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  • NAB - Question for EMCs 02/10/2017  4:36pm

    Hey All,

    I've got a few quick questions for all of my EMC friends. Any info you can provide would be helpful.

    1. How long have you been an EMC?
    2. How many EMC points (weeks) do you have?
    3. If you could, would you join Equity right now?


    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA

    1. Two and half years
    2. 6 (I've been doing non-union tours in the interm)
    3. Absolutely

    VeryBariBaritone 02/10/2017  4:42pm

    1. Almost 10 years
    2. 18 (again, some non union jobs in between).
    3. In a heartbeat.

    I'm hoping this poll possibly means what I think it means...

    ThisCloseToQuitting 02/10/2017  4:45pm

    These questions simply mean that I'm curious, and interested in gathering some anecdotal information. Please don't read anything else into it other than that.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 02/10/2017  4:50pm

    1. Been EMC for about 5 and a half years.
    2. 8 points. Original 8, haven't gotten anymore yet since lolz.
    3. For the right job yes, but overall no.

    ^^^Im curious what you're thinking...

    Showbizdreamer 02/10/2017  4:51pm

    Mine was for ThisClose but never mind lol

    Showbizdreamer 02/10/2017  4:52pm

    Been EMC for 3 years
    I have 14 points.
    Hell yes

    Yourescrummy 02/10/2017  5:33pm

    1) 2 years.
    2) 6 weeks.
    3) yes.

    I'm also 32.

    alwaysabridesmaid 02/10/2017  5:40pm

    a) 3 years
    b) 4 points
    c) yes.

    YouShouldTryItInHeels 02/10/2017  6:16pm

    4 years
    34 points

    Capricorn93 02/10/2017  6:21pm

    8 years
    45 weeks (didn't collect on some contracts and was offered my card but wasn't ready)
    Yes and I have wanted to take it for a year or so.
    I heard there there used to be a program where you could join after 40 weeks? This might be a rumor but I would definitely be interested if you brought it back.
    I'm 29.

    GoodGolly 02/10/2017  6:22pm

    1. 5 months
    2. it'll be around 16 in two weeks
    3. yes!

    kale 02/10/2017  6:54pm

    1. 10 years
    2. 30 something
    3. Could join through SAG, but am holding off. Being young is definitely a prohibitor.

    PointesNtaps 02/10/2017  7:32pm

    1) 5 years
    2) 7 (with plenty of nonunion/professional work in the meanwhile)
    3) In a heartbeat! I have a savings account with the initiation fee ready and waiting...

    dolcevida72 02/10/2017  7:42pm

    1) 4.5 years
    2) 24
    3) yes I would

    BwyBound13 02/10/2017  7:46pm

    1) 4.5 years
    2) 24
    3) yes I would

    BwyBound13 02/10/2017  7:48pm

    EMC since summer 2008.

    I currently have 19 points.

    I would absolutely join AEA now.

    I've been in this industry for a long time. If you'd look the credits on my resume, you'd assume I was Equity. It's unfortunate that I still must fight for basic things in non-eq contracts that would be givens in an Equity contract. I am grateful for the small leg up that being EMC provides at EPAs, but I think the current program is outdated. No one does 50 weeks anywhere to learn the craft anymore, especially in NYC.

    LangdonAlger 02/10/2017  7:55pm

    1. 4months
    2. 14 points

    spicee2510 02/10/2017  8:17pm

    1. 10yrs
    2. 42
    3. YES

    KikiB 02/10/2017  8:40pm

    1. Sept 2016
    2. 8 points
    3. No... I do a lot of non union work, almost consistently year round. The ratios of equity actors to equity jobs frightens me. I don't want to work less than I do now. I'd like to be a part of the union one day, of course, but right now I would rather work consistently.

    GingerPear 02/10/2017  10:47pm

    1. 6 months
    2. 6 EMC points
    3. No! maybe its because I'm a dancer but I have so many talented equity friends who barely work, I'm scared to join

    Sibe11a 02/10/2017  11:04pm

    1. 2 years
    2. 12 points
    3. Honestly I'd be hesitant because I don't have as many credits or as much experience as I want to have before joining. If I had to decide right now I miiiight do it for fear of passing up the opportunity.. but that's a bad reason lol

    PinoNoirRoseanneBarr 02/11/2017  1:19am

    A few months
    5 points
    I absolutely would. It is so hard t get seen at Equity auditions if you don't have the pink card, so it's a cycle.

    moosevmouse 02/11/2017  9:42am

    1. Going on 3 years
    2. 20 points (will have 35 come May)
    3. YES! (Points are hard to come by these days so you gotta work those noneq jobs in between..)
    SO ready for my card now.

