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  • Singer/Actor not enough (this post is gonna be long AF, beware) 07/17/2018  12:12am

    I consider myself an Actor/Singer, with the title “Dancer” written in very small letters at the end because sis is a MOVER.

    I always thought that that would get me far enough in musical theatre, considering there’s plenty of roles that don’t have the actor dancing at all.

    Lately though, it seems like that’s not enough. A few weeks ago I went to an audition and as they were cutting people, after the dance call, the choreographer told those who weren’t the best dancers to “get themselves to dance class”.

    I’m wondering, do the mediocre actors get told to “get themselves to acting class”? Do the people who can’t hold a tune get told to “get themselves to voice lessons”?

    It just seems like the dancers in this business are favored, though many of you might disagree, and that them just being good dancers is always enough. I’m just wondering why it can’t be that way for the Singer/Actor, or why we’re always made to feel like we have to work 10x harder to get a casting director to believe in our talent enough to cast us.


    While I’m sure there’s lots of opposing opinions... I do agree. The real problem is that a triple threat used to be impressive. Now, you have to play an instrument, and write your own web series and shoot it, oh and be a social media maven... plus be proficient in many styles of dance, belt to heaven and have a Shakespeare, tv or contemp monologue at any time ready to go.
    In the “old days”, rep theatres let talent grow and develop after a conservatory and you could find a niche and grow...
    Nowadays, the dance ensemble is gone, they’re now the swings and understudies and taking on the “chorus” roles. I dont know the numbers but I bet the OBC of carousel or my fair lady was wayyyy bigger than today’s. We can’t be great singers who act and can understudy.... you better be able to be the dance captain too and cover two roles....

    Whew... it’s hard out here. I’m taking dance classes, I have for 20 years but I was never gonna be the best dancer in any room.
    I hope we find a way to embrace specific talents and adapt cast to cast, but money talks and I think whole the people who say get to class or know your type or get more competitive, might be jerks, but they’re kinda right

    iamplayingme 07/17/2018  3:36am
  • NAB - Sweat Proof Makeup 07/16/2018  11:11am

    It's hot as hell in NYC and I can't even make it from my apartment to Ripley without sweating my entire face of makeup off... let alone a full dance call.

    What are your favorite sweat-proof powders/foundations/setting sprays?


    Fenty is awesome + super matte!

    Cinderbella 07/16/2018  2:30pm

    Having a great setting spray will help! I recommend Urban Decay's All Nighter

    I Have No Equity Card And I Must Scream 07/17/2018  12:47am
  • NAB - TheaterWorks USA 07/16/2018  11:55pm

    Most of the reviews on gig & tell are from 2012-2014. The last is from 2016. Anyone worked for them in the last year and know how conditions currently are?

  • NAB: Actors Access 07/15/2018  2:01pm

    Can someone be so kind to explain the process for AA?
    Does it mean I need a Showfax membership to submit?
    Has anyone booked auditions/gigs through these?

    I’d really appreciate the help :)


    A show fax account is totally worth it and gives you unlimited submissions. Here is some other info that might help I wrote the blog a few years back but the basic info is the same. Hope this helps.

    Polly 07/15/2018  2:27pm

    Yes! To submit on AA You have to get a showfax membership which is about 60/65 dollars a year I believe. I personally get a good amount of appointments and its totally worth every penny. I would recommend definitely spending the extra 20 dollars to put up a one min video of a reel. This is helpful because when you submit, it puts you higher on the stack for Casting from what I have been told. hope this helps!

    taykay91 07/15/2018  2:30pm

    It really does help!!

    Thank you :)

    meeeeeeee 07/15/2018  3:35pm

    No, you don't need an account to submit. You can pay as you go. Each submission is $2.

    07/15/2018  6:31pm explains their offerings pretty clearly.....

    dopplegang 07/16/2018  11:15pm
  • NAB: question about nymf 07/15/2018  9:47pm

    In a nymf reading (not production). I’m union but it’s not contracted just an agreement with equity. Does this go on my resume?thx!


    Depends on what else is on your resume. It's all relative.

    cclpiglet 07/15/2018  11:14pm

    sure why not. list it under readings or put (reading) next to it

    dopplegang 07/16/2018  11:14pm
  • When the higher ups don’t approve... 07/11/2018  1:24am

    You are on hold (the number one and only choice according to the director) for a major role in a National Tour for 5 months only to receive a call from said director saying that the higher ups denied you.

    What a soul crushing blow to have received when you have played the role 3 other times (albeit in smaller markets).

    Anyone else ever go all the way only to be shut down by the execs at the top? How did you get past it?

    Much love to everyone out there hustling every day <3

    Shall We Dance

    Their loss. There’s nothing else you could’ve done. Just know your are talented and the creatives appreciate your talent. Sometimes the universe has bigger and better plan for us.

