Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • BUMP!

    Ejdj1547 06/21/2018  12:06am


    Justsayinghellooo 06/21/2018  8:11am
  • Bump

    Iliketobeinamerica 06/18/2018  10:53pm

    Or call backs in general?

    CattleCallQueen 06/19/2018  5:15am

    I have a principal back on Thursday. I attended the EPA

    123singsing 06/19/2018  7:06am

    Bump any callbacks after yestersays appointments?

    40025 06/19/2018  10:15am

    Called back for Thursday pricipal final after appointment yesterday

    somethingblue 06/19/2018  11:34am

    @somethingblue congrats! Would you mind sharing for which track/when you heard about your callback?

    40025 06/19/2018  11:45am

    Or call backs in general?

    CattleCallQueen 06/19/2018  12:24pm

    Callbacks in the room or nah

    Back2sleep 06/19/2018  1:36pm

    Justin never does call backs in the room.

    Mimimarquez 06/19/2018  1:50pm

    Got asked to come back for movement call today in the room.

    Salad 06/19/2018  2:00pm

    Anyone get an EVA cb?

    uglystepsister3 06/19/2018  2:05pm

    anyone get a mistress callback?

    pink24 06/19/2018  4:49pm

    Any callbacks after today’s appointments?

    Luluqueen19 06/19/2018  5:16pm

    Have all CB's gone out?

    Bento Tinderbox 06/19/2018  9:22pm

    I had an appointment and movement call yesterday, cb for Friday. Feature/ensemble

    thecherrylady 06/20/2018  8:51am

    Were call backs given on the same day of the audition at the end of the day? Or several days later?

    EpaMonitor 06/20/2018  11:06am


    uglystepsister3 06/20/2018  12:25pm

    Any word from the open dance call yesterday?

    Lullabyofbway 06/21/2018  8:07am
  • Radio City @ 06/13/2018  1:39pm

    Now that we are officially in mid-June post for offers on singer contracts!



    closetohomeless 06/13/2018  3:24pm


    RidinBirdie 06/13/2018  6:03pm


    ...And Peggy 06/14/2018  1:55pm


    AKSC 06/15/2018  9:06am


    closetohomeless 06/15/2018  1:19pm


    DANCEtilyourDEAD 06/15/2018  6:06pm


    RidinBirdie 06/16/2018  8:57am

    Bumping back up. Any offers yet out?

    DANCEtilyourDEAD 06/19/2018  9:06am


    SauronBareillis 06/19/2018  12:41pm

    Anybody hear about this???

    closetohomeless 06/20/2018  4:02pm

    They usually don't go out until closer to August

    Skippy 06/20/2018  6:50pm

    @skippy they told us at measurements that we would hear in mid June and that if we don’t hear by July 15 we are on an alternate list

    RidinBirdie 06/21/2018  8:05am
  • Amadeus Offers @ other 06/21/2018  7:58am

    Starting new thread here to post offers after last week's NY appts.


    re: Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. Previous thread is buried and may not be noticed. We've had a post that an offer went out for ensemble, anybody else? Particularly for principals?

    Bardboy18 06/21/2018  7:59am
  • we live in cairo CALLBACK OFFERS @ Pearl Studios 06/12/2018  2:19pm

    yo yo yo

    today was the deadline for video submissions and i believe all initial in-person auditions are done!

    has anyone received a callback? post below! let's try to keep it on this thread!


    Callbacks are Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th. Final Callbacks are the 20th.

    hope 06/12/2018  9:15pm

    Hope, do you know that because you got a callback? Does anyone know about anyone who got a callback?

    ColdBatata 06/12/2018  10:54pm

    yeah Hope but did you actually receive a callback? that’s what i’m asking

    beltingbadass 06/12/2018  11:11pm

    Sorry. Yes I did. Last week.

    hope 06/13/2018  11:47am

    nice. did you audition in person or via video?

    beltingbadass 06/13/2018  1:36pm

    Bump bump

    yu suf 06/14/2018  4:07pm

    My callback is actually on the 19th. So they must be going on 17-19? Can’t wait to see all my lovely brown actors xoxo break legs!!

    colormearab 06/15/2018  8:36am

    And I auditioned in person.

    colormearab 06/15/2018  8:38am

    Also does ANYONE have who was ITR at first round of callbacks/appointments? 2 gentlemen at the desk, a reader, and a lovely accompanist.

    colormearab 06/15/2018  10:58am

    Just heard back about a callback via tape. Assuming callbacks are 17-19 as well, my tape is due the 19th.