    Noneqnugget 02/11/2017  9:51am

    1) 5 years
    2) 10 points
    3) Absolutely 100% yes. I can't get a job if I can't even get seen. :)

    loverlee 02/11/2017  10:31am

    1. Spring 2012, so almost 5 years.
    2. 18
    3. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. I've been ready for a LONG time.

    imapixie 02/11/2017  7:42pm

    1) I lucked out and got my first points understudying at a local Equity theater in high school, so it's been about 7 years now.
    2) 32
    3) Not sure. I have full intention of going Union in the future, but for right now, I have been able to work and build some pretty good credits/connections as a non-Eq, and I've had fairly consistent work. I think a lot might depend on the type of gig/contract that I'd be going Union for. If it's off-Broadway or some major regional theater, then yeah, that would make sense to me as the right time to join. If it's a smaller house and it's something that doesn't really boost my resume/connections, I'd probably take the gig, stay non-Eq, and ask for points.

    I'm guessing I am in the minority of EMCs in that I actually think the points system makes a certain amount of sense. I think the ideal way for me to gain my card would be to log the 50 weeks, and as I continue with my career I'm getting this notion that the gig that will put me over 50 points will probably end up being the gig where it makes sense for me to take my card anyway.

    I recognize that this opinion is probably contrary to the popular consensus of most EMCs, and I certainly acknowledge the validity of their arguments for wanting join ASAP.

    Vocal French Fries 02/11/2017  8:40pm

    3.5 years
    yeah, probably in the next contract or two, but can also join soon with 4a's

    i also think the weeks should be lowered from the original 50. maybe in the 30-40 range now.

    dontnobodywantno 02/11/2017  8:49pm

    1. 3 years
    2. 21 or 31 I need to check ...
    3. For the love of God..... yes.

    GihopeiGit 02/12/2017  2:42am

    I joined from emc. Joined at 51 points. 5 years.

    You get fucked at 50 cause u can either do non union or if u work at an equity house they have to pay u equity wages so you're no longer a cheaper commodity. I get why aea does that but I don't like it. More people wouldn't reject their last few points if they knew they could still get non union contracts at aea houses when they hit 50. Youre in limbo land and it's not cool. I don't regret turning equity cause I reached a point where I would rather not work than work at companies that aren't union.

    wontsingbeforenoon 02/12/2017  3:54am

    1. 3 years
    2. 4 points
    3. Yes

    Jk98373839 02/12/2017  10:13am

    1.) 1 year
    2.) 8 points
    3.) 100% yes. This audition season has been a constant uphill climb. Not getting seen at these EPA's is more than a little disheartening. I totally understand that this is just a part of "paying our dues," but at some point you just want to be seen. Keep it positive, fam.

    Virgo825 02/12/2017  11:46am

    1. 4 years.
    2. 25
    3. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Justgottasay 02/12/2017  7:14pm

    I feel like I should elaborate -

    Yes, because I've gotten stellar feedback from people on all my audition pieces - people who have previously said I should take more time to work on them. But I can't get seen at EPAs. Everything is finally coming together - headshots, film, confidence, skill sets - and I just can't get seen at the places that will get me more points.

    Can't get the credits on my resume to be enough of a draw on appointments because I can't get in the other rooms and surprise CDs with a killer audition. So what's a girl to do? I can only look so young for so long.

    Justgottasay 02/12/2017  7:22pm

    1. About 4 years
    2. 47 officially but I have stopped collecting on some contracts shh...
    3. No. I could join with points, but I won't. I was recently offered my card for a contract, but after weighing the pros and cons, I am going to decline it.

    I think the union is wonderful in so many ways, but I think that I would never work again if I became a member. I am a young (and younger looking) white girl who is a singer first and a *mover* second... Not getting seen at EPAs and ECCs really really sucks, especially when it's something I know I'm right for -- but I just don't want to risk the jump to aea status... There's just not enough work for someone like me. Plus, the equity theatres that I have relationships with know me as a non-eq hire.

    asprgs456 02/12/2017  9:45pm

    Just wanted to resurface this thread from February, and remind everyone of the answers I got to these questions when I asked them.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/18/2017  12:53pm

    1) I was never an EMC.
    2) 0
    3) You bet your ass I joined after working a Principal AGVA contract.

    Gypsy5758 10/18/2017  11:35pm

    1. 17
    2. Just over a year
    3. Hell no. With the contracts that are actually available from regional theaters right now taking my card would mean I rarely work. I'm happier getting paid less but working steadily than getting a bigger pay check once and a while but catering for most of the year.

    tapperina 10/18/2017  11:53pm

    2 years
    18 points
    With online sign ups now, my EMC status is practically useless.

    EV 10/19/2017  12:21am

    1. 12 years

    2. 40 points... I did the non union touring thing and non union dinner theatre thing for a while.

    3. A resounding yes.

    ilikedogs 10/19/2017  12:25am



    I'm a junior in college,and I'm stuck in arkansas right now, so I wouldn't go AEA right away...give me a year or two that way I can least be in the city(:

    zKween 10/19/2017  8:18am
  • and YOU GET AN EQUITY CARD .. and YOU GET an Equity Card 10/18/2017  10:40am

    These new EMC rules. 25 weeks vs 50

    I & others worked for my card. This seems like a handout and will clog calls in January. Thrilled. Sigh.......