    OneMoreBoy 07/11/2018  7:51am

    Happened to a friend of mine recently. Casting called his agents and said “you are the number one choice! We are just waiting for final approval, rehearsal starts in a couple of days so get ready!” A couple of days pass and he hears nothing, they gave it to the second choice instead. This business sucks 😑

    Cantstopwontstop 07/11/2018  6:22pm

    Happened to me too. Happy hustling.

    Cinderbella 07/12/2018  3:09pm

    @cinderbella wonder if it was the same tour?
    This week?

    Shall We Dance 07/12/2018  3:58pm

    It happened to me. Evita tour. I’ll be the mistress eventually. My agent said they went another direction

    Kickballgirl23 07/12/2018  9:39pm

    From what I hear the company doing the tour is nasty to work for.
    And 2) there’s no publicity about this tour
    And 3) my inclination is that it will be cancelled

    Shall We Dance 07/12/2018  10:12pm

    There’s another Evita? Jesus Christ! Haven’t we had enough! Let me guess? They wanted Latinos!!

    HelloDebby 07/13/2018  12:27am

    ^^ i wouldn’t bash them on this website, if I were you. Considering the circumstances it will be pretty easy for them to find out who you are, and you never know if you may want to work for/audition for them in the future.

    MrPissedoffolees 07/13/2018  5:35pm

    ^^ for @shall we dance

    MrPissedoffolees 07/13/2018  5:36pm

    Thank you for the cautionary words, but I could care less.
    They dangled the offer in front of me for four months, coached me until I was uncomfortable with how they wanted the material, and then submitted (or maybe didn’t submit the take after all) something that wasn’t my best or wasn’t even close to what I had done with the role in the past.
    The whole thing was pretty frustrating. They should be glad I don’t type the words Do Not Work for _____ here.
    Reading more, several of their choices were “rejected” for this tour. How does that happen if the “direction” for the submission videos isn’t pure shit?

    Shall We Dance 07/13/2018  6:39pm

    when does this tour start?

    taptaptappinonthata$$ 07/15/2018  2:42pm

    This happened to me once.
    I was told by the entire team the role was mine- just had to go to final callbacks to be approved by producers to “go through the motions”. Then I didn’t get it. No explanation. After I had been told I had to job.
    I found out a year later what really happened and it had nothing to do with me or my audition. I was still the first choice- always was. But they needed some diversity in thr show. One of the other leads had been offered to a person of color but when she turned it down (after the final callbacks) they decided my track needed to be a poc to balance out the show.
    If it’s possible to find out why exactly they didn’t choose you, it may be helpful.
    Finding out what really happened made me feel so much better. I was so confused and beating myself up about it for a year.

    Nowayjosefina 07/16/2018  5:43pm
  • Best Theater Companies? 07/16/2018  2:02pm

    I'm at a kind of stand-still with acting right now and am thinking about auditioning for a theater company. I'm non-union and do regular plays (non-musicals).

    I have basically no knowledge about theater companies so does anyone have any suggestions on which ones are worth auditioning for?



    Sorry, question is pretty vague for actual advice. Are you looking for companies in NYC or anywhere? Any decent company will be very competitive to get into the ensemble and you will usually have been cast in at least one show with them. You will need to be an amazing actor that can play roles that can't be covered by current company members.

    If you are just looking for an unpaid/low pay creative company of young people creating new work, look into collectives performing at places like La Mama, Dixon Place, Fringe Fests etc. and check out their FB pages for workshops/shows and network.

    Best of luck

    dancerguy7377 07/16/2018  5:01pm
  • Leaving Agents 07/16/2018  2:17pm

    Hey y'all. I wanted to leave my agents in hopes of getting another. Am I able to get out of my contract without any reason? It's not up till May but I def want to explore other options.


    Do you have a copy of your contract? There's usually an out clause in there. The standard AEA contract says you can leave if you haven't booked in 3 months, I think. But check your contract.

    actorsmom 07/16/2018  3:23pm

    You can always leave agent but it’s better to get a new one first before leaving the old one

    Gwhdidhbebwbs 07/16/2018  3:44pm
  • NAB - Cunard Cruise Line 07/16/2018  3:01pm

    Any details on working for this line? There's nothing in Gig & Tell. More importantly, has anyone ever had any success negotiating salary for Cunard?

  • If you have an appointment... 07/16/2018  11:23am

    If you have an appointment for an ensemble dance call, is it okay to go to the EPA as well? I was told not to, but also know of people who do, so I’m trying to clarify for future situations. I understand not going to an EPA if you have a singing appointment, but this bitch is a singer first so like...


    Why would you waste your time? You're already going to be seen for the show....

    nyuactorkid 07/16/2018  12:29pm

    that doesnt make a whole lot of sense

    dopplegang 07/16/2018  12:57pm