain’t over till she’s over :) Crazier things have definitely happened in this business than callbacks taking more than one day to go out!

    mangenue90 04/22/2018  2:05am

    callbacks for Beilke or shprintze?

    Frog50 04/22/2018  2:22pm

    Anyone who went in this past week with violin/fiddler stuff hear back about further callbacks?

    onceonthisstreisand 04/22/2018  3:15pm

    Just got a final callback for Thursday! Good luck everyone!

    Mike2cheeky 04/22/2018  5:58pm

    Also just got a final callback for Thursday!

    Ifiwerearichwoman 04/22/2018  7:57pm
  • lostinmyhead


    Celestial goddess 04/15/2018  11:20am


    lionbabe 04/15/2018  12:48pm


    nyce 04/15/2018  4:03pm

    bump for offers or any additional callbacks this last week?

    Marcy18 04/15/2018  7:37pm

    I don’t know anyone with an offer or even a fellowship callback.

    itsalmostseven 04/15/2018  8:56pm


    nyce 04/15/2018  10:59pm

    One person I know is in final callbacks for Damsels as part of the non-eq company

    Subwaytears 04/16/2018  6:53am

    Is your friends cb this week?

    hapey123 04/16/2018  10:36am

    Is your friends cb this week?

    hapey123 04/16/2018  10:53am


    badgalriri 04/16/2018  2:04pm


    badgalriri 04/16/2018  2:37pm

    I don’t think offers are out. Some friends have been called back and nobody has heard.

    smelltheroses 04/16/2018  2:52pm

    I have not heard anything yet. I believe they are still calling people for the apprentice program. Which are usually a biiiig amount of calls.

    Lolhiremepls 04/16/2018  3:18pm


    Celestial goddess 04/16/2018  3:43pm

    friend didn’t hear until mid May two years ago.

    itsalmostseven 04/16/2018  4:01pm


    nyce 04/16/2018  5:08pm


    badgalriri 04/16/2018  6:55pm

    Haven’t heard a peep about either cb I did.

    Igotya 04/16/2018  8:15pm


    nyce 04/17/2018  10:08am


    Lolhiremepls 04/17/2018  12:56pm

    any offers?

    Lolhiremepls 04/17/2018  12:56pm


    badgalriri 04/17/2018  1:17pm

    bumpity bump bump

    Lolhiremepls 04/17/2018  4:35pm

    Any offers?

    LlamaLlama 04/17/2018  4:37pm


    badgalriri 04/17/2018  6:18pm

    bump for offers? info? anything?

    outofwork 04/17/2018  7:01pm

    I emailed them and they said this week they plan on emailing offers

    Vandal 04/17/2018  8:01pm


    badgalriri 04/18/2018  1:38pm

    Bump, people who had cb’s on the 17th, was this another callback from the 11th/12th ??

    Lolhiremepls 04/18/2018  11:36pm


    Marcy18 04/22/2018  7:15pm


    heplaysguitar 04/22/2018  7:56pm