    EPAS/ECCS are for real professional EQUITY actors, not for wannabes

    Icanseeyou 10/18/2017  11:18am

    I see both sides of this, I really do...but I’m just gonna repeat what someone else said. “Y’all believe in inclusivity until it affects you...”
    We all are working out beloved asses off, but some of us just haven’t been lucky enough to be hired all that often. I continue to be told by people who matter that I’m above average and yet where are my callbacks?

    Showbizdreamer 10/18/2017  11:32am

    And if I see someone else insinuate that non union aren’t “professional” I will scream....that’s what you insinuated with that statement of yours and I’m sick of seeing such things.

    Showbizdreamer 10/18/2017  11:33am

    Why so upset? The “wannabees” should be no competition for a “real professional actor!”

    Suiteofjacks 10/18/2017  12:01pm

    I'm curious what you think "working for your card" is?

    Current members of AEA had direct "contact to member" contracts where they did not complete the whole 50 emc weeks. Countless others backdoored through SAG and AFTRA. I understand your frustration, but there are people currently in your union who got in because they knew how to eat fire or some other special skill and just were granted a free pass. I would say 25 emc points does mean people are more serious.

    farthing 10/18/2017  12:10pm

    wanted to b actor since kid. finishd college move 2 LA, on set as extra, told about upcoming potential merger, told it would b good business decision long term to join now if serious about acting, joined aftra, grand fathered into sag, subsequently joined aea. previously wasted years during college on student films, post union I shoot iphone movies on new media contracts. now fully repped, gone out for 2 co stars so far, and i just turned 30. point is, FUCK you people. you're supposed to be supportive of youre fellow artist. you shouldn't be judging other people's journey, it's just... there's really no words for that. you're all butthurt as fuck and that shit is toxic. maybe if actors helped each other out more we wouldn't all be getting fucked over by our unions or literally fucked by producers

    intersteller91 10/18/2017  12:30pm

    25 points is nothing to sneeze at. Definitely means that someone is MORE than ready to join AEA.

    hotelroom 10/18/2017  12:33pm

    "...for real professional EQUITY actors, not for wannabe"

    JUST WOW!! Sending Peace, love and positivity your way because you clearly you need it.
    I can understand where you are coming from but to call non-union actors "wannabe" is very disrespectful and uncalled for.


    I understand you're frustrated but let's not do this name calling and belittling.

    Peace, Love and Positivity.

    WhereTheDreamTakesYou 10/18/2017  1:40pm

    My grandmother used to say "If it's for you, it won't go by you" I stand and live by this. so should you too. be supportive of your fellow artists. it's hard enough. enough of the stares and the glares at EPA's and all that nonsense. I say good.

    amharclann 10/18/2017  1:44pm

    I guess you would have considered me a "wannabe" when I joined, being that I had no EMC points or professional credits. I got offered a principal role in a regional gig that required me to get my card.
    5 production contracts later, I'd consider myself a serious actor.
    Don't be so quick to judge. Worry about your own journey. Go have a drink with some friends. Get high. Meditate. Stop hating.

    pilateslove 10/19/2017  12:29am


    colormearab 10/19/2017  1:24am

    Honey, be like winter and chill

    YouCanCallMePookie 10/19/2017  1:59am

    Let me get this straight: an actor whose audition and who-knows-how-many callbacks so impress the production and casting team of a Broadway or regional show that they offer her/him an Equity contract is not good enough to be a Union member because --- it's not you? You think they give them out like free samples of hummus at the supermarket? You have many more problems than we can help you resolve.

    SusanCD 10/19/2017  7:45am

    I get the frustration, but 25 weeks is still half a year of working at Equity Houses. Whether it's enough to be "ready for the Union" is 100% subjective to each individual who approaches that bridge, but you can't argue that someone who joins after 25 is "a wannabe" or "not serious". "Inexperienced" may be a more accurate term and I do not mean that in a disparaging way. I only know 2 people who actually have all 50 EMC points. One doesn't want to join yet, the other is weighing his options. Everyone else I know either took it after being offered while on their EMC journey, was flat out offered it on an Equity contract or did a tour with Theater Works (which I disagree with more than this new EMC program). Someone may not be ready, but 25 points is too much blood, sweat, tears, time, energy and money to be a "wannabe".

    TJ5616 10/19/2017  8:16am
  • NAB - EMC Changes: Fact vs. Fiction 10/18/2017  8:12am

    Hey Folks,

    Let's talk about the new changes to the EMC Program and separate some fact from fiction:

    The threshold for joining the union via the EMC Program is being lowered. EMCs will now be able to join once they reach 25 weeks of qualifying work.

    EMCs will now HAVE to join the union once they hit 25 weeks!

    EMCs will now have the OPTION to join once they hit 25 weeks, but will still be allowed to continue on as an EMC for up to 50 weeks if they so choose.

    Current EMCs with 25 or more weeks are being pressured to join Equity RIGHT NOW!

    Because Equity's members recently voted to increase dues (including the initiation fee), Equity is giving current EMCs with 25 or more weeks the option to join before that fee goes up. In fact, it would have been pretty crummy to wait until after January 1st to tell them about this new change instead of giving them a chance to join at the lower rate.