    Break legs and post if you get any more info!

    actingwhatsgood 06/16/2018  8:51pm

    hey actingwhatsgood what role(s)? also break legs to everyone this week!! xoxo!

    colormearab 06/18/2018  10:16am

    Bump for final callbacks on the 20th!

    louisianaaa 06/18/2018  5:40pm


    EDMPF 06/18/2018  7:05pm


    actingwhatsgood 06/18/2018  8:17pm

    Has anyone heard anything about tomorrow?

    louisianaaa 06/19/2018  11:33am


    colormearab 06/19/2018  11:49am

    Finals are out!

    colormearab 06/19/2018  2:56pm

    Any finals out for the ladies on the 20th? Had my callback today!

    IAmMe 06/19/2018  3:32pm

    B U M P for final CBs tom!

    EDMPF 06/19/2018  4:26pm

    Any word after finals? Hope they went well!!

    actingwhatsgood 06/20/2018  5:16pm


    SometimesIsing 06/20/2018  7:58pm


    IAmMe 06/20/2018  8:36pm

    No word after finals.

    colormearab 06/20/2018  9:28pm

    Possible work session within the next week. Anyone else??

    IAmMe 06/20/2018  11:58pm

    Work session, really??? I wasn't expecting them to do that

    colormearab 06/21/2018  5:40am
  • That casting call was trying way too hard!

    VeganLove4U 06/19/2018  6:19pm


    JesusmissedtheQtrain 06/19/2018  11:33pm


    35791 06/20/2018  10:04am


    JesusmissedtheQtrain 06/20/2018  1:32pm


    Dreams2Reality 06/21/2018  3:28am
  • Hairspray at North Shore @ 06/21/2018  12:10am

    Hey all! Does anyone know anything about this process? Will they do private appointments in July/August?

  • (Eagle Theatre)

    mmm90 06/11/2018  8:58am

    Did they give time frame of when offers would go out?

    Imastar4 06/11/2018  12:18pm


    Fatniss_Neverlean 06/11/2018  12:57pm


    BroadwayNerd 06/11/2018  6:38pm

    I know they have a local EPA today for a different play, so offers will probably be out tomorrow

    Fatniss_Neverlean 06/11/2018  6:58pm

    Do they really send out offers that fast after callbacks? This was my first time auditioning for them and I am so happy with how nice everyone's been

    BroadwayNerd 06/12/2018  12:17am

    Yup! :) bump

    Fatniss_Neverlean 06/12/2018  10:51am


    GoodGolly 06/12/2018  5:20pm


    BroadwayNerd 06/12/2018  10:11pm

    Anybody hear anything yet?

    BabyAudra 06/13/2018  8:48am

    Nothing yet!

    mmm90 06/13/2018  11:05am


    BroadwayNerd 06/13/2018  2:52pm


    mmm90 06/13/2018  10:18pm

    👀 anything?

    BabyAudra 06/14/2018  9:17am


    GoodGolly 06/14/2018  11:12am


    GoodGolly 06/14/2018  11:15am


    mmm90 06/14/2018  10:32pm

    😥 anything yet?

    BabyAudra 06/15/2018  4:49pm


    BabyNorm 06/16/2018  2:58am

    bumpity bump

    BroadwayNerd 06/16/2018  6:53pm

    I emailed them about this and got a reply saying that they were "still in the thick of casting". No specifics given yet on when they'll be finished. So I guess they're still working on it!

    valentineplus1 06/18/2018  1:33am

    ^^ thank you!!

    BroadwayNerd 06/18/2018  7:04am


    mmm90 06/18/2018  5:51pm


    Justsayinghellooo 06/19/2018  3:05pm


    Justsayinghellooo 06/20/2018  11:41pm
  • nycgal24


    herewego12 06/17/2018  10:51pm

    Monday morning bump

    whiskey 06/18/2018  10:11am

    Someone said callbacks went out Friday. It was a post from Saturday I think.

    DetroitDcNYC 06/18/2018  11:02am

    Any information after today?

    Spot 06/19/2018  10:34pm


    Justsayinghellooo 06/20/2018  11:39pm