• Adam Roebuck/AlphaNYC 04/28/2012  11:51am

    I just wanted to tell everyone to beware of this company. It was the worst experience I've had in theatre. Adam Roebuck does Spring's Awakening, Wizard of Oz, and several other shows over and over again all at Roy Aries. I was in SA a few years ago. He made us run the two-page scenes into the ground. He spent an entire rehearsal taking pictures of us for the show's facebook page (this was an early rehearsal - he didn't tell us he was doing this nor did he get our permission. Had I known, I would have dressed nicer that day). We received little to no direction, and during the rape scene, I thought the girl playing Wendla was going to get hurt. It was very uncomfortable. Also, the air conditioner was going full blast the day of opening, and most people's voices were getting drowned out. Adam came backstage and literally told us to scream our lines.

    It just turned out to be a very bad show (a handful of the supporting actors were pretty talented, but that couldn't stop the ship from sinking). My mother came to see it even though I suggested she not waste her money and time, but it was my first NY show. During bows I caught her eye - she shook her head and we both shrugged.

    I have not been in or seen any of his shows since the name has changed to AlphaNYC, but if he is directing all of his shows still, I would stay far, far away.


    Bump on this. Has anyone had more recent experiences with this company they would be willing to elaborate on? If so what was feedback like from industry (Casting Directors and Agents) you may have told about the project?

    ambrosepike 03/22/2016  8:17pm

    It's no pay work done in a rehearsal studio. So yeah, probably not gonna get you anywhere worth being.

    Aktin 03/22/2016  9:24pm

    It's known as a joke

    fuzzletwit 03/22/2016  9:54pm

    It's definitely known as a way to get experience in the city. A stepping stone for people who are a little more green. That being said, I have a friend who directs regularly who has started working there more as of late, and I think it truly depends on who is on your artistic team. People who worked with him have had nothing but great things to say. So like, do you.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 03/23/2016  9:46am

    I did a one act with this company some years ago. I swear the casting was picked out of a hat. I was playing some 30 year old actors mother ate the ripe age of 18. The lead role was supposed to have a beautiful singing voice. The girl who was cast in the lead couldn't even carry a tune and eventually dropped out the day of the show.

    If you're brand new to the city and want friends go ahead and do it. It's low commitment and will keep you busy for a few weeks but that's about it.

    INeverGotToBeAnnie 03/23/2016  11:17am