    The dues increase and the EMC change are a PLOT TO GET MORE MONEY FROM FUTURE MEMBERS!!

    Frankly, the dues increase and the EMC Program changes are completely unrelated to each other. I wrote the initial proposal for this EMC Program change back in June of 2016, which is when I sent it to Kevin McMahon, the chair of our Entry to Equity Committee, and we've been working on it since then. This was well before the dues increase was proposed.

    The EMC Program fees are being raised to GET MORE MONEY FROM FUTURE MEMBERS!!!

    The increase in the fee for the program has nothing to do with revenue. In fact, it's possible that these fees will eventually cause a decrease in participation in the program and therefore decrease us revenue. We can't be sure, and it doesn't really matter. Rather, the increase in fees is to try to ensure that those who join the EMC Program know what they're getting into and take it seriously. And remember, any fees paid for the EMC Program are counted toward your eventual initiation fee. If you're planning on joining the union (which you should be if you're an EMC), you're gonna have to spend that money eventually anyway.

    This is going to create a MASSIVE influx of new members and there already aren't enough jobs.

    In the very near-term, we might see some significant uptick in members, that's true. But this is a change designed for the Association long-term, and it's possible that the increased fees will actually mean fewer people join via the EMC Program. We don't know yet. As for jobs, regardless of these changes, we know that our members want more jobs, and I'm pretty stoked about moving forward with the Equity 2020 campaign and getting more aggressive about organizing new work opportunities.

    We didn't have any say in this!! THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A VOTE!!!!

    Well, there was a vote. Many of them. They're called our Council elections. Equity is a representative democracy where you elect your fellow members to make decisions on your behalf. These changes in the EMC Program were made in a very old fashioned "How A Bill Becomes A Law" manner, which I believe is a demonstration of how exactly a democracy should work. I wrote a proposal. I sent it to the Chair of my Committee. There were meetings with Equity's paid staff. The proposal was amended and perfected. It came to the Entry to Equity Committee (made up of both Councilors and rank-and-file members from all three regions) where it was amended some more and then sent to the National Council. The Council considered it and approved it. It's now the policy of the Association. Yay.

    You told non-members about these changes before you told the members BECAUE YOU HATE US!!!!

    Current EMCs were sent an email regarding theses changes about half and hour before info was posted in the Member Portal. I've heard from a lot of members that they didn't like the feeling of being left in the dark, and that non-members knew something before they did. That's a reasonable frustration, and I'm sorry about that. I'm not in charge of Equity's communications, but I NEVER would have guessed that it would have upset people. But it did. So now I know that, and so do the rest of us on the Council. Lesson learned.

    Sid's a jerk.

    If you've got any question, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. :-)

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA

    I’m Emc and I didn’t get an email. Who do I contact about this?

    basicNAB 10/18/2017  8:51am

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I believe only EMCs with 25 or more weeks received an email yesterday. Those with fewer than 25 should be getting an email today.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/18/2017  9:09am

    Thank you for clarifying. But I have never in my life received an email from AEA as an EMC. DO you know who I can contact about this?

    basicNAB 10/18/2017  10:18am

    You can contact Equity's Membership Department to ensure that they have your proper contact into on file. 212.869.8530. Ask for Membership.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Principal Councilor - #SIDforAEA 10/18/2017  10:25am

    Thank you as always, Sid. Always a fantastically clear and thoughtful voice in the chaos.

    TenorGuy 10/18/2017  11:33am

    Bumping this because people seem to be losing their shit today...

    Rain On my Parade 10/18/2017  4:38pm

    Not to split hairs but that final "fiction" is actually a subjective statement and thus cannot be fact or fiction.

    nomansland 10/18/2017  4:56pm

    Fact: I received the e-mail announcement, and I just joined the EMC ranks in January.

    {Should I have wafted my hat in on a broomstick, first, like in the old Westerns?)

    Thanks, as always, Sid, for being the voice of reason.

    SusanCD 10/19/2017  7:53am
  • AEA- What are your priorities? 10/18/2017  1:27pm

    Ok, let's talk about.

    We now have thousands of EMCs who will join AEA. Awesome. More members = a stronger union. Now of course you realize, a lot of AEA actors are unemployed so now you'll have an influx of more unemployed actors.

    What are the plans? The problem right now is the fact that theaters would rather hire two AEA actors with an ensemble of non-union actors. What are you guys doing about this? What agreements and conversations are you having with theaters to add more AEA contracts?

    And please, cut it out with "If we take all the good non-union actors, producers will be forced to hire more AEA actors".
    That's bullshit. Look at how many tours that are non-union. I've seen several that wallow in the mediocrity of students just coming out of BFA programs and playing roles they're not mature enough to take on talent wise. Sure, the average theater goer can't tell that it's not a great production, but to a trained eye, we can see that it's not up to par with the price we just paid to see it.

    What is your plan for getting more AEA contracts? What marketing is happening?

    Btw, I'm booked for a couple of contracts, I'm working, so this isn't about me not getting booked. But I would hope for my union to not add to the unemployment without some type of plan behind all this.


    Definitely something needs to be done about the employment issue, no disagreement there, but I think their aim with this was inject some life into equity. Equity is primarily made up of "old farts" (for a lack of a better term) who don't actively work anymore, but who still turn up for every vote. By doing what they did, Equity now has a huge rush of young, active and passionate members who, as members, can guide AEA to something hopefully better in the future. Seems to be more of a long term plan.

    fignewton 10/18/2017  1:35pm

    I can see that. I am fairly new to the union and really want to get involved. Having a fresh perspective is good if they're willing to listen.

    Actor12129 10/18/2017  1:45pm

    Equity is a shit show!!!!! Don’t you worry, Sid will say everything is perfect and all members work non stop! So many weeks hahahahahahah mess.

    Everyone I know can’t find work. Not even shitty 400 bucks a week equity contract!

    Letsmakeithappen 10/18/2017  2:13pm

    I can tell you what it is. $$$$. They just raised their dues, they are going to raise the initiation fee's and now they are going to get a rush of members. I also have a feeling they don't have any plans with producers or theaters about bringing in new employment.

    nomansland 10/18/2017  3:44pm

    Thousands of people aren't going to join. Under one thousand would be my guess. The amount of EMC who even have 25 points is probably only a fraction of the 15,000 people who do. And many of them are in regional areas like Philadelphia, D.C., Chicago and Florida were the EMC program is more prevalent.

    hotelroom 10/18/2017  3:55pm

    Fignewton’s statement that Equity is primarily made of old farts is offensive and untrue.

    ThatOneGuy 10/18/2017  5:34pm

    I would be offended if it wasn’t the stupidest thing I’ve read on this website- and I’ve read all the Evita threads.

    SteveRogers. 10/18/2017  5:47pm

    Confession. I was in Evita North Shore. The show was a Fucking mess. Read the revie s. Fucking mess. Brianna was a joke

    Mimimarquez 10/18/2017  6:38pm

    The reviews.

    Mimimarquez 10/18/2017  6:38pm

    Enjoy! Evita North shore Mess. Vomit

    Gagainsider 10/18/2017  8:32pm

    I don't feel like that's a bad review at all? I mean, I'm sure it's tough to be in a show that is making headlines for bad casting, so I can at least understand that aspect, but they seemed to love the direction/design.

    Smactor 10/18/2017  11:01pm

    HEY YO! It's 1ST VP MelRob.

    What are your plans for getting more AEA contracts?

    Thanks to the passing of the dues referendum we have hired more staff! The first national staff hire is already on board and that job is to focus on the liaison cities. They will be working with the liaison committees/cities to help AEA target employers who could be on union contracts and/or could be on more union contracts. This will give us teeth in national or regional negotiations as well for higher pay, better working conditions and more contracts. This was started in the Eastern region when I was Eastern VP and was proven to be a big success. To that, through Equity 2020, Equity has been very involved organizing, reaching out and listening to members all over the country. This helps our solidarity throughout and with our overall branding. Same goes with having a staff person helping the liaison committees be more effective. In short, we are taking notes from successful labor unions and running with them.

    Gypsy5758 10/18/2017  11:31pm
  • This Email from Equity for EMCS? Pros and Cons 10/17/2017  12:27pm

    Afternoon y'all-

    For all the EMCS who just got the email with the invitation to join equity because we have more than 25 weeks currently- what are you guys thinking??? Pros and cons of joining with a few regional credits- I know there are so many sides to this so I just wanted to have a place we could all compile our thoughts?
    I for one know that it's been especially tricky to be seen lately even as an emc so I'd hope with the online sign ups I'd be able to at least get in the room more and have appointment times. But part of me also knows there are regional theatres I could get in as a non eq that they may not have an equity contract for me yet.... Wanted to pick everyones brains!


    I haven’t even received the email, but a friend just posted about it...I think it’s overall a good step, BUT maybe halfing was possibly a liiitttlleee much. What is needed is more union WORK, not so much creation new ways to join said union.

    Showbizdreamer 10/17/2017  1:18pm

    There’s like ZERO union Good luck! Join and welcome unemployment with open arms

    grizabella 10/17/2017  1:23pm

    That’s the thing...with more union work there’d be more opportunities for points and therefore MAYBE not need to lessen the required amount to join.

    Showbizdreamer 10/17/2017  1:47pm

    honestly i think it is a good think alot of ppl think it is a bad but 25 is less then 50 and that way u can get ur card faster i am noneq and i have a few point so now i can become a full time actor sooner

    limpbizkitstud 10/17/2017  5:33pm

    W - T - F is a "full time actor"?

    ScrewTheEngineer 10/17/2017  7:50pm

    As an emc member of 27 points and in sag, I could have joined last year. But I agree what’s been said about contracts. My opinion is that equity focuses more on production contracts because it makes them more money. Where they should be focusing on the many different lower contracts that many regional use to hire their four AEA actors for a cast of 20. No point to join if the contracts aren’t there.

    flux capacitor 10/17/2017  8:12pm

    Consult your agents before joining equity. They get the breakdowns. There’s literally no jobs for equity folk right now. Is a ghost town. Everyone needs non union folk right now. Just my 2 cents

    OneMoreBoy 10/17/2017  8:45pm

    i thought sag'ers couldnt work non union theatre becasue sister uninon rule? so all sager's should just just equity before it goes up $500

    pookiepooks 10/17/2017  9:06pm

    As a SAG member for 12 years I can tel you they couldn’t care less if a SAG member does a non union tour or a non union theater gig. LOL. Like zero, nada. Is a rule that Equity thinks is important SAG has never ever said anything about it or acted upon it.

    OneMoreBoy 10/17/2017  9:10pm

    ^^I've heard this too. SAG/AFTRA doesn't seem to care about that, or enforce any rule they might have on this the way Equity does. ( I actually don't know SAG's rules on this). But even then...I know a few Equity members who now live in the middle of almost nowhere, but still perform locally when the nearest equity theater is an hour away or more. Can't imagine Equity is gonna waste time and resources on a member who obviously isn't all that well know anyway to try to keep tabs on said member living in Bumblefuck, Name-Your-State.

    Showbizdreamer 10/17/2017  9:30pm

    My buddy was the lead in a broadway show in Feb. he’s been a waiter since Feb! There’s no equity work!!!!!
    We are all getting Betsy Wolfed!!!!

    Mimimarquez 10/17/2017  11:42pm

    @screwthengineer ummmm an actor that works full time?? smh. obviously u dont understand the business: ive been working non stop for almost 2 and a halve months now. thats called full time

    limpbizkitstud 10/18/2017  12:24am

    i love all the cunty arrogance around here lately!! like, if you guys are working so much, please share these deep inside secrets, instead of being nasty about it, and besides if you really worked that much you wouldn't be wasting your time on this stupid website so chillz our a lil bit yeh?

    pinkcooter 10/18/2017  12:40am


    Bohemian_Er 10/18/2017  2:23am

    If you are working as a "full-time actor" now as non-union, then my recommendation is to remain non-union as long as possible and get as much experience as you can. Joining the union doesn't guarantee ANYTHING, and in fact I have many friends who STOPPED working once they joined. Like, one contract every 2-3 years. If you want to remain working full time then don't join YET. When Broadway calls, then definitely join. But otherwise, what's the point?

    Drivingmecrazy 10/18/2017  7:55am

    2 and a half months is a "full-time actor"? On non-union contract money? Haha, homie that's called back to back contracts. Unless you're touring, I would hardly call that full time.
    But if you're comfortable in that position, why go union? Contrary to these blanket statements of "there are zero union jobs out here", there are some but they're just very rare. With that said,it is extremely more competitve in AEA and you may definitely be working less. But if you think you're ready and confident you can work at the same rate you're working now, go for it.

    Actor12129 10/18/2017  9:17am

    im really good alot of ppl tell me im better then most ppl on broadway plus when i was in highschool i had 3 main parts in a row so yeah i think ill be fine thanks plus my dads friend was on a tv show and says im should be on tv too

    limpbizkitstud 10/18/2017  10:41am're definitely a troll, never mind, lol

    Actor12129 10/18/2017  10:58am

    Sorry but anyone who doesn’t use proper grammar and/or punctuation isn’t going to be very well believed...and getting to be a full time actor faster just because you got your card and had leads in high school? “That’s not how any of this works...”

    Showbizdreamer 10/18/2017  11:36am

    limp bizkut "stud" is at home reading this touching himself, making fun of us for being here, when i legit learn things from reading this website, which is ironic because i feel like it's more pathetic to waste your time when you get nothing out of it? yeah? yeah

    intersteller91 10/18/2017  12:38pm

    i dont touch myself that is against the word of the lord and i am a christian man

    limpbizkitstud 10/18/2017  5:25pm
  • Shout out 10/18/2017  1:19pm

    Shout out to this board-trodder who is pin-curling and wig-capping on this A train at half hour call. You better prep!



    I’ve been there.

    Rain On my Parade 10/18/2017  4:25pm
  • NAB: Looking for someone to transpose sheet music 10/18/2017  3:07pm

    Hey folks: I'm looking for someone to cleanly transpose a song for me, who do you recommend?


    I can, sure. (my AU email address, haha)

    Springfield 10/18/2017  3:23pm
  • NAB - Ann Steele Agency/What To Expect 10/18/2017  11:42am


    Does anyone have an info/opinions on Ann Steele Agency?

    Also, what is to be expected when called in for an “interview?”


    What I Did For A Callback

    I'm with Ann. It's a small agency, and I don't get some of the appointments I think I "should," but Ann has stuck with me through thick and thin; she truly believes in her clients.

    In the meeting, expect to talk about the CDs you have relationships with, your goals, and also be prepared to talk about your look. Be sure to tell her anything that's not totally obvious in your resume (like, not much dance on resume, but you're a pre-pro tapper).

    twirlinggirl 10/18/2017  2:17pm
  • THIS NON-EQ VS. EQ CONFLICT NEEDS TO STOP 10/18/2017  1:10pm

    I fucking can't with this anymore.

    In strict terms of **TALENT**
    Non-Union is NOT LESS THAN.

    This shit needs to end.
    We are all storytellers. We are all fucking artists.



    Can we all go back to matching tops and bottoms?

    Plz thnx

    SteveRogers. 10/18/2017  1:31pm



    WhereTheDreamTakesYou 10/18/2017  1:46pm

    My grandmother used to say "If it's for you, it won't go by you" I stand and live by this. so should you too. be supportive of your fellow artists. it's hard enough. enough of the stares and the glares at EPA's and all that nonsense. I say good.

    amharclann 10/18/2017  1:48pm
  • NAB: Current Manager %'s + contract terms 10/16/2017  3:40pm

    Told a friend in LA that my manager earns 15% commission and signs + renews for many years at a time. Also, the manager takes 15% from EVERYTHING I do in entertainment, regardless of whether he or she gets the job.
    Friend told me some managers aren't even using contracts anymore and take 10% (8% for the movie stars). Made me think I had a bad deal.
    For those offered management arrangements, what was the commission? Length of contract? Thanks!


    If your manager is taking 15% on top of your agents 10% you've got a raw deal.
    10% Agent-10% Manager is common practice.

    If your manger is solo 15% it sucks but I don't think too outrageous. Considering they're pulling all the weight.

    thelordvarysofacting 10/16/2017  4:26pm

    Thanks for responding! Indeed I was paying 25% total (15+ 10 for the agent) and I thought that was standard! Can't believe it isn't.

    FinallyGettingThis 10/16/2017  6:09pm

    10-15% is standard. mine is 3 years 15% and my manager is good with clients on award winning shows. its usually for "newer" developmental clients, at least thats how I justify it, but its normal. I would assume you can renegotiate once you start getting quotes.

    pulpfiction 10/16/2017  9:22pm

    ^ Yeah, I've had 3 managers over 7 years and they've all been 15%, that's what I've always heard is the standard, agent 10% manager 15%. The idea is that you only need a manager once you're very established and your career actually needs "managing", so you'd be able to afford both cuts. But now so many managers are acting as agents that it's become a little less structured. For example it's standard for a manager to get paid even if they didn't get you an audition, but many don't really go after you for it if they're submitting you on their own as well.

    itwillbeme1day 10/16/2017  10:01pm

    Itwillbe, why would a manager be paid if there is no income generated. I don't understand that. I have a manager, gets 10% of my legit only. Doesn't touch the commercial side.

    whattheheck 10/16/2017  10:24pm

    @whattheheck, I've actually seen a lot of people ask about this on here so let me know if this makes sense: A manager was never supposed to be the person submitting you and getting you auditions, that's a fairly recent thing. The idea of a manager is supposed to be to manage you in all aspects, such as your look, your materials, your career strategy, who to train with, who you're schmoozing with etc. So theoretically, even if the manager didn't get you the audition, they've still been involved in your overall package/brand and helped you be able to get the job, so they take their commission on anything you accomplish in the field because they're supposed to be contributing to you as an actor enough that they deserve a cut.

    That said, nowadays a lot of people (myself included) have a manager acting as a second agent, and submitting me for jobs, and I still don't have much that needs to be managed yet. So a lot of managers aren't that strict about commission on jobs they didn't get you since now they ARE also directly getting you jobs. Many managers are now essentially just unfranchised agents so what they expect from you may be more flexible, but most contracts will still state that they get paid for any entertainment jobs you get.

    itwillbeme1day 10/16/2017  10:44pm

    Sorry but 15% on top of agents 10% is not standard. At least by any legit manager genuinely interested in your career long term. It might be done, but by all means you can and should get it down to 20% total between all your reps. After tax and commissions even with 20% you'll walk with less than half your pay. Add another 5% and it's egregious.

    thelordvarysofacting 10/17/2017  12:04am

    when you're "starting out" and only getting a few auditions a year because you're being introduced to the industry and literally submitted on the breakdowns for the first time 15% is standard. these people need to get paid for their time especially when the fruits of their labor wont come back for a few years in the beginning. once my name gets me more auditions on it's own I can negotiate to 10% or lower or drop the manager altogether. my reps are legit and care about my longterm success, together they are highly regarded in the industry, but thank you

    pulpfiction2 10/17/2017  1:24am

    It used to be that managers got 15% income on everything. Things have changed and a lot of agents are now becoming managers. Me, personally, I am working with a manager that is asking for 10%. Agents are getting away from being franchised with the unions, but they still have to be licensed. I don't have a legit agent, but I do have a very good commercial agent and I negotiated that part out of the contract. However, someone like Marilyn Zitner, a youth manager, represents across the board, takes 15% of everything. She is old school, though.

    whattheheck 10/17/2017  8:19am

    Hi all:

    I appreciate that you may have negotiated or happened into a different scenario but 10 plus the 15 is definitely the standard.

    You have a contract with your manager: they get what it states.

    BeMused 10/17/2017  9:53am

    Yeah, I've actually never signed a contract with my manager despite booking work. And mine only takes 10%.

    filmandtheatreactress 10/17/2017  1:04pm

    every tv role i've ever auditioned for has a + 10 for agents. 15% for managers is standard. obviously I want 10% in the future but right now I want auditions, and I want other people reading this to know what is normal since most probably aren't at this level yet. that % might naturally go down once you add more people in the mix (publicist, lawyer) and generating more income. my manager might, arguably, have more clout or just a different network of clout that my agent. i see being with this manager for hoping a longterm relationships while we climb agents, so to speak. its nice to have another trusting, longterm relationship with somebody that has your back in this industry.

    pulpfiction3 10/17/2017  1:06pm

    15% on top of 10% is no longer the standard

    That's great you feel your reputable manager who gets you a couple auditions a year is earning that 15%, but truly, many management companies have written into their contracts to comply with SAG/AFTRA percentages in regards to commission and residuals. Which means 10%

    thelordvarysofacting 10/17/2017  3:32pm

    Not to mention, 10% on top of a tv gig for agents fees are no longer built in. It can be negotiated but has become less and less commonly offered upfront.

    thelordvarysofacting 10/17/2017  3:36pm

    Thank you everyone for the input! Interesting variety of responses!

    @BeMused, to respond to what you said:

    "I appreciate that you may have negotiated or happened into a different scenario but 10 plus the 15 is definitely the standard."
    -----I don't think certain people have 'happened into a different scenario,' it seems that the traditional 10 + 15 and singing for many years straight out is no longer the "standard." (Just like length of contracts are not standardized..and there are managers willing to work freelance versus signing).

    "You have a contract with your manager: they get what it states." I don't understand what this is in response to?

    FinallyGettingThis 10/17/2017  3:40pm

    my goodness if its so easy to get tv/film auditions when you're first starting out with no prof credits, please share some tips! ive never auditioned for antyhing that didn't have +10 but maybe thats just major networks

    pupfiction4 10/17/2017  3:40pm

    Well, if as you say you have a rep that has pull I'm not sure what the issue is. CD's are willing to see new actors all the time if they come with well regarded recomendations from reps with proven client bases. Also, there are large groups of kids who graduate every year who go through months of auditioning just to meet CD's. Especially when their reps can say "I've got this new person, they're amazing".

    I've worked on many shows that haven't done a plus 10%.

    thelordvarysofacting 10/17/2017  3:47pm

    well thats very helpful, thanks for that!

    pupfiction4 10/17/2017  3:55pm

    Thank you everyone for this helpful discussion. I think the fact that there is such a variety of opinions is telling.

    "10 + 15 is the standard" / "10 + 15 is definitely NOT the standard."

    In case any one was curious, I have been in the business awhile so this isn't my first time around the rodeo.

    No one called out any company names, but I know "A Management" in LA, they have working actors and the commission is 10%. Even for new, developmental clients who are starting out, it is 10%. I have a direct source. I wondered if LA was different than NYC, and I'm betting everyone here is based in NYC.

    FinallyGettingThis 10/17/2017  4:00pm

    Oh. Okay. Guess I'm schooled then.

    Except that I work on-camera regularly and have agents in every market in this country thanks to said manager.

    So...she's earned what I initially agreed to in that contract. Which is a fairly standard number.

    Managers aren't really supposed to freelance, by the way. Ones who act more like agents do, but that's a fairly new NY thing. If they're responsible for your career over it's life then they get more money for doing that: and a darn contract.

    I guess most importantly I pay what I agreed for she reps my career as agreed to: and so I'm taken care of.

    BeMused 10/17/2017  6:37pm

    my friends that are very successful with very good rep have managers one at 10% one at 15%. my friends that are starting / have really nobody managers are freelancing. acting is straight up corporate these days. a list actors take guest stars, acadamy award winners do tv, tv stars do commercials, broadway stars do regional theatre, casting director organizations charge $150 for a one night workshop with a major cd in NYC. I'm curious to those of you with multiple agents, in different markets, like one in LA, one in NYC, on in ATL, type thing. how does that work for you? i think my people wouldnt want to share me but Ive read things on other websites where people talk about regional agents in ATL / toronto helping them get early co / guest stars...

    mmmk 10/17/2017  7:03pm

    The thing with big names going for guest stars is that in many if not most cases the role was written with them in mind

    BeMused 10/17/2017  7:23pm

    My manager get 20% of everything

    Usernameunavailable 10/18/2017  10:25am

    20%?!? That is definitely way too high.

    There isn't really a standard though. Managers can take whatever they want/is in their contract. There is nothing regulating them. Yes, managers will often take 15%. Mine takes 10%. When you're a big star making millions, you can negotiate down to 3% for agents and managers.

    You will often find the plus 10% on co star roles on tv shows. Once you move into guest stars and up, (especially on network shows) it goes away because then you're making A LOT more money.

    At the end of the day, as long as you feel like they are earning whatever they make, then it's fair. If they are working their ass off for you, getting you some auditions, making connections, getting you in the room for agents etc then they earn the 15%. Technically (legally) managers can't negotiate contracts for you, which is why you need both an agent and manager. Or a lawyer.

    filmandtheatreactress 10/18/2017  1:48pm